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Hi everyone! You are in for a mega treat today, so grab another cup of coffee, get those Pinterest fingers ready for some a serious workout and sit back and enjoy! When I discovered this architectural firm, Andrew Skurman Architects,  a few years ago I  was admittedly,  totally smitten. Their body of work is just amaizng with a capital A. So much so that we briefly thought of hiring them for our own house but decided to go with a NY based architect whose work we also were a huge fan of and just logistically having a local architect made sense on many levels. 
Andrew Skurman Associates however is a pretty “rock my world'” kind of a firm and I think you would be hard pressed to find someone who is not totally in love with their work. They specialize in all the classical architectural traditions of French, Georgian, Neoclassical, Mediterranean, and country homes. There work is widespread and has graced countless magazine covers and pages.  Andrew Skurman opened his namesake firm in 1992 and is based in San Francisco. They are full service, meaning they start a project from the ground up all the way to the finishing of the interiors.  So today, no narrative, I will allow the pictures to do all the talking…enjoy the show!! I know Pinterest is going to be a busy place today! 



Now pick your jaw up off the floor and tell me what you think about this uber talented architect! Pretty mind blowing wouldn’t you say. I am amazed at how well versed they are in all disciplines, from the most formal French manor house to the lakeside Italian villa to a country clapboard home…..they are all done so well. I love the fact that you can see the details are their signature, and we all know its the details that “make it”. So tell me, have a favorite? Wishing you a fabulous Thursday!
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Leslie on

Oh my! These are just unbelievable. What a talented firm. i am not familiar with them but happy to know of them and can see why you were so taken with their work. I am drooling over so many. Great post. Back to reality..haha, Going to go enter the contest now.

Stacy Curran on

Wow, those photos could be of your house! IF ever an architect creamed “Tina” in style, this would be it! I loved everything 🙂

Luciane at on

Whoa! This is the kind of architecture I can look over and over again. There’s so much to see, learn and dream about. I love their style.

Wishing you a great day, my friend.


Luciane at

Charulie on

WOW!!! The details are truly amazing. Thanks for sharing this beauty.

michelle hill on

I lost my long post..don’t you hate that?! Suffice it to say LOVELY! I am better for knowing this beauty exists, I needed beauty today. I am very very far away from any semblance of home. While I know the firm is west coast based, the exteriors have a decidedly New England vibe and has me homesick for my beautiful Caumsette park where I live. Thank you again.

Katie Clooney on

Be still my heart! I just went through them for a third time. All are beyond gorgeous but the one that sticks out to me is the dining room with the punch of orange. Thanks for sharing these. A great way to start my day!

Sophia Home on

Fabulous inspiration for my Thursday!! Just gorgeous…..thank you Tina.


Anonymous on

You are not kidding! My Pinterest board will be overflowing with all these images under “my dream house” board. I am familiar with this architect, because my nephew interned there about six years ago and has since gone on to work back on the east coast (his home) for another well regarded architectural firtm. So he learned from the best and yes AK’s work is bar none.

Your home would fit well into his body of work. These are just breathtaking. I love how even though they are new, they dont’ scream new construction, built for the ages, the hallmark of a accomplished architect. I love that don’t see a chevron rug, pair of antlers, Greek key motif in sight.

Not that those don’t occasionally look great, but I am so sick of every magazine I open featuring the same kind of room, it is getting so old. Bring back fine grand architecture and decor. This whole new eclectic, nothing matches look is just ridiculous. One look at the latest House Beautiful will speak to this, I will never buy that magazine again just based on the last waste of an issue.
I am venting- sorry Tina.

Just my way to saying I love coming here because you appreciate, recognize and understand true classical architecture and decor.

Lil on

“I love that don’t see a chevron rug, pair of antlers, Greek key motif in sight.” Agreed! It’s both a visual pleasure and relief.

The Preppy Princess on

Tina, those are some stunning images, my word! I wasn’t familiar with the firm, but am probably going to spend a little time grazing Google images! Thank you for sharing some of their amazing work!

Sending you a smile,

Splendid Market on

What a variety! That outdoor rotunda with the fireplace is a show stopper, wouldn’t you love to cozy up there with a roaring fire, friends, food and champagne during a storm? The house on the lake is stunning, I am guessing Italy?

I would love to try that translucent powder.

Anonymous on

Tina, Anyone else saying that the images aren’t appearing from your blog? When it comes through as an email and also when I open in a browser? Sooooo bummed…

Nancy @ Nancy's Daily Dish on

All I can say is my index finger needs a day of rest between workouts!

STUNNING, Tina! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous on

Lookout Pinterest! Here I come with latest from The Enchanted Home!!! Thank you Tina, for sharing all these drool worthy photos. We can all dream, cant’ we? Carol P.

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns on

Tina, you were not kidding whe you said there work was amazing! I loved every house! Thanks for sharing all of these fabulous photos, I am off to search for more.

Have a wonderful day, Elizabeth

mwaxter on

Tina such beautiful timeless interiors. Yes I can see why you were smitten indeed! One beautiful home after another. A name worth remembering. I think they might do work near Napa, my parents own a home there and I am nearly certain this name has a big presence in that area. Wonderful!

Carolyn on

Tina, what a post. I am salivating over this. This almost makes me want to build again! I did love the process but must say the three years it took, took a toll on me, and I feel like I am still recovering, but a great architect can make it all worth it and I am happy to say we loved ours.

Skurman Architects is clearly at the top of their field and this is a very impressive portfolio of their work. They certainly have done each style to perfection. I do love that first home, it is very similar to what we built here outside of Boston.

So lovely. Thank you.

Anonymous on

YES!! YES!!! YES!!! You ABSOLUTELY nailed it with this post. I too have been a HUGE fan of Andrew Skurman over the years..I even have his site bookmarked!! What I love about their work, is that it’s timeless, classical elegance(in a word)..NO MATTER what architectural style they’re working on, the attention to detail is ALWAYS present!! I dream of having a house done by this firm one day, because I know it would be a treasure past from generation to generation!!!

carolyn bradford on

Well, you weren’t kidding about the Pinterest thing! I will be pinning all night! I didn’t do one bit of pinning or blogging or anything at the beach! Just eating, drinking and being merry! And it was LOTS of fun! But so is this and I’m so glad I saw this fabulous post! I need to get on the ball and research some of these fabulous designers and architects! I think I have one up my sleeve but you never know…I could so see someone beating me to it at the rate I am going! Anyway, this was incredible!!! I often think I should’ve lived on the east coast all of my life! Or the west…I sure do love that architecture as well! No matter…it’s all fabulous and definitely something to learn from! Thanks for sharing this! When are you coming down south, by the way? We could certainly use you down here!

serena@FarmHouseUrban on

As I was scrolling through this amazing collection of interiors, I started getting deja vu… Then I realized that I’ve been to one of these homes! The columned loggia, the round marble table facing the fountain and the yellow living room are all from the same house – about 4 blocks from mine! Such beautiful hi-res photos!


Pamela on

Just beautiful Tina!!

The Pink Pagoda on

Wow, Tina, just soooo much beauty here! I could gaze upon these images all day long — what talent!!

Jonathan x on

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Mel@Georgica POnd on

I look at these gorgeous houses and wish I had painted ours white! Stunning work, thank you for the introduction.

Kamlesh Pardasani on

this blog posting is amazing posted and picture is so so beautiful to picture is really like.thanks for all information and posting. thanks again….
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Chic Coastal Living on

Every image here today is exquisite! Love the outdoor rooms! Have a great weekend Tina!

Ren?e Finberg on

i need the KILLER COVER….
heading over to facebook,

as for your post – gorgeous


Lisa on

Tina, wow this is something else! I am a big fan of great and classic architecture and you are right, this is absolutely off the charts. I wonder if they have a book? My husband collects books on architecture and I am sure he knows of them. These homes have me drooling! Thanks so much for featuring such a talented firm.
Hope you have a lovely weekend.

Sandy at You May Be Wandering on

Just stunning, Tina…I love his use of arches everywhere. Have a wonderful weekend! xoxoxo

Kathysue on

Absolutely breathtaking! I had to pin a few of the images!! So fun to see this and to be introduced to this amazingly talented Architectural firm. fun post,
Happy weekend, hope a little bit of Spring is coming your way!
xo Kathysue

Lil on

Wow. Gorgeous. Everything would taste better in that beautifully painted dining room with the coral curtains.

Steven Trull on

Thank you, Tina, for your kind, generous, and enthusiastic review of our work. We have linked your post to our Andrew Skurman Architects facebook wall. We hope that the people who visit us there take the opportunity to visit you–and the great things you are doing–here. If you are interested in learning more about the kinds of work we do, please visit our houzz page. There you will find even more photographs of the houses we have designed. Thanks again so much!

Our houzz page:

Loi Thai, Tone on Tone on

Hi, Tina!! Mind blowing, indeed!!! What an impressive portfolio. Thank you for this lavish post on Andrew Skurman Architects. And I’m checking out that houzz link posted by Steven Trull next!
Cheers from DC,

M.A. the 2nd ~ Frances Russell on

Tina … my jaw is still on the floor!! OMG! I did go and get another coffee but I still didn’t have time to take it all in yesterday so I had to wait until today to comment because it is Saturday here and Georgie’s horseriding was cancelled so I have time to blog. What an incredibly talented firm … exquisite work with attention to detail. I am a huge fan of classical architecture and interiors and this was a huge treat!
have a lovely weekend
best wishes

Sharon (Roses and Rust) on

Such fantastic attention to detail – clearly a master at work. That circular staircase is magnificent and the lakeside villa sent me off into a wonderful daydream! X Sharon

Jennifer @ Belclaire House on

Finally catching up on my blog reading! Wow! So fabulous! Definitely bookmarking this.

Brent Hull, Hull Historical on

Incredible collection of photos, thanks for sharing! Our company, Hull Historical, was honored to work with Andrew Skurman Architects a few years ago to design and create the moldings in the Greek Revival home you have pictured with the blue walls. They have an impressive breadth of work and undoubtedly create timeless homes that will last for generations.

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