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Hi there….hope your week has been a good one. Over here, we are battling a heat wave, supposed to get to a whopping 92 today!! Ugh…it is May!  CRAZY. I am not ready for it (nor is my hair)! It seems to be feast or famine with the weather…….suddenly fall is not looking so bad, lol. I could easily take 70’s year round…see I am not picky at all:) I am busy this morning preparing for a small luncheon for someones birthday at my house later today…will try to take a few pics to share!

Today’s Which would you choose is all about master bathrooms. What makes your heart beat faster? Beautiful marble, fancy tiles, color, all white? The sky is the limit. You know the drill, imagine the bathroom fairy has paid you a visit and has said you get to transform your master bath into one of these beauties.Which would you pick? Try to choose only one! I will do the same. Good luck, here we go……

Elle Decor

Palm Design

Barry Dixon

                                                                       CHOICE 7

The Paper Mulberry
KN Interiors

Mary McDonald
Ralph Lauren
Arch Digest
Clive Christian
Sandra Nunnerly
Wow that’s a whole lot of bath splendor! Kind of has me in the mood to cancel my day and plant myself in a bubble bath! What makes up the perfect master bath to you? A huge soaking tub? Acres of marble? Glistening fixtures? Tons of storage? Do tell! So your turn……which of these beauties could you see spending your time in primping and luxuriating in? Wishing you a wonderful Friday and as always thanks for stopping in to pay me a visit!

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The enchanted home on

OK as I normally do,I will leave the first comment, OK for me its really a toss up between 1, 3, 11 and 15 if I HAD to choose……it would be a total tie between 11 and 15. 11 might get a few brownie points however for the fireplace AND the ginger jars (of course)! I could choose one blindfolded and be very happy with my choice:) They are luxurious but also very inviting and warm…the kind of bath that makes you want to stay awhile:)

designchic on

You know how I love a white bathroom. Would have to go with #12, but would change the window treatments – not a fan of the sheer, but the sinks and tub…fabulous!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend and a great luncheon today!

Carolyn on

While all are so pretty, something about 5 wins me over. The soft yellows and blues and those big oversized windows, I imagine its located in Paris, it is dreamy. I also love the fireplace in 11, that is a true luxury. Great post as always Tina. Enjoy your lunch.

Castles Crowns and Cottages on

AHHHHHHHHHH (scream….) – you make it difficult to choose, Tina! One and three are what pop out, then you sock it to us with MORE! OK, one and three, but I must say ALL of these rooms are for me. Anywhere you can bath in quiet, with stone, white, gray, turquoise is OK with me.

Oh dear, our weather is so capricious. First it’s cold with rain, now hot and dry. Fill up with some yummy ice tea on the veranda my dear…thinking of you! Anita

TravelingGal on

If I had to choose, I would probably go with 12 – bright, white, and big. 7 has a similar feel but is not as big. I also really like 2 because it looks like a bathroom in an old London or New York townhouse and I love the thought of that type of lifestyle.

Oh, and honorable mention to 16 for the huge window and beautifully landscaped garden – but that tub does not look comfortable! – and to 1 for the French doors out to the balcony.

Karen Albert on

Dear Tina, Sumptuous Baths. I am saying #1, 10 and 13!, these seem more intimate to me! Sorry I could not narrow it down more,although I suppose in my Villa in France (someday) I could have all three!

Art by Karena

jennifer smith on

OK I will take 13 for my European apt. and 16 for my country getaway, might as well go all the way when I am dreaming. All are so beautiful. Have a lovely weekend, Tina

Sandy at You May Be Wandering on

Good morning Tina….All of these are gorgeous bathrooms, but I like the one in your header the best – your master bath is the prettiest I have ever seen.

Stay cool and have a lovely weekend!!! xoxo

Loi Thai, Tone on Tone on

Only one? πŸ™ Okay, #12 for me because I love symmetry! And because that bathroom is absolutely divine!! They all are. Have a great weekend, and stay cool ~ Loi

Taylor Greenwalt on

Hello Tina….lovely selection of bathrooms..I would choose #3 and 16…funny, they are polar opposites in style..but I love the window in #16 and being able to see the garden outside..

onnery on

Number 3!! I like that it is simplistic but yet elegant. I have always liked a freestanding tub and I would have no trouble soaking here with some calming music and a relaxing read!

Anonymous on

This was a difficult choice, they are all so lovely. Cannot choose just one, and #1,#11 and #14, are my favorites. #11 for sure..Bonnie in WI

Amy on

I have to say these are all just beautiful. I am partial to that huge window and luscious garden in 16 but love the feeling of 3, I can imagine its in a beautiful vineyard somewhere in Europe. I would be happy as a clam though in any one of them! I also have to add if YOUR master bath was in here, that would be my first choice, love it!

Stay cool Tina…here we have been having high 80’s for almost 2 weeks!

Mimi's Tapawingo on

I really love #14 – it is so relaxing looking. love the quiet, peaceful light streaming through the windows.

marlene on

I love #8 it would fit my home better. I do like Ralph Lauren’s bathroom also. I would have to add blue and white to #8 than it would be perfect. Not hard to do…

Luciane at on

Hello Tina!

It’s pretty warm here too… the humidity is not my hair’s best friend neither!! πŸ™‚

I love many of these bathrooms, hard to choose one! But I guess #8 was more my style.

Wishing you a very blessed week, sweetie.


Luciane at

Cindy Weis on

Hi Tina, actually I vote for your bathroom as my favorite! but of the above pictures I say my first choice is #1. It is very hot and rainy here in the Midwest today as well, and we have had just crazy storms. Please post pictures from your luncheon today, would love to see.

The Pink Pagoda on

Choice #8 for me! Have a lovely luncheon — can’t wait to see the photos — I know it will be beautiful!

Jennifer Taylor on

Okay, I choose #3! But love 1 and 12 too! Dang! But 3 gets my heart beating a little faster! Thanks for all the lovely inspiration!

I Dream Of on

It’s almost impossible to choose just one! But… I think because of the scrolled ironwork and the promise of the view that lies beyond I’m going to go with number 1.

Happy weekend, Tina! I hope you survive the heat– we’re just happy to be reaching the high 60s with no rain today! Come visit Seattle and cool off! πŸ˜‰ XOXO

Leslie on

#1 and #3 would be my top picks .. but there are several others I like too! This is a timely post as we are wrapping up a little powder room remodel. It’s pain a bit of a pain because of the size and location of the space. Hopefully it will come together (quickly!) as the first of my company (for my daughter’s graduation) is arriving Thursday. Our Master bath will be our next remodel and I plan to do all white .. marble of course. I can’t get enough of it. I’ve got it in the kitchen and love it. I can’t believe I almost let people talk me out of it.

Enjoy your day! xxL

Ivy Clad on

Choice 13 has me. Such beautiful French style! I love a deep soaking tub, does not need to be jetted, just deep. Acres of marble doesn’t offend me either. πŸ˜‰

Enjoy your weekend and keep cool in that heat wave!


Anonymous on

Number 8 for sure. I could spend the day there and not mind missing any meals.

Anonymous on

#8, followed closely by #12.

Karina Russell on

I’m drooling all over my laptop at all these fabulous bathrooms! I love the free standing ones, but I’m choosing #8 for practicality and all that wonderful marble and molding.

sherri on

Very difficult..all gorgeous.
I’m going to choose # 3 for my home in the south of France. And 9 for my California home.

PamLuvsPink on

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE…1, 3, & 7

They are bright and absolutely gorgeous!!!!

But, what an assortment of bathrooms to pick from!!

Have a great weekend!!!


Katherine on

Number 3 and 13 because they remind me of places in Europe……… and my bags are packed just waiting to move there one day. And number 12 because it’s timeless, fresh and serene.

have a good weekend.

romy on

I will go with #1. I also loved #2 but I will do a mess on those wooden floors, Amazing window on last bathroom, but I will pull the curtains down every time I take a bath, so what will be the point there?

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns on

I love 12! Although they are all gorgeous. I could not agree more about the weather…crazy. I hate heat and humidity.

Hope the party wa great, enjoy the weekend.


Leslie on

All are just beautiful. I got some nice ideas for our own master redo in the fall. 1 and 12 though very different both appeal to me. Love your blog, Tina. I can always count on seeing something wonderful.

Kathysue on

Since most houses have at least two bathrooms I think I will have to choose two this time. #8 and #12 would be just perfect for me!!
Have a wonderful weekend, Tina,

Mel@Georgicapond on

Choice 8 for me – I love a bath with a surround, so I have somewhere to put my drink and magazine!

Sarah on

No question in my mind ~ it’s # 3 for me. I love the simplicity of this room, the window above the soaking tub, the fact that the tub is not in the middle of the room, and the nice shower just to the left of the tub. Yes, this would be just perfect for us.

Anonymous on

I loved 1, 3, & 8. The first one makes me dream of France!

Anonymous on

Where can I find those framed butterflies in 13?

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