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Hi there, can’t believe it’s already Wednesday! How is your week going? I am a little under the weather, and fighting either a virus or bad allergies, allergies are bad around here. Today’s post is one that warrants taking a little “break” from whatever you are doing. Trust me on this πŸ™‚ The first time I spotted a room done by Scott Snyder, I knew we were meant to be friends (at least virtually for now). Well, he just doesn’t know it yet:) This is one talented man, I cannot tell you how many times I have been mesmerized by a room and sure enough when I look for the designers name..there it is, Scott once again!

Based in NYC and Palm Beach and established in 1984, his work takes him literally all over the globe, it is no surprise given his limitless talent, he travels the world in pursuit of creating incredible one of a kind interiors. Those kinds of rooms that hold your eye for a long time just so you can take in each delicious detail. So today I pay homage to the brilliant work of Scott Snyder. Ready? Feast your eyes on this…..

Forewarning! This post has the potential to induce serious heart palpitations, pace yourself people!?

Still breathing….deep breaths, deep breaths, drool read on………

Amazing, don’t you think? What do you think of Scott’s work? I think he has enough talent for an entire small planet. He just “gets it” and I love that he obviously has a real love for chinoiserie, blue and white porcelain and Asian art. Then you throw in his clear love of flowers specifically orchids, love for blue and ample use of? velvet…and we are kindred spirits indeed!

It is to surprise at all that he was named one of Architectural Digest’s top 100 designers. Scott, you are incredible at what you do and this was a true visual feast for every one of my senses. Guess what! Scott, as I just discovered, has a blog…click here to visit him. ? Hope you enjoyed this and thanks as always for stopping in!

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stephen Thornton on

Great Design!, Thx.

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