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Happy Monday evening to you! OK,  I feel like I have earned the right to do this because afterall I started my “Oscar marathon” at 4pm yesterday on the red carpet with the” E channel gang” and didn’t move a muscle (except to eat my popcorn) until just before midnight, yep…even made it to some of the “after show” parties! Imagine all this, from the comfort of my own home and I can assure you I was by far the most comfy of all the guests:) Take that,  all you spanx and Loubutin wearing starlets though truth is if I had been invited, I would have been on the next flight out of here!
So……here is my recap on all the glamour, fun, highs and lows hits and misses, the whole enchilada. Please allow me to preface this by first saying this is totally subjective, not in any way meant to offend anyone, that its all relative…….its Hollywood for goodness sake!  This is all in the name of fun and entertainment. Part of what makes the recapping so much fun is how we all see things differently……. Cheers to that!
This is just my honest take on the show. I actually loved the show overall and felt it was one of the best in years……but we all know there are hits and misses!
The hits that speak for themselves…..
I felt a definite touch of old Hollywood glamour on Hollywood’s biggest night and I loved and lapped up every minute. From the opening dance of Charlize and Channing….my what a dashing pair to all the nods to “old Hollywood” dressing, the men in their crisps tuxedos, the women glittering like Oscars themselves in their beaded fitted flowy and colorful gowns. All of it for the most part so incredibly glamorous (there were exceptions and we will get to that later) So here is who I think embodied the “Hollywood actress that  knows how to rock the red carpet” vibe…..

Jessica….so elegant and graceful

Naomi looking better than ever, great color for her!

Octavia, thought this was so flattering and a beautiful choice for her

Jennifer  embodies the new Hollywood princess, who even takes a tumble every now and then!

Charlize…the picture of elegance, sophistication and cool beauty

 I thought she looked fabulous and carried off this color and style beautifully!

Initially I went back and forth but since this is the color I want my master bedroom swathed in, I decided to fall in love. She does look quite elegant, maybe would have opted for a different hairstyle but the dress is a work of art.
Kerry looked beautiful in this stunner of a gown, loved the beaded bodice and bow…..great color
Georgina Chapman (wife of Harvey Weinstein) and of Marchesa fame….always so elegant

I didn’t care for the bottom but overall thought she looked so pretty

 While it did not initially “wow” me, I have to say I do think she looks great, its age appropriate flattering, elegant and hey its Americas sweetheart…I love Sandra! (Shes the Kelly Clarkson of movies, knows how to keep it real)

 Zoey looked so pretty in this blue floaty gown….it compliments her beautiful eyes so well

Adele is so pretty and I love that she dresses for her body in things shes comfortable in

The misses or near misses  (but I at least tell you why and my own thinking behind what went wrong)

Helen, what would possess you to have H&M make you a dress that looks like a wrinkled mess before the show even starts? Girlfriend…… there’s a time and place to go for the almighty bargain and to try to make an ” eco statement” but  I think we can all agree……the red carpet is most definitely not the time OR the place!

Near miss- Jen, yes we  know you are very pretty. and that it doesn’t  take much effort for you to look good and you seem to rely on that which is awesome.  But seriously…….could you just this once have done something with “the hair” (yes the hair is spoken to in third person) its that famous. Maybe a half up do with a gorgeous pair of earrings perhaps? A touch of red lipstick? Still love you though!

 This picture sort of leaves me speechless…so lets stop there. Hey, at least she was having fun hamming it up!

 She has  a very pretty face, is hysterical and you can see is genuinely comfortable in her own skin, bravo to her BUT what was she thinking? This dull gray jersey dress did nothing for her, the mullet of the hairstyle can only be worn by people like Babe Paley and other serious style icons….I just didn’t get this at all and can think of 10 other looks and colors that would be been way more flattering.

 Anne, I love you and always think you are so elegant and classy, but I expected more…sorry! (did love your hair though) The “darts” were also not very becoming and a bit of an unfortunate optical illusion! What can I say to me you are a fashion icon so this just fell a little short.

Kristin…ugh, were you taking a nap and woke up and decided to  maybe just maybe to hit the red carpet? That’s what it looked like…..I mean you could have at least brushed your hair!!
 Pretty girl but it was all too “pale”. I also feel like this dress appears dated like it belonged to a country and western star accepting an award years ago, not feeling it…if she was going to do this she should have brightened up her face with more color…something!

Salma, you are a pint sized bombshell…we all know that but this particular dress in my humble opinion belongs on a tall starlet..its just too much for your tiny frame and I feel like it swallows you up. And I don’t know…… black velvet in California? Just not feeling it…sorry but don’t feel too sorry for her because she is  afterall married to the most amazing closet husband in the world!
My new BFF’S
Two people that I could see being bff’s with…just love their candid authentic personalities, you can tell they are the “real deal”… we would get along famously, I can just tell!

If either of you are reading this, I am free for lunch  next Thurs. or Friday but after 1:) Call me!

Best commercial….
Best commercial of the night…JCP gotta hand it to you. You are proving that you are really do have more than 9 lives and sure came out swinging a home run with this beautiful commercial ( I was sure it was for Hallmark or the Wounded Warriors or something like that, really was surprised  when I saw it was JCP) but it was so well done…

Adele’s voice…..
Loved Adele’s song and her reaction was so real….that voice, is just something!

Best Speech
Best speech of the night..its actually a 2 way tie, between Daniel Day Lewis and Ben Affleck, so if you  missed them there they are! I felt they were both incredibly humbled and you could see and feel the just made you so happy for them. Not to mention they both represented two fabulous films, well done boys!

Biggest mysteries of the night, things that make you go hummmm……..
What was up with Renee’s eyes? Why couldn’t she read much less open her eyes? Every time she was handed a cue card, she passed it to someone  else and she seemed to be having a hard time standing up? It was really bizarre and did not go unnoticed…….

Just what does Jane do to look so amazingly young and fit? Inquiring minds need to know!
Why oh why was Brandi there? Shes a reality show housewife with a filthy mouth and then to boot she wore this horrid ensemble. Yikes! Hey Brandi….newsflash, have you ever heard of “leave something to the imganation”?

Barbara I love you…..and your voice is still sooo amazing but why didn’t anyone tell you long sharp nails frosted nonetheless went out a long time ago with shoulder pads,velvet chokers and waist high jeans

  Cutest and happiest looking couple(s)….
 Love how real they both seem…… them
 Channing and sweet!

 Didn’t love her dress but she still looks beautiful and they do seem so happy…good for them!

 Gotta say she looks so happy…….at last:) She is positively glowing!
 Love how they seem like they are best friends…….his warmth and authenticity cancels out the fact that I was “not feeling” her decision to wear pants on the red carpet
And I must include this “one of a kind couple” because judge them as you will…they are totally meant for one another and do seem quite happy:) Loves come in all shapes, sizes and colors and clothing choices!
Are you wondering who their hairdressers are? Me too:)
And finally while  a few of his jokes might have crossed the line (and there were indeed some that probably should not have been included), or fell flat, I think Seth overall did a great  job. I actually really enjoyed his wit, humor and quite good voice ( a surprise). He is really a talented guy and I thought a good choice….and Seth in reply to what you opened with, that you were on a quest to get Tommy Lee Jones to succeeded! That was pretty funny and something I had noticed myself from previous shows. 

Hope you enjoyed my little Oscar rundown. Again its all meant to be in good fun, please take no offense to any playful criticism and know we can agree to disagree...we all know these people are amazing and have given us countless hours of awesome entertainment on the big screen so thank you for that! Hats off to you and congrats to all the winners……it was a beautiful night!

PS Helena Bottom Carter looks like a major fashion queen next to what I was wearing last night….think yoga pants, robe, fuzzy socks, you get the picture:) 
Your turn…who knocked it out of the park in your book and who never made it past homeplate? Do tell! 

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Leslie on

How fun Tina! I think I will get a better scoop right here than my People magazine. I agree with almost all but did though Jennifer Aniston looked young and fresh and like the California beauty that she is. My favorite for the night was Charlize, such a classy lady and who could pull off that hair but her.
Loved your commentary, maybe you should work in Hollywood. I loved Bens speech and Barbara is one of my all time favorite singers have seen her twice in concert but whoever her stylist was really needs to get it together. This was great!

Our French Inspired Home on

Love the couples shots! Jen and Sandra look good in anything, seems they have a good base before they even put anything on! Ditto the reality show housewife. Both she, and the….dress…should have stayed home. -Tonya

Anonymous on

Wow this is great coverage for someone like me who only saw snippets. great recap Tina. I agree with your best dressed, many I hadn’t seen. The misses were definitely misses, OMG what are some of them thinking!

So glad Argo won, Ben deserved that validation in my book. I can’t believe the dress of Brandy, so distasteful for the red carpet. Thanks for the fun highlights. Love Adele and anything shes ever sung!!!

WeddingSwan on

I really enjoyed your comments on the dresses. This year’s theme was definitely Old Hollywood Glamour meets sexy Bond Girl. Anne Hathaway was my favorite. She looked flawless in Prada.

jennifer smith on

Renee!! We were all talking about it today in my office, drunk as a skunk is what the rumor is. Best dressed for me was Jessica C. worst was either Anne’s wrinkled Prada or Salmas, that dress made her look like she was all neck and shes such a beautiful lady too.
You gave me a great laugh, enjoyed your take on the show. Seth rocked it in my eyes but I know as every host is ever year, he was not without controversy. Oh well.

Stacey {steward of design} on

I wanted to hit a “like” button on so many of your comments. :). I think Jessica Chastain looked great , and Brandi, holy moly…I think that dress was 2 sizes too small for her! yuck.

peggy braswell on

my vote goes to Charlize, such a classy lady. Argo won, Yea! Brandy stay home next time(better yet all the time!)
love your recap. excellent!

Christine Conte on

Awesome recap !!!
I agree with it all!!!
Rene was oh so strange…and so was some of the faces K Stew was making…and her messed up hair…looked like her and Harry Potter had just had a go at it before walking on stage…. one small thing though, Zoe D’s picture is what she wore at the Emmys…other than that, you are spot on my dear…as always!

Anonymous on

Thanks for the recap because I chose not to watch the Oscars except the last half hour. I think Renee was tipsy. Why was she even there? I’m not that much into Oscar red carpet style but I have to comment on Jane Fonda. Her look was beyond FABULOUS. To carry off that color, wow. I have no other words. Babs sounded great but she should go back to her shoulder length bob hair cut. She looked kind of drab with her straight hair and nude lipstick.


Katie Clooney on

Hi! I’m back because your e-mail will only allow me so many words. Salma – definitely too short for the dress. Adele – She shouldn’t lose weight because of her beautiful face. Jane F looks great but is color blind. Brandy should be thrown off RH for that dress. I’m calling Andy. Barbra… Get rid of those damn nais. Hugh J’s wife…get a stylist and save your marriage…Tina..great post, as always. You always make my day.

The Preppy Princess on

Love your recap Tina, you hit all of the highs, and many of the lows too! We are so in sync it’s scary, especially on the “misses,” (especially Kristen Stewart….what is it about her I am missing that makes her so appealing?). I so loved Adele’s look, her performance, and especially her reaction to winning, that was a highlight for me. It was nice to see so many pretty frocks, lots of eye candy, to be sure.

Sending you a smile!

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns on

Hello Tina,

I love your recap of the Oscars! I could not agree more with much of your thoughts. I personally loved Seth, I thought he did a great job and personally thought the show was much better than I have seen in years.

I loved Adele, she looked fabulous. Barbara, the nails, the dress and the entire look seems like a flashback from another time. My favorite was Charlize, she looked fabulous!

Have a great night!

Marilyn C. on

FUN post! Agree with everything — including Seth’s being a great host (and what a voice!); I loved him. I disagree about Jennifer A’s dress: I thought that it was gorgeous, however, it looked too big for her. Don’t you think? Yes, her hair ought to have been worn up. Lots of drop-dead gorgeous gowns.

Splenderosa on

Goodness, I thought Jennifer Lawrence hit it out of the park; it’s no-brainer. So did Nicole, Jane Fonda (no one could possibly wear that color except her), Kerry Washington & Charlize. Total miss:
Jennifer Garner (looked like Big Bird to me), Jessica, Anne H., Amanda Seyfried’s makeup looked beautiful, but that dress?, no. I thought the show dragged and hated Seth’s performance. Also didn’t like the group sing-a-longs with Chicago & Les Mes crews. Adele, Shirley & Barbra were all stellar in their performances, actually brilliant.

Karen in CT on

Tops were Charlize and Gen Garner … not a fan of the contrived a la Naomi. Jane F looked great but not sure what she was thinking in canary. The beards were just too long this year, looked like grandpa (George) or the real Abe’s (Ben etc) … loved Jennifer A all the way, and I’m not even a great fan of her .. AH, tedious, speech included … Adele was tops. Great wrap-up, kudos. Going to bed, was a late night. Also,first year for me on Twitter while watching, added a huge dimention. Peace out … Karen in CT

Kathy on

Well covered Tina !!!!

haverfordgal on

Sadly I missed the Oscars because I was in the emergency of the hospital (shattered knee cap…..fell in the local supermarket πŸ™ )
Brandi…looks like she took her first name seriously because she must have had “one too many” to sport such a vulgar gown!
You are spot on about Jennifer Aniston and the HAIR. Wouldn’t she have looked lovely with her HAIR swept up and away?!
I thought Halle Berry looked incredible, as well as Charlize (we’re on a first name basis,in case you’re wondering)
I do have a difference of opinion about La Fonda. I thought she looked like a big ripe banana. Just saying….
Love your posts!
Barbara A

Katherine on

This morning all the A-Lister’s were at home sans makeup, up-do combed out and the couture gowns were being picked up to go back to the design houses. A fortunate few sat in their p.j’s, drinking coffee and admiring the little gold statue. Well done!

{BTW – Helen Hunt’s red carpet ‘ad’ for H & M was complimented with jewels valued at $700,000 – crazy}

La Dolfina on

You nailed it Tina!
I agree with all of your observations.

Leslie on

This is a wonderful summation Tina!! Lol.. so what’s up with Jane F.?? and Barbara S. .. they seem to be lost in space.. or time. Your FAV picks are perfect. So elegant. Simple.. hair “managed” .. nothing hanging out. That’s the look we are looking for!


Mel@Georgica Pond on

Oh I loved this post – such fun, as I missed the last two hours after I went to bed at 11pm (it finished here at 1am), and it was great to get this recap. I thought Naomi Watts was the standout, absolutely impeccable in my book. I totally agree with all your misses, oh boy were there some serious misses! And thanks for putting in the little video snapshots, now I don’t have to fast forward through hours of recorded TV to find the good bits!

zanetastyle on

I am laughing Tina!! So hilarious and perfectly true! I agree… On everything(: I love Jen Aniston’s dress but not her hair (: and you should be on tv doing an Oscar night reporting(((: seriously though. Yoy make such great fashion statements … Frosted nails … Haha and absolutely agree…. Gosh When I watched her I was put off by those nails…loved reading your recap!
Hugs z

zanetastyle on

Oh and Rene Z shocked and scared me completely! Too much plastic filling up and swelling I thought but what do I know!? Yes it was strange and at moments I thought she was drunk? Ok maybe not but what was it?
Xo z

Splendid Market on

Love this, I am watching it tonight as I write {in my yoga pants!}, and feel like I am sitting there eating popcorn with you! I was at a big party last night so I wanted to see what I had missed while chatting and dining. I agree with you on most everything. But I like Kristins look that messy hair, the make up, that removed attitude and I love that dress on her. I thought Seth was great. Oh, that Brandi woman? Dreadful. I hadn’t seen her, I don’t watch that show. Great recap. so wonderful you put in all of the clips.

SizzleandZoom on

Great reviews. I think Jane has had some work done. I agree with you about Brandi. Tasteless.

Amy on

LOVED THIS! I did not get to see the entire show so this was fantastic! I agree with 99% of your comments, very good reporting, Tina.

Jane F.- the dress was horrible but she looks younger than ever
Kristin and Renee- strangest behavior
Salma- I can’t believe with her husband being who he is, she chose a heavy black dress that did nothing to her petite frame
Charlize- beautiful but needed more color somewhere
Jennifer A- I loved her look she looked so young, healthy and pretty
Barbara S- wonderful voice but looked like she was stuck an 80’s fashion time warp, the hair, nails and jewelry were all wrong
Catherine Zeta Jones- so pretty but she looked “different” did you notice?
Brandie should not have been allowed to even enter the show, how tacky and cheap

Seth was fantastic, I thought he did a great job, fun post!

Castles Crowns and Cottages on

Good morning Tina! I missed the entire show…yep, the whole thing. I still don’t even know what movies got best picture!!!!!! I have been scrambling to put in my resumé for full-time work again. YES, I need to return. Bummer. Oh well, I tried.


Debby Steele on

I didn’t watch it so this was a fun recap. Now I feel like I saw it! I love Adele – her voice, her beauty, the fact that she is comfortable in her body. I thought she looked gorgeous. My first thoughts about Jennifer was the same: do something w/ the hair! Anne Hathaway’s hair is gorgeous but those darts were not becoming at all. How awful it must be prepping and knowing the entire world is going to critique you! xo

Laura G. on

Totally agree with your comments on Brandi. Sort of speaks to the kind of person she must be in real life.

Keep the column coming. I love seeing it everyday!

Laura G.

christy on

Tina you get the gold for the best recap. Agree with every one of your opinions, for me best dressed was Jennifer Lawrence and worst Melinda McCarthy (that stylist should be banned). Overall fun show and think Seth did a great job.

Taylor Greenwalt on

Tina…I didn’t get to see it but thanks to you I felt like I was there. Thanks for the show!

ChristineS on

Tina you got it all, spot on!!!!!

Renee’s eyes were off the charts bizarre. I saw her in a red carpet interview and I could not get over how plastic and odd she looked. Add to that, “medicated”.

Fun post!!!!

Cindy on

I did not watch the Oscars – but now I don’t need to. Thanks – this was so much more entertaining!

Love you!


Ellen @Color Calling on

Am I the only one who thought Shirley Bassey stole the show?

My goodness, she rocked the house!

I thought she was the best looking woman, bar none, at the Oscars.

I am in awe that she looks so fabulous and can still belt out Goldfinger like that,

50 years after she first recorded it!

Totally love this post and was so much fun to read your take.

Chic Coastal Living on

Loved your take on the Oscars! I totally agree with everything you said! I love Jen but I would love to see her really glam it up for the Oscars with her hair up just like you said! Jennifer Lawrence is my new favorite! She’s so cute! Did you see her interview after the fall? It was so funny! She is pretty witty for a young girl! Love Ben and Jen too! He’s my favorite! Great job my friend!

Anonymous on

On TVGuide Channel’s Oscar fashion recap show, Nick Verreos(Project Runway)said Jennifer Aniston was wearing a $60,000 dress with a $20.00 haircut.

Fashion-isha on

Thanks for this fun and fabulous recap. I love seeing it all over through the eyes of someone with great taste! Hope your week is going well!

5th and State on

oh yes thanks for the reminder… inner critic forgot to look down, think we had the same stylist!

great recap tina, the best i have read. loved naomi watts’ look, daniel dl’s speech, and shirley bassey…one hot mama!

natasha {schue love} on

Such a great recap! Totally agree with all your hits and misses! And some of those “what were they thinking” moments too!

vicki archer on

Love your commentary and am pretty much there with you all the way…
As for the one with the bosoms (!!) the Real Housewife… ?? That was something else!
Great post… xv

Melissah from Coastal Style on

So many gorgeous outfit’s .. too man to choose from but I think Jennifer’s pink Dior ballgown is the winner for me!

Cindy M. on

Tina I think this was a better recap than my People magazine, they should hire you. Your comments were hilarious and gave me a great laugh, I have to share this with a few of my friends who I know would enjoy it. I agreed with every one of your hits and misses and your things that make you go humm, were too funny. Renee was so strange! And that Brandie, what was she even doing there? And I agree about Adele, love her, she is so candid and unchanged and what a voice! I enjoyed the show but loved your recap even more.

Rebecca Pederson Hessey on

Bonham. You meant Helena Bonham Carter? πŸ™‚ And for Hugh jackman, and his wife, he looks better than she. I didn’t watch any pre, or post, shows, just the awards, and as I am now just reading this post, the one part that stands out the most, was Adele’s singing. Gorgeous.

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