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Hi there! Hope everyone had a marvelous and relaxing Labor Day weekend. We got to go away and had such fun… was perfect despite less than perfect weather. Got back yesterday and enjoyed having the lazy rainy day to catch up!? I am still reeling from the fact that summer is over, schools all over the country are in session and get this…..the holidays are just a few months away.Yikes!

Today also marks the return to the monthly By Invitation Only posts…where a group ?of bloggers ( a very talented group I might add) get together and post on a common theme. Its really fun to see all the different takes on a certain subject and wonderful to see such brilliant minds at work.

Today’s theme is Patina. Admittedly I struggled with this one a bit. I wasn’t quite sure how to approach it. The word actually means? oxidization or the changing of something/a material over time, it was originally applied to metals but now applies to virtually anything and everything. So patina is in essence, everything that happens to something over time. It is what gives the object its character.

?So at the sake of being boring and predicable, I just decided to not stress myself out too much over this (plenty of other things to stress out over:) and include pictures of what I think define the word beautifully. ?What do you think of when you hear the word? I hope you enjoy and as always many thanks for stopping in…….

?My own picture taken at Brimfield…..this one is patina at its prettiest!

?This is how patina looks at it’s prettiest! The Fuller Review

?Love this picture….shows the patina process of a brand new penny to a fully oxidized one, fascinating!

A bevy of old French copper pots exemplifies the magnificent of patina at its finest……

?Or worn restored french limestone flooring from an old chateau….bring the patina on!

?I love an old rusted urn…….the patina here is sublime!

?An old French jewlery box with a well worn patina is positively lovely

The overall patina in this fabulous French room sends my senses into overdrive 🙂

?Love the copper patina on this fabulous conservatory!

?Gorgeous old draper table….rustic and beautiful!

?Love the aged patina found on beautiful statuary and planters….

?Even found on an old pair of boots……the patina is something to admire

?And I love it found on old books….exquisite!

?A gorgeous pair of urns with a rusty patina, taken at Brimfield

?If patina could talk…wonder what these beautiful antique pieces of flatware would tell us?

?Love the look of aged patina on a beautiful urn……soooo spectacular!

?A? pile of old dough bowls with their own “story” aka patina

?Have you ever seen such a lovely pair of rusty gates?

And if you are love patina, then France is truly a treasure chest for every one of your senses…..

?A well worn collection of books with patina… pretty

Adore this picture….the patina of the copper pots along with the black range and the rich rustic woods is just spectacular!

And when I think of how the word ‘patina” applies to us, I think of this picture……

It shows the “patina” on the older hand, which represents a life of experiences and journeys touching the hand of a fresh young person, whose patina has yet to start its many colors and stages……..

If you want to see more interpretations from a bevy of super talented bloggers, then click here to Marsha of Splenderosa, the brainchild of BIO……….it’s well worth the click!

Hope you enjoyed! Do you have any pieces in your own home with patina on it? Do you care for the look? I absolutely love it and think anything is made more interesting and unique with a bit of patina. Thank you for stopping by…be back tomorrow!

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