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This post was found in my draft box (not the first time). With all these beautiful posts so worth sharing, it would have been tragic for this to not post, which worked out like a charm given that I did not have ample time to prepare my late musings post for this week…….so enjoy!

Here is the lucky winner for the wonderful Judith August set. Congrats goes to…..

Those vanity jars are to die for! I know I cannot afford them, though. Lots of lovely things here. I am excited to learn about Judith August; I had not known about her products before. I would love to win the Killer Cover Kit but I also really like the Everything Pencils and the August Minerals Finishing Powder Translucent. Thanks for pointing the way to her site!


Congratulations! Please contact me here to give me your shipping details so this can be on its way!?

I will have much more to say towards the end of the week but I am going to be traveling for the next four days so this is going to have to suffice! A few things, two hot hot items that sold out almost immediately are finally back in stock! I got the beautiful flower bowl back in stock (limited quantities) for those of you who were waiting, click here to see on online store.

Also was lucky enough to get my hands on another 6 of this bag, that sold out literally within hours!! (they will be to me by Wed)? I LOVE this bag!! Click here to see it at my online store.

And if spring ever decides to come this way, this is the first bag I will be using!

?I was trying to get my late musings post finished in time but alas this week has not allowed for much extra time and I am going to be away for the next four days so this was the perfect post, and besides its? high time for another round of “posts to ponder”. I like to every now and then share with you some posts that for one reason or another really resonated with me and were designated as “keepers”.? I also like to add one of my own that I really liked putting together. I have soooo many more so this is a smidgeon and you can be sure I will share more again in the future! Its always fun to look back on posts that caught my eye for one reason or another, and always wonderful to give recognition to the talented bloggers who put this together.

Well suffice to say, each of these is absolutely worth a look (and a second and third one in my opinion). It could take years I kid you not to go through all the blogs and posts, so consider this the express lane on a super highway to get straight to the top and to ?some of the best! Hope you will visit them and let them know if you feel the same way by leaving a comment to say hi and let them know if you enjoyed their post…its always wonderful validation for us bloggers to hear from our readers. So grab a cup of coffee, sit back relax and enjoy!!

BELLE VIVIR….be forewarned you will want to head to Rome after seeing this lovely post!

SLIM PALEY…and sorry but this will have you yearning to head in another direction, to picturesque Newport!
THE FRENCH TANGERINE….love this inspiration and gorgeousness from Mary Louise Drysdale!
PARTY RESOURCES…if this doesnt’ get you dreaming of plans for an outdoor picnic, don’t know what will!

ACQUIRED OBJECTS…Think this is every man’s “dream birthday”!
HELLO LOVELY….this is what a posh girls weekend looks like when you throw 3 gorgeous ladies into the mix!
SAVOR HOME…..Fruit crostada? How good does this look!!
PRIVET AND HOLLY…YOU must take out two minutes to read this, I PROMISE you will be glad you did.
VINTAGE MULBERRY….A fabulous post on uber talented designer, Dan Carithers (one of my faves)
BRUNCH AT SAKS….how spectacular is this ladies lunch!
PINE CONES AND ACORNS….Never have I wanted to escape to a charming rustic remote cabin, as much as I did after reading this……gotta find me some family in the midwest!
THE ENCHANTED HOME….tantilizing table settings! Makes me want to have a party!
SPLENDID SASS….Stunning hallways, if you missed it, you must see all this hallway fabulousness!

MARCUS DESIGN…Spring forward, this is sooo beautiful!
BOTTOM OF THE IRONING BASKET…This has me dreaming of opening up my own little shop!
INTERIOR DESIGN MUSINGS…Don’t you just love a great before and after? This one rocks!
HOMEBUNCH….fabulous mostly coastal inspired interior design ideas!
STONE GABLE…No one knows how to throw a shower quite like Yvonne!
HOME IS WHERE THE BOAT IS….talk about boating in style!
ALEXANDRACOOKS….This is just simply gorgeous and an excellent tutorial!
DESIGN CHIC….I am crazy for boxwood and this posts just reinforced the love.
CASTLES, CROWNS AND COTTAGES…absolutely stunning post, “I am my mothers daughter”
CLASSIC CASUAL HOME….Never seen a prettier bridal shower, and its in blue and white to boot!
OK blame it on me if you are feeling like something sweet, want to redo your entire yard, give your house a complete makeover, throw a dinner party for 24 , plan an outdoor? picnic or want to take an extravagant trip! That is the idea behind a post…….to inspire and share the beauty and wisdom.? I hope you will visit them, truly they are all spectacular, I have a lot more to share in my next Posts to Ponder, and I feel that when something is great, it never gets old…hence why I really enjoy going back on old posts and sharing them with you.
Enjoy and happy reading! Thanks for stopping in, be back at the end of the week!

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