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Hi there, how have you been these last few days? We have had a wonderful weekend, a super exciting Friday night football game for my son (37-0 us) so that’s one heck of a great way for a weekend to begin! Houseguests, good food, picture  perfect weather…….

Love my lazy Sundays and looking forward to doing a lot of nothing:) Today is a fashion post, so put your thinking caps on and just imagine the fashion fairy has paid another visit…..this time you are off to a cocktail party, a fancy one that is business related.

We have one next month which is going to be at a beautiful private townhouse in NYC and I am already stressing on what to wear. I have an all time favorite black and lace dress but ahem…its a small size, so I need to dig deep to find some major willpower if I can fit into it (unlikely) so  take a look at all of these lovelies and tell me….which would you choose!

 Alberta Ferretti
 Michael Kors
 Lela Rose
 Jonathan Saunders

 Mary Katranzou

 Day Berger et Mikkelson
 Michael Kors
 Oscar de la Renta
Bottega Veneta
 Nina Ricci
 Donna Karan

All dresses available at Net a (just in case you feel like going on a major shopping spree)

So many to love……puts me in the mood for a party! And with holidays getting closer every day, chances are you will have an occasion to dress up for. So tell me which is your choice? I cannot wait to hear, me first! Enjoy your Sunday…..
And don’t forget about my fall fabulous contest!! 3 days left to send in your pictures!

From today until Oct. 2nd I am accepting pictures that represent what fall is to you.  It can be anything from how decorate your urns, to your front door, pictures of your kids or pets all decked out for fall, your favorite fall meal or decadent treat, a favorite fall outfit, a beautiful shot of foliage…whatever makes you happy about fall and what you think of when you hear “fall fabulous”.

I will then put all the pictures together and set up voting to take place over a certain number of days. I will then compile all the votes and announce a winner. I am going to be brainstorming for a fabulous prize, but assure you….it will be worth your while!

So don’t delay, get inspired and send in your pictures, I know how talented and inspiring you all are! Max. 2 pictures per entrant….pictures  can be emailed to I can’t wait to get this off the ground!! PLEASE PUT FALL FABULOUS in the subject line. All pictures must be your own. Thanks for entering in advance πŸ™‚

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The enchanted home on

I must admit I love something about each, off the bat #1 really appeals to me, also love 14. But then the color of 7 is fabulous and I do love my red and something about 10 feels so modern and current,, its so interesting. So its between those four. OK to narrow it down between 1 and 14, that’s the best I can do:) Your turn!

Anonymous on

Hi Tina sounds like you had a wonderful weekend, I hope you like my choice of no. 1 very elegant and no. 11. No.6 the hem doesn’t look right maybe I need my glasses at this time of the night. They are all lovely you have a dilemma on your hands, I wish you luck… Regards Esther from Sydney.

Castles Crowns and Cottages on

3, 5 and 8 are my favorites, but then as I scroll down, I start seeing even more! It’s hard to make just one choice, but those are my top favorites. Oh SUNDAY…a day to relax and get geared up for the rest of the week. We are finally having more fall-like weather here, and it is so cozy my friend; have you been able to strike up your fireplaces yet? When you do, will you take photos of them, especially the one in your loggia?

Have a lovely and relaxing Sunday, Tina!


Ellen on

Hi Tina, I love these posts and am seriously in love with a few dresses here. I do love 1 not only is it comfortable looking but very chic.Also love 3, the color is sensational and the straight line is a very flattering style. I also love 14, but it would have to be 1 or 3 for this particular affair. All so lovely, enjoy your Sunday.


Anonymous on

I have been following you for a while but never posted. Love many of the dresses but I, 6, 7 or 12. I’m a fellow NYer, live on the upper east side, and I just think a dress with a sleeve or a shoulder covering is a)hard to find and b) is chic in fall/winter bc you feel warm hence no need for shawls or anything to encumber the gorgeous lines of those dresses. I know women run around arms and legs bare all year round but truth be told I can’t do it. Give me my wolford tights and sleeve. But with these chic dresses a bare leg and killer heel are a must. Have a great time! Xoxo a fellow Tina πŸ™‚

NanaDiana on

Aren’t those fun? I think #1 is the most figure forgiving and I still like a covered arm in the winter…I know, I know-old school. That being said-I love the red Lanvin. I think it is different enough to be eye-catching. xo Diana

Scribbler on

No. 6 because I wouldn’t have to diet — it would be flattering and cover up what I don’t want the whole world to see —

Emily@TownAndCountryShuffle on

Hi Tina,

I’m with you on this group. Favorite is No.14 with No.1 a close second…
I hope you’re enjoying this fantastic weather we are having in the north east!

warm regards,
Emily @ Town And Country Shuffle

sydney85 on

I really like choice #9. I love black and wear it almost all the time so this is a different. All the dresses are stunning so you will look gorgeous with any of the choices you pick. I will love to see your outfit when you decide.

Ellen Watson on

I love #9 or #12 ! very chic!

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns on

Wow! So many beautiful dresses. My favorite is the last one, it is stunning! I am sure that whichever you pick you will look stunning!
I hope that you have a relaxing day!

christy on

Hi Tina, as usual so many good choices! I have to say I am in love with 3, what a gorgeous color and love the lace inserts. A close second though would be choice 7, that red is really striking. I wear a lot of black during the day so when I buy dresses I normally opt for color. Fun!

Katie Clooney on

I love #5 because I only tend to wear black and white during the winter. Love the style of this one.

Chic Coastal Living on

I love the Michael Kors dresses #2 and #8! Gorgeous!! Glad your son’s team is doing so well! XOXO

The Preppy Princess on

This one required a lot of thought because you chose so many sumptuous looks! My first choice is almost always going to be Oscar and that’s the case this time: #9 is the one I love. A close second would be the Erdem, just so floaty and feminine. I’m glad you had a great Friday night football time, this is such a grand time of year.

Sending you a smile,

Anne on

Seven and eleven were my favorites.

Donna Cheek on

These dresses are all stunning!! With that said, I would have to go with #1. It is everything I would want in a cocktail dress-color, style, fabric, length, sheer sleeves, just everything!!!! Have a relaxing Sunday. Husband and I are on our way to a getaway for the week.

therelishedroost on

Wow you lucky gal!! That should be so much fun!! You picked some real winners here..hard to choose!! I love number #1 , 2 for its waist slimmer( i need that these days) and 12 because its subtly sexy! Which ever one you pick will be great!

Anonymous on

I love #2 and #9…love that shopping site! Thanks for sharing!

Splendid Market on

To play it safe, #1 is feminine, flattering, beautiful. To make a statement, #13, it’s hard to find a good shade of red, the touch of orange and that back feature is really striking, if you can rock it, and I’m sure you can. Are you blonde {feel like I should know that}. Good luck, this is such a great exercise. Happy Sunday.

Anonymous on

Number 12 is very classy and a great choice if you can pull off that amount of shine. Number 9 is lovely, too.

Melanie R on

#6 and #9 are my choices, very elegant. Whatever you choose, I’m sure will be beautiful. Have a great time!

jennifer smith on

Hey Tina, so many beautiful choices but my heart belongs to #14. Just stunning in every way!

Faith on

So fun to imagine! For me 1 and 12 are my fav’s. I LOVE looking at the accessories that the dresses have been paired with. Enjoy your cocktail party!!!

Anonymous on

Numbers 5 and 14 would be the most forgiving if there are a few extra pounds! I know the feeling – getting ready for my son’s wedding in 4 weeks and still need to lose 10 lbs more! The last 10 are the hardest!!! Good luck!

Sandy from Atlanta

WFF on

Choice 7, the red Marchesa definitely!

Jeannine520 on

Lots of lovely dresses here but my favorite is #1. If you are super confident that you won’t be upstaged by someone with a similar cut of dress then #’s 3 and 9 are my second choices if your complexion can handle those colors (mine can’t they’d wash me out horribly). However, I think #1 for fall is the chicest choice, very fashion forward, forgiving, warmer, easier to accessorize, conservative but not old or frumpy. I can picture the Duchess of Cambridge wearing it.

manuela carvalho on

I love choice 1. Thanks for sharing! Hugs from Portugal! Manuela

Sinead on

Its funny because I chose #1 right away without looking at any comments and on a first pass throug. Went back and looked at them all again and while I think they are all lovely, No.1 is Very Special – that dress you just love forever. Thanks for sharing. Greetings from very hot for fall Arizona.

Amy on

So many lovely dresses. I love dressing up for the holidays.While I had a hard time saying just one, I can narrow it down to 1, 12 and 14. All so elegant and beautiful, forever dresses!

KD on

I’m a big fan of 12.

Katherine on

Number 3 – the Leila Rose. You will make a great entrance and be memorable to those you meet – the colour is stunning.

Anonymous on

1 or 4 those are the stars

Georgica Pond on

Oscar de la Renta without a doubt.

lala on

numbers 9 & 3 definitely would be my choices for a cocktail party – they are both fun and elegant at the same time.

Fashion-isha on

Those dresses are all fabulous but I love 11, 12 and 13!! 13 is so WOW! And what a fun contest! I must remember to send in a snapshot!! Have a great week!

Debra Phillips on

#12, donna karan, oh my, oh my!!!!

miss b on

This has really put me in the mood for a party and I’m sure there will be plenty of opportunities to dress up nearer to Christmas. What a lovely, varied selection which has provided me with some inspiration but as for choosing a favourite, that’s difficult! Number 1 is so easy to wear and stylish too but I also like 12 for a touch of sparkle.
Thank you very much for your lovely comment on my guest post over at Sandy’s blog, ‘You May Be Wandering’ – much appreciated!

marsha cannon on

It is #1 and then #14 for me – but I am always the one in theblack dress!

Maggi on

I would choose No. 9 with a closed shoe or No. 12. Perfect

Arell on

I know that it is late in the game, but hands down #9!!

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