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Hi there. Hope you had  a good week.  The sun is shining and at last spring has sprung! Sure hope that’s the case where you are! This is not one of my really long posts but I wanted to pop in to say hello, and announce a winner of the darling wicker spreaders. First off, congratulations goes to-



How exciting Tina – it looks so cozy and inviting. Congratulation! BTW – I LOVE the blue glasses!! love the pattern and the color.

Emily @ TownAndCountryShuffle

Please contact me here to give me your shipping details

My little party last Sat. (well not so little it was nearly 100 people)  turned out beautifully especially thanks to the glorious weather. I could not have custom ordered more picture perfect weather, seriously it was incredible! I had a photographer here and have a few of his pictures here and a little  peek of what I took with my iPhone (I got so caught up in getting everything together that I eventually had to put my phone down and get busy)!

I finished with my planters, added white flowers (big fan of white flowers against green). The only planters not staying are the big square ones in the back, not my thing and I am not a huge fan of that style tree in it, but until they get picked up, here they stay and they kind of “blend” anyway so it is fine for now……

(This was before I got my furniture, got the furniture in a few days later…just as well)

Food arriving…..

And a few pics from the photographer as things were getting set up……

Are you a shoe girl? I love shoes and have a a closet to prove it but must admit comfort trumps everything…so I have stayed true to my love of flats, and am a big Jack Rogers fan. I just ordered the new Georgica sandal which I think is so chic (and comfortable), it looks great in every color! Click here to visit good ol’ Jack.

Thinking of ordering these pillows from Frontgate (Sunbrella material) for my loggia…..

Here’s the loggia as a reminder with my new furniture which I am crazy about,  if you missed my whole post on the loggia unveiling, click here.

Shop news….. Just added this gorgeous new planter to my statuary line. It comes with or without the pedestal. I just ordered both and cannot wait to get them! This line is one of my favorites. I have ordered many planters and statuary pieces for people that had certain size requests. The line is very extensive and truly fabulous! If you are looking for a specific size, let me know.

And got this new style candle from the beautiful crystal urn gardenia candle line say hello Lacey….isn’t she pretty! The smell is intoxicating, definitely my favorite candles in the whole world!! One of the great things about these candles is that they are poured into these lead crystal containers that when empty are wonderful decorative objects that can be filled with candies or you can send back for a refill! (this will up on my online store by Sunday)

Click here to visit my shop…..

So what are you up to this weekend? We are going to a birthday party for a friend tonight, I will be spending the day tomorrow helping my son finish up a 12 page paper he has been working on for weeks and we are having a few family members over for a casual dinner. Hope whatever you are up to is wonderful and relaxing! Thanks for stopping in and wishing you a wonderful weekend!

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Sandy at You May Be Wandering on

Good morning Tina!! Your house looked lovely as always getting ready for the big party last weekend! We are off to Providence this morning to visit our son for a pre-finals encouragement lunch…I can’t believe he will be done with his first year in college in a couple of weeks. Time flies! I hope you have a lovely weekend! xoxo

Chic Coastal Living on

So fun! What was your party for? I wish I was your neighbor so that I could have crashed the party! The sushi looks divine and i could use a glass of champagne right now or maybe later since it’s only 8:43 AM…Everything looks beautiful my dear! XO

Anonymous on

Tina pictures of your incredible home could never get old. That loggia is something else, I think I would invent reasons to have a party if I had such a space. Love the pillows, they would be perfect for your setting.
Beautiful new planter and candle, always love to see whats new and hot at the Enchanted Home. Have a great weekend, here we are getting to almost 80!

Karen Albert on

Hi Tina I can never get enough photos of your home. Everything is perfect for entertaining! The selection of blue and white pillows will be perfect! Your taste in new finds for the boutique is equisite!

Art by Karena

Maureen on

Perfecto! Would love to have been a fly on the wall of that party! The food looks amazing along with the floral arrangements!

Katie Clooney on

Tina… What a gorgeous party. All I can say is that your guests are pretty darn lucky! Love all your beautiful white flowers. The new outdoor furniture is STUNNING! Not only is it great looking, it also looks pretty comfortable. I’m with you about Jack Rogers… just love them. Have a wonderful weekend!

emily on

Good morning Tina and Thank you! I’m in shock. Are you sure I won? This is a first for me.

I’m glad you’re enjoying the beautiful weather we are having in NY. I am getting ready to go for a walk in Central Park around the reservoir.

Enjoy your weekend and thanks again!

Emily @ Town And Country Shuffle

Debra Phillips on

sandals and flowers? ny must have really warmed up, lucky you for the party!

ok, i am salivating over here tina, that loggia, your party arrangements of flowers and food……delish. also, you have my favorite outdoor containers; the french boxes and in the perfect color. for some reason that is the color of choice all over england and it is completely charming.
i can see where the style of the 2 big containers does not match but you might consider replacing them with something else that size, the scale is perfect. large entryways are lovely with large containers and that image is absolutely breath taking

Leslie on

Tina, I JUST ordered a pair of Jack Rogers.. they should be here soon. It’s the first time I’ve ordered them so hopefully they will fit and be comfy. Love the pillows from Frontgate. I’ve ordered from them in the past and have always liked the quality and the prices are good.

100 people?! I would have been a little stressed preparing for a crowd that large. Looks like you had everything under control:) and your platters of food look delicious.

Hopefully your weekend will be warm and sunny. We had a couple nice days and I was able to get outside to work on my urns. Unfortunately our weekend weather is looking cloudy and they are predicting a little rain..


Lisa on

Love the pillows for your beautiful loggia! The party preparations and your front door urns are just amazing, I can see you are quite a hostess, what lucky guests (and hope your son appreciated all your hard work, most people could not handle 100 people, myself included)!

Always love a chance to see your beautiful home. Beautiful new items too. Enjoy the sun, Tina.

Castles Crowns and Cottages on

WOW WOW WOW…Tina, THIS IS GLORIOUS on this sunny and warm day! I just came in from working out in my front garden and I am so happy to come to sit and have some ICE CREAM (yes, it is that warm here, finally!) and to see your loggia and the new furniture. Your entrance way is my DREAM with the white flowers and the stone entrance. LOVE IT ALL my dear. I hope you got my email to thank you for the wonderful give-away prize. I just adore the soaps and the quality and monogram is outstanding. Much love! Anita

Gail Peterson on

Beautiful Tina… I love the square planters in front! I think they would be gorgeous with a dwarf lemon or tangerine tree! Not sure if you can have those in your climate though…
I sincerely believe your home deserves a layout in Architectural Digest!
Anything else wouldn’t do it justice…
Happy Spring!

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns on


Hello and good afternoon! I hope you have a great time at the birthday party!

Your party looked fabulous, great food, friends, and of course your beautiful home.

As for the pillows, I love all of them! I think they would all look beautiful.

Enjoy the weekend, Elizabeth

Katherine on

You should leave the big planters in the front with the others. The house is grand and the planters and plantings inside them need to be stately as well. It gives a nice balance to the front entrance.

Taylor Greenwalt on

Hi Tina….the flowers look beautiful and I love the selection of pillows for your loggia. I’m looking forward to the warmer weather and buying some of those cute sandals. I should be back to posting next week……

The Tablescaper on

I bet this was an awesome party.

– The Tablescaper

Susie on

What a treat to start my Saturday with your blog! Everything takes my breath away!


Privet and Holly on

I can just imagine how
lovely an evening at your
home would be; the warmest
and most welcoming hostess
in town! They say love is in
the details, and it looks like
you thought of every beautiful
one : )

Friday was a casual dinner out,
last night my hubby and I went
to our school’s annual gala at a
hotel and today everyone but me
is sleeping in and looking forward
to spending time outside. This time
last week our high was 39 and we
had snow on the ground… the
snow is gone and it is going to be 80!

Hope you have a relaxing Sunday.

xo Suzanne

vicki archer on

Glad that the party was a huge success Tina… Your home was dressed beautifully as always… I am sure you looked gorgeous too… 🙂
Enjoy your Sunday… xv

pretty pink tulips on

The party and the house look amazing!! I know you must be party central for all of your friends!!

Love Jack Rogers and need to channel my inner Jackie and get a fresh pair!

Hope you are enjoying the gorgeous weather that finally came our way!
xoxo Elizabeth

Splendid Willow on

A lot of weeding over here! The garden has been neglected for many rainy months. But I wish I could have put on something fancy and join your fab party instead! Looking so good Ms. Tina!

I have a serious crush on those square wooden planters. And I spy many, lovely new items in your store. Always fun to see!

Tomorrow is a new week. I feel it is going to be a good one.

oxox, Mon

Stacy Gordon on

You’ve got a lovely lovely house Tina! This is my first time on your blog and I so love it already. Planning to stop by more often…keep those great ideas coming!

sell my house fast

Traffic on

While I also like the jack Russell sandals, I do not think you can beatyellow box sandals.

Jenny on

This is an aritlce that makes you think “never thought of that!”

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