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Hello and good Sunday morning to you!  At long last the day of relaxation I have been craving and desperately dreaming of. I have in one week……. gone on two design job calls, been to Greenwich THREE times in 5 days, bought a truckload of blue and white and silver and all kinds of other goodies, had a house guest, went to two Halloween parties, attended an all day Junior League showhouse in the city, unpacked umpteen boxes of new goodies/deliveries, packed up dozens of orders to ship, went to a dinner party, a night football game, a friends birthday dinner…..ALL in one week.

I am wiped. It was all good things but too much for this 40 something year old. I am so excited to be home today, resting my feet up and just ecstatic over having to do nothing! I look forward to playing catch up with many of my favorite blogging friends, working on my blue and white contest post….past 100 entries now and let me tell you they are stupendous!! Keep em coming, going to divide them into two posts……..two much beauty for one post:)

Brace yourself……I really hit the motherload. A vendor whose things are uber gorgeous and whose wares are sold in the finest stores all over the county is after many many years closing his warehouse and  relocating. So he called me about purchasing a bunch of samples and boy did I hit the jackpot. Some things I only have 2 or 3 of, and almost all I am keeping one of for myself. A few items I have more of. Everything here is being sold at a significantly discounted price. These are very special unique, old world accessories, the likes of which unfortunately you do not see very often anymore, sadly.  I also brought back a few steals and deals yesterday, that were previously sold out items. They are at the bottom of this post. So let’s get busy……

I apologize for the poor quality of some of these pictures!! I have a camera that’s on its last leg and in need of a replacement and soon! (most welcome to any user friendly non complicated camera recommendations)

Have 3 of each of the following stag silver items. Talk about adding a total dose of serious elegance to any holiday table. These are to die for with amazing details…true heirloom pieces. They sold for up to $650!

1. The stag tureen, how magnificent is this piece! I can so see it on any elegant holiday table…..$270.00  approx. 11.75″  x 16″  19. 5″ALL  SOLD

Seen on Gorsuch for $600.00!

2. The huge stag tray, a showstopper of a piece $195.00 (retails for $650)  11″  x 15″ 24.5″ ALL SOLD

3. The stag box $165.00 (retails for $455) ALL SOLD

4. This stunning white and green (with some blue) tureen with bottom plate, bowl, top and ladle $145.00  SOLD

5. Gorgeous super charming blue and white cake plate and oversized serving plate
Cake plate $45.00 13.5 round
Serving plate $45.00 19″ x 12″ ALL SOLD

6. Whens the last time you saw an old fashioned bun warmer?  A very special piece $135.00 (retails for $295)  14″ x 8″  ALL SOLD

7. Amazing centerpiece bowl, as beautiful with nothings as it could be with a gorgeous floral arrangement $180.00  13″ round ALL SOLD

8.Got in about 6 sets of the gorgeous antler and silver salad set, salt and peppers and carving knife
Salad set $28.00
Carving set $28.00
Carving knife $18.00
Salt and pepper $38.00  ONE CARVING SET LEFT OF ANTLER

9. Stunning set of three serving forks…so beautiful and old world $50 .00 for set of 3 ALL SOLD

10. Gorgeous silver bowl, large,  very ornate with handles, beautiful beading detail around scalloped perimeter $135.00 14″ x 8″  ONE LEFT

11. Huge scalloped and beaded bowl…really impressive $170.00 (retails for $400) 16″ x 13″ALL SOLD

12. Smaller 10.5″ ornate round silver bowl with handles $110.00  10.5″ round  ONE LEFT

13. And this ornate stunning crested  planter, have it in 2 sizes….magnificent detailing!
 Medium- 8″ x 10″ $110.00
Large –  9″  x 13″ $135.00  ALL SOLD

14. Got in 6 more sets of the smaller pheasants, so decorative and elegant!  $60.00 ALL SOLD

15. These gorgeous clocks, they look so old world and are a perfect way to finish any vignette. $60 (retails for $175) They measure approx. 6″ tall GOT IN 15 MORE YESTERDAY, HAVE 2 LEFT

16.  Gorgeous salad serving set and matching carving knife
$42 for salad set
$22.00 carving knife ALL SOLD

17. Autumn pumpkin  soup tureen with ladle (only 2)  approx 12″ x 10″ ALL SOLD

 These pictures are not very good…sorry! The above is the best representation

18. These magnificent pheasant plates…they come as sets of 4 and there are dinner plates and salad plates. I am in love with these beauties!! I certainly didn’t need another set of china but simply could not resist, too pretty not to have for the holidays or any time of year for that matter! Gorgeous gold rim floral border. So very beautiful! (I have 36 sets of each)


Set of 4 dinner plates $115.00
Set of 4 salad plates $ 75.00

19. Absolutely magnificent heirloom quality huge gallery tray. Just beautiful filigree and etch work, scalloped sides. One small scratch otherwise perfect. This tray retails for $550 and is being offered up for $185.00. A phenomenal deal! ALL SOLD

And in addition to all the above, here are the items I featured yesterday (all repeats from previously sold out offers). I have very limited quantities left of each…..

  20. The gorgeous decorative chef jars, set of two $48.00 2 left ALL SOLD

21. Silverleaf antique mirrored tray…so pretty for a bar, powder room or vanity/ladies dressing table $50!

Got more of the Herend like figurines, these are GORGEOUS and would make beautiful holiday gifts to have on hand….so pretty!!

22. Frog $38.00 4.5″


23. Sitting bunny $35.00 6″ tall


24. Hopping bunny $38.00 5.75″ tall


25.  Set of starfish salt and pepper 3.5″ $30.00

26. Charming handpainted set of blue and white  dessert/salad plates and mugs. Plates come in sets of 4 and mugs sets of 4.
Plate set $45.00

27. Two more sets of these reproduction Vanderbilt serving dinner plates, four different florals..gorgeous! $120 for set of 4

Phew!! That is it! So much to be excited over…..this is by far my favorite score since I have been doing this as it’s all my favorite things!  

Please refer to numbers next to each item description when inquiring or requesting an invoice.

As these are mostly samples and offered at significant discounts these items are final sale

If you wish to purchase anything show, just email me at You will then be sent an invoice and your item will ship out within the  next 1-2 days! Very simple. Thanks so much for stopping in…wishing you a wonderful and relaxing day.

Finally,  don’t forget to submit your photo for the blue and white love contest…..5 more days to enter!!

My contest theme for November is not surprisingly “Blue and white love“. You know what that means..send in your pictures of your blue and white anything…however you love to display it or use it in your home, your favorite vignette, a beautifully displayed ginger jar, your plate collection, your blue and white nails, your pet wearing a blue and white something….whatever it may be.

Max. 2 pictures per entrant, please in subject line of email put “Blue and white love”. I will collect pictures up until Nov. 1st . The contest will run on Nov. 4th for 2 days. Thanks in advance and I cannot wait to start receiving your pictures…I  know they will be fabulous!

Email me your pictures to

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Karena Albert on

Dear Tina, I adore the huge silver tray, the stag tureen, the Starfish Salt and Pepper are speaking to me as a set similar was lost in my last move. I adore them!

You are supposed to be resting and relaxing today!!!!

2013 Designer Series

Emily on

Hi Tina, what an amazing assortment of finds. I am in love with so many, I lost count. Great ideas for Christmas gifts here. I will email you, hope you enjoy your day of rest. We all need a “day off”. Love your blog!

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here on

Tina, Everything is fabulous. My son and daughter-in-law received the stag tray and a huge matching punch bowl as a wedding gift. Both pieces are gorgeous! I am sending her this post to see if she would like any of the matching pieces.

Anonymous on

Love love love all your items. Just sent an email with an order.

Take Care
Anne Cringan

sharon smith on

So many beautiful things posted today. Each better than the one before…. You’re right, the bird dinner and salad plates are wonderful!

Jennifer on

Tina I cannot get over how beautiful everything is! So nice to know things like this are still made. Such quality and beautiful classics. I would love to have the pheasant plates and stag pieces. I am going to email you, your taste is superb!

Divine Theatre on


I just bought the large pheasants on ebay UK for way too much! I should have KNOWN you would have them!
You have such impeccable taste, my friend. I loved scrolling down and looking at all the lovely Fall pieces.
Did you dress up for your Halloween parties? What did you masquerade as?
Try to relax and enjoy your day.


Anonymous on

Tina I could make my Christmas list out of this post alone! Love so many things…don’t even know where to begin! I love your taste, do you have a brick and mortar store too or just an online shop? Anything I have gotten from you I have been so happy with! Love my cape, bag and my blue and white plates.
B. Ames

Ideezine on

So glad to see so much blue and white. It rules when it comes to table, room, or home decor setting. Sounds like this year has been a huge success with your store and other creative endeavors…cheers!
Keep your feet up today and jot down lots of ideas on your iPhone and remember the best camera is the one your always have with you…again your iPhone!
Getting ready for a busy holiday season…love it!


Castles Crowns and Cottages on

GOOD MORNING TINA! Wow did you have a wild week! How in the world do you manage a manor, blog as often as you do and have a business? You do it well, that’s for sure! Your items are just fabulous, and there’s nothing like bringing out something special on a silver tray for your guests. I brought out my tea pot on an old silver tray I have and my guests felt extra special. Why not?!

I’m going to try to take a photo or use an older photo of my blue and white love….you’re so kind to accept various styles, humble or regal! Much love, Anita

Sandy at You May Be Wandering on

Hi Tina…that schedule would wipe anyone out!! Glad you made it to Greenwich, though!! Love your latest goodies!

I hope you are enjoying your PJ day…I had one of those yesterday – my husband even went grocery shopping and cooked dinner (and that is a truly rare event).


Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns on

Good afternoon Tina,

I thought I had a crazy, busy week but you outpaced me by about ten activities! I am worn out and resting today, hopefully you are still is your omfy lot he’s, feet up, reading and relaxing.

I love all of your beautiful new items, all would be fabulous for the upcoming holidays!

I am looking forward to all of the blue and white photos! I love the look but do not have any in my own house.

Take care and enjoy your day, Elizabeth

Castles Crowns and Cottages on

Dearest Tina,

You are such a love…in French we say, “Quel amour…”

My mum died 27 years ago, but poetry unearths the forgotten, the past. Thank you for your visit, your dear friendship, and support. I LOVE to explore words and sentences, and how they move us to thought. Be well, have a great week! Anita

Katie Clooney on

You are one busy lady, Miss Tina!!! Love all your beautiful new treasures. Just sent your link to Sista so she can drool.

Loi Thai, Tone on Tone on

You did all that in one week?? My goodness, you are a superwoman! A taste-maker superwoman! All beautiful, Tina. And just in time for the entertaining season ahead.

Annie on

Tina you sound busier than me…and my husband thinks I am overloaded. Glad you got a day of rest, sounds much needed. See 10 things or more I want to own! Love it all, so nice to see beautiful traditional accessories, I don’t like what I am seeing in the stores, just emailed you and hope there are some left!

Anonymous on

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comevisitmyhouse on

Gorgeous pieces! The frog captured my heart.

MaiTai on

What a whirlwind week and post! Congratulations on these fabulous new finds…fantastic for any holiday table.

MaiTai on

PS. Forgot to add that I love my Nikon Coolpix 300 P, it’s a great little point and shoot camera.

Luciane at on

Oh, sweetie… this is just amazing! I love everything, but those clocks are just incredible! The price is perfect too!!!

Have a blessed week, Tina.

so much love to you!!!


Luciane at

designchic on

I can’t get over all of your goodies. Kristy has the stag tureen in the first images and it is FABULOUS. She uses it on her breakfast room table as the centerpiece with candlesticks on either side and it amazing. So many wonderful pieces, especially with the holidays right around the corner!!

I Dream Of on

Wow, you’ve been a busy girl. Everything looks fantastic, but my favorite has to be the pumpkin tureen. Adorable. Happy Monday, Tina! XO

pretty pink tulips on

Good gravy, you’ve been busy! I’m exhausted just reading all you’ve done. And, I had to smile b/c if you’ve been to Greenwich, you’ve been within 1/4 mile of my house 3 times this week! 🙂

Love all the goodies you got and looking forward to receiving mine! Get some rest this week….you deserve it!
xoxo Elizabeth

Teresa at Splendid Sass on

WHOA! You really have some very beautiful pieces, Tina! Love every single thing!
Happy Monday.

james@custom homes richmond on

It feels so nice to see your blog. Your pictures are so well displayed that it makes me to love them. These items can give a typical classic look to our kitchen.

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