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Hi there how is your week going? Mine has been busy…my husband had pneumonia for the last 8 days, had houseguests and let’s just say I am rather exhausted. Thankfully he is feeling better, went back to work for a few hours yesterday (taking it slow) and life is getting somewhat back to normal. I feel like lately I just haven’t had enough hours in my day! I am still waiting for the fun and relaxation of summer to kick in. August? Anywho, moving on……

OK I might be slow to the starting gate but finally this filly has caught up and now gets what all the Pinterest fuss is about. Let’s just say I find it incredibly “pinteresting”…and I cannot seem to stay away!

I am by no means addicted (though some might argue)  but definitely love the convenience of being able to capture what I love and putting it in a safe and organized place…I mean the concept is totally brilliant. I have a ways to go but am getting there and having fun in the process.  Some of the boards are “newly hatched” and others are a bit more developed but let me tell I am having fun on this learning curve!! You can click on each title to be taken to that Pinterest board (and I have others, these are just some of what I have started) . Love being able to customize and curate a board specific to my own style and tastes.  So thought it could make a fun post to include a few faves from each of my boards, ready? Here we go…..

Forewarning, seriously beautiful  images that can produce heart palpitations…..

Monogram love…..

Food fun……

My style in clothing….

My style……..

Boxwoods and outdoors….

Tabletops that rock.…..

Sweet dreams…..

Party like a rockstar..….

My Home…..

The power of flowers….

Wow..that’s a whole lot of pretty, wouldn’t you say? If you want to see ALL of my Pinterest boards click here.…yes there are more, and that is nothing compared to some of the Pinterest veterans. Forewarning, it can get really addicting and not for the faint of heart!! So I normally tell myself before I even get started that I will allow myself x amount of time and set a limit before I even begin…its a wonderful resource but like with all good things,  when done in moderation:)

 I do not want to be sitting in some big circle with other “addicts”  in a dark obscure room one day having to fess up to too many hours pinning so I really do limit how much time I spend on there, lol. But let me tell you…once you get started, its not so easy to stay away! Do you too have Pinterest fever? It can be awfully contagious:)  Every picture you see, you think to pin for safe keeping…..brilliant idea! Happy pinning…and have yourself a fabulous day.

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Anonymous on

Just beautiful but not surprising given that your taste is perfect in all you do. Pinterest is an amazing phenomenon, my daughters are on it all the time. Love your boards.

My favorites are your house board and the blue and white (and your clothing) actually love them all.

Chic Coastal Living on

I totally agree! I love pinterest and I wish there was a way to save the photos somehow forever! Love following you on Pinterest too!

Katie Clooney on

Wow… now that’s what I call eye candy! Are you surprised to see how much your home has been pinned? I’m not because it’s gorgeous but it may be strange for you to see your home on Pinterest boards. Hope you have a great day now that hubby is back to work.

Castles Crowns and Cottages on


First of all, thank you dear one for coming to visit my post. You are just a dear to always stop by my rather minimalist posts! But you are a wonderful friend who always swings by for a kind word.

OK, down to business. PINTEREST IS ADDICTING! I do it when I’m trying to get ideas for my posts, when I’m waiting on my husband to get ready to go out, or whenever I CAN! And if you think Pinterest was addicting? TRY TUMBLR! Oh dear….even more fantastic. I am now following you on Pinterest!

AND YOUR DEAR HUSBAND…OMG. May he bounce back swiftly! My dear man had a blood clot in his leg two weeks ago and is now taking meds to take care of that! Yikes, you never know what will hit.

Hugs to you and have fun! (the loggia is stunning!) Anita

Amy @MaisonDecor on

Love Pinterest too Tina~I will be following your boards, as I love your take and taste on lifestyle and decor! Starting in August I will be pinning for HomeGoods! They asked me to be one of ten national designers to pin for their Happy by Design board!! So that will be very exciting~I will blog about it when it is underway. Have a great day Tina! xo

Gina on

I do see a problem with Pinterest. Credits somehow get lost down the road.

Linda {Calling it Home} on

I am completely addicted to Pinterest, and now that you are on my side-bar I can click over to you and pin even faster! Glad to hear your husband is feeling better.

Emily @ Town And Country Shuffle on

Hi Tina,

You know I am happily addicted to Pinterest… lol. It is such a brilliant concept. Happy pinning Tina! your boards are beautiful.

Emily @ Town And Country Shuffle

Marsha Splenderosa on

I love it too, most for the amazing inspirational photographs which can change the direction of your entire day. A very happy place!!!!

Betsy@ coastal-colors on

Tina, I adore your Pinterest boards! They remind me of your gorgeous home and shoppe! I’m a monogram fan too! I love the placemats- how cute! The tiny toile shoes- adorable! Thanks for sharing all the inspiration!

Vivian Min on

I love Pinterest and I do have a Pinterest fever! I will be following all your boards. I will be tackling my home renovation/addition soon and wanted to thank you for the beautiful inspirations.

Anonymous on

Hi Tina,

Welcome to pinterest……….I am addicted but I think it would be so nice if folks labeled the items in their images. How many times have I loved something but had no idea who made it or where to find it.

Love your blog! Such inspiration!!!!!


Mary Ann at classic?casual?home on

I love Pinterest…will be fun to check out your boards when I have more time…like this weekend. I love you use my mini-Ipad on trips to visit Pinterest/

Taylor Greenwalt on

Tina…I love Pinterest…my daughter and her friends just do Pinterest…to them blogs are a thing in the past…..

Karen Albert on

Dear Tina I did not get on the bandwagon for Pinterest for a long time; wow watch out now, I love it!
It is such a great way to catalog looks you love!
I hope you will visit soon!

2013 Designer Series

christy on

Tina this is so beautiful. Love every one of those boards and I am actually craving an cookie ice cream sandwich after seeing those food pictures. Your home board is exquisite. Love and look forward to checking out more of your boards. I am afraid to go on for fear that I might also end up not being able to stay away πŸ™‚

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns on

Tina, I have been pinning almost since the beginning and I cannot even admit how many pins I have or I may be admitted to the addict club.

It is a great way to see nd find new things and keep them all in one place. So happy to have you join, I am looking forward to following you.

Have a great weekend. I hope that your husband feels better.


Sharon (Roses and Rust) on

Oh dear! My time is already oversubscribed, I am going to have to add your pinterest boards to my not to be missed list of things to view! How could you do this to me??? xx Sharon

Kathysue on

Tina, I am totally addicted to Pinterest and I don’t mind admitting it. It is a total carry over from designing and sourcing for clients for years. I use to spend copious amounts of time researching.

I am with you, Pinterest is the best organizing tool for design and lifestyle ideas around. I have been on a lot longer than most, I started back in the day when THEY, the powers that be on pinterest were actually sending out personal invites. I had no idea how to maneuver the site at all.

Back then there really were no clear suggestions or tools to maneuver around the site. I did nothing for awhile and then one day they had revamped a bit, and explained a little better and the rest is history and over 21,000 pins later i am still pinning,LOL

I follow YOU and love your pins so my dear, just keep pinning and I will keep pinning what you pin. I love how this all works.

Thank you for your visit on my Summer home tour of my home today, always nice to see you there!
xo Kathysue

Sandy at You May Be Wandering on

Hi Tina…I am so sorry to hear about your husband…that is scary stuff. I am glad he is on the mend.

Leave it to you to have the most beautiful pins…seriously, you have the best taste ever…I could JUST follow you on Pinterest and pretty much call it a day!

Hope you are enjoying this cooler weather…xoxo

The Preppy Princess on

What wonderful news to learn you are on Pinterest now, from one addict to another, welcome! After months & months of not pinning recipes (because then I knew I would go completely off the radar with food-related pins and boards), I *finally* gave in and made one wee secret (hidden) recipe board, how wacky is that?

I’m so happy to see your husband is better. Pneumonia is a tough illness, Please don’t let him overdo.

Sending you a smile,

therelishedroost on

Nothing worse than a sick husband, especially with pneumonia,yikes!! Love all the pins! They really get ones creative juices flowing and of course your interior shots where fantastic too! Keep Pinning!!
xo Karolyn

Slim Paley on

You’re addicted! I can tell!! lol
At least you know the “Pinaholics” meeting rooms across the world will be well decorated! See you there πŸ™‚

Anonymous on

All so beautiful but your home board takes the prize!

Georgica Pond on

What a lovely pick me up that post was – full of such inspiring gorgeousness. Love those blue and white booties, so divine!

Marilyn *Pink Martinis and Pearls* on

Hi Tina, I’m just starting the Pinterest thing although I love Instagram. I’m afraid where pinning might take me. I already feel like I’ve come to the dark side of computer addiction. Getting a smart phone for another’s Day probably was a mistake for me. I’ve become “one of those” half of the couple who is always checking things. Gaaaa! Can’t wait to view your picks. Knowing your excellent taste, it will be a wonderful resource.


LOVE Pinterest!! It replaces all my folders of tear sheets!

krish@ Pinterest Software on


You are providing a niche collection of showcase. Already I have been working and posting Pinterest board.

Sophia Home on

Hello Tina,

Yes, Pinterest is a little addictive! I love the way it crosses all age groups….my daughter and her friends love it too! Your boards are gorgeous….

Have a lovely weekend!


Lisa on

Wow, what a lovely blog and post!

Melanie R on

Dear Tina,
A year or so ago I was invited to join Pinterest, I set up my account and for the life of me I didn’t know where to start. My first pins were what I liked, birds nests, fountains, sterling silver and over a course of weeks and many pins later, I could finally see “My style” defined. It was such a wonderful feeling. I could finally see ‘me’. It is a wealth of information on anything and everything. I pin at night, after my work is done and the house is quiet. I love it!
Happy pinning to all….

Debra Phillips on

it’s a slippery slope of loveliness, welcome aboard tina and enjoy!!

24 Corners on

I was late to the Pinterest game too knowing I’d be instantly sucked in…and lo and behold, that’s exactly what happened. This year has been so crazy and it’s been a great creative outlet when blog posts seemed to be an overwhelming prospect.

Wonderful news that your husband is better now, at least he wasn’t ill during a wet season, so much more difficult to recover from pneumonia when it’s damp…continued health, rest, & wellness to him!

See you over at Pinterest…
xo J~

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