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Hi there…..and how was your Memorial Day weekend? Ours was not quite what we had planned, soggy weather and 50 degrees kept us from going away the first two days, so we stuck around and had dinner with friends, went on a friends boat, went to a winery and charming east end town when the weather finally cleared so it ended up being a lot of fun…even managed some down time around the house which is always a welcome treat.

Every now and then, a favorite designer of mine warrants a second post on his/her work. Leta, as she is known to me is one such designer. I am a huge huge fan of her timeless classic style, and having had a three hour phone conversation with her……..I can say with authority that beyond her talent,  she is a gem of a person and as kind, witty and full of life as they come. I see she has added some beautiful new rooms to her gorgeous portfolio so thought it was all worth sharing, I am certain you will agree! With offices in New York and Palm Beach, Leta travels all over the U.S. and turns houses into beautiful homes bearing the “Leta touch”.

She is probably one of the designers who most closely matches my own style and tastes, Cathy Kincaid would be another. Leta’s talents are the kind that would allow me to hand over an empty house to her and never look back. She is that good. Check it out and decide for yourself……..

Adore everything about this!

Major swoon!

Love the softness, the fabrics and the way this feels like landing on a cloud…….
Closer up, how pretty is that fabric!

She uses checks brilliantly!

Aren’t her bedrooms dreamy? And what about the window treatments? She is a total master….love her liberal use of blue, the gorgeous wallpapers she has a finesse in choosing and the way her rooms have such a timeless, serene and soothing feeling. Leta, you are one talented dynamo! Have a favorite Leta room? Do tell! Click here to visit and learn more about the uber talented Leta Austin Foster. Wishing everyone a fabulous day…….

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Katie Clooney on

Gorgeous photos! I would love to live in any of those beautiful rooms!!! Did you see RHOC? I can’t stand the new one with the big eyes and ears. Have a great week, Tina.

Luciane at on

Hello my beautiful Tina!!! πŸ™‚

How are you doing today, sweetie? I hope everything is great with you!

I love her designs! They’re all about comfort and beauty. Nothing is overwhelming… simply, timeless!

Beautiful post, Tina!

Have a wonderful, sunny day! πŸ™‚


Luciane at

Karen Albert on

Leta’s design sense makes on come home and relax from the outside world; a haven
So many beautiful fabrics and furnishings!

Art by Karena

The Permanent Tourist on

What a lovely post! These pictures inspire me to begin to work on making my house what I really want it to be. This is going in my design file….with many, many more of your posts! Thanks Tina!

michele on

o my goodness, that living space with the cherry blossoms wall covering! leta has a lovely lovely touch!

always a treat to stop by here, tina. i always miss you when it has been a few days and am a devoted fan for life.



Sandy at You May Be Wandering on

Her work is beautiful and I can see why you like her – all her rooms look like something you have shown us in your gorgeous home.

Wasn’t yesterday a perfectly beautiful day to be out on the water? It made up for the icky weather the rest of the weekend!

Have a lovely day! xoxo

Sammy on

OMW, look at the nursery. Her blinds are wonderful too.

Anonymous on

I can see why you love her work, its gorgeous. I love the color schemes, and not a single chevron, poof or antler in sight- now that is refresing. Classic decor wins hands down for me everytime!

Dean Farris on

My friend Leta is the Sister Parish of today!

Carolyn on

Tina- my husbands partners parents (who live in Palm Beach) used Leta’s firm for their gorgeous home and where a beautiful wedding was held and all I can say is I never forgot her name because I was so enthralled with her sensational work. The home is a masterpiece! Beautiful post, she also has a shop in PB which I have been to a few times, it is lovely and a wonderful collection much like yours that reflects her elegant taste.

pretty pink tulips on

Sounds like you made the best of a soggy weekend!!! We took advantage of the down time (yay….no sports!) and then hit the beach on Monday! It was truly relaxing!

LOVE Leta’s work. Every room looks like one I could see myself in. She just gets is ALL right, doesn’t she?!!!

Today feels like a summer set back again, but I know it’s on its way. Here’s to sunnier days ahead!
xoxo Elizabeth

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns on

Hello Tina! I hope you had a great weekend!

Leta is incredibly talented and each and every room is beautiful.


Andrea on

I love all of these rooms, so beautiful!! I did not know that Leta had an office in Palm Beach! Now I love her even more! πŸ™‚

The Glam Pad

Chic Coastal Living on

Totally dreamy! I could be very happy in any of those spaces! Everything is so cozy even though the rooms are big! She really has an eye for comfort and luxury! Love it all!

designchic on

I love her style and especially love the bedrooms. I’ve done several “house tours” from her work and just love the color and texture she uses….beautiful…

Nina John on

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carolyn bradford on

Her work is timeless! She was one of my most favorite “Wednesday What If’s” post that i did! Y’all could be two peas in a pod! Glad you ended up enjoying your weekend! I tend to be envious of the 50 degree thing! We sweated our brains out at the beach! It was almost 90! Go figure! But…it was fun and we were able to swim and cool off, etc….Can’t wait to get back on a routine though!

Mel@Georgica Pond on

Beautiful rooms – a clever mix of English and French to me, but very serene and gentle interiors.

Leslie on

Lovely decor Tina. The dark pieces look stunning with the neutrals. ALL white, with blue and white, and dark wood is my favorite combination. I’ll be book marking this post or design ideas!

Glad you had a nice weekend and it sounds like we had similar weather. It’s been raining so much and I’m getting tired of it :{ All this water and the mild temps are encouraging nonstop plant growth which will require LOTS of work cutting everything back and a my potted plants are swimming …..

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