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Happy Memorial Day…..well guess who didn’t go anywhere? Me! Unfortunately, the first two days of the holiday weekend (when we were supposed to leave) the weather had been horrible, rainy, cold, gray and 50 degrees up until yesterday afternoon. Felt like we were regressing…..until yesterday finally got to see the sun though it was on the cooler side and super windy. Today promises to be the best of the four days…..finally!? We are invited on a friends boat, fingers crossed the weather will allow it to happen and having a BBQ with friends. How about you? Hope the sun is shining where you are…….this is just a “pop in” to say hi and check in. A few random tidbits, so let me get started!

Memorial Day. It is of course alot of fun to get caught up in all the enjoyable things we think about on this holiday, BBQ’s, picnics, big sales, get togethers,etc…but lets not forget the real meaning and who we have to thank for being allowed to have those very freedoms to do all of those wonderful things!

?Our brave men and women in uniform, sometimes unsung heroes,.. to? me, there is simply no more noble job than the one these brave Americans do. They put their own lives on a daily basis on the line for us to enjoy our liberties and freedoms……every day we should salute the heroic job that they do. It is awe inspiring at the very least. So my hat goes off and utmost respect goes out to all who have served and who continue to serve (and their families)…….you make me VERY proud to be an American! THANK YOU for all you do to keep us safe and protected.

How cute is this? Reminds me of Mr. Teddy when he was just a babe…..

Pinterest. I have to admit, I really didn’t “get” all the fuss about Pinterest…..all I kept hearing was about how addicted everyone was and how they couldn’t stay away. Well, though I am far from being addicted, think the light bulb has finally gone on and I have really started enjoying it, pursuing countless amazing boards and starting to collect wonderful images of my own. It is a fun and novel idea, and such a great way to chronicle and keep organized all you love and get inspiration from. Here are a few recent fave pictures from Pinterest…….

They call this a wedding clutch but I say it would be perfect for anyone anytime. How cute is this beaded monogrammed clutch? Love it!
Visit Toggle Home to get it and many other fabulous monogrammed goodies!

When it rained all day Sat. I met a friend for a movie and then we went shopping….was supposed to see Renoir but there was a misprint and the time was wrong so we saw The Big Wedding instead. Though the cast was definitely “A list”, there was to me,? some kind of disconnect in the story…I kept waiting to feel “hooked” but never did, I did however very much enjoy the gorgeous home, dreamy setting, furnishings and all the scrumptious wedding details in the movie. The delicious popcorn made up for a mediocre movie:) Still really really want to see Renoir, here’s the trailer…..

How insanely good does this look? I mean seriously, this is as cute as it is delicious with a capital D I am sure! Click on Iowa girl eats to get the low down on how to make it. Love the idea for a big gathering, everyone gets their own little serving, no one has to feel “jipped” because someone got a bigger portion…….

One of the many things on my to do list this summer is to catch up with summer reading. I used to be an avid “full time” reader and have demoted myself to being a part time participant of a book club but really miss the “Calgon take me away” experience that getting into a really good book afforded me. We all know that feeling of enjoying and immersing ourselves so much into a fabulous book that you just can’t wait to turn the page and never want it to end. So here’s a few on my list…..anyone read them? Yea or nay? Most of them good,light “summer reads” except Kaleed Hosseini’s book but that’s a must read and I have already ordered it (just came out). Any suggestions you care to add that are must reads? Please tell me!

Some of these were recommended to me by friends and other bloggers, and a few I just knew about because I have read books from that author…don’t know that I will get through all of them but hopefully at least a few!

And I found this on none other than Pinterest so considering how convenient it is that there’s a whole slew of books here to pursue, I am definitely going to look into this extensive list…..

So that’s my Memorial Day wrap up. Hope you had an enjoyable, relaxing and safe weekend. Before you know it, it will be July 4th! And then we will get bombarded with back to school supplies and fall clothes preview……….yes life goes by fast! So enjoy it, wishing you a wonderful day and be back tomorrow!

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