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Hope you are well…..last night we got to see Paul Simon perform (got there late but boy is his voice amazing)! It was a fundraiser at the beautiful Plaza Hotel, I must say I love any kind of political events because you get there early and leave early (sounding like an old lady or what)? The Plaza though it looked beautiful has changed so much…kind of sad to see an iconic hotel lose some of its lustre. The famed Oak Bar gone. After a well reported fight with rental agents and new tenants. But seriously Paul Simon’s voice is so beautiful……really natural and smooth. La la la la  li……

Yes I mean hurricane lanterns not the storms:) I loooove hurricanes and have several pair and believe you can never have too many, case in point would be one look around my own home, on my dining room table, console tables, out on the patio, in my living room……they are everywhere! So after popular demand, I am now carrying the gorgeous ones I have abundantly in my own home on my online shop! When trying to to put together a vignette, a single or pair of hurricanes is a great place to start. They give height, texture, and lets not underestimate the beautiful lighting they give off when they are lit with candles. In addition they double as flower vases and great seasonal decorative objects, which can be filled with fall leaves, acorns, pinecones and seashells. Yes….hurricanes are a good thing!

Today I am featuring many different interiors that show you how beautiful hurricanes look in virtually any kind of room, in almost any setting. Do you like the look?
Now let’s take a look at  hurricanes in action, shall we…….

 Here they are on my coffee table flaking a large planter, love the delicate etching!

A large single oversized hurricane on a coffee table always works,  Ralph Lauren

 Stunning vignette of a cluster of hurricanes……just gorgeous! Good Life of Design

 Stunning oversized glass hurricanes grace this stunning island home of Hilary and  Galen Weston, AD

 Definitely always perfect for a dining table, not to mention the soft lighting at night is unbeatable! My home

 A beautiful wicker pair adorn this gorgeous table in this coastal setting, House to home

 A single oversized hurricane on a piano is a beautiful statement, Rinfret

 Even for more casual/coastal homes…hurricanes can be found in more coastal themed materials….

Love them for the outdoors and have several myself……

 Love the scale that these add to the dining room, Cathy Kincaid

 Another pair of the cut crystal perfect for a coffee table vignette, my home

Love the look of staggered heights for a dramatic outdoor setting!

 Love a huge hurricane on a coffee table, Ralph Lauren

A beautiful amber colored pair add height and beauty to this gorgeous setting, Rinfret

 Here they are on an outdoor table, as pretty during the day as they are at night, my home

 Love them in clusters on a large scale dining table or console table..they have a lot of impact!

 Once again, another gorgeous dining area that has a pair of pretty hurricanes, Sandra Nunnerly

 My own hurricanes being put to good use!

 Ralph Laurens own dining room….of course he gets it!

 Adding a few different styles and heights of hurricanes can make for a gorgeous vignette, Pottery Barn

Perched atop a fireplace mantle always works, my home
 And they work beautifully on a console table as seen here in this pretty living room!

 This is so dramatic! I love a lined path for a party with large oversized hurricanes and floating candles, gorgeous! Dazzle me decor

 The lighting of hurricanes outside at night is pure magic, RH

  I always like the idea of going oversized when deciding on a size…..

Beautiful for any outdoor setting, and I love the soft glow they give at night…….

 Again here is a perfect example of how very large ones always work….always go up in size! Inspired Living

Hurricanes double as a beautiful floral vase!

 Beautiful fall leaves for a fall vibe

 Seashells for a coastal theme

 Adding greenery or mini apples

Beautiful pair flanking a dining table, Ralph Lauren

 Always works for an end table as both a lighting source and  a decorative object

 A very large hurricane looks great on the ground…love this setting, COZY!

 Flanking a sofa on our outside loggia, they offer the perfect soft lighting, my home

Like the look? For me they are “no fail”. There is always a place that can use a pair of hurricanes and frankly they are just an instant way to add something special to any area that is “lacking”.  I am so excited to be offering these beautiful pieces, they are all hand cut/hand etched and truly exquisite.  Check out the newest additions….these are now on my online shop under arrivals (scroll to bottom)  and  of course if there is something you want to ask,   feel free to email me by clicking here. Here we go……

Floral vine

Classic Greek Key

Elegant garland scroll oversized

Fancy Scroll
Vertical leaf wide hurricane

Pearl and floral leaf

 And to boot I will be adding this exquisite centerpiece bowls..perfect for a dining table, console, coffee table or atop a chest. Stunning!

Well….what do you think? Like the look? Own a few? I think they look great in all kinds of rooms, from fancy formal living rooms to the most coastal beachy space and of course looove them in the great outdoors! As always love to hear what you have to say. Thanks for stopping in and wishing you a great day.

Don’t forget to stop on over at Art by Karena to see the feature she has on my online shop and to be eligible for a wonderful giveaway…….click here to visit!

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Castles Crowns and Cottages on

Good morning sweet one….

I just left a comment on your last post that I missed; I was out of town for three days and missed everyone here so much.

You always welcome me in a special way Tina, with your home décor photos and generosity of spirit. LOVE HURRICANE LAMPS!!!! Anita

Anne P. on

Hi. Wow I don’t own a single one but I need a pair or two after seeing this! We moved into our new and first home just a few months ago so still getting it together. I do love the look and like you said its so easy. Thank you. Your new line is just beautiful, a great addition to your beautiful shop.

Belle on Heels on

Love Paul Simon (and hurricanes!). But the real question is….was crazy Aunt Sandy a.k.a. the First Girlfriend at the fundraiser? I always think she must be truly entertaining at his political events 🙂

But seriously…these etched hurricanes are simply stunning!! Love the 2nd and 3rd from the bottom!

Anonymous on

I love those hurricanes. They are all so beautiful. I have a hard time choosing just one design. Maybe I should just order several of those beauties. I also love the blue & white pillows.

Love Paul Simon. You lucky girl Tina!

Faith B
Interiors Unique

French on

Completely agree that hurricanes are a must; I use them in various sizes all over the house and outside. In the last year or two I have been buying them in this urn-shape that you also show here; love these, and will be off to see them in your shop; you have selected some very nice ones! The Oak Bar is gone? How sad! But I saw Paul Simon in Central Park and he really is pretty groovy and fun to listen to!

I Dream Of on

Gorgeous round up! I especially love them outside on a warm summer night! We used that photo of the hurricanes and rose petals as inspiration for our wedding, and had them along the paths to the tent where our reception was held. They looked gorgeous when it got dark – like earthbound echoes of the stars above.
Sad that the Oak Bar is gone, but how fun to hear Paul Simon!
Have a lovely Wednesday, Tina! XO

-Lisa on

Hi Tina,
Thanks for such lovely pics. Beautiful hurricanes, they are so versatile.

Now I am going to go completely off topic and maybe should just email you this request but here I go! I think it would be so interesting to read a post from you that addresses the ‘behind the scenes’ of a house. Your home is just breathtaking and quite large. It would be fun to read how it all comes together in terms of day to day maintenance. For instance, how many people clean your house? Is it weekly? Do you have a live in housekeeper? Who helps you with your parties? Do you have pool people? Grounds keeper? You get the idea.

You have attracted a very loving dedicated blog following and I highly doubt any one of us would be put off by the realty of the world behind a house like yours. It would be so intriguing (at least to me:-)

That’s it. Have a wonderful day. Not as oppressive as the last two!!

zanetastyle on

Stunning and my favorites are in your home, or castle(: they create cozy settings, no doubt. Great review Tina! Hugs z

'LUSH' on

You had me at “hurricanes”–living on the Gulf Coast! I love your hurricanes much better!! In love the with the dramatically lined pathway!

Leslie on

Beautiful! glad you are carrying them on your on-line store Tina. I have a few black ones and a trio of white .. and I’m looking for the perfect glass set. It’s been difficult to find ones that are the right size. I’ll pop over to the store and see what you have. I’m sure there will be something to put on my wish list! I like to put them in AND outdoors. They look so pretty on the or around the greenery in on our property.

Karen Albert on

Oh so gorgeous, I adore yours Tina; yet your have also found an amazing variety shown in varying rooms of the home!
I would be thrilled with the Greek Key style and the smaller vertical vine hurricane. One day soon!

Giveaway from The Enchanted Home!

Deborah Wilkins on

You and I are cut from the same cloth, Tina! I love what you love….lots of blue and white, hurricanes everywhere…..crystal, mercury glass, ceramic (outside), and on and on! I light scented candles every night because I enjoy the ambiance the hurricanes create. I particularly like the over-sized garland scroll hurricane. Have just the perfect spot for it! I look forward to your post every day. Keep up the great work – and thank you!

Stacy Curran on

I can’t imagine why I’ve moved away from such a beautiful staple as hurricanes. I do have a client who is using the RH fire table, and I love it with the hurricanes all around it, so you’ve given me an idea to give her – thank you!!

vicki archer on

There can never be enough hurricanes… they make such a fabulous statement in a room… creating an ambience that says it all… Lovely choices, Tina… xv

Emily on

Tina, so beautiful, each and every one. You gave me so many good ideas here and I absolutely love the new ones you are adding. They are classic and gorgeous. Your home is made for hurricanes!

Katie Clooney on

Love this photos, Tina. LOVED the one with the rose petal path and big hurricanes. Your loggia looks great – love the lanterns that you have on each side of the couch!! Hope you are enjoying great weather so you can be out on your gorgeous loggia. Can’t remember if I told you I love your blue/white pillows too! Have a wonderful day.

Suburban Charm on

The hurricanes are beautiful! I loved the monogrammed ones with the fall leaves in the bottom…I think I will try that this fall. I do have a couple of footed compote bowels…one is on my kitchen island and full of faux lemons (that look so real I have had to stop people from cutting into them) and the other I use during the holidays and I put oranges decorated with cloves in it.

Mel@georgica Pond on

Love these examples and you’ve given me some ideas for different ways to use and display them. Love all the beautiful ways you’ve used them in your gorgeous home too.

Chic Coastal Living on

I too love those hurricanes and love the ones you featured here. They look great every where and it’s nice to have a pair like you said. That fundraiser sounds like it was fun and I agree I like to be home early too! LOL!

Leslie P. on

Stunning! I love hurricanes and just got a beautiful pair from Pottery Barn for my newly done side patio. I love the new ones you are carrying, they are so elegant. Lovely post as always Tina.

Arell on

I am so happy to see that you have added hurricanes and bowls to your store! I don’t own any hurricanes and I really love them. You are the one who really inspired me to think about getting some for my own home! Now, which to choose…;)

NanaDiana on

I love hurricanes, Tina, and have a few in my home. I have been using them for probably 20 years now and never tire of them- xo Diana

Carolyn on

Tina, beautiful post. Love how you give so many beautiful examples of how to use things both in your own home and interior design photos. Your house always looks so beautiful and I love getting to see little peeks here and there.

I also love the impact of hurricanes. I have several scattered about but have to say none as pretty as yours. I think I need to “replenish”, love the new selection.


Sandy at You May Be Wandering on

Hi Tina…I love hurricanes…my mantel is very narrow and I am wondering if yours will fit (the look like the might). All of your photos are stunning, especially the ones in your own home!!

Enjoy the rest of your week! xoxo

Agnes on

I need a pair of hurricanes! I love them on a coffee table and need a pair. I love the ones you are selling and will be contacting you. I cannot tell you how much I enjoy your blog, Tina. Everytime I visit I learn something and leave wanting to redo my whole house, haha.

Love Paul Simon too, we saw him years ago, love his melodic voice.

Acquired Objects on

Love the look and the husband said you can have to many hurricanes since I too have them everywhere. We saw Paul Simon several years ago and what a treat! I hope you aren’t getting the massive amount of rain we are here in New England and won’t stop for another week or so…ugh!


Teresa at Splendid Sass on

This post is absolutely beautiful. There is nothing more beautiful than a crystal hurricane. I love your choices here, and I must admit I especially love the use outdoors.
The hurricanes in your shop are so gorgeous.

Nan Parker on

I too adore hurricanes and now with the beautiful Luminere remote control flameless candles, I enjoy my collection inside and outside more than ever. A beautiful post, Tina!

I read Lisa’s comment and I’ve wondered the same things. Perhaps you’d think about letting your blog fans in on the back story, so to speak.


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