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Hi there and happy new week to you. Hope you had a fabulous weekend.? Here the sun and beautiful weather finally decided to pay us a visit so it was wonderful…we had such a nice time at the party on Saturday (and yes my white pants and strappy sandals worked out great)! The home and setting so magnificent that as a blogger who wants to share the beauty, it was ridiculously tempting to not whip out my iPhone and not start snapping away but it was more of a dinner party (for 20) as opposed to a party and it didn’t feel right but I would so loved to have shared….the outdoor areas alone were jaw dropping! Sunday was our relaxing day and much needed. Hope whatever you did was fun and just want you wanted.

As I did with my Leta Austin Foster post, I am doing an encore performance for another designer whose work I greatly admire, John Jacob Interiors. Based in Cape Town, South Africa, this man is unbelievably talented! I had posted on him almost two years ago and since then he has added some truly spectacular rooms to his arsenal of great work. I, at first glance knew I had to share it with those of you not familiar with this uber talented designer.

I love his aesthetic and his flawless sense of proportion, color and of course his liberal use of black which gives an elegant drama to every room he touches.? I was excited to see he also has a blog!

I will let the pictures do the talking…….enjoy! Warning…some of these pictures could literally cause heart palpitations so pace yourself!!

How many ways can I say how much I LOVE this bathroom? Dreamy!
Spectacular in every way!
I want these prints!

Talk about an interesting eclectic beautiful room!

This is? a “wow” space for sure!

Stunning details in this bathroom…..
Dreamy with a capital D!

How fabulous…neutral never looked so good.

YES!! I love the black against the blue and white……

Are you dying from the beauty? I love how he uses lots of black, neutral putty/greige like colors and of course see he has added my beloved blue and white to his rooms. I am just floored by the beauty, the layering effect he applies and his genius way of accessorizing. John Jacob…your rock! Have a favorite room here? I would be torn by several but have to say those rooms with the neutrals and touches of blue and white send my senses into overdrive. Click here to see more John Jacob Interiors. And if you want to see the equally stunning post on his work that I did almost two years ago, click here. Hope you enjoyed! Wishing you a great start to your week.

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Anonymous on

Elegant mirror ideas love it

Hadley on

Love your posts!
I’m looking for the name and brand of the fabric featured in one of John Jacob’s bedrooms above: the black and cream chinoiserie. Would you be able to point me in the right direction?

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