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This is more of a personal post and a definite departure from all my posts on pretty interiors but hope you will read it nonetheless….good to change things up every now and then πŸ™‚
As we are about to usher in fall, I inevitably feel the same way right around this time…….

I kid you not on a truly perfect fall day, when the weather is hovering round 60 and there is a cool brisk breeze, when the sky is blanketed in all its royal blue glory,  the sun is radiating its brilliance, when the leaves are turning a Crayola box of colors, when you start seeing smoke billowing out of chimneys and bright yellow school buses rounding ever corner, when you hear the whistle of a referee at an opening day football game, when you see cars loaded up for the seasons first tailgate party,  and college campuses come alive again with open hearts and bright minds ready to embrace new opportunities,  when you start to anticipate weekend trips to Vermont for apple and/or pumpkin picking,  when you smell apple cider permeating the air and get a glimpse of an old truck lugging thousands of pumpkins headed to a local farm………those are the unmistakable signs of  fall. And at the sake of sounding melodramatic sometimes it makes me cry a little…..

 I think subconsciously fall symbolizes an unspoken goodbye to my own once young kids,  eagerly waiting for the bus, all the fun (and not so fun) trips to the stores for that dreaded back to school shopping, heck I will even miss some of the arguing over what clothes to buy and not buy, because it meant one thing…….we were together, just doing that simple task of buying clothes meant they were still young, still needed my help and guidance, young enough to still need me to get them there. I was their social secretary, wardrobe consultant, in house chef, part time nurse, tutor extraordinaire, chauffeur on call, playdate wizard, you name it……I was there and miss every second:)

Now my youngest son hops into his car with his friends, heads for the mall without a second thought that I should be there. In his mind, that ship has sailed and this new chapter brings him the independence he has waited 17 years to have and deserves.  It’s admittedly bittersweet……seeing my tall strapping young son (my baby) all grown up, who just started his senior year of high school. So proud of his successes while at the same time wishing he was young enough to still need my presence for his every move.  I well up just thinking of it, don’t know how I am going to get through this last year knowing it’s my last, how I will handle things at his graduation. Bring on the tissues (or Valium) or maybe both:).

So fall for me is very personal, a beautiful reminder that life is short and precious and a privilege and above all something to not take advantage of. Not a single day. For all of you who are lucky enough to still have young children in the house (I envy you), but please trust me on one thing……. try and enjoy all those dreaded school supply shopping trips, the countless pleas  for homework help, the arguments to go to the mall yet one more time, the late night runs looking for poster board (no you are not the only one:), the serious brainstorming over what to wear that first day of school, the hours you will spend scouring the land for that one Halloween costume they must have, them begging for you to make their favorite cupcakes or cookies even when you are so exhausted you can’t move a muscle, the hand holding that they expect all the way to the bus stop, even those early mornings frantically scraping together a quick lunch for them to take……with the blink of an eye it all goes by so so fast.  And don’t even get me started on Halloween!  I know I miss all of these “rites of passage” desperately and for some reason it always hits home come fall. Sometimes fall makes me cry……

So this is a tribute to the beautiful season of fall, which I am sure means different things to different people….it reminds me that life changes and changes fast, new doors open while others close. I think for me, fall will always be a reminder of some of the best times of my life with my kids, as much as I complained about the dreaded back to school blues, it was also an exciting and fun filled time to be a part of, seeing the new season through their young and hopeful eyes.  I was right there at the front line, part of every facet of their life, not missing a single minute……….

Now I feel like nothing but a bystander to all the fall festivities and rites of passage.  While I am walking into Staples to buy tape or printer paper,   I look with envy at all the exasperated parents and eager kids choosing just the right notebooks and backpacks and just want to tell them to enjoy it even amidst the crazy chaos and exhaustion that we parents inevitably feel come fall.  I would happily take the chaos over the calm if it meant them being young again.  It makes me sad yes, but at the same time fortunate that I got to experience it at all. And I guess though at 47 it feels strange to say it, there are always grandkids πŸ™‚

So thank you fall, for being the one season that reminds me of how grateful I am and a season that will always take me back to a very precious time……..even if it makes me cry just a little.

Thanks so much for stopping in and wanting to read what I have to say. Your visits mean the world to me!

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Henhurst Interiors on

What a beautiful post, Tina! While fall is my favorite season, I agree the scents and sights evoke profound memories. And, this is certainly an interesting season in the course of parenting. Sending lots of love your way!

Caroline on

Tina, this made me cry because it reminded me to let go of some of the stress I put on myself (3 young kids under 11) and to try and enjoy it. I will bake those cupcakes in your honor today and enjoy every trip for the back to school supplies because you are right in no time flat this will be a distant memory.

I love your writing and you expressed yourself so beautifully, fall is by far the most beautiful season in more ways than one. Gorgeous post.

Monograms Mud on

As a Mom of 3 little ones (7,4 &1) thanks for the gentle reminder that the days are long, but the years are short. I just finish Katrina Kenison’s “Gifts of an Ordinary Day” and your posts echoes her book. If you haven’t read it yet, I think you would enjoy it. She talks not only about her changing role as a mother to her grown teenage boys, but also her family’s journey building/renovating a 100 year old house in a rural New England town.


Anonymous on

Tina- another beautiful and well written post. Boy this hits home. My kids all in their mid teens are creeping up in age and you are right it does go by fast. Fall is my favorite season and with it I always feel a mix of emotions. Loved your many “titles” and the reminder of all the little mundane things to not let slip away without enjoying them a bit. Thank you-

Kimberly VanDyke on

Tina, your words hit home with me. I am a mother of three, grown children. Well, my youngest is still in college. I am 42 with one grandchild and I am so thankful for him. Your writing here is just beautiful, I could feel my emotions in your words. Thank you for sharing with us.


Anonymous on

wonderful bittersweet post.. you have done your job and sent them out into the world.. the way it is meant to be.. they will never really leave you… it simply changes from what it was into something that is new and just as sweet.. look back with love but focus on what is to come …that is where you are all going

Julia @ Hooked on Houses on

Oh, boy, did this get me all teary-eyed this morning! My son leaves for college this week, so I’ve been feeling especially sentimental lately. My daughter is still at home but the years are really flying by way too quickly, if you ask me. I loved this post — thanks! πŸ™‚


Julia “sent” me here through her blog…after reading her post, I read this post,( and all the comments). That was about thirty minutes ago. Odd,fall must be allergy season for me, because for some reason, my eyes started watering profusely and wouldn’t stop until now…so strange!
I forwarded your post to my wife , and while she has no known allergies….I am certain she will be sniffling off and on for the rest of the day and well into the evening now too…..I guess I’d better go buy some Benadryl! (If they televise any Hallmark commercial tonight,after reading your post, we are both doomed!..medication or not!)
Beautiful post, wonderful thoughts, delightful images!! Great Job! Thanks!

jennifer smith on

Hi Tina, this is just beautiful, made me well up too. Though my kids are younger, hearing your words of wisdom is going to make me slow down and try to enjoy even the hectic time that this time of year always is. I really loved this post and you wrote it beautifully. Love all the pictures especially the first and last one. Enjoy the new stages of your kids, how proud you must be to have gotten there!

Pinky at Designs by Pinky on

This made me cry too. Especially the part about being a bystander….I feel like that ALOT now. My “kids” are 42 and 45!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I know I will never be a Grandparent either so THAT is a big heartache for me too. I have wonderful memories of the kids growing up and luckily have my daughter living nearby. XO, Pinky

designchic on

I can hardly believe it is time to start thinking about Fall – have loved this Summer and don’t want it to end!! Your gorgeous images make me excited for Carolina football, picnics, and crisp, cool weather. Happy Tuesday!

Jeannine on

I read your beautiful post and cried. I have three children now in their 30’s and wonder where did the years go? I tell parents with young children “Do not wish your life away. Hold, hug and kiss your children as long as they will let you.” Wonderful memories recalled this morning. My husband and I are always a little sad the first day of school even though our children are grown now.

Yvonne @ StoneGable on

Oh what a sweet and sentimental post, Tina! Nothing like sniffling into my coffee this morning! You certainly chose beautiful images… especially those darling little boys! I’m looking so forward to fall too!

Anne on

Tina, Tina Tina….boy this hit home in many ways. My youngest is 16 and let me tell you I feel the smae way. But your can express yourself so well so you said everything I feel. I wish I could push a pause button, its going by too fast.

I could relate to almost everything you said, about the many roles we played and then having to let them go, even as you watch them in awe of who they have become. All the cherished fall rituals they don’t need us for anymore, going to stores seeing all the kids rushing around for their school supplies, yes I can relate to it all.

As you said though, we are all lucky to have experienced it at all. It is a blessing that not everyone gets to have. Thank you for this.

Anonymous on

Are those your boys? They are SO SO cute (whoever they are) This post made me cry,even though my kids are still young, 8 and 10 I know I will feel the same. My life is those girls and I cannot imagine when they are off on their own. I think you did a beautiful job of expressing why fall makes you cry, it is such a beautiful season. Really enjoyed this.

Vicky on

Your words and pictures this morning are beautiful! Don’t pine too much for those days of young children and all the hustle and bustle, joys and disappointments that went with them. Pat yourself on the back for having raised fine young adults who are confident to go out into the world and make you proud on another level. And before you know it there will be grandchildren and you can start all over again with all of the “firsts”.
BTW . . . Fall is my very favorite season! Here in the South it’s a time of cooler weather and a much welcome drop in humidity!

Anonymous on

I am so with you ~ went through this a number of years ago and have graduated to 9 grandchildren and I’m now 60! But I can so relate ~ remember it all so well.

Karen Albert on

Dear Tina, I understand completely, I know this is one of the reasons I cherish Autumn. It is also the season where the senses of smell and sight take over. Love the images you’ve chosen for us!

2013 Authors Series
“Love Where You Live”

Ellen Watson on


Your words are so eloquent and heartfelt…I absolutely feel the same as you do…so bittersweet…but I am so grateful for all the sweet memories i have of my own children when they were young . Thank you for posting this !

The Preppy Princess on

Ah Tina, what a lovely, beautiful post. Thank you for the gorgeous images, but much more importantly, the bittersweet sentiments that only a mother can voice.

Charisse WHG on

Hi Tina,
Fall is my favorite time of year for so many reasons. I was born in October, my Dad was, my brothers, Grandfathers, and my parents married in that month as well. I adore it for the cooler temperatures and the color, and for so many reasons, many of which you touched on. It is a reminder that some routines in your life are coming to a close, but like the coming season of spring, there will be new challenges and opportunities that will unfold for you. You will bloom in a different way now, just like you always have. How proud you must be of your new senior, soon to be college bound son! Lovely post.

Gerry on

Beautiful post! Brought tears to my eyes because you said what I have felt and never put into words. Thank you!

delloraine on

Tina, fall is my favorite time of year only we here in Texas Hill Country have to wait a little longer for the cool weather and the turning of the leaves. I too get a little sentimental and reminiscent. We just dropped our oldest at college and the other is entering high school, it goes so fast. Now you have time for you and the mr. I hope you have a great fall. love your blog

Katherine on

While FALL may be tugging at your heart strings, your words hit home and tugged at mine. It is a melancholy time of the year. Putting the garden to bed, saying goodbye to the carefree summer days and seeing our children begin another chapter in their lives with the mark of the school year.
I realize this might be why I’ve always felt I should live in a climate that is warm all year long – then it might always be a carefree summer day.
Tina – as I read your words I was thinking that sooner than you know it there will be the buzz of Daughers-in-law and maybe little angels who chirp out ‘Grandma’. THAT is the autumn of our lives and really it is more colourful and glorious than any other golden fall day every could be. So use this time in your life to treat yourself well and to catch your breath for the next busy chapter.


Anonymous on

Good morning, first of all you a very gifted write and storyteller. You captured my attention with your wonderful sentiments and equally captivating images. I have followed your blog for months now, and absolutely love it, its my morning eye candy and inspiration. First time I have been moved to comment though.

I was in your shoes three years ago, youngest daughter (of 3) headed off to college. I had been a stay at home mom except for a part time photography business. I was a wreck, suddenly it was me my husband and two dogs. The silence was eery, I sought the help of a talk therapist to help me readjust to this new chapter of my life and it helped immensely. It was a tough fall for me to get through but by Christmas everyone was coming home and we were all together again. I am trying to say that though you will not be together for every day, the love and connection you have as a family will never ever change. That is stagnant and that is what you need to focus on. Not the day in and the day out but the unit that you are.

Rejoice in what you have accomplished in helping your grown kids become successful adults and focus on the life you will continue to share together through grandkids, birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, graduations, so many happy and wonderful events to come! Look at the positive and reflecting back on what you ad is part of the tapestry of life. Fantastic post.

ChristineS on

Beautiful post, Tina. I loved every word. As a mom to three boys, ages 5,4, and 3…. I totally relate and appreciate your reality check. I do savor many of the days’ moments, even the challenges, and know that life is precious and short, and can change on a dime….
Happy Fall to all.

Anonymous on

Awww.You hit that post just right.Although I don’t have children of my own,I have 2 nephews that I used to buy new sneakers for back to school every year.It was my treat to them( and the shopping trip was a treat for me).They are 27&33 now.I miss all the things you are talking about.I was in a store last week where the father was complaining to his daughter about how stupid it was to spend $60 on shoes she wanted.Poor kid was humilated.I muttered “shut-up” under my breath ,but I just wanted to tell him to enjoy that precious gift.His child


Lisa on

The way you described fall in the first paragraph, the way you described the many roles you were to your children and the way you advised on what not to take advantage of was so so beautiful. It made me cry and my kids are only 5 and 8! Thank you Tina for the gift of your blog and it really is a gift. Your family (and kids) are very lucky to have you. I can see you are a wonderful mother and human being.

Shelley on

What a beautifully written and illustrated post on fall! And I concur!

Anonymous on

Speaking for myself and I imagine for many, many others, your blog means so much to us! They are so enjoyable
I wait with great anticipation for each!

Have a wonderful day!

Kerry Steele- Design du Monde on

Ahhhh, I can identify with this! I just took my oldest off to college. I was thinking about how abruptly childhood had come to an end. Luckily, I had my last baby at 40 so there are many more years to go. Like you, I am looking forward to grandkids too.

Sharon (Roses and Rust) on

What a beautifully written post! I am still in the thick of school shopping trips for stationary and clothes, school lunches and school lifts, and I definitely needed reminding to savour all these moments, both good and bad, because they are so short-lived and I know I will miss them when they are gone. That picture of the 3 boys is so sweet. Are they yours? x Sharon

Anonymous on

Your post on fall is beautiful however it makes me want to cry for another reason. I have also experienced what you talk about with my daughter, son and two grandsons. However after watching the news and listening to the radio I fear that our children and grandchildren are going to experience a very different world than the one you talk about unless we take a stand. I want to be positive however I also cannot keep my head in the sand like so many people are doing today. Your post has made me reflect on how much I love this country. I am only 62 and now I am crying for “the good old days”!

Heather on

Darlin you’ve got me cryin now! Beautifully written–mine are 14 and 11-both about to begin brand new schools…HIGH school & middle school. No more Halloween parades! : ( Thank you for this beautiful reminder. I always get sad in the fall because it means winter is approaching. The cooler temps signal sadness-but your lovely post is a slap in my face to WAKE up Heather! See the beauty that is RIGHT now. Big Hugs

Debra Oliver on

I think your words have so accurately portrayed many of our own feelings. Fall has always been my favorite time of the year. Somehow those memories have a more deepseated place in my heart. Beautiful images, I can almost smell the bonfire smoke!

Leslie on

Wonderful post Tina and I’m with you! My youngest is beginning her 5th year at UW ~ Accounting. She’s got an offer from one of the big four accounting firms and has grown into an independent woman! My son is considering a move to Los Angeles to work in the Computer industry. We spend about 18 years trying to teach our kids our to be successful adults and then when they get there, we feel a little sad, right? So much is going on and I sometimes can’t believe I’m as old as I am! I too envy those young moms and I so wish I could have frozen those crazy, hectic school days. WE have lots to look forward to πŸ™‚ Our families will grow as our kids find their partners for life .. and we will enjoy watching them find their way. We may not see our kids as much but when we do, it’s all quality time. Embrace change and live in the moment:) xxL

Barbara on

As Moms we can all relate to this lovely post. Trust me your boys will need you again, just in a different way. My boys are 40 & 42 & they have blessed us with 5 grandchildren. The university years were hard as they started to make their own way in the world but now they are both close & visit often. Family times are less frequent but precious when we are together. As Moms we never really know until our kids are fully grown if we’ve done a good job of raising them; sit back, witness & enjoy this chapter of your life & all those to follow.


Marianne on

Hi Tina,
How beautifully written. Thank you for the wonderful words of advice you have given today to all the young mothers with small children. You expressed the sentiments I feel I want to say to those moms whenever I see the rush of back to school shopping. I miss those days…..pass the Kleenex..

JeanneW on

Tina, I am a hop, skip and jump behind you children-wise and these thoughts have been creeping into my mind more and more. I’m moving out of that golden period when the kids were old enough to help themselves but young enough to still need me. These teenaged years with hormones and college looming ahead are a bit daunting, I have to confess. Your post about the onset of fall and its beautiful scenes are definitely bittersweet.

Gee Singh Newbanks on

What a luvly post Tina. OOhhh the bitter sweet of Fall. My favourite season by far. The season of smells and memories….. of bittersweet. Now I have my baby starting his work on his Bachelors on Thursday. My eldest just married this past May. When did this happen??

lynnmosher on

{sigh} Oh, Tina, this is so beautiful! You have gathered up the emotions and memories of this ol’ heart. I so agree with about fall. There’s just something wonderful and yet melancholy about it. Evokes a basket-full of thanksgiving. I no longer join others in the school supply line at the store. My children are now 44, 37, and 35. But I do have three grand-daughters, 4,5, and 12. I could live in an eternal fall! Thank you for this precious post!

Cheryl on

Tina,what a beautiful post. Fall is my favorite season, for all the mentioned reasons. To me it represents hearth and home. My niece is off to college, and since she is an only child, I can only imagine what my sister nd brother-in-law must be experiencing. My two sons(28 and 25) have begun their careers and have their own lives. We are blessed with a beautifully granddaughter, and are lucky to have her near us for lots of babysitting. I cherish the time we all get together. Time goes by so fast. Enjoy every moment.

Emily @ Town And Country Shuffle on

Tina, what a sweet post. My twins are starting pre-K this fall and I’m at the bottom of the “mountain” you’ve just climbed down. Thanks for the reminder to enjoy every minute!
Oh, and I can’t wait for fall to come… We are so lucky NY has some of the best foliage, right?

Emily @ Town And Country Shuffle

I Dream Of on

Tina, this was a very sweet post, thanks so much for sharing what’s in your heart. It put a lump my throat. First, how lucky are your boys that you’ve been there for them all their lives – even as they become independent young men, that imprint you left on them when they needed you most will never go away. I can relate to that feeling of being on the sidelines – since I don’t have children of my own I’ve always felt a bit distanced from the hustle and bustle and fun of fall – I think we all have that reflex of fall being “back-to-school” time from our younger years, and when you don’t have little ones to carry on the traditions with, you feel like something is a little “off”. So I’ve always focused on the beauty that comes with the changing of the seasons… but this year, I’m downright dreading the end of summer for a couple reasons. Because I know that Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming, and for the first time how I spend those holidays will change completely since my parents have left my childhood home and are now in assisted living. I think it’s also because with autumn approaching, I’m also reminded of how fast the days go, and perhaps how few I have left with my mom and dad. And finally that I am pretty much at the “Labor Day Weekend” in my own life’s calendar – or maybe beyond. Nearing the figurative autumn in my own life. Not young anymore and not feeling as graceful as I’d like about aging…sigh. Anyway, heavy thoughts for a Tuesday AM. πŸ™‚
Sending warm thoughts to you as the days get cooler. Big hugs!

Arell on


Your post hit the mark with all of us moms! My two daughters are all grown up and my grandchildren have just started High School and Junior High! So hard to believe!! The years fly by quickly. Most of the time, I enjoy reminiscing about when the girls were little, but once in a while, my heart feels like it is squeezing tight, the tears well up and I long to have my two little girls back the way they were then, trusting, funny, loving, always interesting and inspiring. The thing is, they are still that way. Just as your children are still wonderful because, you raised them that way too. I just loved your post. The pictures are gorgeous. They set my imagination to wandering! I too, love Fall. Growing up in Southern California, we did not get much of one, but now that I am in Utah, I get to see the trees change in all of their glory, bundle up in cozy sweaters and boots and feel the “nip” in the air as I sip hot apple cider. All the things I dreamed of as a kid.

Anonymous on

Tina seems you have stirred lots of emotions in each of us. For me fall is a beautiful season but like you it makes me feel very emotional too. I am reminded that my kids are one year older and time is flying faster every year. I am not far behind you with my youngest going to college in two years but I do miss the family outings, which happen rarely these days as they are all so busy with their friends, sports, social events and other things that teenagers do. It is so hard to see them grow up and you summed up exactly how I feel but cannot express, so thank you for that, I found it almost therapeutic to read your words! Love your blog so much- feel like we are old friends.


Anonymous on

One of your best posts ever. Thank you!

Marianne on

This has got to be one of the most touching things I have ever ever read.
Thanks for sharing to all. You are a very gifted writer. Perhaps you can take this season of your life to write a book incorporating your gift of interior design, taking it through each season. For now however, enjoy the fruits of your labour as you watch yours sons grow into fine young men. You have prepared them for life, and soon you will reap a harvest of blessings from the hugs of little grandchildren.
(I just know we could be girlfriends!!!)
Your Canadian friend,

(that’s why the spelling of some of the American words are labour; favour; etc)..


Kristina Cabaleiro on

What a truly wonderful post!!!! I completely feel the same way. Although as you are looking back at the years of your little ones, I am at a point in my life where I remember my fall childhood and look forward to raising my little ones in the future! thank you for sharing.

Anonymous on

Beautifully written! You took the words right out of my heart. Thank you.

French Dreaming on

I know exactly how you feel and share those same sentiments. My son is also my baby and we just took him back to UNC Chapel Hill a week ago for his sophomore year. It wasn’t any easier this time around. Although fall makes me cry sometimes for the same reasons, I am so thankful that i have all of those sweet memories.

Kathy Chandler Weddings on

Yes, I am a bystander in the fall chaos too. I miss my three daughters being little probably at some point every day! As you were, I was on the “front line” too, especially being a single mother. We were a team and I relished every day. Now I look wistfully at all the facebook posts of the mothers taking pictures of their children on the first day of school and sense all the excitement ~ how lucky they are! If I could do it all again I would in a second!

Cathy @ My 1929 Charmer on

A very beautifully written post, and like you love Fall and all my sweet memories. Thank you for sharing! Love your photos also, it is the most beautiful time of year.

Sherri McCormick on

You expressed my feelings to a T !! I adore fall, it is indeed my favorite season. But yes, it illustrates to us empty-nesters that things are just not the same anymore. My “little ones” are 32 and 33, and living far away. I miss them every day of my life, but am so blessed to see the wonderful, beautiful adults they have become. We have precious times together often, but again, things are just not the same.
Know that you are among kindred spirits, and thank you for putting to words what so many of us feel.

Ashley T on

This was a beautifully written post, it brought tears to my eyes. Fall is my favorite season as well and you described it so perfectly! Thank you for sharing!

Luciane at on

What a meaningful post, Tina!

As you known, I have three little ones myself and even though they’re still small, I feel the same way you do… time goes by too fast and yes, life is busy, and sometimes we get tired, grumpy, moody… but nothing is more precious than our kids and the memories we make together.

Lots of love to you, my friend.

Luciane at

Anonymous on

Thank you so much for putting all of my thoughts and feelings into words;
that was beautiful and it is always so wonderful to know that we are not alone.
Thank you.

CiciBianca on

Adorable – I’m sitting at my desk and you made me weepy. Thank you.

marsha cannon on

Well you are making me cry too! I am a little bit ahead of you, my youngest just started her junior year in college, but I still miss the back to school rush of buying the supplies and clothes. Most of all I miss those Friday nights with one playing football and one cheering. Happy memories and bittersweet. Enjoy his senior year so much, it flies by! Happy fall to you!

Noni on

I am there right now, trying daily to remember that thses are the best years with my little girls. I am going to make banana bread with them today and ENJOY it! I will offer them as stand in grand kids until you get your own, lol! They don’t really have grammas in their lives and that makes me sad. Great post!

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns on

Tina, a beautifully written post. I do not have any children of my own so all of these things you described I have watched or heard from the sidelines of my siblings. Lucky for me I get to be a part of their everyday adventures and dreams.

I love Fall mainly because in my life Fall signifies times spent with family. Although I live away from my family for most of the year the holidays have always brought us together from all over the globe and we make magical memories making cookies, cooking, doing puzzles playing games, attending the Nutcracker and other holiday concerts.

Thanks for the reminder that life is precious, we need to stop and savor all of the little moments.

Take care, Elizabeth

Jennifer@ClassicStyleHome on

What a sweet post and a reminder to those with young kids to cherish these days. I have three young boys and enjoy every milestone, event, and holiday to the fullest. But, I never forget that one day they will be living their own life. It makes me find my own path as a 30 something year old mom. All three of my boys are finally in school as of this year and I can welcome it with a smile instead of tears because of great friends, a rewarding part-time career, and my sometimes hilarious athletic attempts to stay young.

Sue on

Tina, I’m way ahead of you on this mom road, and I hate to tell you but I did cry the “ugly” cry when my twin girls went off to college. But ~ the grandchildren do take you back to the joy again! The images you choose capture the season beautifully just as your words capture the feelings we moms share. Time DOES fly and I feel so blessed that I was there for every minute.

Sue on

Whoops ~ chose not choose. I wish there was a way to correct our mistakes after we hit publish!

Kathy Bunge on

Tina, what a very beautiful post & so poignantly said. Fall is my very favorite time of year for so many reasons. I worked for hospice several years ago & “making the most of every moment” was certainly instilled in me. Our home is already decorated for Fall – I cannot wait for the magic of Autumn to begin!


Kathy Bunge

Chic Coastal Living on

TINA!!!!! I am sobbing over here! You are such a precious writer and were able to write what I feel in my heart as a mom! Thank you for sharing this lovely tribute to motherhood. May your “baby” have a wonderful senior year! God bless him! Now I’m off to hug my babies now 13, 15, 18!!!

shiree segerstrom on

One of the prettiest posts I’ve ever seen. Fall was my wonderful husband Jim’s favorite time of year. I always dreaded it because it meant our son would go back to school. But it does have some great traditions attached to it. Traditions I’ll treasure for the rest of my days. Shiree’

carolyn bradford on

Well…if that didn’t just make me cry….that was perfectly and wonderfully stated…as usual~ you hit the nail on the head! This is why I no longer know of things to blog about…why I feel all dried up and withered!! At the ripe old age of 49 mind you! I DO have a grandchild! And she is 6! And my son and his wife are going to these back to school nights, etc…and saying, “We’re too young to be doing this!” I would take it away from them in a second if I could have them all back at home and in school again! Treasure those days is right, Tina! Thank you for sharing this and for letting all of those younger parents out there realize just how fast it passes you by if you aren’t on your toes! In the blink of an eye…that’s all it is!

Anonymous on

Thank you so much for this post – it is beautiful and very, very true.

Irma Torralba on

You have spoken to my soul! Your wise words and images are profoundly beautiful. And , yes, there are always grandkids! The cache of knowledge that your grandkids, Tina, will learn from you……priceless.

Mary Ann at classic?casual?home on

The shorter days and longer nights…cooler air and scheduling. I know what you mean. But with my baby boy in college…just have to say, enjoy yours now. So much fun…have lots of pizza and snacks and a soccer ball or basketball and he and his friends will be around. Dry your eyes, Tina. You are doing it all right.

Castles Crowns and Cottages on

Dearest heart,

Change is necessary in our lives, isn’t it?

I have been crazy busy with school preparation all week, so I’m sitting here at 3:30am trying to catch up with all of you, my dear friends.

I so understand the sentiment here; I have no children, but being a teacher, seeing the faces of new students, starting off together on a new journey as we all rustle through the leaves of change. Beautiful post today, I WISH YOU A GLORIOUS SEASON MY DEAR TINA! Anita

Anonymous on

Oh my Tina, you hit this out of the park. I love your design and decorating posts and of course pictures of your house are always the biggest thrill but this one spoke directly to my heart and soul. My oldest is in college but our “baby” my daughter is a junior. My life has been my family, I gave up a career as an attorney to raise them and cannot believe that in a year, my “job” as being their day to day caretaker will be done and off they will go on their own. I know its going to be a huge transition for me but like all before us, we both will do just fine.

I think your kids are incredibly lucky to have you, you are obviously a beautiful soul inside and out. You have given them wings to fly and that is the greatest gift of all.

laney on

…i understand…i understand…each year as autumn comes i think the very same thought…”all this and heaven too”…fall is a glorious wonderful gift…and it returns…every single year…blessings laney

Anonymous on

Thank you Tina for a beautiful post…fall is a nostalgic time of year for me also. Always think of my Dad, as Fall was his favorite time of year. Love the photo of your three boys…so cute!
Carol P.

LP on

Are those your boys? They are so cute. This post was so beautiful it made me cry too. Fall is a beautiful season that holds a lot of great and special memories. I so agree with your first paragraph about all the special things that fall is and how that crisp fall air can trigger so many emotions. Loved this post so much.


La Dolfina on

Gosh you really hit home with this one Tina!
So true, every word!
Thank you for putting your lovely thoughts into words for all of us.
Much love to you and Happy Fall!!

Anonymous on

Best blog I’ve read today! Thank you.

Teresa at Splendid Sass on

Well this is certainly one of the most beautiful tributes to fall I have ever read! Your words could not be truer. Enjoy every day, because time passes so quickly!
You know that I love fall and winter, an these images are beautiful, Tina.

Catherine on

Thank you for a beautiful post and wonderful reminders to enjoy the moment. My daughter just entered 7th grade and this was a gentle reminder to me on those days that I get frustrated with all the things I “have to do” to step back and remember that time is precious and one day she won’t “need me”.

Fall has always been my favorite time of year. We got married on the first day of Fall in 1995 in a beautiful winery in Sonoma Valley. My husband and daughter’s birthdays are also in the fall so it always brings wonderful memories and celebrations. Thanks again for this post.

Have a wonderful day!


linda on

so true and so eloquently put….

New York State of Mind on

What a lovely post-you said everything so well….I am experiencing something similar as my “baby” just started college…wishing you a beautiful fall season!

Sandy at You May Be Wandering on

Hi Tina…I read your post yesterday on my iphone while on a road trip (hubby was driving)…it made me cry then and just made me cry again now. It is so beautifully written and heartfelt and your photos are stunning. As I say good bye to my baby this weekend as he goes off to his second year of college, I can already feel the tears flowing….oh what I would do to have a few more years with my kids around! I wish I could tell you Senior year is easy, but I honestly sobbed my way through a large portion of each of my children’s last year in school (but particularly the youngest). I can promise you that it gets easier…

Enjoy this lovely day! xoxo

michele on

i feel your heart. mine is heavy every fall. summer dies, and the pace of life picks up and grows more itense. i prefer the breezy days when we all see more of each other. not just family. but neighbors too. i hate how cool weather these days signals a lot of closed doors and ‘screen time’ rather than real face time.

sending you lingering sights and sounds of summer. and best wishes to your baby finishing his HS career. you are bound to hear about my tears this, the first year of my empty nest, and i know you will be able to relate to every step.

love to you, beautiful lady.


Debra Phillips on

i have so many friends tina in the exact position you are in, last child home entering high school as a senior. they too are reminiscing and already feeling the loss as their last wildly grasps for independence and separation. so bittersweet.
not being able to have children fall inevitably brings out my inner child, taking me vividly back to lovely memories of growing up.
sweet of you to share with us dear tina, we are happily your audience good, bad and pretty

Anonymous on

Your thoughts on fall are spot on with mine. Even then, when kids were busy with school, I was fully engaged in their day-to-day activities and now they are gone from the nest, I visible sigh. I cry a little, too, from just the sheer beauty of the season. It is a season of excitement but also of reflection ,more than any other season. A friend from Lake Geneva

Donna, The Decorated House on

Lovely post… the first brisk breeze on our morning walk makes me cry. It’s just the beauty of the Seasons changing, and knowing how lucky you are to still be a part of it. And thankful that you were so blessed to have those kids, no matter if they don’t go Trick or Treating anymore.

Stacy Curran on

Oh Tina, this post REALLY made me cry. We are moving my mom to a nursing home next week, and I’ve been having he same kind of nostalgic thoughts about family, about what was once but will never be again. Life has so many difficult transitions, and having the kids leave must be one of the hardest. I will send you valium when he leaves for college if you need it!!! But you’re point is spot on – treasure every moment. We all need to be reminded of that from time to time. Thank you for this lovely post. xoxox

E on

You are not alone with these feelings, I so miss Halloween with wee ones, but looking forward to some day having grands and resume the tradition … and I recommend Xanax vs Valium πŸ™‚

Anonymous on

Hi Tina what a lovely post, of course over on this side of the world we are heading for Spring but I do love Autumn and it’s colours. About our children my daughter left home when she was 22 that was tough, now my son will be 16 next month he plays the guitar so loud sometime and my husband will ask how can you stand it? I know one day the house will be quiet and the ache in my heart at that thought Ouch. Now I think I need the Valium, but for now a cup of tea will have to do. Thank you for sharing. Regards Esther from Sydney.

Sarah on

Beautiful post, Tina. Your children are adorable. I’m not a mom, but still my heart can imagine how it must feel to have one’s children spread their wings and leave the nest.

jomommytotwo . on

How did you know that today we had to run out and get a poster board last minute for an assignment! I love fall and all it brings with it. We have a family tradition of trick-or-treating at Disney World and this is the first year in the last 6 that we are not going. My oldest son can no longer miss a week of school and he can’t miss his football games. It saddens me to know we are going to miss our annual trip. I know how you feel because I have been sad this season knowing we are going to lose that memory this year. Loved your post.

Lisa on

Wow Tina this post really touched me and it obviously did to a lot of others too (looking at all the comments above). I am not quite where you are but do have one college student, one 11th grader and a 9th grader.I am realizing how quick its all going and that in three years they will all be off. I cannot imagine such an empty house. I am like you, REALLY enjoyed motherhood so much so that I gave up a thriving business to not miss a minute. I wouldn’t’ change that and feel fortunate to have had that choice.

Its funny because fall for me is always the one season where I feel more emotional too. Think its because its the one season that signifies a definitely start to something (school, college,etc…) so its a season of new beginnings and I guess a subtle reminder that they are all a year older. I also think with Halloween, a holiday we connect to youth and little kids trick or treating, we cannot help but think fondly back to when our own kids were young and when you connect the dots I think fall more than any other season means both change and nostalgia, and it is very bittersweet.

You sound like a fantastic and devoted mother, your kids are so lucky to have you. You have given them all they need to go make their place in the world and now maybe its your time- maybe you can go and write that book or get your own show, or start a magazine! I am convinced you could do all of it!

Debby Steele on


Beautifully said. I love fall but am feeling the same way as you. Logan is starting her Senior Year as well. She was off with friends all summer. Last night she had her Senior pictures shot and I watched her and felt a bittersweet sadness/happiness. Proud of who she has become, yet missing the days of when my kids were little.

I had the same feeling when I pulled into my street and there were all the younger kids waiting for the bus. It feels like a loss in a way.

Like you said… there are always grandkids!!


3 Peanuts on


Thank you for sharing this personal story from your heart. I LOVE all of your design posts but this is my favorite one of all. I get it. I am out of the toddler phase and heading into the independent stage with a 7, almost 13 and 16 year old But I already feel what you describe. So many things are behind us now. I try to savor ever second. My 16 year old talks to me a lot and sometimes he comes in my room at night when I am reading or about to fall asleep and I really just want to sleep but I put down my book or get up and listen because I know in a few years, I will be sitting by the phone wondering why he is not calling me from college. I soak up every experience because I know they are fleeting.

Hugs to you sweet friend. I dread the day.


Linda Rieschel on

Tina, what a gorgeous, evocative post. I love your words, the sentiment, the beautiful photos, and I can see in my mind’s eye the precious memories you carry with you. I especially appreciate (and envy!) the wonderful childhood you have given your children. You can be sure that they will pass on the love, nurturing, tenderness and specialness you have evoked in them. What a gift you give to your children, to your readers, and, I’m sure, to anyone who has the pleasure to be in your company!

Linda Rieschel

Lynn on

This has just made me sob……as I dreaded the first day of school. I loved having my children with me all of the time. They are now 20 and 25 and I miss the days of finding the perfect lunch box, etc. I’m going to purchase Halloween costumes and take them to the local women’s shelter for the children.


MaiTai on

What an incredibly moving and beautiful posts, you have expressed the joys and sadnesses of life so very well. Our DS is turning thirteen next month, will appreciated our time with him as much as I can.

Elan Durham on

Your blog site is beautiful … I so enjoyed your French Style posting from 2011, and this one is lovely as well. Fall really is a nostalgic time for everyone … the turning of a season, end of summer, and back to school. Well done. Spectacular photos.

Christine @ Antique Homes and Lifestyle on

Wonderful Post! Enjoyed the beautiful falls photos. Fall is my favorite season. I just love the fall scents, apple picking, fall foliage and a big old fire in the fireplace. Fall in New England is the best!

All the best to you.

Jenny on

Such a poignant post that captures so many of the feelings I have, going into this school year. My oldest is starting high school, and it’s so bittersweet, knowing how quickly these last four years at home will be. My younger two are 12 and 7, and it all just needs to SLOW DOWN a bit! I quit my corporate job in April to be home full-time, and I’m so glad that I did. Trying to take it all in and relish this time we have with all three kids still at home.

Ami at A Sierra Home on

I found this post through Hooked on Houses and have to say: “I am SO stinking mad at you.” I am now a tear stained, mess of a mom and have to (ironically) go pick up my boys from school. πŸ™‚ But, also, I want to say Thank You. We are right there with one in middle school, 2 in elementary but just this week I got choked up when my sweet middle son (in 6th grade) ran off at school like he there could be nothing worse than being seen with me. This was always my affectionate sweetheart of a son. I looked down at my baby, a big 1st grader this year, and my heart hurt because I knew that my older ones just don’t need me the way that my youngest does anymore and then it swelled so grateful that they are still at home and I still do have one little one that thinks I can do everything and follows me everywhere. Thank you for the gift of helping me to remember on those crazy, busy, stressful days that I am so blessed to be crazy and busy and stressful.

Anonymous on

This is such a beautiful post, so glad I did not miss it. One of the prettiest i have ever read in fact and rings true to me as we just dropped out youngest off to college for his second year. Two older ones are out of college. Yes, it does go by fast but the sad thing is you only realize this when they are older and when you want to stop time and let it stand still but at that point its too late and moving along much too fast. I feel the same way Tina, like a bystander to so many of fall’s rituals, the Halloween costume picking, trick or treating, pumpkin picking, school supply shopping, all that fun stuff. Its all a distant memory for me now.The closest we get now is attending family weekend at my sons college but its not quite the same since he is now an adult. I guess as you said lucky us to have experienced it at all, some are not so lucky and thankfully we have pictures and videos and memories etched into our minds forever to keep it all alive. Definitely some of the fondest times of our lives for sure. Wonderful and moving post!

Blondewithbrains on

I just found you thru Hooked on Houses as she linked to this blog…I am too an empty nester, just taking my youngest (21) back to university for her second year 2 weeks ago, but this time it is permanent…A week earlier, my son, who lived with his father in the same city I live in, moved 4 hrs away with his girlfriend to move on with their life that includes university and football. Yes, this is not my first time as an empty nester as my daughter was away at school last year, but she planned to come back this summer, which she did, but now after this move she wont be returning, too hard to do every year and all her local friends have moved on as well…It never felt permanent to me as I always had my son close by to have him for dinner and go and watch his football games but now that has all changed…it wasnt the same watching him play by live feed today and not being in the crowd to cheer him on…My daughter is living with 2 other girls now, no residence this year and a new job in her new city which means it wont be easy to find the time to come and visit her mother…Its a new feeling trying to find something to keep myself busy, where the kids used to make sure I never had any free time, lol…I totally sympathize with you and your feelings, as some days I just wonder what I will do with all my time that used to be taken up by 2 little people who are both now taller than me!

Heather Lindstrom on

What a gorgeous post! I stopped by from Sandy’s blog at ‘You May Be Wandering’.
I choked up just a little bit at Target in Chico last week, with all the parents getting supplies for their college freshman and getting ready to leave them behind. I could feel the emotions in the air.
Thanks for sharing this lovely post.
xx, Heather @ Stylemindchic

Anonymous on

How did I miss this. Amazing and so poigant, you have me crying. My kids are younger, all under 15 but I already them slipping away from my grasp. Oh if we could keep them young and under our wing forever. You said this so well Tina, a really beautiful of your best!

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