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This simply could not wait another hour……I interrupt my normal blog posts to bring you my dream beach house. Virtually I have been  looking for my “dream beach house” and I have at long last found it.  We are a match made in heaven if there ever was one. It has everything I want from being ocean front to having a pool and tennis court, a tennis pavillion…sure why not! Gorgeous interiors, even a touch of blue and white, ocean views for miles…it is absolutely a match made in heaven!!  First time in nearly 40 years this treasure is being offered up for sale…a Hamptons gem to be sure, and its located on swanky Gin Lane to boot!

I nearly fainted when I saw it, it is soooooo goregous. Granted this is hardly your typical “beach shack”, not a weathered gable for miles, no rustic driftwood, no siree…but this is a house that is just a “knock your socks off” kind of house. Oh the parties I could have! Ready to see my virtual new beach house (hey one can dream, best part it’s free)! Here we go, as you scroll, be sure to visualize the sound and image of crashing waves and seagulls flying about…….

What a compound! It has everything and then to be on the sparkling Atlantic…..perfection!

 Love this room….

 Beautiful dining room, love the chandy and sconces!
 I love the feeling of the kitchen and wouldn’t change a thing!

 Stunning bedroom suite….love the soft colors
 See the blue and white? Its calling me!

 This is such a cozy spot….I would hold my afternoon Scrabble and Monopoly game sessions in here….

 This is a view I could certainly get used to waking up to!
Champagne please………
 Another gorgeous elegant room…..

 I will have my coffee and croissants here ever morning, thank you.

 Lovely for afternoon cocktails…….

 This is totally meant to be….this room has my name all over it.
 There it is again…that blue and white beckoning!
 Wow…now that is what I call a tennis pavillion!
 I just love the feeling of this bath…its old fashioned but so elegant

 Great playroom… the neutral tonal look

Well……..what do you think? Amazing or what!! It’s rare for me to see a house where I would virtually change nothing. OK if I am being picky I might swap out the striped cushions on the outdoor furniture for ivory solids and add my blue and white pillows πŸ™‚ But that is it! Now if you just happen to be in the  market for a $45 million dollar beach house in tony Southampton, click here to notify the broker immediately that you want the contracts mailed  pronto but please I ask one favor, instead of paying me my finders fee….just let me have an unlimted “free pass” as a guest to visit anytime I please. Deal?  Hope you enjoyed…..

Back to reality, don’t forget to visit my Mad for monograms post and be sure to leave a comment so you are eligible for the giveaway! Today is the last day, I will announce a winner of the lovely autographed Monogram issues by Victoria. Its a keeper! Wishing you a wonderful Sunday and relaxing end to your week. Click here to visit that post.

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Karen Albert on

Tina you have outdone yourself in the search for your perfect beach-house! Now If you purchase may I come and visit. So many gorgeous rooms; that master suite wow!

2013 Designers Series

Chic Coastal Living on

WOW! Is this house incredible or what! Love the big spacious rooms and that tennis pavilion is gorgeous! Those blue and white rooms are perfect for you!

Castles Crowns and Cottages on

OH GOOD HEAVENS…Tina, this is a gracious living space if I ever saw one! And I’m over here PRETENDING I live by the ocean as I sit in my covered deck with a fountain running and the breeze blowing…but that’s all I have and ever will have. Your home is very similar in design and interiors so you are almost there! I hope you will be able to do something fabulous with that pool and poolhouse you have on your property; it is already TDF! Have a super day, and thank you for this detour to a surprise beach home! Anita

Anonymous on

This is so incredible. I agree, its done to perfection inside and out. My in laws used to own a home in the estate section of Southampton many years ago and we used to ride bikes and walk their dogs down Gin Lane and even then, it was an absolute heaven. This is a dream beach house if I ever saw one.

carolyn bradford on

How on earth did you find this? It is stunning…spectacular…unbelievable!! What a dream to just live in it for a weekend! I’m like you…I wouldn’t change a thing!

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns on

Wow! This place is fabulous! If your going to dream, dream bug as they say. I cannot believe how beautiful this p,ace is.

Thanks for sharing your dream beach house!

Have a great day, hope everyone is feeling better.

Victoria on

Tina, your radar for all things beautiful must have been on in a big way to have found this beauty. Funny because the overall feeling reminds me a lot of your home, so I can see why you were so drawn to it (who wouldn’t be)! I wouldn’t change a thing either, it is absolutely perfect, now I need to figure out how to raise that 45 million, haha.

Thanks for the gorgeous eye candy.

laurie carpenter on

G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S-!!! nothing left to say.

Taylor Greenwalt on

I would love to own this beach house…love all the blue and white..

Decorative Interiors on

So perfect – every detail chic & sophisticated! Thank you Tina!
Any idea who the design firm might have been?

Mona Thompson on

I’ll be right over…the beach is calling my name. I need a break and this would be an awesome one. Have a great week.

Kathysue on

Tina, I can totally see you moving right in as-is!! If you do, may I come for a visit. The word “house” does not justify this , compound/ Mansion on the beach. GORGEOUS!!

Andrea on

OMG, this is absolutely AMAZING!!! I love stalking high end real estate listings… because like you said, dreaming is free! πŸ™‚

The Glam Pad

Emily @ Town And Country Shuffle on

Hi Tina,

It’s just beautiful! At first I thought you compiled all the rooms from Pinterest… lol. Hopefully some day… when I hit the lottery (as is on my to do list lol)I can buy a house like that…

Thanks for sharing


Nita Stacy on

What an amazing home! I never thought of a huge tudor by the beach but there it is!

La Dolfina on

So fun, love the room with your name all over it πŸ™‚
Thanks so much for stopping by, I love it when you grace my blog!
Hope you are enjoying this lovely July weekend…

Dee on

I love those blue and white picture gallery! Those frames look incredible. love to know where to find them

Anonymous on

Breathtaking, but your home is just as beautiful, if not more so. Marilyn in Mt. Vernon, VA

Meredith @ The Laundry Can Wait on

Forget the whole house…I’d be content in any one room. I’d even take the bathroom. πŸ˜‰


Anonymous on

Does it come fully furnished! I might be interested, but I think my husband might think otherwise!

Robyn on

Oh, I love all those soft colours. You just want to sink into the cushions with a good book and never leave!

Debra Phillips on

i can see your name all over this tina, my gosh, it reminds me of your home!! there must be a way……for us to come & visit you

Kim on


I’m speechless on this beach house…. just speechless… flawless.

christy on

This is heaven if I ever saw it, but then again so it your house Tina. Beautiful!

zanetastyle on

Hi Tina, how are you? Making us all feel just dreamy going through this dream property! This is like your twin has decorated the home (: Even the room with cathedral ceilings you like …is very similar to your own family room ceilings. I love how they put the outdoors patio pillars up and filled them with glass to keep the wind away…yet the roof is open so it must be wonderful feeling. The gardens are also spectacular. Love it all …of course.
hugs Z

Georgica Pond on

I’m utterly lost for words. That is just the most breathtaking interior – love every room. It’s magnificent. Hard to believe just a weekend getaway for some lucky family. Thank you for showing us how the other half live!

Gregoria Loth on

Thanks for giving us a tour of your future house, Tina. I’m speechless! I couldn’t any but… wow! Every room is gorgeous, and the fantastic view of the ocean is very relaxing. It can be the best place to settle for your retirement.

Keli on

Ah, i see. Well tha’ts not too tricky at all!”

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