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Hello, can’t believe it’s Friday. Having been away for part of the week, it really feels like it flew! Hope you are well and have had a good week. I will be out of town today but will hopefully be back with a post on Sunday, if not for sure Monday. Wishing you a fabulous spring weekend, let’s get started…….

My house. Everything is in bloom around here and I am loving it! The azaleas are magnificent in all their vivid pinks and reds, normally I am a “white flower” kind of gal but have to say I make an exception for these beauties…against the backdrop of the lush greenery coming into bloom, everything looks so pretty. I forgot just how beautiful spring is, have a look……..

This is my favorite spot on our property, an old pond/fountain (no longer in use) but we are restoring it. We kept the landscape just as it’s always been, mature and very lush…it truly feels like a little enchanted garden, and there is the original birdbath which we also kept in the same place, its a very special serene place……

The little “trail” that leads up to the house………..

Great food. You can always count on me to come up with something good on this subject! If I wasn’t on a diet, this is what I would be attempting to make, how good does this look!!!!!!!! Visit the Greedy Gourmand here to get the lowdown on how to  make it……it’s as pretty as delicious I am sure!

The Mayflower Inn and Spa. Just in case you missed my post/review on my recent stay at this incredible place, you must visit the post, click here.

Artwork. I had sweet Jeanne of I dream of make up my logo, she is a very talented artist and she did a spectacular job. I had shared the completed work here last year but just recently got the original art and it is just so beautiful. Jeanne  had to take some time off due to a relative’s illness but hopefully she will be back in blogland soon, I know her presence has been missed greatly. I am so happy to have this beautiful artwork as a keepsake of her amazing talent.  Thanks again Jeanne!

Crests. I have such a “thing” for them….am always drawn to them. Was in an antique shop a few weeks ago in CT. and spotted this spectacular set of antique prints beautifully framed, so excited!! I needed to do a minor repair on them and they are back and ready to be hung! There are so many places I could put these……

Shop news. I am adding a bunch of new wonderful Staffordshire doggies to my shop. Dogs remain super popular and are just a wonderful decorative motif for virtually any kind of home. Some of these are bigger than some of my current ones and then I am adding some fabulous colors like orange, pink and red in the minis! Aren’t they beautiful! These will up for sale by the weekend.

Love this family of dogs……wonderful!

Love this family! 7 X 6.5 X 3 
Mini Staffordshires in fun colors, too cute…..

And this larger pair in orange…..
8.6 x 6 x 9
How cute are these (comes with one left and one right facing dog)  8 x 5 x 11 (comes in 2 colorways)

And very excited about a few new exceptionally beautiful additions to the statuary line (I literally want one of everything)…..all of these as of today will be up in my online store! This line is just exceptoinal, and every item is offered in one of 6 finishes…the white moss (shown) being the most popular.

Adore this dog holding the basket of flowers, perfect for flanking a front door or on a patio 9 x 16 x 24
And this stunning planter shown on the garland pedestal, also both now listed (I have ordered this identical pair for myself)…….
And how beautiful is this for a garden, a trio of cherubs….love it!   19 x 19 x 23

And this beautiful  shell urn finial atop something or placed on the ground as a pair, very elegant, 8 x10 x 15

And this beautiful oversized acorn finial, beautiful atop something or as a pair by a door…14 x 14 x 29 (also comes in one size smaller)……..

22 x 7 x 30 Beautiful crest frieze

Cromel overdoor frieze…love this!! 32 x 18 x 4

So there you have it! That’s what new and exciting over here. What’s going on in your world? Do you have spring fever yet?  Hope the sun is shining over where you are and wishing you a wonderful day and end to your week. Be back soon……have a great weekend!

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Mary Ann at classic?casual?home on

Oh your garden is magnificent!!!! I mentioned the copper in your kitchen in my post today. Have a great weekend!

stella on

Yes, magnificent!this is the word jump into my mind when I saw the garden.

Belle on Heels on

As a coach’s wife, my favorite thing about this is the lacrosse goal next to the fountain. Love it!!

emily on

Hi Tina ~ Your home and garden looks amazing! Enjoy your weekend.

Emily @ Town And Country Shuffle

Andrea on

Your property is gorgeous! We aren’t quite in full bloom here, but it should be soon. Oh, and that fig pizza? Yummmm!

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns on

Tina everything looks beautiful on the property. I love the little pond and the birdbath too. Spring has come and gone here and we are moving into the heat of summer. But the blooms looked beautiful while they were out.

I hope you have a great weekend!


Anonymous on

So pretty! I love the property and all the new items are to die for πŸ™‚ the fig pizza isn’t too bad either !

Have a good day Tina

Sandy at You May Be Wandering on

Happy Friday Tina!! Your home looks so beautiful with the Spring flowers in bloom. I really love that you built your dream home on a large piece of property with mature plantings. Around here it seems that so many people build homes on the magnitude of yours but they take down all the trees and landscaping and build these huge houses on postage stamps. An estate needs LAND! Sorry for the rant but it’s been bothering me driving around town and then I saw your gorgeous home and property – you did it right!!

The pizza looks delicious…and I love the art work by Jeanne. Next time you are in Connecticut “antiquing” let me know and I will meet you for lunch!!

Have a great weekend! xoxo

Castles Crowns and Cottages on

My dear Tina! I have been at the computer since 4:00am enjoying our France link party! I am finally “home” for a while to come to your neck of the woods to enjoy a familiar site: AZALEAS. Like you, I am a white flower gal with a backdrop of lush greens, but the way the azaleas grow in your region is matchless. Out here in Minneapolis, the lovely lemon and mandarin lights are iffy, not always being able to withstand our famous -40 winters. But our hardy violet colored ones are finally in bloom.

I am LOVING those over the door freizes! I hope to capture some decent photos of my home and garden and share them after our France party…so you can see more of my little château.


Castles Crowns and Cottages on

OH! Have you heard about Shirataki noodles? THEY ARE CALORIELESS! They taste pretty great with marinara sauce and herbs. They’re made of some kind of yam root from Japan, so I thought I’d mention it so you can try making a pasta salad without all the carb calories!

Kathysue on

Tina, I can only imagine walking around the grounds surrounding your beautiful home. It is picturesque, absolutely breathtaking!!
Have a fun weekend wherever you are!!
I finally put up my family room reveal, when you get back come and take a look. I am one happy girl!!
xo Kathysue

sharon smith on

I love your home! What more can I say?
Thank you!


carolyn bradford on

Your yard is so beautiful! There is nothing like the old, timeless landscapes! That was a huge draw to us when we bought our house to re-do! The yard, the large Camellia bushes as well as the Azaleas all helped to make us fall in love! Definitely keep that pond! How fun to re-store it! Love you artwork from Jeanne! I love keeping the originals to anything…I still have them from our first logo for the shop! Have a great weekend!

Mona Thompson on

Tina, I totally regret how little time I have had for blogging…barely any posts or time for visits…so happy that I had time to visit today…Your grounds are exquisite…totally fabulous. You will enjoy your home even more this Spring and Summer…because beautiful landscape makes a home complete…Bravo!

Lost in Provence on

Tina, I was just thinking about Jeanne the other day. Thank you for the push to send her an email. Yes, we all miss her dearly…

And the enchanted garden…my goodness, it made me think of The Secret Garden! So very beautiful…thank you for sharing it!

Castles Crowns and Cottages on

Oh Tina dear! My sweet friend, thank you for hoping on over to see the party site. It was so much fun yesterday, “bumping into” everyone as many of us spent hours perusing the world. Vicki Archer is even in on it! Go to her site for she has left us a beautiful montage of images and book recommendations that I want to dig into; I am literally pleasantly exhausted from yesterday’s romps!

I tell ya, your home is like a château! I won’t be doing another France party again, but I am considering a ENGLAND link party next year.

Loving the grounds of your property,and those green hedges you have planted have really taken off. Enjoy the weekend; I can hear thunder rolling in now so today will be another indoor day to relax. Happy day sweet one, Anita

laney on

…enchanted…indeed…blessings laney

Teresa at Splendid Sass on

I love your gardens, and the garden pool is beautiful. I miss my koi!
Jeanne is such an angel and so talented. I miss her presence in blogland too.
A beautiful post full of beautiful things.

Katie Clooney on

Tina… As always… WOW!!! Your grounds look gorgeous. In my next life I want to come back as Teddy – what fun he must have walking the paths. Can’t wait til you redo the pond – I’m sure it will be breathtaking – just like the rest of your grounds. Love your logo. Great new fabulous things in your shop! Have a great day off.

The French Hutch on

Hi Tina, Your home and gardens are stunning. A very smart decision to leave the mature gardens and I can only imagine how awesome it will be once you finish woking on the pond. I know you were delighted to get your art work of your logo. I wold love to know if your are going to use it somehow in the house. Lovely things in your shop, I’m almost scared to go inside, I know I’ll love everything there. I’m still loving my chargers I ordered from you. Way to pretty to hide away so I have them displayed in my kitchen on the bookshelves.
Happy weekend.

The French Hutch

SizzleandZoom on

You home is Gorgeous-inside and out. I always enjoy your photos of it.

Sarah on

The Enchanted Home ~ what could be a more fitting name? Tina, your property is incredible. I could spend hours walking your lovely garden with it’s beautiful areas. And your home, oh, my! It is magnificent! Thanks for sharing the beauty. Have to say, I’m a white flower girl as well, but for the summer I often add in some color in my front garden.
Wonderful new items added to your shop. I’m off for a look! ~ Sarah

Stacy Curran on

Tina your home literally is better and better with every passing day (or with every post). It is STUPENDOUS. I don’t think I’ve ever used that word before, but it’s so true.

vicki archer on

The azaleas are beautiful Tina… Happy weekend… xv

Mel@Georgica POnd on

TIna, everything is so lush and green, it looks amazing. Hard to believe it was all buried beneath feet of snow only a few months ago. What a change. It is looking so beautiful. You are lucky your garden has so many different faces and personalities, that’s something we don’t really get here in Sydney with such a temperate climate and so much native landscaping. It just looks the same all year around, unless you have European trees around. Your place is such a feast for the senses every season.

Victoria on

Tina everything is so amazing looking. Your gardens should be published, talk about “enchanting”! I love all the new products, great little doggies and planters and the beautiful artwork for your logo. Hope you have a nice Sunday.

Karen Albert on

Tina I loved the opportunity to see your garden and grounds!
The new items in your shop are delightful! The mini Staffordshire’s are precious!

Come with me on my adventure in France.
life, possibilities, grace
a beautiful dream…

Art by Karena

Andrea on

Tina, your truly enchanted home looks like it is straight out of a fairytale!! You must feel like a princess every day! I share your love for crests… my husband’s family name dates back to Ireland in the 1100s, and I’m planning on embroidering some towels and pillows with our family crest.

The Glam Pad

Splendid Willow on

Dear Tina,

I really hope that you spend less time in front of the computer and more time in your stunning gardens! (You know how I prioritize nowadays!!).

Lots of new loveliness in your shop, I can see. (Did you know that I am nutty for acorns? I almost named my blog something with acorn in it). I might need to do some again shopping soon!

Those frames with crests should really be living w. Moi!

Love to you.


H?l?ne Flont ?Fine Art on

Home & gardens, what a great charm!!!! All the details are so exquisite. Bonjour de France Tina.‿ ◕✿

Carolyn on

Tina- so magnificent. You must love walking through those gardens with Teddy by your side.I think that could fast become my favorite spot and a great little “hiding spot”, I love how lush it feels and the azaelas are just beautiful in bloom.

The statuary is beautiful, hard to believe its not real stone!

Fashion-isha on

Wow your gardens are amazing. I’m sure today they got lots of rain! Enjoy your home!

M.A. the 2nd ~ Frances Russell on

Tina your home and garden looks stunning! I think it looks like an Enchanted Garden! I also love crests as well and I think they look fabulous when grouped together. Can’t wait to see where you put them. Have a lovely week!
best wishes
ps maybe you could find more crests for the shop!

Amy Vermillion Interiors on

Your house looks beautiful as always! I can’t wait to see the restored old fountain! I’ve had my eye on that for awhile lol..I so love old stuff!
Jeanne did a lovely job on your design and cards! Hopeyou have a great week,

pretty pink tulips on

So much goodness here!!! Your house looks spectacular. As things grow in, it gets prettier and prettier. I imagine it is like living a dream to wake up there every day! I love the little pond you are going to restore. Heaven!

The Mayflower Inn is such a special place. Grant and I celebrated our 10th anniversary there….such an amazing spa, too!

I have missed Jeanne and keep checking to see if she’s back. Soon, hopefully! The original artwork is stunning and will be a lifelong treasure for you!!!

Happy new week!
xoxo Elizabeth

Debby Steele on

Your grounds are absolutely amazing! Teddy is one lucky pooch!! xo

I Dream Of on

Hi Tina, Thanks so much for the kind words. I’m so glad that your artwork arrived safely and that you are happy with it! I’ve missed all of my friends out in blogland. How lovely to pop in here and to see your home looking so gorgeous. I love your enchanted forest and those azaleas are just stunning. Looking forward to catching up more with what’s been going on in your world. XOXO

Raewyn on

Just when I think your home couldn’t get more ‘enchanting’ nor my eyes ‘greener’! You show us yet another breathtaking angle!! You have worked so hard to get to this stage in your lives it’s such a fitting reward. Congratulations.


OMG…..Your property is stunning…..magical and so lush!

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