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Good late afternoon!  I am back. Missed being in blogland…..even for a few days:) Half of my trip (4 days was spent “college shopping”…it was fun, incredibly cold, and adventurous. It was fun being on the road with my son except for when we fought about me wanting to stop and buy an umbrella and be 5 min late (gasp) to a presentation or when we argued about where to stop and eat. Besides that it was just peachy!  We enjoyed the quality time together and seeing the energy of those college campuses just made me want to be 18 all over again. Youth really is wasted on the young:)
I was supposed to leave today for VA. but my sister is sick and frankly I am a little wiped out so at my husbands insistence, am staying home and just going to catch up on all kinds of things that need my attention! Nothing like having an unexpected chunk of time to get productive!! So here is what’s new and exciting….
Got my window treatments done in my kitchen! Love it, it really warms up the space so much and my beloved blue and white fits in beautifully. This is Brunschwig and Fils, Digbys Tent for anyone who wants to know. I think I will have place mats made with my leftover fabric….(taken with my iPhone, better pictures to follow soon)
Here is the fabric, it was love at first sight…


The colors here are horrible…but you get the idea!


I am always on the prowl for really high quality faux flowers. I love flowers and nothing can replace the real deal but since I like to have them all over, it is both practical and maintenance free to have the faux around along with the real. So I was super thrilled to find the best cherry blossoms and fabulous orchid stems I have seen to date, I ordered a  bunch and will be adding them to my online shop under new arrivals. They are incredibly  real looking, beautiful stems, gorgeous blossoms come in 2 lengths, I opted for the “maximum wow factor” and went with the 54″, and the orchids are simply amazing, here they are…….

Mixed two stems of faux orchids with my real orchids…can you tell which is which?

One of my big jars filled with the white blossoms in my hallway
 The pink version
 And on my living room chest……

  Love them…waiting for my next batch to add a few more stems to each jar
Getting in some really fabulous new goodies for my shop. I am so excited, haven’t been this thrilled about new goods in a long time! I had mentioned my new tabletop soon to be added, it will up and running in the next day or two along with a tabletop giveaway to celebrate its arrival. Have some stunning new silver additions to my growing family of beautiful silver.  Then got some amazingly beautiful new blue and whites. If you are looking for an incredible and affordable tureen look no more, these are the prettiest I have seen without exaggeration.  So take a look at some of the new goodies! As always if you have any questions/inquires click here to email me. Most of these items are now up in  my online shop, click here to visit me!
Adore all these new silver pieces…..

LOVE this new planter…..perfect size for your favorite orchids or flowering plant! So elegant!

And how about these two crested beauties! The larger one is  a large planter or a wastepaper basket, love it for a beautiful bathroom……

Love this tray and actually have this in two of my own bathrooms…..a perfect size for any bathrom vanity or I love it for an elegant way to display spices in the kitchen!

And this gorgeous scalloped serving/display tray is perfect for any entertainer….

Check out these magnificent soup tureens…some of the prettiest I have seen!

This stunning Imari tureen makes my heart sing! Love love love it…..the antique version goes for $2500 and up, this one $165!

Doubles as a gorgeous planter and includes the stand

And love this blue and white beauty….

It is “antiqued” and is an identical replica to one that fetches thousands…….

And adore this new Chinese character ginger jar…perfect size alone, as a pair or part of an existing blue and white vignette!

 This is the perfect chunky jar, I call this the “chunkster” for a big spray of your favorite blossoms, branches, flowers, the size and mouth of the opening are just perfect for centerpiece jar, love this piece!! Brand new…. 16″ by 14″ wide

And for all you dough bowl lovers, I got in a box of four bowls (unexpectedly) and have one left to is 24″ long by about 12″ wide….beautiful! Email me here if you want it.

And here is how I am loving all this blue and white and silver in my own home…………..

The tureen that doubles as a planter..obviously have not added my moss yet but you get the idea!

  Proof that there is simply no such thing as “too much blue and white”!
Thanks for stopping in and wishing you a wonderful evening! I look forward to spending some time in blogland later and and catching up on all I have missed…..until next time! Have a wonderful evening.

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Stacy Curran on

Tina I don’t think i would ever go out if that were my house. It is just too beautiful. I LOVE the kitchen treatments!

Lauren on

Seriously having heart palpitations over your new kitchen window treatment! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!
Beautiful new items for the store too…I’ll be first in line for the faux orchids and cherry blossoms! Missed you this week, glad you’re back:)

Will on

Wow!! I have been looking for ideas for my home as I am re-designing it this year. I was going to go for the wooden farmhouse look with of course the farmhouse table included but this has given me more food for thought, thank you and well done!!

Marlene on

Love love love you kitchen window fabric and treatment! Stunning! I so enjoy your posts. Thank you. Marlene

'LUSH' on

Welcome Back!! Your kitchen looks wonderful with the window treatments! Funny, I just didn’t think it could look more beautiful, and then, poof, window treatments prove that theory absolutely wrong!

Splenderosa on

I’ve missed you too. And, yes, the windows look fab in that awesome kitchen. + some really great new pieces for your shop, Tina. You’ve done a fabulous job with stocking your store. I know everyone really loves it. I know you had a wonderful time with your son, but it’s also good to be back home where you are totally in charge, right?

Brenda Murphy on

Perfect choice for the kitchen! It’s amazing how fabrics finish a room. Also, I thought it was great of you to talk about “fakes”. I am with you, prefer the real deal, but practically speaking does not always work. Thanks! B

Marianne on

I agree, those are some really good faux flowers! The window treatment fabric is perfect too!

Katie Clooney on

Welcome back, dear Tina!!! You have been missed! Positively LOVE your new window treatments. The fabric is to die for. Glad to hear you had a great time with your son. My girls and I often have minor disagreements over things like lunch and umbrellas. Glad you’re back!

Susan on

Hi Tina! Welcome back. Hope you had a nice time, oh yes we know all about arguments with teenagers in this house.
Your home and the beauty never cease to amaze me, the kitchen window treatments are perfection, could not be prettier. And that living room, I think I would sleep there!
Also love all the new beautiful finds for your shop those tureens and the cherry blossoms are to die for!

KD on

WOW! Totally love the way your window treatment looks in your kitchen. You are inspiring me to do one in my own (it’s been on my to do list forever). The only problem is I don’t really like my kitchen, maybe the window treatment will make it better πŸ™‚

Can’t wait for the Faux florals to arrive in your online shop. Definitely been on the hunt for orchids.

Acquired Objects on

Tina your Roman shades are beautiful! Looking at your living room through to your dining room right now I’m wondering why you would ever leave home I wouldn’t…oh yeah I don’t…lol. Those faux flowers look fabulous! Glad you made it back safely!


Taylor Greenwalt on

Tina….love, love that fabric….one of my favorites!

Orlando Designs on

The curtains are gorgeous! I just love your kitchen!

Sarah on

Tina, your kitchen is gorgeous! The new Roman shades are exquisite. Love the fabric! Thanks for sharing a peek at all the new goodies. ‘-)

Mel@Georgica Pond on

Welcome back, and your new blinds are absolutely beautiful. That fabric really is exquisite, just finishes off the space perfectly and will be so cosy and lovely in winter. All your silver and blue and white products are stunning, wish we could get that kind of variety here.

Dixie Delights on

The new curtains are stunning!!!

designchic on

You picked the PERFECT fabric for your kitchen. It’s absolutely stunning and just love seeing the other rooms – it’s all so beautiful that I would have a hard time traveling at all – I’d always want to be at home! Great new items for your store – especially love the silver!!

The Pink Pagoda on

The fabric in your kitchen is BEAUTIFUL!! I completely agree with you about the faux flowers and am thrilled to know that you’ve found a source that you like. Exciting! My husband and I think it’s fun to go “college shopping.” I wish our daughter enjoyed it as much!

michele on

omg tina, the kitchen just keeps getting more lovely, i can’t stand it. i think i need to see it in person so don’t be alarmed if you see a teeny blondie snapping photos of the new window treatment.

i am gearing up for the snowmageddon everybody in town is up in arms about and so ‘happy’ that my husband is in balmy florida with buds…

smiles to you.


Ideezine on

Love the blue and white in the kitchen is there anything sweeter? Love how the window treatments turned out and everything else looks fantastic…how fun!
The new silver items are pretty exciting as well. Hope this next storm doesn’t hit you too hard. Stay well my friend.

xoxo Bette

Nancy C. on

Your house is just beautiful. The last few pics look like they were out of a magazine! Love the blue and white!

the designers muse on

Love the silver pieces in your store! And the fabric and the tree blossoms. Spring feels so far away, but when I see your tree branch blossoms in bloom, I realize spring is not so far away. Thanks for sharing.

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns on

Tina, welcome home! I hope you have a nice quite weekend or at least a few hours of rest. I LOVE your new window treatments, they looks fabulous! And your flowers look beauitful, if you are a tulip lover than you should visit Debra at 5th and State, she mentioned this week that she has fabulous rubber, yes rubber tulips in her shop.

The new items for your store are stunning! Love the dough bowls.

Have a fabulous weekend, I am off to Chicago. I hope I make it with the blizzard coming..


Fashion-isha on

Your window valances are so classic and give your room a cozy feel. Thanks for sharing!

Mary Ann at classic?casual?home on

YOU ARE SUCH A GOOD MOM…SERIOUSLY…from one mom to trip…been there.
love your window treatment fabric!

Leslie on

Gorgeous Roman shades in the kitchen Tina! The new silver and blue and white is so pretty and I always enjoy seeing you fill each piece with flowers. The faux, fresh mix is the way to go! Glad you are back and sounds like a productive trip. I’d be exhausted! I’ll bet you will enjoy a quiet weekend at home πŸ™‚

Chic Coastal Living on

Yeah! You’re back! Glad you had a fun time with your son! Love your valance in the kitchen! The color is perfect and all of your blue and white looks gorgeous against the light colored walls and dark furniture. Simply gorgeous ! Love it all! XO

noreen on

pure pure loveliness!
I understand your college shopping dilemma and s so glad you spent that special time with him.
Miss my one who is doing postgrad studies on Another continent! SKype makes it easier!

Victoria on

This comment has been removed by the author.

Victoria on

(Deleted above because of grammatical error. Not enough coffee.)
Tina, the new balloon shade in your kitchen looks perfect. There never is enough blue and white in my world. All the new additions to the shop are lovely too.
XO, Victoria

Wendi @ Classic Chic Home on

Welcome back, Tina and happy to hear you had a great trip with your son! I love your faux orchids and your new silver pieces are gorgeous. The window treatment in your kitchen is perfect! You must be thrilled. Have a lovely weekend,
~ Wendi

Anonymous on

Tina your kitchen looks lovely. I just baked a swedish tea ring – I’ll bring it right over, put the coffee on! I will pick up the other readers on the way!
Stay warm. Valerie

Castles Crowns and Cottages on


Your new window treatments are perfect for you. All of your blues make for a happy home. Big hugs to a fine friend. Anita

vicki archer on

Glad you are back and that the trip was such a success…
Enjoy your catch up… and have a lovely relaxing weekend… xv

Jennifer @ Belclaire House on

Glad you’re back! I LOVE the curtains! Digby’s Tent is one of my favorites. And all your blue and white is just fabulous! xo

Jayme and Mendi on

Welcome back!! We just love your new window treatments. They are gorgeous!! We are in VA so it was neat to hear you say you were supposed to come to VA. :-)Hope you get caught up on your rest and that your sister feels better soon!

Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

Cheryl on

I certainly have missed you. I remember those college trips… Overall the memories are wonderful!
The curtains looks wonderful, and the faux flowers… since I have trouble keeping some of mine alive,
I might be ordering some!!!

michelle on

The kitchen curtains look awesome. The undressed windows were beautiful and let in so much light, I admit my inclination would have been to leave them bare. But, as always, you made the right decision-they really add elegance to your gorgeous kitchen!

Teresa at Splendid Sass on

Whst a beautiful post, Tina! I am happy that your trip went well.
The window treatments are fabulous and the flowers are amazing! I can’t believe they are not real. Great find. You just have the most wonderful items in your shop, TIna.
Happy Friday.

The Buzz Blog on

We can’t wait to take the boys on their college tour and see the campuses through their eyes. Have a restful weekend!
C + C

peggy braswell on

Sent this to one of my client/friends. Love this post.

Karen Albert on

Tina I love seeing the wide shot of your living room. All the beautiful accessories come together with your furnishings perfectly. I could also spend hours in your kitchen! When will we see your home featured in a favorite shelter and design Magazine?!

2012 Artists Series

M.A. the 2nd ~ Frances Russell on

Tina .. the kitchen windows look gorgeous in the blue and done in the balloon festoon is stunning! Hope you are having a great weekend! I love that oval serving tray on the little legs…. I can see I am going to have to order some more goodies from you!

best wishes

M.A. the 2nd ~ Frances Russell on

ps I also love that silver planter with the white hydrangeas in it!!!!! Beautiful picture of your drawing room too!!!


The kitchen window treatments look wonderful…love the BF fabric! So many lovely things in your store now…must run take a look!

James Smith on

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