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First thanks so very much for all of your many and truly fabulous contributions to my first “Can we talk” post. It was all about products and boy I have a list a mile long of things I need and am going to try based on your rave reviews. So thank you! If you didn’t’ catch it you must check it out. Click here.
Secondly,  happy Tuesday to you. How was your weekend?  Ours was great, busy, got a teeny bit of snow and now I am gearing up for a busy week. Lots going on over here. On top of my green fetish, I am also crazy for a little leopard love. Just a touch here or there, nothing over the top. Give me a beautiful velvet leopard chair, ottoman or even a few pillows…and you will hear me roar with delight! 
It’s such a classic, if you look back at homes from 50 years ago… will see leopard. And I am quite certain if you look ahead another 50 years, leopard will still be out there. I like the fact that its so neutral, its at home in the most formal of spaces as it is in more transitional homes or even very modern ones. What about you? Is it a like or love? Lets take a look at leopard and how beautiful it can make a room…..

 This beautiful ottoman is what sort of stirred up my inner leopard lusting……Chinoiserie Chic

 This is such a rich and masculine space…love how the leopard pops against the drama of the dark accents, Elle Decor

 House Beautiful lets the beautiful ottoman be the focal point in this monochromatic room…..

Madelaine  Castaing’s beautiful stool sits atop this decadent leopard carpeting…….


Miles Redd….got it so right in this beautiful room

 Renea Abbot uses animal prints as the focal point in an otherwise monochromatic space

Leopard walls? Why not! Arch Digest

 I do think the idea of a small accent piece like this from Sally Wheat via Laurie Perez is a wonderful way to bring in just a pop of leopard into a room.

Love the leopard pillow on this fabulous green sofa….so chic! Palmer Weiss

 Absolutely love the way its used int this gorgeous room! Mona Ross Berman

A perfect example with how just a subtle touch is so effective, a neckroll is a perfect accent!
So sumptuous! Mary McDonald

Candace Cavanaugh designed this very elegant dining room

An open airy and dramatic space with the four leopard chairs,House Beautiful

 Alexa Hampton shows how versatile this fabric is in this more modern space

So elegant, especially when paired with blue and white!

 Talk about a serious statement piece! Charles Spada

Love the softly hued leopard runner on the stairs….works so well with the warm woods. Elle Decor



LOVE this chair! Leave it up to Ralph as in Ralph Lauren, but of course!


Tony Duquette… opulent!

Joe Nye added a pair of leopard pillows to this eclectic space…

Leopard carpeting really makes this fabulous red space, Stark


Used as a stair runner, Metropolitan Home


Even in the most traditional room, leopard carpeting is right at home

Velvet, antique mirror and leopard…..OH YES!

Love the colors and think the leopard and tiger used here is spot on! Arch Digest

A touch in a dark masculine room channels a Ralph Lauren vibe…..which I absolutely love!

 This is how I think I like it best, as a small accent on the pillows and an ottoman


And who says its has to be black and tan! I love it in all its many colors…a fun take on a timeless classic!
And if all this leopard lusting has you craving some…’s a few inexpensive ways to add some leopard into your life!
 Cozy flannel blankets from Ballard (I just ordered one)
These rainboots are so much fun. Now on sale for  $39 at Ballard!!
Snag this chic leopard cashmere cardigan from Dolce and Gabanna


Add a pair of leopard velvet pillows to a room for instant impact! 1stdibs

Add a  cashmere leopard scarf to a simple outfit, it gives it an immediate wow factor!
Another very simple way to give even the simplest of outfits a bit of panache, J Crew
 Or change things up with a fun personalized leopard phone case, click here.
Well..this should give you your leopard dose for the day! Is this something you would ever incorporate into your home? Wardrobe? Or do you already? Again for me, it has to be a small dose, but I do think in the right room used in the right way, it can be quite beautiful. Ditto for wardrobes, I own a leopard scarf, leopard flats and a leopard print velvet jacket. Only use one at a time (naturally) but when paired with something very classic and simple…the effect is really quite pretty! So, as usual I  would love to know your thoughts……..enjoy your Tuesday!


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Castles Crowns and Cottages on

Good morning Tina!


I hope that your busy schedule has also included SOME down-time to enjoy the snow and Teddy and your family dear one! Come on over to say hi when you can.

LOVE EVERY ROOM HERE! I have even thought of hanging a deer head over my arched doorway into the great room! But my husband would NOT have that! Darn.

LOVE! Anita

NanaDiana on

Oh- I love a touch of leopard here and there, Tina. I have a leopard (faux, of course) that I wear and always get compliments on and a couple of leopard print pillows. One of my friends had her beautiful, warm living room carpeted in a huge leopard throw rug and it was absolutely gorgeous- not something I would have done but I always felt like I was entering a warm, yet somehow mysterious, room when I visited her in the evening. Great post, Tina- xo Diana

Belle on Heels on

This may be my favorite post of yours! I adore leopard-print, and I’m always trying to figure out how to bring it into the home without looking cheap or tacky. All of these pics are such elegant inspiration.

Henhurst Interiors on

I love it, and you have a great selection of photos here. I especially love the rose red chairs with leopard pillows – very dramatic.

Anonymous on

Yes, leopard is so chic, especially against red. I, too, own a pair of leopard flats and a leopard print cardigan. Wear it with red/brown or red/black usually, and of course, not together, but as an accent.
Love this post
Agnes K

Sandy at You May Be Wandering on

Good morning Tina…I love all these pics but I haven’t been able to successfully add any leopard to my wardrobe or decorating. Maybe this will be my inspiration! I am currently coveting the latest Stubbs and Wootton needle point slippers!

Enjoy your day!! xoxox

Anonymous on

Music to my ears!I have had a leopard fetish for a long time.Just a touch in almost every room.A pillow,a candle,a throw.You either love it or hate it.I am redecorating my living room and my decorator says”every room needs a little cheetah.” She found a very subtle abstract animal print in gray&white for sofa pillows.LOVE!!! Debbie

Portuguese Prepster on

I’ve been obsessed with leopard since I was a little girl! I have a little leopard pillow at home that says “high maintenance.” Loving the look of a leopard ottoman!

Maryanne White on

I could not live without leopard…for me it a neutral.


Loving the leopard in decor, furniture and that gorgeous cardigan! I own leopard shoes and I have a “real leopard” upholstered chair!

Anonymous on

LOVE this post! Love leopard in moderation. Every room needs a spot of leopard.


Mary Ann at classic?casual?home on

I definitely need some more leopard (other than a couple of sweaters and a pair of loafers)…I love it in difference color ways, too.

Rhonda on

Love the leopard! I have flats, a clutch, a couple of sweaters, scarves in various colors — all in leopard. Of course, I only wear one “leopard” at a time! The family room pouf was just re-upholstered in a green leopard print, and I’m looking for a pretty, authentic leopard print to make bolster pillows for a Victorian wine velvet sofa. I agree — small leopard accents add such a special touch! Enjoyed this post! on

Love your post Tina. I love the leopard stair runner. Gosh, if only I could talk my husband into letting me do that. But I definitely can incorporate things like a throw or pillow. Love that ottoman.

Kristen on

What a beautiful post! I loved the black room and the room with the leopard wall! I love leopard too, and you have just inspired me to add a bit more to my house!

Leslie on

The perfect dose of morning leopard! I agree.. just a little accent here and there. A throw, a pillow, or a step stool. I just ordered a leopard cashmere shell for under my blazer and I like the cardigan you’ve featured. FLATS are darling in leopard.

Enjoy your day Tina!

The Preppy Princess on

This one was a lot of fun to read, especially when you got to items like the pillows in non-traditional colors, or the scarf. But it was all fascinating, seeing the pattern in unexpected places like the stairway prompts me to think differently about where it can work!

Sending you a smile,

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns on

Oh this is a beautiful post! So many fabulous rooms, as for leopard…we have an ottoman in the library. And aside from that I have the JCrew shoes…

I hope you are having a wonderful week!!!

Divine Theatre on

These rooms remind me of those shared by the glamorous couple, Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Berg! I have always been inspired by their style!



Allison Carra on

I just love leopard print! It is one of my personal favs. I have a leopard throw that I just love. It goes from the living room to the bedroom, my kids love it too! -Al

Erika @ ~TiptoeButterfly~ on

it’s a LOVE thing for me – we had a 10 foot sofa in collage that was leopard! – i have shoes, bags, jeans, coats, etc — i DO need some leopard in my house tho! (man i miss my college couch!)

Ellen @Color Calling on

Lovely post, and wow, we are on the same wave-length this morning. I just posted about animal prints (in décor, my blog is about residential style). I have some tried and true tips on using animal prints if any of your readers want to keep going with this! Best, Ellen @Color Calling

Mel@Georgica Pond on

I love animal print of all sorts, but in small doses. I think it can look a bit OTT if done too much, bit a spot here or there is very chic and gives that nice little surprise that makes a room. I’m putting in some zebra in my room at the moment, in a beige and white, so hopefully it will look ok.

Donna on

I’m with you Tina! Just a little leopard goes a long way. I love my leopard flats and I would love a leopard scarf. I don’t have leopard in the house, but I’m thinking I need to add a pillow,,,,,,,,now to just figure out where????



Katie Clooney on

HimTina… I’ve been out of commission for a few days because our phones and Internet are down. Just spent the past 15 mins catching up on your series on everyone’s favorite cosmetics. I’m so glad you are doing it. I even took notes. I need all the help I can get!!! I love ALL animal prints because they are so versatile!!

michele on

love that cashmere leopard scarf! i have some throws which i never tire of, and you’d love me in my cheetah coat. rawr!

smiles to you.


designchic on

I’m such a fan of a touch of leopard in home decor and clothing. My favorite is a leopard ottoman, but I would LOVE a leopard rug in my foyer…so chic!

therelishedroost on

I have always loved a touch of leopard as you can see by my profile pic! I love Aerin Lauder’s leopard sofa it fabulous and all your pics as well!!
Think I may throw a few good leopard pillows in my library for fun!’xo Karolyn

Amy on

Hi Tina, that Ralph Lauren chair is so gorgeous! I love many of these rooms and like you, my favorites are when a touch is used, on an ottoman or pillows. I actually think a pair of leopard pillows as I am looking at all these images would work well in my own living room. Thanks for the inspiration!

And those J Crew flats must find their way into my closet. Thanks as always for some great ideas.

Brenda Murphy on

LOVE leopard. I splurged and put a leopard area rug in our den. I smile every time I walk on it:) It really does act as a neutral and gives a room some kick! Say hi to Teddy;)

zanetastyle on

OOH lala We say ((:
our home has some black AND white animal prints as accents since the french yellow walls in main areas and gray blue walls in others call for that combo! but love leopard and have a sexy 80’s style dress from Montreal…that was made in Italy, not a big label but HOT!
great post, thanks Tina, Z

Rhiannon at After Plumcake on

I adore Raj-era decorating, including animal throws, but it’s so hard to find anything of quality.

I think my problem with leopard is there’s so much Very Bad Leopard out there. I don’t wear animal print as a rule except for shoes and even then only in ponyhair, because I’m a plus-sized gal and the designers who make truly high-quality leopard prints (e.g., Dolce & Gabbana, Lanvin) don’t make clothes in my size. Instead it’s just an endless abysmal parade of cheap polyester and bad prints to be approached with fear and trembling. I’ve got very “loud” coloring and features, so animal print goes overripe and kitsch on me in a heartbeat.

I accidentally went to a restaurant where some women of a certain age were having an Animal Print Night and although the ladies looked like they were having a mess of fun, their outfits were Not A Success. They skipped straight over Anne Bancroft and Josephine Baker and landed squarely in Mutton-Dressed-as-Lamb-Dressed-as-Bad-National-Geographic-Special.

By the way, I’m new to your blog and absolutely love it. Thanks for being such an entertaining writer!

Melanie R on

I am crazy for leopard print! I have a tiny bedroom carpeted in leopard and just love it! I have scarves, shoes and am really wanting either a purse or a leopard jacket. I think it is one of those prints that is timeless.
Great post Tina!

Kathysue on

Loving the image with the green sofa and the one small lumbar pillow in leopard. I don’t have it in my home right now, but I use to have a throw and and pillow for my winter look. Now if you are talking my wardrobe, Oh Yes indeed I do!! Scarves, sweaters, shoes, love a touch of it with an outfit!
Happy Tuesday,

Chic Coastal Living on

I’m with you ! I love leopard!! I saw a light blue leopard tufted chair at HomeGoods too that was amazing!

vicki archer on

Loving the leopard… and that chinoiserie style stool… it’s heaven and could be placed in any space… This post has me dreaming of leopard… somehwere, anywhere… xv

'LUSH' on

I am a LUST-er over Leopard, also!!! Always have, always will! Love this post, chalk full of luscious leopard!!

Debby Steele on

My favorite is photo #1. I love a bit of leopard. My favorite belt is a skinny leopard belt that I wear almost every day. I also have a J Crew leopard phone case which has held up unbelievably. I would love to add a bit of leopard to my décor – it adds instant personality to a room. I agree, small doses. xo

Karen Albert on

Tina Don’t you just love how leopard prints come off as an elegant neutral, instead of jumping out.
Beautiful images. Love the pillows and the cardi!

2013 Artists Series

Jennifer Beaudet on

I never get tired of leopard! I love how just a small touch adds so much, but if you want to do the whole room in it that works tool. Love those J Crew flats!


I agree! I think every living room needs a touch of leopard–a little exotic, a little naughty it always looks good! Hope you are having a great week TIna! xx

Taylor Greenwalt on

I love leopard prints in every color….but in small doses. Very pretty images.

Stacey on

LOVE this post! I’m really smitten with leopard and have a number of leopard items. I cannot get enough!!:-)

Splenderosa on

Love the high-ceilinged room with the large vertical gilt mirror & the 4 leopard chairs. Would love to see the piece of art hanging above the white sofa. This is my kind of space. I have a leopard pashmina I bought when I worked at Sak’s 5th, it’s been in the wardrobe for years, still looks & wears so well & absolutely smartens up any outfit. xx’s

Sundresses and Smiles on

Great minds must think alike…I posted “Zany for Zebra” today and was actually thinking I’ll have to do a similar post on leopard soon! I’m not picky when it comes to animal prints- love ’em all!

pretty pink tulips on

Tina…this is LOVE, LOVE, LOVE for me!!! Wardrobe, decor….I think of it as a neutral and it really makes me happy. Most animal prints do. I have a leopard bench that serves as a coffee table in one room, the antelope carpet runner up the stairs and a zebra style rug in another. Not too much…just enough to give it flair!

Such a fun post!
xoxo Elizabeth

carolyn bradford on

Loved your new Let’s Talk series….truly! I also love Leopard and definitely think of it as a neutral! I have it on a chair in my bedroom and also in my sunroom…unfortunately, it’s been discontinued…maybe it was Cowtan and Tout…can’t remember, but I need to find another one to work with! Would love to put some on some pieces in the shop! So glad you did this post!

Mona Thompson on

I’m crazy for leopard…have a wonderful pair of pillows in the chairs in my bedroom…and my very favorite coat is leopard!…Great post!

Mumbai on

I love leopard print.Just a bit and not overdo and it gives a room and a woman the wow effect.

Rebecca Pederson Hessey on

My boyfriend is from Africa, so we have animal prints here and there. Couple rugs, a chair, and the comforters.



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