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Hello there…hard to believe its Friday, Labor day weekend and it is nearly the end of summer, kind of crazy huh? I just can’t believe it……..for me personally this is the fastest summer ever. I feel like I am just revving up with my summer list of “to do”s” and have barely made a dent. Oh well, guess it will have to wait until next year!

I hope whatever you have in store for Labor Day weekend is wonderful and relaxing. We are supposed to be away, so hopefully it will all work out:) Lets get started with my random musings post which is normally a bit of this and that…..

House biz. Besides my dining room chairs which I have to say I really love, I added a pair of my newest ginger jars which are the oversized flat tops with birds and have to say I LOVE them. All these new additions has me really motivated to get busy on the chinoiserie and draperies and then call it a day on my dining room. Goal is to get it done by Christmas. Remember you read it here first:) Take a look…….

Also love preserved  boxwood and am going to soon start carrying a wonderful line I found, these small 6″ orbs are perfect for so many containers…

And I got moved one of my blue and white garden seats to the main patio and really like the way it looks……

Got these beautiful framed chinoisersie prints while in Charleston and have to say they were made to go in my powder room. The colors are spot on and so is the theme! Also got some black tole sconce shades and am deciding between the ivory silk or blk tole…thoughts?

 Black or ivory?

You know I love my monogrammed pillows. I have spoken of one of my new favorite resources, Calico Daisy, well take a look at the newest pillows I got from her to be added in my guest room…..just playing right now, got in a pair, not sure where their final resting place will be:)

A great charity. Are you familiar with Donors choose? A friend told me about it years ago and I love the mission, helping teachers all across the country who need help purchasing materials, supplies and necessities for students in need that are part of schools that underfunded. You get to choose which project you want to support. Love this organization.

An amazing DIY from a reader. My reader shared this amazing bedroom makeover with me and it was so pretty…I had to share it. I marvel at her resourcefulness and know we all appreciate a good home makeover! She did a fabulous job…..below is a commentary that she shared with me on how this came to be.

I have just completed a DIY bed for my guest room.  Your planters are so similar, I decided I would share my project with you.

I wanted an antique cane bed, but they were between $4,000 and $7,000.  And none of the antiques came in Queen.  So, I bought a new cane bed and some architectural molding appliques.

 They are paintable, stainable and flexible(bend



.  I had never used them before.

 I am also sending pics of the bed without the appliques(pic from manufacturer).

I glued the appliques to the bed, then painted and distressed them with glazing.  I also painted the bed crown to match.  I am really pleased with the way it turned out.  And the best part is, it cost about 1,000!

Visiting hundreds of tag sales from your computer? Yep you heard right. Are you familiar with Everything but the house? Its a genius site that share tags  sales and their contents from all over the country, you can bid online and let me tell you there are some amazing finds. Click here to check it out.

My style in clothing Pinterest board. I have to say, I am kind of in love with this board and if Pinterest ever crashed, I would be heartbroken because it is giving me a chance to really hone in on all that I love in one convenient place,  so here are a few new additions to that board. Click here if you want to see more pretties!

Paint colors. Are you considering changing the color of a room or two? Or three? If so this post is a must see. My buddy, Luciane of Home Bunch did a post on Benjamin Moore paints that was fabulous, so many amazing examples. I am convinced in this one post alone, you could make an educated decision! Take a look…..and click here to visit!


Store biz. Things are starting to heat up as summer ends and fall is nearly here and the official shopping season is soon going to start. I have all kinds of exciting things in store! Finally added the magnificent new pagodas in both blue and white and solid white along with the white pagoda lamps. Plus the new six sided ginger jar….all things I am smitten over! Take a look…..

And adding these stunning new flat top jars in various sizes, first the really big flat top (the same as on my dining room table) 11″ x 11″ x 13″

The first two are 9″ (standard height) These below are not yet added but if you are interested, just contact me here

 And these are the minis, about 5.5-6″ tall….

I also plan on adding some more much loved items to the personal accessories. The good news is for all of you who inquired about “the bag” it is coming..woo hoo! I will announce it on my blog when they are actually here but they are coming and I am really excited, getting them in about 6-8 colors….

And also hope to  be adding some pieces from a fabulous cashmere company I have bought from many times, beautiful featherweight cashmere scarves and wraps and best part is I will discount approx. 30%!  Will keep you posted.

This week I am not offering the steal and deal because I will not be here this weekend, but next week I  have some really great buys to announce:)

Being it’s Labor Day weekend, thought this conveneient little chart on the ins and outs of Labor Day was neat to have at your fingertips with all kinds of fun facts and statistics…….

Thanks as always for stopping in. I want to wish all of you a very happy and safe Labor Day weekend, hope whatever you are doing is loads of fun and relaxing. We will catch up next week! Enjoy……

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Brittany Ruth on

Omg that is really your house? That powder room is beyond amazing!

-Brittany Ruth

Marsha Splenderosa on

Tina, I love the fabric you chose for the dining chairs…yummy. And, I would go for the black shades, so sophisticated. Your Pinterest board has some lovely things, it’s so funny that you’ve got so many sweaters & jackets, while I have so few being in our climate. Have a great weekend, darling.
See you on Tuesday!!

Karen Albert on

Dear Tina, The powder room is luscious, I like the black shades they are very striking and a bit of black adds a certain elegance.
Your readers guest bedroom makeover I am stunned, even the bench; it all looks like the kind of haven I would love!
The mini flat top Chinese Jars are speaking to me!Love # 2 and #3!! I am so excited about what all you are creating!

Art by Karena
Feature: “Love Where You Live”

Lisa on

Your house pictures always leave me so in awe of what you have achieved, your taste is excellent. I like both shades but am partial to the black, love the small prints too.
Gorgeous bedroom with the monogrammed pillow. Also your readers bedroom is lovely. I am always amazed at what some of the DYI’ers can do. I am not one of them sadly.

Tina- your porcelain selection is the best I have seen. Love your dining room and the new pieces the two I bought from you I love and they are on my front hall console so are the first things you see when you walk in. Thanks for all the new links to things I didn’t know about, happy Labor Day weekend.

marsha cannon on

I always like a touch of black in a room so I vote for the black shades. Also love the way they direct the light, the powder room is really beautiful! Can’t wait til the bags come in, I will have to have one of those!

Terry Moore on

First I vote on the black shades in the bathroom. Every room needs a bit of black. Second, your Labor day chart didn’t have me having Labor on Labor Day…My son was born on Labor Day in 1981!

Anonymous on

Black shades for the powder room! The white/ivory ones kind of blend-in with the wallpaper and look bland. The black ones really stand out and black shades are so classic!

Gina from The Midwest

Anonymous on

Love the dining room, the bedroom and the new jars! I like both shades but personally prefer the ivory, they are softer as opposed to the black which to me are too stark but both look beautiful because the room is so gorgeous and grand.

Excited the bags are coming. I want one (or two)! I am going to check out donorschoose, I like the idea being a former teacher. Thanks Tina.

miniaturevilla on

Dear Tina,
Thank you so much for featuring my DIY guest bedroom. I believe that cost should never keep anyone from having the room of their dreams. There is always a more affordable way to accomplish a “Look.” When I find a less expensive alternative for a design, I am so happy to share it. I hope someone is inspired… all it took was some glue and paint. Thank you! Deri Terry

Emily on

Gorgeous post. So much to love, your ginger jars, your home, the bags which I love and want, the pagodas, I could go on and on! Since my mom is a teacher I know of donors choose and its a great organization with a really worthwhile mission.

Tina- thanks for sharing all this beauty. I am now following you on Pinterest too, you have great taste in EVERYTHING! Happy Labor Day weekend to you.

New York State of Mind on

I am normally very partial to black, but I just love the Ivory….and am so excited about the bags!

Picky-Fussy-Cranky-Honey on

Dear Tina,
Loved the flat blue ginger jars. Very pretty with your chair fabric too, bringing my favorite color into your dining room!

The lady who did the do-it-yourself-cane-bed did an outstanding job. Smart idea, and how nice of her to share it with us so we would know how to do it as well:)

I am going to add the monogramming company to my bookmarks, thanks for that also.

PLUS, the is an amazing site!
I spent the last half-hour browsing and donated to three of the requests already, plus signed up for the monthly commitment!
You really got me on that one – what a fabulous, wonderful, important, necessary way to help teachers and their kids!!!

Sandy at You May Be Wandering on

Good morning Tina! I enjoyed all your musings today…I need to come back and really read it later when I have more time – it has been a crazy week!

Have a lovely weekend…and enjoy these last moments of summer! xoxo

Ren?e Finberg on

just a tiny tiny suggestion………
i love your chandie….
would you ever consider a companion fabric
to your chairs on the shades???

i love everything you have done!!
it’s all picture Purrrrrrfect!


Caroline on

So very beautiful. I can just see the holidays in that incredible dining room. I cannot wait to see what paper you choose. Love the blue and white clustered ginger jars, I may have to copy. Your selection is fabulous Tina and I enjoy your shop very much.

The monogrammed pillow is a perfect addition to an already amazing room. I also like your readers project too, what talent.

Thanks for all the good information and beautiful eye candy, always such a treat.

PS So excited you are getting the bags, they look the perfect everyday tote.

Leslie on

I would definitely go with the black shade for the powder’s gorgeous. Love the green boxwood orb in the blue and white porcelain. This would be perfect in place of fresh flowers and orchids. I bought a couple flat top jars from you (I think they are the ones you’re featuring here) and they are a nice change from the narrow pieces:) We need a variety of shapes and sizes! Have fun weekend Tina!

Anonymous on

Trouble with asking for opinions is you’ll get plenty for both. I love black shades, but in the case of your gorgeous powder room, I prefer ivory.
Marilyn in Mt. Vernon, Virginia

Sammy on

Oh, I love, love your powder room.

jennifer smith on

The dining room is beautiful, cannot wait to see it all done with the paper and drapes. Its a magnificent room and speaking of, that powder room is incredible! I love the black for the added touch of drama and that room can really handle it.
Love that bedroom too, is that yours?
So enjoyed that fall post, beautifully written. Great new goodies in your shop, always something pretty happening here! Enjoy your Labor Day weekend.

Kathysue on

Tina, I love the end of the week musing post from you. Always fun to read. Your bag line is wonderful, can’t wait to see all the color options. Have a wonderful 3-day weekend!

Anonymous on

Earlier I said I preferred ivory shades — typical for us Gemini types, I’ve changed my mind. I think black would be so chic. Then in the spring, bring out the ivory. Marilyn in Mt. Vernon, Virginia

laurie carpenter on

Black Tole shades definitely! Love the framed prints. They look like the were made for the space! Happy holiday!

Leslie on

OK Tina, the beauty is stopping me in my tracks! Your dining room, bathroom and bedroom to die for. Love the blk tole shades but both are splendid.

The Donors choose is fantastic,both of my parents are professors so I must share this with them. Love all the new additions to your beautiful shop and so very happy you are going to get those wonderful totes. Love them!

Happy Labor Day weekend.

Anonymous on

I like the black shades for your powder room. I am crazy about the wallpaper. Who is it?

Anonymous on

I believe the wallpaper is by Schumacher, “Jester Caprice” in Pewter

Chic Coastal Living on

I like the cream shades for your bathroom. Pretty room! Love your porcelain pieces! When I get more shelving or tables I’m going to have to order some from you! They are gorgeous! Have a great weekend!

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns on

Tina, have a great weekend! I hope your trip pans out.

Love the black shades in the bathroom. They look beautiful. As o your chairs, new pillows and Chinese garden stool.

I am going to check out your style board! Have a safe nd happy weekend.

Anonymous on

Lovely chairs, they are much more suitable for dining room than those with pug fabric. That fabric was incompatible with your sophisticated style. Jay

Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt on

Your home looks fabulous…love the ginger jars and the new prints for the bathroom…Great job Tina!
I also love the new bags your carrying at the store…..I have to check out Home Bunch and her color post…Thanks for passing it on…

-Lisa on

I personally wouldn’t use any shades. I would just use gorgeous bulbs.
So kind of you to have shared the pics of the cane bedroom set. It came out gorgeous! And her innovativeness is perfect for blogland. Kuddos to her πŸ™‚

waqas farooq on

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Anonymous on

Absolutely beautiful dining room. Newer follower, followed your trail from Pinterest when I saw a picture of “my” dream kitchen- yours! Your home is incredible! Love the chairs, ginger jars and that powder room is a crown jewel. I personally like the black as it really works with the high dream going on in there whereas the ivory just blends, but it is such a beautiful seeing that either honestly would be fine. So happy to have found you and to be following along, your blog is a feast for my eyes!

Things That Inspire on

I love that your house is being decorated over time, and is constantly evolving! The dining room chairs look beautiful.

Lots of exciting new things coming to your store! I am curious, do you do it all yourself (shipping, packing, etc) or have you hired assistants? I don’t know how you do it – your family, your house, your store, your blog, and all of the comments you always make on so many blogs – you must only sleep 3 hours a night!

Hope you are having a restful Labor Day weekend.

– Holly

Amanda on

Those tote bags are gorgeous and so is the blue and white. Love the dining room and how its coming along, beautiful fabric on the chairs. I always enjoy pictures of your home more than anything else. Hope you have a restful and relaxing Labor Day weekend, we are off on my sisters boat for a picnic lunch shortly and like you, my summer list of all I wanted to do has not seen much progress, it just all went by so fast. Enjoy your time off Tina.

Anonymous on

I vote for the black shades as they do the most for the room amd the gold fixtures.

Love, love the blue/white garden seat. I fell in love with them a few years ago but have not found any in my ‘neck of the woods’. Blue is still my favorite colour after all these years. Yeah blue and white I love you.
With joy,
Sylvia Faye

Martha on

I adore blue and white and your room is stunning! So elegant and those ginger jars are perfect! I am still in awe over your rooms. That bath is adorable as well.

Sandy on

Tina always enjoy your posts so much. I have a lot to go back on and see what I have missed. I absolutely love your dining room, the bedroom and of course all the new additions you have added. The powder room is fit for a queen! You must be so pleased with all you have done there. It is a true dream home.

Also love your pinterest fashion board and am now following you. You have great taste in clothes as you do interiors. Those pagodas are amazing. What a beautiful accent, especially the one in blue and white.

Hope you have a nice Labor day weekend, pouring rain here..hope the sun is shining there.

Bonnie Schulte on

I love the black shades. They make more of a statement, and tend not to blend in like the Ivory

Marilyn *Pink Martinis and Pearls* on

Happy fall (well, almost) Lisa! The seasons keep changing faster and faster but we’ve just hit our summer in a last couple of weeks. Love the pagoda lamps, Such good feng shui. I’ve always wanted to display some preserved boxwood. I’m under the impression they need to be misted. Do you know if this is true? I’m low maintenance (my husband might think differently ;: )when it comes to interior plants even preserved ones but I might make an exception because I have been coveting some for years now.

I could move a cot into your bathroom and be very happy. Is that okay with you? I’ll keep the make-up on the counter to a minimum. πŸ™‚ xoxo

Amanda on

Tina- everything looks so gorgeous. You must feel so proud of all you have accomplished, the dining room, powder room and bedroom are all dreamy. I love all the blue and white gingers jars too.

Always appreciate your tips and new finds, something to always learn and be in admiration of here Tina.
Hope you are having a nice getaway. Thank you for sharing.

Decor de Provence on

Tina! Your home is always so stunning in every way and I love how informative you are! I hope you’re having a wonderful Labor Day weekend!
Your images made my day!

much love,

zanetastyle on

Hi Tina, great post and even though I loved your plaid chairs before .. This fabric is stunning. Love the choice.
My tip for the perfect most stunning powder room you got is go bold and black shades for more contrast and even though the beige is perfect too, you have those colours in the hallway and powder room can be different and this small black punch makes it intimate, modern and chic(:
Hugs z

therelishedroost on

Powder room is gorgeous! I LOVE the black shades!!!
Happy end of summer!

shirley on

So many beautiful fashion, thanks for sharing!


It must feel so good to finally have your home decorated!! You have such great style whether it’s design or clothes……

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