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Good morning to you! This weeks Which would you choose post is dedicated to my love of all things from Calypso St. Barths. I love that store, maybe because when I shop there, it means I am in the Hamptons, so it is virtually guaranteed that I am in a wonderful state of mind, but I am pretty sure a lot has to do with the stylish but casual chic vibe that their clothes are all about. Beachy yet sophisticated, comfortable, natural fabrics, easy and breezy…I have lots from them, some of my tops many years old that I still love today as much as the day I bought them! So which Calypso outfit most screams your name? Can’t wait to find out…….




So there you have it..hopefully something for everyone. There is a definite bohemian vibe to their clothes, but they are all so wearable, I love the natural fabrics they use, many hand dyed…all a perfect for light summer cool dressing. A few of these items I own and several of these looks are very “me” so I will as I always do, go first….can’t wait to see your pick!

If you want to see more Calpyso, click here!

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Castles Crowns and Cottages on

OH TINA! Here I am, but there are no photos on your page!

I am running out the door to work, but I will come back later to see what you have shown. Anita

The enchanted home on

This is hard!! #1 for a hostess outfit if I were having a house party, love it! I love #2 for a summer going out on the weekend outfit. And for every day there are many that call my name, 12, 5, 13, 7 and 8! 9 for a cute beach romp…cute enough to wear into a restaurant after a day at the beach. Love them all! You rock Calypso!

Luciane at on

As we both know, you can’t go wrong with blue and white and that goes for clothing too. So, my choice is #14! πŸ™‚ Love that look!

Wishing you a very blessed day, Tina.


Luciane at Home

Robyn on

Oh, gosh, love them all for different occasions. Favourite though is #5.
Just when I`ve convinced myself to lay off of the online shopping for awhile, you`ve lured me back, Tina! Ha!

Tambur McDonald on

#4 and #7 are totally me. Nice selection of cool looks. It is already hot, hot, hot where I live.

Amy on

wow Tina these are all so beautiful, I love this look. Hummm, its a toss up between 1 and 5 and 10.I love them all but these three would be especially welcome in my closet! Going check out their site now.

l carney on

I’m going with #1, #3, #6 .. that should cover it:) This is so fun Tina.. I get tired of wearing work attire and love all these fun clothes!! ..heading to the office:(

Leslie C on

oops! this is from me Tina!


Anonymous on

I love 4!!

doublel on

4 and 12!

jennifer smith on

So many pretty ones! I love 1, 14 and 13 but I would be thrilled to have any. Love Calypso!

Anonymous on

Love these choices. Very hard to choose just one though. I love the dress in #1, and 3 for casual summer days, all white always appeals to me. Looks so light and fresh.

Love your blog!

Anonymous on

Choice 11 is so airy/beautiful/versatile.. ah the enchanting thought of being
there now πŸ™‚

Brittany Ruth on

I like #2 and #5 πŸ™‚

Barbranluvstennis on

One that is finally easy for me….#5 without a single doubt…

Katherine on

For a pant look – number 8, for a casual dress number 16. Both great colours.

Nancy on

2 or 4 either or!

Sara on

Looks 1,5, and 13!

Anonymous on

Hi Tina, I love 1, 5, 12 and 15. I have a few things from Calypso, they have a store in Greenwich, not sure if you know that, that might be closer for you than the Hamptons though I totally agree that shopping out there brings you to a tranformative state of mind.

Anonymous on

interestingly….none of them…maaaaayybe number 9

Rebecca Pederson Hessey on

There are three that stuck out the most for me: 1, 2, and 10. 2, and 10, I like the colors, and 1 is simple, and looks comfy to wear.

Carolyn on

Love number 1 for a summer party or even a casual wedding, number 2 for a night out and 4, 5 and 8 for every day looks. Being a very tall girl 5’11”, I love that each would look great with flats, very important for me.

Fun post, thank you Tina.

Privet and Holly on

Love #1 and also #5.

I can see why you adore
this store….so fresh and
pretty…..feels like vacation,
for sure!

Happy Tuesday,
xo Suzanne

Victoria on

Numbers 1 and 12 for me, please.
XO, Victoria

The Pink Pagoda on

7 sans hat or 15. LOVE them all!

Karen Albert on

Tina I am loving #1, #2 and #4 and some of the other tunics, not with shorts though!

Art by Karena

Karen Albert on

Oh yes and #12

Art by Karena

Melissa Hebbard on

What gorgeous clothes. There are many I could wear and love but #2 with it’s beautiful turquoise colour and romantic floaty sleeves is my selection for a hot day, and for a cooler one #12. Same lovely colours but a bit more warmth. #14 would also be good. I love some of the dresses but they are way too short or much too long. I have horrible legs so shorts are also out, but I would put #7 over the long pants very happily too.
Lucky you to be able to shop there.

Anonymous on

5 and 9 are totally me

Charulie on

5, 6, or 12.

therelishedroost on

I absolutely love all of these, they are right up my alley!!! ! I would love to have for Bermuda and 4 and 7!
Love them all!!!
xo Karolyn

The Preppy Princess on

Probably #5 or #8, but almost any of the looks will work for me! That turquoise/tealish palette is just so beautiful, I love it.

Sending you a smile!

Anita Cedar Hill Ranch on

I had to delete my previous comment because of a typo. Here is try number 2. Hello, I love ALL of them!!!

KD on

Number 2 is a love, but I’d “settle” for any.

Anonymous on

No 1, running out to get it now!!!

Katie Clooney on

Love them all but I really love #5, #6, and #9. I’m going over to check out their website right now. Thanks for the tip, Tina!

Stacy Curran on

4 or 6. I always give you two answers. My goal is to someday be decisive enough to give you one answer for your poll. That IS a great store!

JustaskLulu on

I love them all…this leisure, tropical, style is wonderful. For myself I Love..four and ten…justforfun

vicki archer on

Number 1 is my choice today Tina… although they are all pretty fabulous… If it doesn’t warm up in Europe soon. these will summer beauties will be a figment of my imagination… xv

peggy braswell on

I choose #1. I adore their shop-they are all divine.

Chic Coastal Living on

ooooohhhh! So many beautiful choices to pick from! Okay I’m going to go with #1! I think it would be a great cover up for a weekend getaway! So Lovely! You have great taste my friend!

designchic on

I love #1 – the perfect beach coverup!

Yvonne @ StoneGable on

So fun Tina! #1 if I had her body! and #4 because it is classy and chic!!! Which ones have you bought?

LittleBird on

I love choice number 5


12 12 12 12 maybe a little 6 but for sure 12��

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