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Good morning! Hope you have enjoyed my series, Bloggers Beautiful Abodes…I know I have so enjoyed getting to see all my talented blogging friend’s gorgeous homes and learning what goes on during their own creative processes. I have walked away with a wealth of knowledge so thanks again ladies! ? I had many requests for me to do one so here I am. Figured it would be a fun way to close out this series. So….I will spare you a sappy introduction and delve right in, ready? Let’s go…….

1. How long have you been in your present home?? Is this it for the long haul? Anything you would care to change if you could?? ?

Just a little over a year, hard to believe! And though I like to take things day by day and not think too far into the future,? I think we will be here for a long time….would love to have an engagement or wedding here! (not that I am putting any pressure on my oldest son- he has plenty of time). At this point honestly no there is nothing I would change, we are still very much in the “honeymoon stage”.

2. If you could only live in two rooms of your house, which two would they be?

Don’ t have to think about this too hard…..the kitchen and now my loggia, since we just added the furniture, I can’t seem to stay away from it! My kitchen….. I just love and to me, its the heart of virtually every home, people love gathering in the kitchen, I get such enjoyment from cooking and entertaining and I think I could easily live in these two rooms alone! (have taken a nap on the loggia and it worked for me,? doubled as a makeshift bedroom:)

Still haven’t gotten my new stools…just visualize:)

And the loggia….

3. How would you describe your decorating style??

?Traditional, old world, European (specifically French) inspired.

4. Do you have a favorite color scheme? What is it?

Well its no surprise to many I am sure, but? I do love my blue and white, think that’s quite obvious. Love off white, and warm tans with blues. It is important for my environment to feel soothing, relaxing and serene. I think that palette works in almost any home, is easy to coordinate with other colors if you want to bring more in and it’s very soothing and calming and absolutely timeless!

5. Favorite room of your house and why?

Lately my loggia! I think I could live there:) But I also? love my bathroom, love taking bubble baths, closing the door while the chaos ensues beyond my closed doors……..


6. Best two tips you can give to anyone looking to tackle the decorating of their own home? Best two things to NOT do?

Yes! Take your time (I practice what I preach, only have one really truly “done”! Go with your instincts and with what you love. Trust your inner voice. If it is telling you yes or no, listen! Don’t be a trend follower, IF it just so happens its a look you are crazy about and it works, then so be it but don’t fall victim to a trend because you are being told it’s “in”. Chances are you will fall out of love with it well before it’s no longer a trend. Timeless classics are always a great idea!

When choosing paint ALWAYS paint a test swatch. You never know how a color will look in your room. It is amazing to me how different the same paint can look in two different rooms. Last,? invest in the best pieces you can, even if it means having only a few good things vs. a room filled with “stuff”. Quality pays off in the long run.

If I may add one more quickie…there’s no room a blue ginger jar cannot enhance! And I truly mean it, they just look great EVERYWHERE!


7. What do you think are the most important features for a kitchen?

Definitely an island (if the space allows for it), and if you can load it up with as much storage as possible, even better. At least two huge deep pot drawers, I love mine. A big roomy sink, for those big oversized pots, buckets and watering flowers. Windows! Good light is so important to a kitchen, if you are starting from scratch stand in your kitchen and see what kind of light you get in those hours you know you will be there a lot.?

Storage is key, and if you don’t have built in storage, then you can get small wicker baskets and store them inside cabinets, they work beautifully for organization. ?

? I like unique little containers for storage…like these beautiful brass ones I am about to start carrying, wonderful for my olive oils and spices…..

I love the wooden dividers we had our cabinet maker put in nearly all of the kitchen drawers…..

8. How do you like to dress up a cocktail table and console in a living room?

Definitely adding flowers (change often with the seasons) , an orchid always works. I also like stacks of pretty coffee table books, a small crystal object or bowl. I normally have a candle or two and on? occasion a small frame. Ginger jars or a blue and white tureen ALWAYS works.? I like to experiment and “change things up”.

9. Any advice on the subject of lighting?

Yes, am a huge fan of lamps and sconces. We put high hats in some of rooms to have the extra lighting if we ever needed it but truth be told, with the exception of the kitchen and my boys rooms, I can count on my left hand how many times we have turned them on. We always turn on the lamps, sconces and chandeliers (way more flattering too)! Dimmers are a great idea to control the mood, love gas lanterns for outside.

10. Have a favorite paint color? Do tell!

This is boring, but Linen White from Benjamin Moore has gotten us through many a paint dilemma. It’s a creamy white, very neutral and just works. There’s a reason its so popular! When it feels too yellow, we cut it with one part white Dove and its a toned down version. Its a great staple color.

11. What are a couple of really simple inexpensive things you can do in your home to make it feel “homey” and inviting?

For sure, flowers and candles to start! Even getting a bouquet from your local market and putting them in a vase somewhere you spend a lot of time. Lighting a candle or two whose scent you love, nothing is as wonderful as walking into a home that smells good!?

Make a powder room feel special and dress up the vanity or whatever shelving you have with special touches like a beautiful candle, pretty soaps, elegant finger towels, these little touches really add a touch of elegance.? I think starting at the front door, a beautiful welcome mat and pretty planters planted with some kind of greenery and flowers makes a wonderful first impression to not only you but your visitors.

12. Fill in the blank- If money was no object, the very first thing I would buy for my home would be………….

This was easy! A beautiful? conservatory. I am dying for one! It would double as my greenhouse, office and secret playhouse (where I might even keep a daybed) lol.

So there you have it. Thanks for stopping in and paying me a visit. Hope you enjoyed the series, I certainly did and will hopefully bring it back again in the future. Wishing you a wonderful Monday and a fabulous start to the week! Hope the sun is shining wherever you are:)

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Kerry on

Where did you buy that beautiful blue and white rug in your living room? I am looking for something very similar for my blue and white living room. Thanks!

Gillian Jenkins on

As I love interior design, I was mesmerised by the beautiful rooms and furnishings. A lot of thought went into the design, choice of furniture and colour scheme. I shall take certain aspects and hopefully include in my home. One of the best I have seen for a long time. Keep up the good work and enjoy.

Rod Winterrowd on

Where is this extraordinary home? Who was the architect? Feels like an old world turn of the century estate. ?thx

caron gibbons on

Beautiful home…truly enchanting! Where is it located?

Helen Fischer on

Your home is inviting and lovely!
I would love a Conservatory!
You’ve inspired me!
Thank you

Happy Thanksgiving!

Geraldine on

Love your ideas very similar to mine thank you for sharing

Rossella d'Angelo on

Wondewrful! This is the house of my dreams!! I love all of these rooms. To stay even one day in this house is an unforgettable experience! Where is located?

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