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Good Sunday morning to you……. well we were supposed to be leaving for sunny warm California today (we would be boarding the plane right now, boo hoo)? but it did not work out. I am quite bummed, as I was totally psyched for that warm fresh air, but it was not meant to be.? Tickets, hotels, car rentals, restaurants, everything was booked, so making that cancellation phone call was mighty hard but I have to tell myself there was a reason it worked out this way and carry on…..until the next vacation:)

So we are not skipping a beat…we are off on a mini road trip to visit some colleges? for my son and visit a friend or two along the way. I will be gone off and on for the next 4-5 days so will be back later in the week. In the meantime, thought it would be fun to walk down memory lane and visit some of my old posts, some of which many of you might not have seen (depending on how long you have been following along with me). Hope you have a wonderful weekend..and be back later in the week!

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(still get asked a lot of these questions so thought this could be helpful)

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Join me in the English countryside for the weekend!


Well..that should keep you busy for awhile! Hopefully something for was fun going through so many of my old posts, many I had forgotten about. There were so many more I wanted to share but another time. Anyway, will pop in when I can otherwise will be back later in the week. Hope you have a wonderful weekend and a great start to your week. As always, many thanks for stopping by to say hello!

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