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Good morning, hope you had a wonderful weekend. We had true fall weather here, it actually got cold enough to put the heater on! But I am loving every minute. Had a visitor, my sons football game, a little retail therapy and a Halloween party that I would love to show a few pictures of (with the hostess permission of course) because she was so darn clever in how she did was beautiful!

Hope your week is off to a great start, I am starting to feel the subtle pressures of the? H word…..yes the “holidays”. When someone told me a few days ago only 80 more days till Christmas, I nearly fell off my chair. So much for being done by Nov. 1st. I had vowed to have a Christmas party but now I feel the window of opportunity in planning one slipping away. Just thinking of it and finding a date that works for most suddenly feels overwhelming. Between family coming in, and a few parties we already know about…..there seems to be little time.

So….I am thinking about a post Christmas party. I think its actually a really great idea…because you know that anti climatic feeling of once the hoopla of the holidays are over….and everything just feels flat and gloomy? So how fun to have a party to liven things up….one more excuse to dress up in your holiday best. So..that’s my latest plan!

Speaking of parties we are invited to a very splashy affair in November. I have a gorgeous gown that’s been in my closet for years that I have only worn twice so am going with that, but I always enjoy pursuing the options just to imagine what I might buy if I was in the market. I always love seeing what Marchesa is up to. So today’s Which would you choose is you get to select a gown for a big shindig……which most appeals to you? Not an easy decision…… put on your thinking caps!








Wow…these are definitely show stopper “look at me entering the room” kind of dresses, don’t you think? I look forward to seeing which comes out on top! A lot of you like to know the results of these Which would you choose posts, I used to post them then stopped but will do it again. So next post I will be sure to share the top three. And I had no idea Georgina was designing the most scrumptious handbags to go with her dreamy party frocks…did you? Check them out…they are gorgeous!

If something here must absolutely find its way into your closet, visit Marchesa here. Thanks for stopping in and wishing you a fabulous day!

If you missed the debut of the GORGEOUS new fall colored Annabell Ingall totes, click here!

And finally don’t forget to submit your photo for the blue and white love contest……

My contest theme for November is not surprisingly “Blue and white love“. You know what that means..send in your pictures of your blue and white anything…however you love to display it or use it in your home, your favorite vignette, a beautifully displayed ginger jar, your plate collection, your blue and white nails, your pet wearing a blue and white something….whatever it may be.

Max. 2 pictures per entrant, please in subject line of email put “Blue and white love”. I will collect pictures up until Nov. 1st . The contest will run on Nov. 4th for 2 days. Thanks in advance and I cannot wait to start receiving your pictures…I? know they will be fabulous!

Email me your pictures to

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