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Hi there. Such a busy week over here. Finally today, I am not busy dong something every hour and will have a few hours to just “chill” (though that really means catching up with my looong list of errands).
?I was so excited to finally get some of the tole pieces I had told you about a few weeks ago. Few things in life get me this excited at this stage of the game. Just cannot seem to totally squelch my thirst for this stuff….so having an online store is a great way to “have my cake and eat it too”, you? know my motto “one for me and one for you”! This is an exceptional line of stunning handpainted tole pieces. I looooove this line. If you are like me and love chinoiserie, tole and all those kinds of things, then you will love this!

I only got in a handful of each item so these will not be going online right away, if you want to inquire about something, just email me. Click here.

Beautiful planter with scenery and you know how I feel about black…..
And how about this gorgeous green tole chinoiserie decorative “jar”….its a love for me!
This is what makes me happy!

And this stunning moss green lamp with beautiful handpainted metal shade…so beautiful!

Its all in the details…..

LOVE this color!!
And how pretty is this cache pot? Love the detailing and the scalloped design, so classic!

Same pot also available in a smaller tall planter…..could see orchids or moss orbs in these.

Love love love these beautiful planters, the detailing is soooooo pretty!


This is such an elegant wastebasket, and you know I love this with a white hydrangea in a blue and white dish!

Another beautiful classic wastepaper basket…so elegant in black!

These darling planters come in pairs, so pretty!
Moving onto porcelains…….I was so excited to get 8 more of this spectacular hexagon planter. I had gotten a bunch of these way back last spring, and sold out almost right away. I wasn’t able to get more until recently and here they are!! In stock and ready to ship. Below is a picture of my own pair and an azalea topiary. Love these!

?And this oversized soup tureen is a beauty. Comes with the wooden stand love the foo dog lid.

?As pretty at Christmas time with amaryllis and pinecones
As it is in the spring with a beautiful white azalea topiary…….

?Love this gorgeous oversized orange and blue Imari bowl, comes with stand. Its a beauty!

My gorgeous napkin rings finally got the recognition they deserve! No longer under new additions they have earned their own little section on my online store. I will be continuously adding new styles to the shop, but for now most of the ones available can be seen online. They really are such special keepsakes, I am so happy to be carrying them. Click here to visit.

I have one tole tray for sale It is $115.00.? It says dark green but both my husband and I think its black or else its one heck of a dark green. You know the drill if you are interested, just email me!

My silver line continues to be one of my strongest categories. Proof that beautiful classic silver pieces are always in style I am excited to be getting about 6-7 new items that are just stupendous. Really gorgeous. And the long awaited flower bowl is finally coming! I am getting in a limited amount, 12 pieces of this very popular item! I know several were waiting on it…….

Lots more coming…will be sure to keep you posted! New wonderful loot will be arriving in the next few months including a new batch of dough bowls sometime in the next few weeks. If you want a dough bowl, definitely email me. They generally sell out within hours of my post. These are exceptional both in color, condition and size.

As always email me with any questions/inquires. Click here to email me. Thanks for stopping in to pay me a visit. Hope you have a fabulous day!


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