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Hello there, and happy Thursday.? What’s on your agenda for Memorial Day? Hope the weather forecast is going to be a good one. Here, it looks to be fair,? not as warm as it has been earlier in the week, but clear skies except for Saturday, so I am not complaining one bit!

We were due to go away to Newport but now with my sons team in the playoffs and having mandatory practice, that plan may be changing. We have a few backup plans in case so we will see and hopefully will fit in? some downtime just “hanging”.

As with my weekly musings posts, this one is a bit all over and fairly lengthy so lets get started…….

Mr. Teddy wishing you a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend! See him sporting his Amercian flag bandanna…….just got back from a grooming.

Beautiful? pictures from my fellow blue and white loving blog friends!? Julio strikes again, recently posted on his gorgeous back patio for his first dinner party, and it is seriously stunning! Take a look……..loving all that blue and white:) Click here to see more from Beaux Monde Designs.

Speaking of blue and white and gorgeous, check out Mary Ann’s friends dinner party also with beautiful touches of blue and white. Click here to see more from Classic Casual Home……..

Incredible story! Found this story totally inspiring and the pictures spellbinding! Tippi,? a young girl born to French wildlife photographers who has grown up in the African desert claims many of the wildlife to be her best friends, this is totally fascinating and the pictures just incredible! Click here to read/see more.

Gorgeous wedding.…..proof that it really is all in the details and these snippets are so beautiful! This wedding is sooooo chic, beautiful, elegant and tasteful! Click here to see all the details from Let the tide pull your dreams ashore…….

Shoes! Have to get these shoes. I could see these with a beautiful creamy colored dress/sheath or something lacey for the summer….LOVE these! Gorgeous in the baby blue too…..

My house. Just a few random pictures I took recently and I am? loving my newest planter from my statuary line. And check it out with the newly added hydrangea and ivy. Winning combination!

And me newest urn on pedastal….tah dah! (This item is on my line shop now)

Late day sun…my favorite time of day.

Smelling good. I love a soft and light summer scent for the warmer months ahead. I am a big fan of Jo Malone for her beautiful scents and staying power. I recently bought the English pair and freesia and love it, its very soft and perfect for summer!

Food. Yes, by now you know I love this subject and always have to include something yummy in these random posts. These look soooo good and so refreshing for a summer appetizer. I will be making these for sure, visit the Cookin Canuck for the how to…….

Shop news. Some new beautiful additions to silver and the Staffordshire dogs in all their many colors and sizes are now up for those who asked. Click here to visit the shop…….

And to anyone who had wanted this wonderful best selling bag that was sold out, I just got three more…..

Well, everyone that about wraps it up for this week. Hope whatever you are doing for the holiday weekend is wonderful, relaxing and safe. Here the weather is due to get much cooler but after hitting 85 the other day, the 60’s are quite welcome. I don’t need the extremes and certainly not the dreadful humidity! I likely won’t be back during the weekend but will see you on Monday! Happy holiday weekend,? enjoy and thanks as always for stopping in!

PS Per several requests..heres the link to the shoes above! Sorry, forgot to include it when this posted!

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