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Hi there. Hope you are well. We have gotten so much rain around here…its getting old! Makes me just want to stay in and do nothing but we all know that is pure fantasy, busy day, in fact week ahead of me. Hope the sun comes out soon though, it definitely puts a little pep in my step. OK, you need to really put your thinking caps on for this one. This is a fun one, a really fun one. It is pure fantasy because honestly each of these homes is just a dream home on steroids. I know this is going to be a tough choice but just put on your imagination hats and go with me here……you have been told you have to relocate tomorrow. Imagine that!

 Just imagine this home is in your dream location wherever that might be, now you get to choose your new home! I have included many of the rooms and inside and outside shots so you can make an “educated decision” πŸ™‚ I cannot wait to hear which you pick! Ready to feast your eyes on these scrumptious beauties? Here we go…….






Is your mind racing with the possibilities? So what appeals to you more, classic grandeur in a formal brick home, a home with an elegant Mediterranean/European vibe, a classic beach house, or a lakeside manor? Truly something to love in each and every one! I cannot wait to hear your pick. And if you want to throw in where your dream location would be, go ahead, it would be fun to hear! Happy picking and wishing you a wonderful day. Thanks for stopping in:)

P.S. Just in case you missed my post yesterday on the extraordinarily talented John Jacob, click here. It is truly a must see, as every room is just “drool worthy”.

P.P.S. Also I have extended the book giveaway to Thursday. So 2 days left to be  eligible for the gorgeous Betty Lou Phillips book giveaway. You must leave a comment on this post to be eligible. Good luck! A winner will be selected Thursday morning. Check back for the lucky winner:)

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Chic Coastal Living on

Love choice number 5! I featured that home before and I still can’t get enough of it! Simply gorgeous and that kitchen is to die for! Fun post as always! XO

Bente on

House nr. 1 is fantastic. I sure could move in there today.


Castles Crowns and Cottages on

Good morning my dear! Oh Tina, you always make it difficult for me to choose just ONE! But number ONE is my fav for the day. Give me rough limestone floors and a European look and I’m mush….but the one home (maybe the second one) with the indoor river-like pool by the staircase? YES!!!!!!!

The beams and other fineries of the rest of the houses is my love-jones of the day. We are getting ours put in next year!

And we too have had non-stop rain, but today it’s supposed to be clear until about noon. So Ruben needs to get outside pronto to start our screened in deck project!

Much love, Anita

Ren?e Finberg on


your’e killing me!!!
it is practically impossible.
if you had a gun to my head…
it would be #2 by a really thin hair.


Anonymous on

Not easy but its between 2 and 4. If forced to choose it would be 4 and it would be in Nantucket. Yes, I would love to live there year round and hope to when we retire! This was fun, but a very tough choice, all are so beautiful.

Francine Gardner on

I would pick choice 5 and of course being a designer by trade, would redo the interiors, much less formal, modern with a twist…love the architecture of the house!

Amy on

1, 1, 1!!!!!! OMG I am in heaven with that house. I would move there tomorrow and never look back!
Fun choices, all are beautiful but 1 is just perfect.

Our French Inspired Home on

Any of these choices would be perfect, but if my arm were twisted to choose just one, I would have to say #1. Of course loving kitchens, I cant help but notice the gorgeous floors as well as the beautiful range (LaCornue it seems to be?). I am sure the rest of the home is equally as good, but why worry when you can just live in that kitchen. Have a great day! -Tonya

The Pink Pagoda on

Though they are all spectacular, I choose #2. Always so much fun, Tina!

Joyce Higgins on

Choice 5 for me,so comfortable and understated.Beautifully proportioned rooms,interesting architectural details,furnished in a modern country style.When can I move in?Tomorrow?That’s a done deal.You can put this house in the Outer Banks of North Carolina for me,my second choice is Mill Valley,California.

Suburban Charm on

They are all incredible but I would choose #3. I like the colors, especially the blue bedroom and green sitting room! It was a hard choice but #3 is more “me”!

Teresa at Splendid Sass on

It is between 1 and 5, but I choose 1!
Beautiful homes, TIna.

Sandy at You May Be Wandering on

It would be #1 for me, Tina…and in some place where it never rains! This is always so much fun to dream about. Now I have to go start my day at the gym and go from there…rain or shine.

Have a beautiful day! xoxo

Pamela on

I would have to say between #4 and #1 for sure.

Jennifer @ Belclaire House on

I love all of these! It’s a toss up between #1 and #2, but I think I have to choose #1! I think I know that house (I’m pretty sure I used to babysit the kids that lived there waaayyyy long ago – I know rough). It’s fabulous!

Calypso In The Country on

They are all breathtaking! I think if I absolutely had to choose, I would pick #2..or 4 – ok I guess it would be #2!
Always such a fun post! -Shelley

Anonymous on

Wow! They are all amazing! I love 2, 3 and 4 but think 4 wins- it feels like home and I love the decor even the bright green sunroom, looks like a great family home.

Lois on

Wow. I think I want house #1 just so I can have the stove in the first kitchen. But really I pick #5, but I want to move it to #2s location – that lake is beautiful!

Anonymous on

All are wonderful! My picks would be 1 or 2, and maybe 4. Love the smaller kitchen of the first one as it looks out into the family room. The 2nd is probably more our style–especially the family room. But would change out the masterbath vanities to something with cabinets instead of pedestal sinks. Love the pool and cabana area of #4. They’re all gorgeous though. Thanks for the fun!

Sammy on

Wow, wow, wow! I guess I have to pick #1. It must be your favorite too, because you posted if first.

Paula Horton on

All so beautiful. I guess I would pick #1.

The Preppy Princess on

Wowzers, this one was tough. I’ll go with #5. It seems so light and airy, with an understated elegance that is also relaxed. It has to b eon the water, no?

Thank you for sharing some lovelies this morning!

Leslie on

Oh Tina.. this is tough! I think #1 or #2 .. or a combination of both. The kitchens and bathrooms are amazing! I’ll have to pin a few of these:)

charisse whimsical home and garden on

Hi Tina, I did a post on the last choice house, and I love it still, but would probably go with number 2. Wait, no, the last one. No……..there are elements I love in both. Number two has the indoor lap pool and staircase, but I love the smaller space of the last one. When I wrote about it I really got attached to the simplicity, so, number 5. Yes, my final answer, the last one.

Caroline on

Wowzers. These are all over the top incredible. I would be so happy to move into any of them considering we live in a small 2bdrm appt in NYC! I love 4 and 2 the most. But again I would be thrilled to be moving into any one of them. Fun!

Anonymous on

2, 2, 2 !!!

mary on

Without question #1 for the architecture, but there were rooms I loved in all of them, particularly the dining room in #3. What a treat to see all these gorgeous homes…thanks, Tina!

ea8bc808-665a-11e2-83cf-000bcdcb5194 on

I would choose the first one, it is everything I love….and I would not turn any of them down. As you said they are all a little over the top, but that’s what dreams are for… right?

onnery on

Absolutely number two! They are all very beautiful but this one feels like home.

Thank you again for sharing the give away! Bonnie G.

Anonymous on

None of the above! I dream about a sleek contemporary with dark wood cabinets — could I have the setting of #2 with a contemporary house with lots of glass?

Mimi on

#3 for me please but I do love the kitchen in #1. Beautiful, Tina if your house was here, that would be my very first choice!

Anonymous on

Definitely #2. It’s so inviting and light, but has cozy spots also. And the porch and veranda . . . . . WOW!

Anonymous on

Love #2 but would take them all. πŸ™‚

queen_cupcake on

I would choose #2. It seems more cosy and comfortable to the way I personally live and entertain. Plus, that porch!!!! I could spend many hours on the porch or in the great room, especially.

Elena on

I like the number 5, love Chanel No. 5, and I will gladly move into house number 5 tomorrow!

corriemae on

I would move today this minute to house #2. This home has all that I love, elegant, comfortable, easy to entertain. Light and airy to dark woods, and a wonderful great room.
When can I move In!

Dawn on

A scaled down version of any of them!:)

toko baju muslim murah on

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Jayaitch on

House number 1, hands down!


Agnes on

Lordy! You have made this very difficult. I love them all but what most appeals to me is 3. I love a good classic Georgian, its in my blood and this house just looks lived in and cozy and elegant and inviting. We always have lots of kids running through and guests and dogs and everyone is welcome so I need a house that can handle it not a place that will give me anxiety:-) That one will do just fine..I will call the moving company!

Wendy on

#2 in Kennebunkport, ME and #5 Watch Hill, R.I.

Unknown on

Lovely images! So inspiring! I’ll take #1 as my mainstay home and add on the lake house, coastal home, mountain home as secondary homes. Yes… dreaming. Thanks for the beautiful post!

Judy G.

Katherine on

My bags are packed and I’m moving into house number two. You will find me running up and down the staircase……… stunning!

Kristien62 on

Choice 2 had me at hello. The location alone takes my breath away.

Anonymous on

I would pick # 1 or # 2


romy on

I love #2!

susan on

#1. old money is easy to distinguish from new… so lovely you can hear the background sounds of the house from simply looking at those pictures – the ones that make it a home

Anonymous on

#2 absolutely, Carmel, CA.

Anonymous on

Such a toss up between #1 & #2…I LOVE the architecture of #1, especially those gorgeous huge, column inlay-ed windows on the front facade. And I love how the architectural element of arches is so prominent through-out the dwelling. But I’m confused about the kitchen..does house #1 have two kitchens? The first one seems to be more formal, while the second one represented seems to be more family friendly and cozy. But what’s not to love about house #2…it literally has EVERYTHING….incredible architectural details, the molding and millwork is outstanding, by the water, four stories, indoor pool, cathedral ceiling family room…the list goes on!!!!!!!!!

Karen Albert on

Tina I adore House #2. It is wonderful, the porch, the indoor pool the setting, dreamy!

Art by Karena
Giveaway from Splendid Sass.

Decdreams on

The choice was easy, I could only see my family in #3………………..color, traditional, comfort and dogs. The others appear to me as if they would shudder if a dog hair were to float and land somewhere! My architectural details of choice are people, dogs and lots of food. I am on the same page with Agnes, she just said it better!!!

Karen on

#1 for me, please! On a lake outside of Austin, TX or Edmond OK. The locale is in debate but the house is a clear choice for me. I want to look out of that fab kitchen window and see the water then go drink my coffee in front of the fire oustide. Le sigh…

Julie on

Where do I sign up for house #2??? That is my choice!

Anonymous on


Linda E. on

……breaking right-out of my Traditional comfort zone and voting for Choice 1 – loved EVERYTHING about it.

Anonymous on

Home number 3, hands down. Classic, traditional, lots of blue/white which I am partial to, and very warm and cozy. Love it! Many thanks for your wonderful blog. I look forward to receiving it every day. Deborah


love #2 – so my style, who knows maybe my next life…


have a great day

Gail Peterson on

Love 2 & 5! For me, it’s location * location * location. It’s all about the view and I love lakes, the ocean is ok too! A fun post,
Thank you for taking the time for this extra special post.
Happy Summer… I’ll send you sunshine from SoCal!

Rae on

All gorgeous!!! I especially love house 2

KD on

Oh my! #2 or #4 would totally do for me.

zanetastyle on

Just amazing Tina. For all the Homes sake, it has to be said or repeated after you, they are without a mistake and dreamy. I love and want the first one please(: número UNO ((:
Hugs z

Veronica Roth on

Those are all lovely Tina, but I’d pick house number two. By what I’ve been reading lately it probably costs about as much as a four bedroom home in my expensive (over-priced) city! πŸ™‚

Vickie Armstrong on

They are all fabulous, but I’m really loving Choice 1.

John on

Hmm…IDK…I just stumbled across this page after checking out your post on mudrooms as my sister’s got a small laundry, which she needs to renovate so the pictures posted were a great help! (I’ve always wondered what the difference was between a mudroom, which seems so prevalent in North American homes and our Australian laundry ever since reading an article in “New Old House” magazine years ago)~
But to answer your tough question I’d probably go with No. 2! I’m a sucker for the clapboard style, the gable roof, dormer-like windows, the romantic porch overlooking the lake, the long driveway to the back garage, the balcony, the big ol’tree in the front…ahhhh! Need I go on?! Just so beautiful! And just as “to-die-for” on the inside as well! If I could live anywhere with this dreamy house it’d probably be along the New England coast of America?

FL-Rose on

The houses are all pretty, but #2 is my choice. Love the style – the openess and the nice big porch and balcony.

Anonymous on

Hi there this was dreamy…. all the homes are beautiful but I would love home No. 4 to me it’s perfection. It has a warm look about it that I just can’t resist. Regards Esther from Sydney.

Anonymous on

I would love to live in choice number 2!

Donna R. on

Tina: What gorgeous dream homes. It would be such a blessing to live in any of the choices. I would have a difficult time choosing between 1 and 2. I loved many, many things about each of them. My husband and I built a Victorian-Country type home a few houses ago. but if I had to choose, I guess I would choose #2. Love love love it.


Anonymous on

Easy peasy.
Number 5 – and on Nantucket, of course..!

GREAT fun. Thank you, Beansie

Victoria on

#1 without question. I would even be happy living in the guest house. As for location, anywhere with an ocean view. How about La Jolla, CA?

Lisa on

OK ANY of these would make me one happy lady. But given a choice its between 1 and 3. Love that they are both classic and elegant and yet I could imagine living in both of them. Where? How about in sunny Laguna Nigel California. Just returned from there and fell in love:-)

Ivy Clad on

No 1 and 5 have me conflicted. But the interiors, especially the steel windows, in no 1 are swoon-worthy!


Anonymous on


Anonymous on

Tough choice between 2 & 4 — water & views are beautiful!

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Gladys Cravitz on

Love a little of each, but if I had to choose it would be #2 or #4. All are so beautiful, inside and out!

Mary Ann at classic?casual?home on

2 or 5 and thanks for the chance to dream…so much to imagine me walking the halls barefoot to get coffee in the kitchen.

Andrea on

These are all such dreamy dream homes!! I would choose #3, as I am a huge fan of classic, Georgian architecture… and it would be located back in my beloved (and greatly missed) Dallas. πŸ™‚

The Glam Pad

residential glass and mirror on

wow! these are all such a dream house..these all looks very fabulous and fantastic..i love the designs and the whole interior of it..

Anonymous on

House #2 for me:)
Love the combination of traditional with a tip of the hat to contemporary clean lines.
It was a difficult choice though…all the homes are absolutely fabulous!
Blessings & Joy to you,
Dolley Carlson

Anonymous on

Liked #1, loved #2 but when I got to #3 I was a goner. I love everything about that home. I could barely get through the rest of the homes, I just wanted to savor the beauty and grace of #3. I think I could live in that house anywhere, but I dream of it sitting on an acreage in Iowa surrounded by beautiful trees and a lake. Thank you for a beautiful post. Rebecca B.

Sush on

I was going to say #1 because it so reminds me of a home on the Avenue in New Orleans. As teenagers my sister and I used to drive around uptown and choose our homes we’d live in as married women. Sadly, we’ve all moved away from our home town. I think #4 appealed to me most…water and verandas…what more could a good ole Southern woman need?

Kathy on

2,2,2,2,2,2,2,2, love,love,love

Barb on

#2 Always peaceful by the water…homey. Although I did like #1 ..the outside was lovely, some of the inside decor didn’t care for. Anyway, love the hominess of #2.

zarish maria on

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