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Good morning! I have had many Gretchen Scott frocks in my closet over the years. I love her fun, elegant, chic and beautiful designs. I first discovered them in the Caribbean at the hotel’s gift shop and I was immediately smitten with the line. Over the years sure enough they turned up in the most stylish places and I have built my “Gretchen collection” over time. Her things don’t go out of style and some I have had for years and years.  She sells online, has signature stores in Nantucket, Jupiter, Southampton and think there is one opening in Atlanta, not to mention countless stylish boutiques that carry her line.

 I LOVE this picture of Gretchen which really expresses her personality. She,  having just arrived to her hotel in Jaipur, India was walking by and noticed an unsuspecting tourist wearing one of her designs!!

I had the good fortune to “meet” Gretchen by chance  when she sent in some pictures for my readers Christmas post last year. When I saw the name attached to the pictures, I wrote her asking if she was THE Gretchen Scott, and holy moly, she was! So we corresponded off and on and I had the good fortune to meet and get a personal tour of Gretchen Scott headquarters not too long ago. She graciously showed me around and made me so welcome, I got to spend a few hours there and by the time I left, I felt like we were old friends:) Unfortunately did not bring my camera but managed to snap a few with my iPhone. Her headquarters and design studio are so inviting, cool, beautiful and friendly…I love the vibe, its one great big happy family!

There are three floors of rolling racks filled to the brim of the prettiest clothes!

I could happily spend days there…..looking at everything, so much to see!

 The cool spot where the employees eat and chill…..

 The big loft like offices where it “all goes down”………

She has in house designers and graphic artists who she collaborates with, and is soon coming out with a new line of fabrics!

Gretchen is so smart…she even has her own photography studio inside the headquarters! Talk about multi tasking!

Gretchen is larger than life, full of personality, energy and creativity. I felt such good karma walking into her loft like offices where a group of about 15 work. There are dogs, any kind of pets welcome, if an employee needs to bring their sick child, Gretchen has a crib set up and oodles of space including kids play tables..she is one exemplary boss, smart lady! Happy employees= maximum productivity. Her line is growing and is inspired by her world travels (of which there are many). This is someone who has been to more countries more often than anyone I know, one look at her personal pictures on her website says it all. To know her is to love her…….her energy and enthusiasm for a good and full life is contagious. And of course her talent for designing super chic clothes………..

Great looking cowl tunic for fall

Reminds me so much of my Chiang Mai pillows! I love this!
How can you not feel good in this top!
Adore this Pucci-esque vest, I own it and love it!
She has tons of adorable dresses and tunics like this…so comfortable and smart looking

 The Irish lace is to die for….in person these are exquisite and can be dressed up or down, LOVE!

 LOVED these silk jersey dresses, they feel as good as they look and are super flattering!!!

I own this very top…love it!

And after a long day….aren’t these robes just the cutest and softest thing to slip into! I have owned mine for a few years and its my fave!

It was such fun meeting Gretchen, hearing of her tales, her philosophy on life and her travel stories, her inspirations behind certain collections. A lot of the embroidery and bead work is done in the mecca for such things, India. She has been there many many times and has a love for the country that is so evident.  Love her website, besides featuring all of her gorgeous designs, you can follow along with a photo journal of sorts of her world travels (of which there are many)! She refers to herself as having had 100 careers, let me tell you,  this is one interesting lady!

So I was thrilled when she sent me this wonderful ad campaign and get this, the most generous giveaway. EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF CLOTHING shown in the ad is being given as a super giveaway!! It’s like winning a mini wardrobe!!Take a look at the gorgeousness……….

Inspired by their month long trip to India, exploring the sights and sounds, and absorbing the local culture and energy, Gretchen designed these wonderful new pieces… exotic!

Can you believe the prize is to win every single garment on this ad!! That is SIX gorgeous pieces of Gretchen Scott!! All the tunics and the adorable pants. (Winner will get to specify size)

Now how to be eligible to win! Visit Gretchen Scott by clicking here, once you are done drooling over all her beautiful frocks, come back and tell us a favorite in the comment section.

Want a second chance to win? like Gretchen on Facebook by clicking here and leave her a comment telling her something good! (Mention you are from The Enchanted Home). I will announce a winner on Sunday…………

Want a third chance to win? Start following her on Pinterest by clicking here.  You will be glad you did, her pictures are amazing!


Many thanks Gretchen again for designing your beautiful line, for making it such fun to own, for being such a kind, fun and generous person and for  this most generous giveaway and to all of you for stopping in! I will announce a lucky winner on Sunday.
Finally,  don’t forget to submit your photo for the blue and white love contest…..2 more days to enter!!

My contest theme for November is not surprisingly “Blue and white love“. You know what that means..send in your pictures of your blue and white anything…however you love to display it or use it in your home, your favorite vignette, a beautifully displayed ginger jar, your plate collection, your blue and white nails, your pet wearing a blue and white something….whatever it may be.

Max. 2 pictures per entrant, please in subject line of email put “Blue and white love”. I will collect pictures up until Nov. 1st . The contest will run on Nov. 4th for 2 days. Thanks in advance and I cannot wait to start receiving your pictures…I  know they will be fabulous!

Email me your pictures to

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Kim on

Love Gretchen … have seen her things but had no idea … thanks for the official intro!! Love that Cowl Neck Tunic!! xo

Eemaan Siddiqi on

Hi all the tops are lovely! It was hard to pick a favorite – since I love white, I’m going to go with “Twinkle Twinkle” as the top candidate.

Brittany Ruth on

I’d love to win an ikat dress!

therelishedroost on

I love them all, they are the perfect summer go to top or dress!! I think I may have seen them in Bermuda in a shop.
I know I should love a dress but since its 40 degrees here and I am feeling Fall I LOVE the Tartan wool clutch!!!
Following and liked!!
Happy Hump Day Tina!!!

Birdie Pearl on

Wow! I am a longtime fan of Gretchen. I love everything but have my eye on the Buccaneer blouse and Jersey dress! Thank you!

Dana Waldkirch on

I love her White Tie Eyelet Dress. All her things are so comfortable. Thanks’

mandyjacks on

The Irish lace dress. To. Die. For

Emily on

Great line. Happy to know about her, she sounds like an amazing person. These would be perfect for my trip to Greece and Spain next month. I love many things but particularly the Moorrish cowl tunic for now, that’s a great looking top and I like the length. I will definitely be visiting her again to purchase a few things. Thanks Tina.

Anonymous on

First Tina, I discovered your blog a few months ago via Pinterest and am hooked. I am sure you hear it all the time. I love that you post about so many varied topics. I love Gretchen. I bought my favorite dress of all time on Nantucket last year. Great line, my favorite new piece is the Seychelle tunic, love that for a summer party or a vacation. What a fun post, nice to see the “behind the scenes” of what goes on there, she does sound fascinating.

Claire E.

Luciane at on

Wow! This is the BEST giveaway EVER!!!

I visited her website and loved the Jersey Dress – Moorish. That’s a very stylish and versatile piece!

Thank you so much for this, Tina and Gretchen!


Luciane at

Luciane at on

I am following Gretchen on Pinterest ( Luciane Home Bunch) and I am loving her “Turquoise Love” board. So beautiful!

Thank you so much for this. I am crossing my fingers to win! This mommy of three needs to refresh her closet with some happy and colorful pieces!!! I am tired of wearing black!!! LOL πŸ™‚


Luciane at

Erwin Mercer on

No wonder you and Gretchen hit it off! You both have such beautiful taste. I love all the gorgeous colors and styles Gretchen carries, but I am really taken with the green cowl neck tunic for fall.
Martha Mercer

CiciBianca on

Love the classic v-neck tunics and particularly the Manic Mania.

Liz C. on

Oh, pretty please!!! Huge Gretchen Scott fan – have two of her tunic dresses and wore them alllll summer long! Fave? Cotton Metallic Embroidered Tunic – love me some bling! Thank you for your fabulous blog – sharing your style with us (Gretchen too) helps to make our worlds more beautiful!
Cheers, Liz C.

Teresa at Splendid Sass on

Wow!! Mega is an understatement!! I love everything she makes. My style for sure. The black silk dupioni tunic is my favorite.
Thanks for the great giveaway!

Kat on

I have never seen Gretchen Scott’s creations before and I am now hooked! I particularly love the Funnel – fever dance tunic in black and white. I have a thing about sjpirals and this is such a great example of one!

Leigh on

I saw Gretchen Scott’s pieces in Rosemary Beach a few summers ago and fell in love then! I am drooling over the colors in the Poly Georgette Silk Embroidered Tunic–so pretty for fall!

Suzanne M. on

Great giveaway!! I just love everything it is hard to choose. The lace dress is beautiful and I am obsessed with tunics… owning any one of them would be pure joy!

Anne F. on

I LOVE this giveaway. I am going to California at the end of the month (fort Thanksgiving) and would love to have these gorgeous clothes to take with me. I love so much but the Irish lace dress in black could quickly become a favorite. It is beautiful. Love her line.


All Things Domestic on

Great giveaway! Love the Mesh Tunic and the Jig Tunic but I could find a home for pretty much everything she sells. πŸ™‚

Victoria on

What a great line of clothes. They are so pretty and uplifting! Great line, my favorite is the cowl neck, love the longer length and beautiful graphics. Happy to know about this talented designer who seems to have a great taste for living life large.

Jennifer R. on

Hi – Wow – thank you for introducing me to Gretchen Scott. I live outside of Boston and was not familiar with her great designs. Love the pucci like vest in your post, and think the sport shirts with a bit of spandex are awesome.

michele on

oooohhhhh mama! Gretchen’s silk jersey tunics have my name all over them. fabulous color!

hello lovely

I Dream Of on

Oh what fun! Love all the colors, patterns and details – but I think I love Gretchen’s spirit most of all! That’s a lady who knows how to live and work! XO

Terri~terrileeauthor on

Such casual and chic outfits….No wonder people love them.

Anonymous on

Thanks Gretchen and Tina for this great giveaway! I love the green and blue Ikat Tunic dress. I adore tunics and these are gorgeous.

Kathy Chandler Weddings on

I love “The Dot” tunic ~ so elegant and would be perfect for many occasions! I actually love everything and Gretchen sounds like such a great person.

Anna on

I LOVE the Super Star Tunic and the Reef Tunic – wait, AND the Eloise. Wait, and the Silk Dupioni! Now I can’t stop browsing! Oh no, a new love!! πŸ™‚

Jo @ Let's Face the Music on

Love the tunics– my favorite classic V-neck blue paisley. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music jamesonvaughn (at) Verizon (dot) net

Sandy at You May Be Wandering on

GREAT giveaway, Tina! I love Gretchen’s things, especially the embroidered tunics.

I enjoyed your description of your afternoon at her offices, too. Sounds like a blast!

Have a lovely afternoon! xoxo on

What an interesting post! And such an exciting giveaway! I love all the tunics on Gretchen’s site but particularly the “Misty Mesh Tunic”. Thanks for introducing us to Gretchen.

vicki archer on

Beautiful pieces Tina… I love them all! They would be perfect for the European summer… actually any summer! xv

Anonymous on

I absolutely LOVED this post! She’s a total favorite of mine. I’m obsessed with “The Veil” in black or gold. Would LOVE to have that. Thanks for spotlighting her!!! Jean

Anonymous on

P.S. just posted above, but forgot to say I’m following her on Pinterest as well. So excited!

ddu on

Gretchen understands that comfort is the ultimate luxury! I am drawn to her Cotton Tangier Caftan in lime and hot pink and can imagine curling up with a good book and a glass of wine and sighing, “Ahhhh, thank you, Gretchen.” Best wishes and thanks for a splendid giveaway.

Karena Albert on

Tina, I am just in love with Gretchens’ designs. I adore the Cotton Ikat Tunic Dress! Fingers are crossed!

The Arts by Karena

Karena Albert on

I follow Gretchen on Facebook as well! This would be a dream!

The Arts by Karena

Karena Albert on

Oh and Pinterest as well! I never tire of looking at her fun, fresh pieces!

The Arts by Karena

Lisa S. on

Tina loved reading her colorful life as much as I enjoyed checking out her beautiful clothes. So my style ,its like a mix of Lilly, J McLaughlin and Tory Burch rolled into one. She has great style. I would love to win!! My fave is the lace black dress, it could be worn dressed up or down and is so beautiful. Crossing my fingers-also following her on Pinterest now.

Katie on

Her line is just beautiful! I would wear it everyday if I could! I love the classic v neck loop de lu tunic. Its so classic with a fun twist on the fabric!

Katie on

I also started following her on facebook and on pinterest! Thanks so much!

it"s me on

Love, love, love Gretchen’s designs! I think The Goa in pink is really cute!

Ashley W. Sikora on

oh- what gorgeous colors! I love the white irish lace dress, the Silk tunic…so pretty!

Ashley W. Sikora on

and i followed on Pinterest (oh, the mommy & me things would look good oh my daughter and I!)

Anonymous on

Gretchen’s clothes are feminine and flattering. The attention to detail in fabric choices make each piece unique. I love her style. One of my favorite dresses is the jersey geo dress in navy and kelly green.

Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt on

She looks like she is a hoot and down to earth by looking at the picture of her….love her work…great style!

Maggie Rozinski on

Thanks Tina for introducing me to Gretchen’s designs. I love them as each one is so easy, breezy and fun! Any one of her designs would be so easy to just put on to brighten anyone’s day. I especially love her orange Ikat Yolk dress. Hint: Gretchen, wish you had a store in Las Vegas, we have world class shopping here and your store would fit in perfectly!

Ellen M. on

Heck I would like to work for Gretchen, she looks like a lot of fun and sounds like a talented and generous soul. Love her clothes, so my style. I see a lot of it down here in Palm Beach when we come to spend time at my family home. Great look, my favorite has to be the cowl neck top in Marrakesh or the jersey knit dresses, perfect daytime dresses. Such a pretty line and what a fabulous giveaway. Please count me in!

Ellen M.

Susie H. on

What a wonderful giveaway!! I love all the tunics and her dresses are gorgeous too. The Mommy and Me tunics would be so cute for my daughter and her twin girls. I can’t choose just one.

Stacy Curran on

Tina thank you so much for always visiting me even when I am unable to visit back. I’ve been sick with the flu and it’s been a tough few days! This is an amazing giveaway and post. xo

Pat@Life At Lydias House on

What’s not to love!! I love them all but if I have to choose one I’ll take the black lace dress!

Sparkling Like A Diamond on

Wow! It was lots of fun looking through everything and such a hard choice to pick a favorite, but I choose the Super Star Tunic that is navy with the green embroidery! Also love the Cotton Lycra Pin-Pleated Dress and The Dot Tunic.

Karen on

Love the jig tunic. The lace details are beautiful!

pam {simple details} on

Oh my goodness, this is too fun ~ what beautiful designs!! I LOVE the Beyond the Beyond jacket, and I think my mom would love a tunic for Christmas, maybe The Jig! Thank you for the generous giveaway! πŸ™‚

Joan on

I went to your blog Tina for a quick check-in, and ended up spending way longer than I thought. I got lost in the beauty of Gretchen’s clothes. One after another, all fun and comfortable looking. Do I really have to pick just one? I guess The Dot. I’m happily following Gretchen on Pinterest and Facebook. Thanks for the great giveaway and for introducing me to Gretchen Scott!

Nancy on

Thanks Tina for introducing me to the amazingly talented Gretchen Scott. I LOVE <3, LOVE <3, LOVE <3 her designs. All of her designs are so beautiful it is hard to choose my favorite, but if I have to narrow it down to one I pick the Classic V- Neck Anchors Away Tunic in Navy-Kelly. Since I have a son serving in the Navy I feel a connection to this tunic. I like how she donates proceeds to Elizabeth’s Hope, Loggerhead, and the North Country Artist Guild…what a class act! I am now following her on Facebook and Pinterest! Thanks again for your wonderful Blog.

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns on

Hello Tina,

I am a huge fan of Gretchen and tunics in general. Am now a follower of Gretchen on Facebook and Pinterest. I love the “Reef Tunic!

Hope you are having a great week!

LauraL on

How wonderful of y’all to do this giveaway! I just liked Gretchen on pinterest.

LauraL on

Love the website and love that she shares personal photos. My favorite piece I saw is The Pulley dress πŸ™‚ perfect for work and play.

The Gilded Cherub on

I just love Gretchen’s entire line!! How to pick just one… well I love them all by I would love to own the Silk Dupioni Tunic! Anything Gretchen is for me but add Dupioni to it and it’s true love. Thank you so much for this wonderful contest!

The Gilded Cherub on

And now a follower on Pinterest… Now I can follow everything Gretchen!! What a wonderful person…
Thank you Tina!

missreneer on

I love the The Boyfriend Shirt. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway πŸ™‚

fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

Fancifrocks on

I just love every thing but the tunics are lovely and suit my more casual life style. The designs and fabric choices are lovely. Thank you for such a lovely contest. All the way from down under in Australia . Ann

nikki on

jig tunic… just the perfect combination of elegance and fun!

Castles Crowns and Cottages on

Good morning Tina!

WOW, one this is for sure; you are a super blogger. You bang out posts, full of treats and photos and here I am trying to teach and write poetry. I just can’t keep up with all the fun! Lovely attire, fabulous designer, and I am sending you a virtual hug just to say, YOU ARE SUPER! Anita

Kennedy on

The catch a wave in white is adorable. Thanks for the giveaway!

Ginger on

Love the Irish Lace dress in white and the Endless bracelet! Thank you!

Ginger on

Following on Pinterest, thank you for the introduction!

KD on

I love the “Beyond the Beyond”

Melissa on

Beautiful colors but I do love the Fall tunics Dot and Whiteworks.

miniaturevilla on

I love her clothes, and they are especially wearable here in Florida. I really love the Ikat Yoke dress in Pink-Turq. It is so pretty! I really enjoyed this post. Thank you!

Sally on

I love the black Irish dress but they are all lovely!

Lois on

The silk dupioni tunic is beautiful in black and white – what fun pieces!

Holly Eddins on

Very tough to pick just one! But I love the Jersey Dress, Unchained in blue and charcoal.

bg on

Thank you so much for making me aware of the fabulous Gretchen Scott. Love everything! My favorite is the Silk Swirly Embroidered Duster. I would wear with everything from denim to leather to silk – perfect BoHo Chic!

Anonymous on

I simply love receiving your daily posts!

Anonymous on

Love the jersey dresses, ikat tunics and polka dot gripe less jeans!

sandy w on

I love the black lace dress and many of her tunics.

jerri on

Love the jersey dresses and v-neck tunics.

Pink and Green Mom on

I love the Classic V-neck Fishy School Tunic!

The Preppy Princess on

Such a great contest Tina, wow! In addition to loving her apparel, I adore her accessories, especially the wool clutch in a Stewart tartan. She is one talented woman.



Charisse WHG on

Wow! What a talented designer! It was a treat to get a tour and love how she is so supportive of her employees. Her web site is so easy to navigate. I had two items I could not choose between….The Linen Classic in blue would never go out of style, and I love anything linen, and The Funnel-Moorish in Fever Dance Greens. Such gorgeous colors and patterns.

cheri on

The Irish Lace Dress is beautiful….thanks for the chance.

Scribbler on

Very hard to choose just one! I would have to choose the Cotton Long Embroidered nightgown. And I adore the cowl neck tunics and the ruffly robes.

Leslie on

How great is this line, I wear a lot of dresses so like the white tie eyelet or black lace dress. Both could be dressed up or down, the tunics are all great too. Love how she incorporates her fun exotic travels into her designs. Great line Tina.

Hope I win. Thanks to you both for the chance.

Terry on

Wonderful giveaway! Love the Irish Lace dress ~ would look perfect on my 24 year old daughter!!!!

Anonymous on

I love all the bright things but I sure see some merit in the Cotton Lycra Mandarin Jacket which is just a classic!

Anonymous on

So beautiful. I would take any one of those fabulous tunics. I love them with jeans, shorts and white pants. I loved reading about your visit to her place, she sounds like such fun. That India campaign is inspiring. We were in India last year for a medical conference for my husband and I was so captivated by the colors and energy of the city. What a generous giveaway.


Jenn on

Oh my the Bullseye tunic dress is to DIE for!!

Lynne on

I had not heard of Gretchen before this post. So nice to see something new out there and such comfortable looking everyday clothing.
I loved looking at her site and had a hard time to decide on one choice but I think I will go with the Jig tunic and gripe less jeans or should I go with embroidered Brooks Tunic.
Really everything is fab!

Kaye Williams on

It is awful to make us pick just one, I could add all these to my wardrobe without hesitation. But my favorite is the Turquoise top with the green embroidery…love it. could wear it with jeans, shorts, as a bathing suit coverup, so many options…

Diane on

Love the Bullseye tunic dress (& the cotton Ikat, can’t decide)! Thanks for the intro to Gretchen & her beautiful designs.

onnery on

They all look so comfy. I am drawn to the Tunnel because it reminds me of the current season, but I could take it all!!

onnery on

I am following on Pinterest. on

Love the Rabat Tunic! What wonderful vibrant colors–thanks for another great giveaway, Tina!

Anonymous on

Gretchen Scott tunics are timeless. The design of the prints on her clothes make them fun to wear. Can’t get enough of them!

Leslie on

I really love them fun and colorful! I was drawn to the ikat tunic dress though…perfect for frolicking on the beach! Off to follow her on Facebook and Pinterest!

Linda Owens on

My goodness, it is so hard to choose! I narrowed it down to the Reef tunic. But they are all equally beautiful. Such a generous giveaway.

Anonymous on

WOW! So happy to find this resource. Love it all! I LIKED her on Facebook & FOLLOWED her on Pinterest. Went to her website and plan to order something to wear for the holidays.

Linda Owens on

I am following Gretchen on facebook.

Heidi Wendling on

Wow, Great prices, larger sized and a terrific product across the board! Thank you so much for letting me know about this terrific designer! Now my eternal quest to look pulled together can be a reality thanks to Gretchen Scott.
Many Thanks. HHW

Linda Owens on

I am following Gretchen on Pinterest.

DownTheLaneWithDaisy on

I love the black/gray tunic on the top of the page. Gorgeous.


Love, love the travelling tunics–especially the pink bulls eye!

Alice on

I love everything! I am totally in love with th eyelt dress!

Anonymous on

Thank you for introducing me to Gretchen’s line. Love, love, love it all. Will be ordering mysef a ruffled robe and one for my sister for Christmas! Thanks for such a great giveaway. Carolyn

Anonymous on

After looking for something black and white, the basic go-with-anything-everywhere, I found “Elizabeth’s Shirt” and fell in love with the beautiful, bright, fun colors and print! What fun this would be to wear!

Carla G on

Love her clothes.. would love to win!

Anne F. on

What a fun meeting that must have been. She sounds wonderful and I love her clothes, so fun and chic and comfortable looking. I love the cowl neck but could choose something with my eyes closed and love it. Great line that I am happy to know about with Christmas around the corner.

Anne F.

M on

Love the cowl tunic and the needlepoint belts!


Anonymous on

Love her, love her offices and her metallic embroidered tunics are divine! Cannot log onto email for some reason, so… Great giveaway

Sandy on

I love the Goa tunic in pink. What a great giveaway! Thank you Tina.

Anonymous on

Wow! Wonderful embroidered pieces as well as so many fun and colorful options on tunics.Love the profiles on the models,which were personal and a nice feature to her site. Great luck to all.
Susan Alexander

Sandy on

I like Gretchen on Facebook and left a comment for her.

Sandy on

And I am a follower of Gretchen on Pinterest.

Pamela on

Really like the “Whiteworks” and “The Goa” – such beautiful tunics!

Mary Wolfe on

I live in the Panhandle of Florida where we have ‘air you can wear. It is so hot and humid here. I love to wear cotton tunics in our climate but had never seen Gretchen Smith’s line before. I love Summer Fields in turquoise and green. The turquoise matches our water here and the green fonds look like sea oats. I am now a fan!

gabriele segletes on

Love, love all of Gretchen’s designs! Especially love Classic V-Neck Lovey Do Tunic! I am following her on Facebook and Pinterest!

Victoria on

Well, I loved Gretchen’s clothes so much, I bought one when I was perusing her website; the Cotton Breezy Jacket was my choice — just my style. I also like the 6th image of yours here, the pintuck top with lavender blue dots, but I could not find it on her site. If you know what it is called, please let me know. I am also very fond of the jig tunic and dotted jeans in her new ad, but that is not yet on her website. I will just have to visit her site again. Quel dommage.
Thanks, Tina, for introducing her to me.

Karen Fishman on

The classic V neck tunic, “Lup De Lu”, in Blue/Yellow/Green, is my fave of many, many faves!!
I’m now a devoted follower on Pinterest and shall go on to “Like” on Facebook!!!!

Enchanted Papers on

I love, love love the entire line. it would be the win of a lifetime to actually win! the Reef tunic is my favorite piece and believe me it took me a long time to narrow it down. I am so excited.

LAC on

Such a hard decision to make…….like the cowl neck tunics…..different, smart look.

Deb Harris on

Her colors make you feel it is always summer, and loved many things, but was taken by the vibrant scarves in the line!

Anonymous on

What a great giveaway! Thank you!
I love the vibrant colors of orange and pink.


Anonymous on

There’s just no way to pick a favorite, but the black dresses (Magnificent) and the Goa tunic were gorgeous. All the colors and styles are terrific. Thank you.

carolyn bradford on

As always, such a fun post! My favorites are the jersey tunics and the beautiful cream/white lace dress! I would wear those all of the time! I sure have missed reading your wonderful blog! Hope you are doing well! Heading over to Gretchen’s Facebook and Pinterest now!

carolyn bradford on

In fact, it’s the Jersey dress in great Geo that I love so much! Looks so comfy and I tend to gravitate towards this style anyway!

Anonymous on

Just up my alley. Love all the fresh, joyful colors and styles. As always, Tina! an amazing post. You introduce me to some of the best things and people! Shawna Burnett

Anonymous on

Love the Sport Shirt- Havana Nights! -Maura

Sinead on

These are all so lovely but if I had to choose one, it would be the Pashmina Viscose Chamonix Tunic in Navy/Fuscia. Looks like a tropical drink in the Caribbean sun! Thanks for sharing.

Leslie on

How fun! Love looking at these beautiful tunics! The classic V neck is my favorite style…Thanks Tina! AND Gretchen!

Christina on

Wow, lovely stuff and a great giveaway! I love the Classic V-Neck Lovey Do Tunic

Marji on

Love the whole line, but still love the classic embroidered and embellished tunics the best. Right now the green and blue star tunic is on my radar.
What fun it must have been to visit her workspaces.

jacqueline on

So much to love! Especially Jersey Dress – Moorish!

Karen T. on

The Liny link bracelet and Cleo earrings are my favorites along with the cowl tunic. Great giveaway!

Karen T.

Kate G. on

Love her line and own an adorable dress from her that I bought in Bermuda a few years ago. Great line, didn’t know she had so many things! I love the cowl tunic and the black lace dress, both great pieces that would fit well into my wardrobe. Her clothes are so happy and you can tell she is someone who lives a full and exciting life. Loved hearing about your day with her Tina, she sounds like a fun boss!
Hope to win, that would be awesome.

Kate G.

MJ Moore on

I love the “Mommy and Me” tunics Seahorse Love Pink!


MJ Moore on

I liked/ commented on Facebook: M.J. Moore

Donna in Potomac on

First of all I love her mantra and couldn’t agree more about India…it’s one of my favorite places on earth. Secondly, I love the Jersey Dress – Unchained in the turquoise/orange color. Great stuff!

Pearlly on

I absolutely love the Jersey dress unchained. Her clothes are amazing !

mikky on

Thanks for introducing me to the world of Gretchen! She looks like so much fun. I can’t wait to learn more about her. Love her use of bright colours and what a contest WOW!


emmachas on

OH, WOW!!! Love, love, love every one of Gretchen’s designs! I feel like each one was designed just for me! Since I have to choose one favorite, I think it will have to be the Pashmina Viscose Cortina Tunic Dress. I love the green/ navy combo and the beautiful design.
I agree with mikky,,,,,Gretchen looks like her personality parallels her wonderful talent.

Carol on

Love Elizabeth’s Hope blouse..

Florescaroly on

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Anonymous on

Everything is so pretty! I especially like the jig tunic! Thank you for inspiring us!

Dawna debter on

Love the charcoal & blue. — perfect for fall in Tx, I bought a Gretchen Scott tunic in Miami airport last year, so excited, my first one! Got it home and it was the wrong size. Maybe this is my time!

Rusthawk on

I love the Ikat tunic dress …and so many others! Beautiful and comfortable style.

Rusthawk on

I am following Gretchen’s pinterest boards.

Christy on

I love the black Irish dress, endless bracelet and any color tunic top! I am joining on Pinterest and FB!

Ideezine on

Great post and fantastic giveaway. Gretch has a fantastic business model and wonderful company that ripples outward and touches many. I love the Black Silk Duponi tunic and the array of colors offered too. Simply beautiful.

All is well and busy too…cheers!


Ideezine on

Also following Gretchen on Pinterest and looking forward to much more fun stuff. Ready for the holidays fast approaching.


Gracie Road on

Love the Copacabana in white!

Gracie Road on

I am following Gretchen on Pinterest

Gracie Road on

I liked Gretchen’s facebook page

Chic Coastal Living on

She has great things at her store! I love the Sassy crochet skirt. I think it would be great to wear out to lunch or as a swim cover up!

Carol Anne on

I think I just found “that perfect little black dress”…love the Black Irish Lace dress.

Ivy Clad on

I was out shopping for a solid black tunic just last night. I’m so happy to find Gretchen’s website. This will be a great resource for me; I adore tunics.

The blue and green Mondrian tunic looks fun, and I love the Mommy & Me options. They’d be so much fun for wearing on vacation! Of course, I can’t resist the silk tunics; they’re probably my favorites.

What a great giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity.


Ivy Clad on

I also started following Gretchen on Pinterest.


Lisa @ The Lisa Porter Collection on

So glad I stopped by but shoot, I missed your deadline for the “blue” contest!
My oh my what a wonderful girl Gretchen Scott is. I think you have to be a pretty happy, down-to-earth, decent person to run a successful business these days. Especially if you want to have happy, loyal, employees and customers. Good for her! There is only ONE boutique in Lexington where I have seen her things and they are gobbled up quick! Wonder if she would be interested in opening a boutique here as my daughter and I are looking for “something” to do. πŸ™‚ Luckily decent retail is on the horizon here, whew!
Ok, I’m long so I will close so that I can visit her website, etc…Thanks so much for sharing Gretchen with us. I can see why you two became friends. xo Lisa

3 Peanuts on

I LOVE Gretchen Scott clothes and have a few pieces of my own. They are chic, fun and comfy. I had one on in Will’s homecoming post last week. I really love everything on her site but today I was especially attracted to the Elizabeth’s Hope shirt as it is for such a GREAT cause. We have a dear friend who we have been helping who was diagnosed with a brain tumor (cancer) just a few weeks ago. He is 16 and my son’s good friend. So, I love that she is raising money for that cause. She seems like a great person.

Lisa @ The Lisa Porter Collection on

Just checked out her fabulous website! Must have the Suede Mandarin Jacket (Quilted) in Khaki! So different and perfect for life in thoroughbred country! Please extend my thanks to Gretchen Scott for offering her beautiful designs to your readers. Thanks Tina!

3 Peanuts on

I was not sure if we were supposed to come back and tell you about the extra entries for following on fb and piterest but I did both. Please delete this if we were not supposed to.



I have just happened to come across your wonderful blog, thank you for allowing me to stop by.
Thank you too for introducing me to Gretchen Scott and her website, I have just popped over to see absolutely fabulous clothes, especially adore Gretchen designs of tunics and the pretty cream lace dress.

Such a kind generous ‘giveaway’, please convey my heartfelt thanks to Gretchen.

Tonya S. on

Wow! So very hard to decide – I guess if I had to pick just one tonight, it would be the poly georgette silk embroidered tunic in navy and fuchsia. Looking forward to seeing her line of fabrics!

MaiTai on

Oh these are so pretty! Love the jersey, ikat and bullseye tunic dresses, and the embroidered tunic tops. Thank you for introducing us to Gretchen, and have a wonderful Sunday!

e.Mle on

Gosh, & Nantucket is just a ferry ride away from my house – I’ll look for her presentation there. I’d feel really special in her Mrs. Robinson Robe enjoying a Cape Cod morning coffee. What a terrific “career” she has developed for herself.

Mariam on

The crazy quilt dress is so cute!

Anonymous on

My wife would probably like the Cotton Printed Shirt Waist.

Eric Risner

Anonymous on

I love the bullseye tunic dress!



Anonymous on

OMG! I just fell in love with the Black Silk Duponi tunic.


Anonymous on

I like the Ikat tunic dress!



Jime Kame on

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