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The wonderful and exciting giveaway from Judith August cosmetics is below…be sure to participate!!

Hi there, today is like a fun tag sale, a warehouse clearance, a post on pretty accessories AND a giveaway all in one…..imagine all this without having to leave your seat at the computer! I had rented out a small space at a nearby warehouse which I am no longer leasing (got another small space) so I went to clean things out and found some things that frankly I didn’t know I had! They were stored all in boxes and there were many happy surprises:) Most of them are things that there are only one or two of….but all wonderful brand new,  beautiful item. 

I as of this morning updated to tell you what is available and what is sold…

 Instead of putting them up on my online shop, I am going to post them here since I have only 1 or 2 of each item,  along with their description and price, as you can also see I numbered them, for ease of emailing me. If you want something simply email me tell you want number x and I will direct invoice you. Any questions of course just ask! Obviously its first come first serve. Everything is discounted. Some things are less here than on my website because I got them at the old pricing and only have one or two here.  Email me here.  So ready to take a look? Here we go…..

1. 2 etched cut crystal perfume bottles in softly colored blue and one green(pictures don’t pick up on colors but they are softly blue and green) …measures about 6,5″ tall $15.00 each  SOLD

2. 1 beautiful oversized tole floral tray. It says its dark green but I think its black (asked my husband and he immediately said black too). If its green it is extremely dark green. There is a scratch across it, which is not really that obvious because of the busy floral pattern, could easily be touched up with a marker/paint. Measures about 25″x 18″ (widest point) across…..$90.00 SOLD

3.Beautiful pearl detailed frame $20.00 each (holds 3 x5 or a cut down 4×6  picture). I have two. SOLD

4 .Beautiful guest towel holders/small trays. Finally found some! (First one is ant. brass, second is silver, third is ant brass crown) 60.00 each SECOND AND THIRD AVAILABLE.

5. Jewel encrusted frame. $22.00 I have one. SOLD

6. 2  Spanish olive trays 1 med and 1 sm 70.00 for the small and  80.00 for the med. SOLD

7. 1 beautiful small scenic tole planter measures bout 9″ x 6″ tall $65.00  SOLD

8.Monogrammed guest towels, sets of 3. I have these letters in the white monogram, H, A, C and G. These letters in the ecru monogram, H, A, J, O and N. And these in the black on linen, S, K, Y, L, D, B, M and E.. Normally it is $20 for 3, these are $15.00 for 3. These are about to have a price increase so this is an especially great deal! Awesome gift!! ONLY A FEW LETTERS LEFT

9.Cocktail napkins, sets of 6, I have these letters D, S and N. $15.00 per set of 6. Great deal and very elegant touch when entertaining!

10. Two antique dough bowls. Both in excellent perfect condition, small, one is 20″ x 12″ and the other is 17″ x 10.5″. They are each $165.00 (approx. 40.00 discounted) LARGER ONE AVAILABLE

11. Gorgeous green butterfly tole planters, was planning on carrying  these but the vendor was not reliable so I decided against it. A beautiful pair of new tole containers/planters. They measure 9.5″ x 8″ at the widest point.  $135 for the pair SOLD

12. Stunning black garland tole umbrella stand. The slightest dent that you cannot even see, brand new. $115.00 SOLD

13.Darling cherub and beige porcelain soap or candy dish $45.00 SOLD

14. Gorgeous footed silver decorative beverage or planter. I can see this used with ice and bottles of wine or Pellegrino or planted with an orchid or flowering plant. Measures 13″ across by 7″ tall $115.00 AVAILABLE

15. Beautiful silver garland tray. Has one very fine scratch that is easy to miss across the top (which is likely to be covered anyway). Really pretty and great for a vanity, I have one of these myself. Measures 15″ x 8″  $70.00 SOLD

16. “Books” bookends. These are so pretty and really decorative, a great way to finish any vignette. $38.00 one pair SOLD

17. Beautiful scalloped silver/nickel chargers. These sold out immediately. These had a sticker on them and there is the slightest discoloration where the sticker was. Trust me its very hard to see, I have 10 total and will sell them in 2’s. These were 45.00, today they are 25.00 each. They measure 12″ across.So wish I could get more! SOLD

18. Intricate gold filigree vanity tray. Beautiful details…the surface looks a little worn but its actually been “antiqued”. Perfect for a vanity or small bar tray, where the top would be normally covered anyway. Measures 15″ at the longest point by 7″ wide $65.00 AVAILABLE

19. A pair of black and gold sconces….where were these when I needed them! Pair is $110.00…..very good deal on an elegant pair of beautiful gold and black sconces/brackets. SOLD

20. One canvas art left, that I just found….its called “Rainy day” and features a young girl walking alongside a St. Bernard type dog. This is $115 (normally 155). Just one. 24 x 20 SOLD

21. A stunning pair of crystal etched hurricanes. These are oversized and sooo fabulous. They retails for upwards of 300.00 on several websites.This one pair I am selling for $185.00. Absolutely stunning! SOLD

22. Beautiful etched cut glass vanity jar (Ralph Lauren bought these from this vendor) I have two left, one sm and one med. Beautiful detailing, gorgeous silver intricate lid. Could be beautiful on any vanity, or as part of a vignette atop a stack of books in a library maybe. Sm is approx.6.5″ tall and med. is approx. 8-9″ tall. Sm is 60 and med is 70. SOLD

So there you have it! Any questions, just email me here. If you want something just let me know and I will send you an invoice you, these are ready to ship. Great chance to stock up on some pretty accessories or even gifts!! 

Now onto this giveaway, so generously donated by Judith August! Imagine my delight and thrill when I heard from this famous makeup guru, after posting about her products last week! Turns out we are each others about that!! So Judith was generous enough to offer up a giveaway!! 

One lucky winner is going to get this fabulous set of makeup to the stars, The Killer Cover kit (with a name like that you know it delivers)!. All you need to do is leave a comment here, after visiting her site and telling us a product you would love to have. Click here to visit her site.  Want a second chance, leave a message on her Facebook page. Click here to visit her at Facebook. I will announce a winner on Saturday morning!

The Killer Cover Kit was designed as a singular solution to covering the most difficult discolorations.

Killer Cover? Total Blockout Makeup
Designed to cover your largest and darkest age spots.

  • Based on theatrical make up, this special formula succeeds where traditional concealers fail.
  • Five-Color wheel allows You to Custom Blend & Match Your Skin Tone
  • Water proof & lasts all day until you decide to remove it
August Minerals? Finishing Powder: Translucent
All-natural mineral powder sets and finishes your camouflage makeup.

  • Natural SPF
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Non-irritating
Killer Cleanser?
The perfect makeup remover for all types of makeup especially camouflage makeup

  • Contains Aloe Vera, Jojoba Oil & Vitamin E
  • Leaves skin feeling soft and clean
  • For All Skin Types 

A little something for everyone….thanks for stopping in and wishing everyone a fabulous Tuesday! If you missed Alison of the Polohouse’s incredible house tour yesterday, it is not to be missed, click here to see. Enjoy your day!!


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Leslie on

Wow so many great things, with great prices too. I am going to email you on a few things. Pleaes include me for the giveaway, after visiting her great site, I would love the killer kit so hope I win but also would love to get the everything pencil, sounds like a great product. Happy to know about this line (new to me). Thanks Tina

KD on

I am in desperate need of under eye concealer. My dark circles are not helping me feel young and vibrant (even if I’m not really either!)

christy on

What a fun chock full post. I see at least half a dozen things I want! And any makeup line that concentrates on covering up is a line I need to have!! Please put my name in the hat for the great kit.

Francine Gardner on

You found marvelous little treasures!! I emptied one of our warehouse lately, and to my distress, everything was covered by little “furry “droppings! It all went to the dump… I am lusting after my mother in law’s warehouses in Newport. i am sure they are full of wonderful accessories, silver etc,, But they are all packed up to the brim. I love your findings!! I am actually going through my house, and will put for sale small antiques that i have left. I took a booth at the 4th of July antique fair (near new Cannan) last year and sold half of my attic…from Bagues sconces to bird houses. It was a lot of fun! Am thinking of doing a small personal on line store, totally different from my website. Is it really time consuming?

Anonymous on

I loved the beautiful monogramed linens. How do I go about purchasing?

queen_cupcake on

Those vanity jars are to die for! I know I cannot afford them, though. Lots of lovely things here. I am excited to learn about Judith August; I had not known about her products before. I would love to win the Killer Cover Kit but I also really like the Everything Pencils and the August Minerals Finishing Powder Translucent. Thanks for pointing the way to her site!

Castles Crowns and Cottages on

Good morning Tina!

So nice to see your wares and giveaway! Just coming by to say hello! Anita

Cynthia on

Great items, they are so beautiful….love the giveaway….sign me up. Thanks


Mary M.(mymosk) on

Thanks for offering such a great giveaway. I’ve never tried her products but plan to soon. I too love the Killer Cover Kit and also her The Special Care Cover Kit For Rosacea. Sign me up! Thanks.


Anonymous on

Would love to try the Killer Cover. I have several scars I would like to conceal.

Laura Bradley on

I would love the killer cover kit. Everyone has something to cover dont we?! Thanks!

Sandy at You May Be Wandering on

Good morning Tina! I would love some of Judith’s make-up to cover my nasty looking black eye I still have from the surgery I had last week! Hopefully my eye will be better soon and I won’t need to worry about it, but then I need something to cover my dark circles. πŸ™‚

I am going to e-mail you about some of the tag sale items…

Did you get snow out there? We got about 3 inches…argggh! Have a great day! xoxoxo

merrymac on

I would love the Aquatint or the Special Coverage. These undereye circles are relentless!

Carolyn on

Love it all, and am really wanting the olive tray, tole planters and the frames! I will email you to see whats available.
Visited the JA site, think the special care cover is what I really need. Used to love Lancomes coverup but it doesn’t seem to work as well, think I need a heavier duty concealer and this sounds like just the trick! I am so happy to know about this line of makeup. Always learning something here.
Thanks Tina

Acquired Objects on

How fun to go into your warehouse and find hidden treasures and I’ve already emailed you for one of them so my lucky! Great finds!

I hope you aren’t getting the snow we are up in New England, a foot and a half…ugh!


Enchanted Papers on

I would love the killer cover kit, I have plenty to hide
Mary F


Hi Tina, So much fun to go into your secret stash! On spring break for the week but wanted to check in a nd say hello–hope you are having a great week!

Leslie on

Lots of gorgeous items and all priced to sell! Hope you are having a great week Tina. We are heading out of town. Hopefully I’ll have a little computer access so I can stop in to say hi.


HeartWings on

Invisible Stockings? What a great idea! And what a great site! Love all the items in your shop as well.

Hope Spring is beginning to show in your area!

Jo on

I love the Killer Cover Kit for the tiny red lines in my cheeks. Thanks for the giveaway. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

Jo on

I also left a note on the FB page. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

JeanneW on

Thank you for the giveaway Judith August! I would love to try the killer cover kit. I have eczema and there are a multitude of things that need to be hidden.

Lisa S. on

Tina, we all have things that require covering up and I know I can use all the help I can get:-) This makeup line looks fantastic!! I am so happy to have discovered it, thanks for the chance to win such a wonderful giveaway. I do not have Facebook so I cannot leave a comment there but my fingers are crossed.

I love all your store goods, but with us packing up and getting ready to move this June, we are trying to unload things not add, but when we finally settle in sometime later summer, I look forward to starting with a pair of ginger jars as a housewarming gift for myself!! Thanks Tina.

The Pink Pagoda on

Okay, I just have to say how much I’m LOVING the linens from your store and how many complements I get every time I have company! They’re absolutely perfect in every way!

Frosted Glass on

Eye catching items. Are these still available for sale?

Susan B. on

Tina, I love all of the Judith August makeup. My face seems to be changing rapidly and I am not getting the coverage I use to when my skintone was not uneven. I would love to have the starter kit giveaway to help me get my confidence back. I have an interview with Macy’s tomorrow for a part time position to get me out of the house. I realize it is no longer my time to turn heads, but I strive to look like a classy 53 year old woman. I visited JA’s website and facebook as well. I loved the invisable stockings kit as well as the sun beige everything concealer pencil.

The items in your fun tag sale were terrific. I have so many similar things in my home it’s scarry. Yard sale time is coming up and I believe I may have one this year so I can add new pieces to my collection. I have looked everywhere for a blue and white ginger jar of ample size. Thank you so much for introducing me to all of your pretties as well as where to find the exact makeup I need. Our taste is so much alike, your home so beautiful. My home being scaled down keeps me humble. However, the Lord knows I feel blessed.

Hope you have a terrific day.


Anonymous on

OMG Love that make up concealer site!!! Want the everything pencils, wish they were bigger to fix my whole body!!!!

Cindy R.

mwaxter on

Hi Tina, two things, first love all these goodies! I am going to email you on the tole tray and olive trays, my bday is next week and have earned a present or two;-)

Second, thanks for the intro to Judith August. This is so great for me, I have two scars which I am very self conscious about and don’t like the concealer I use. This line sounds perfect. I would love to win the kit. The invisible stockings sounds too good to be true. Please add my name to the list.

Katie Clooney on

First of all, Tina such beautiful things in your sale. I’ve never been to a tag sale that had such gorgeous things. Have never used Judith August before but I could definitely use the cover up! Hope you’re having a good week!

ombdesigns on

Hello Tina,
I’ve never used the Judith August products, but would love to try the concealer pencil. It looks like a great product for under eye circles!

ombdesigns on

I just left a comment on Judith August’s FB page.

M.A. the 2nd ~ Frances Russell on

Tina.. what a fabulous idea…. I am sure you will sell everything! I also loved your post on Alison from the Polohouse! She is lovely and her home is gorgeous! Have a great day and don’t work too hard with the tag sale!
best wishes

michelle hill on

I am so glad you introduced this cosmetic line! I forwarded it to my cousin when you originally posted. She’s a great girl who is on a forever hunt for good coverage makeup that feels somewhat normal, especially with the Southern humidity coming. After the accident she had a miraculous surgeon but she is left with very uneven, discolored skin and sensitive to boot! Anyway she’s loving this and I love her everything stick…that’s my wish product.

Kstylick on

Maybe we could follow each other on Bloglovin and/or GFC?

Please leave me a comment on my blog and I will follow you!

Lady Courtney on

I was so excited about what you were offering for sale, and I SCORED, that I forgot to comment for the giveaway…but I would love to win the Killer Cover Kit! πŸ™‚ donna

Suzluvsflowers on

I would love the Killer Cover Kit! Great line- thanks for the give-away!

Cheri on

I would love the Everything Pencils! Happy first day of spring!!!

Sherry on

The Special Care Cover Kit For Rosacea sounds perfect for me.

Susan Kirby on

Love your site and your (my) dream house! I would love the great under eye concealer-let’s cover what we can’t fix! Please enter me in your give away!

KAM on

I love your site and you find the most wonderful pieces to stock the “shelves”. I loved visiting the Judith August make-up site…the everything pencils would be lovely. Please enter me in the giveaway.
rockymountainbirder at gmail dot com

Bebett on

I would love to get an under-eye concealer. I am not sure which one of these would be best for me though.

Lois on

I love the everything concealer pencil – so handy and easy to use!

Charulie on

I definitely have something to cover, and I would love Judith’s foundation.

Charulie on

…or under-eye concealed…

Anonymous on

Ii would love the everything concealer pencil…you don’t know how much I could use that…many sleepless nights lately.
FYI…I adore your site…read it every morning and look forward to it each and every day. Lovely!

Anonymous on

The Everything Pencil concealer would have to be a must for me. I would love to use her products!
Barb Noble, CO

Karen Albert on

Tina Invisible Stockings would be perfect for springtime legs and sandals!
Wonderful Giveaway!

Art by Karena

Karen Albert on

I also Liked Judith’s Facebook Page! Oh what a dream this would be after all of these surgeries!

Art by Karena

Ann from Michigan on

Thank you so much for your beautiful blog, I visit several times a week. You are truly a gifted woman in your creatvity.

I’d love Judith’s Everything pencils. They’d be perfect to carry anywhere for a quick touch up.

sandi quance on

Thank you for introducing us to Judith August products…I went to her site and have already ordered a few items but would love to receive the gift set!!
I adore your beautiful blog and look forward to it every day!!

Hugs XXX

Anonymous on

Love all her goodies…would love to try the special care kit for my annoying rosacea! LDW

Nicola on

What a great giveaway!! We all need a little help!

Leslee in Tennessee on

Camouflage that looks natural… Wow!! I think the ‘primer’ and the ‘translucent’ powder would be marvelous!! So many possibilities, it’s hard to choose. It’s all very intriguing! Enjoyed your beautiful blog site as well!

Anonymous on

You won me over with just those two magical little words…”cover up”!!!!!!

Angela on

Oh my, this looks fabulous buddy! Thank you for sharing ~ great photos (as always!) & Blessings xoxo

Wiki on

That’s really great loved it.

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