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Good morning. What a game last night! Seriously were the Broncos even there? I felt bad for Payton, one of, if not the most illustrious QB’s in history and that’s what happens??? Oh well…thrilled for the Seahawks, a big congrats to them and all their legions of fans! I am happy to announce the lucky winner of the Nerium cream. Congratulations goes to…..

Result: 44? Sue Malizia January 31, 2014 at 9:39 PM?

I’ve been noticing more wrinkles near my lip line and neck…well, since I’m turning 60 this year it’s expected but the pictures are amazing so I’d love to win and try it for myself. 🙂


Please contact me here so I can be sure this gets on its way to you! If you didn’t win but want to purchase Nerium, click here to order and thank you Nerium for your giveaway!

WARNING- Entering this post will no doubt cause you to seriously temporarily considering having an other baby or daydreaming you could regress to being a baby yourself……..get ready for a serious dose of beauty!

Moving along….. I am so excited to be introducing you to the second of a wonderful line of new sponsors on my blog. I was thrilled when the “Rolls Royce” of kids and babies room, AFK contracted me…appears we are fans of each other. I am sure at some point you have seen their dreamy ads, yes those ads that can make you temporarily desperately want another baby just to create one of those dreamy rooms OR wishing you yourself were a baby yourself again and getting to be a lucky little bambino to call a room like that their very own.

If you are looking to create a true fairytale of a room for your own little junior…….then look no further than AFK. So beautifully elegant, they are the gold standard for sure! I was delighted to welcome them as one of my first sponsors and hope you will welcome them with me.? They have outfitted rooms for not only regular folk like us but oodles of celebrities and countless Royals.

32 years and still going strong, AFK is truly a one of a kind shopping experience when nothing but the best will do for your little prince or princess. Gail started her business when she had her first child and got inspired by making a beautiful personalized painted alphabet sign. Soon, it caught the eye of local businesses and before long they were being sold everywhere. She saw a market and soon expanded her own business and the rest as they say is history. I am uber impressed with her operation and her taste level is bar none.

A little intro first then a look at some incredible spaces that they have created for the luckiest little people on the planet! It is a pleasure to be sponsored by such a beautiful line. Thank you and welcome AFK!

Their beautiful Beverly Hills store……

And a little about Gail and how she began…..

Now take a look at these exquisite rooms…..

This is the section that literally gives me heart palpitations… is almost a crime that I do not have a reason to buy these things anymore…..rethink how you thought of childrens and babies furniture!

I must have this chair and this crib!
I want this desk FOR ME!

Are you dying over how cute this is????? Mom and Dad wish they had a dining room that looked like this:)

Adore this daybed!

This crib needs to be in my house!
Love this chest…..forget kids rooms, come to mine!

A crowned chair…fit for a royal

LOVE this Peter Rabbit painted crib
They do more transitional looking pieces as well…something for everyone

How sweet is this!

LOVE this crib

Gotta have this toychest……(OK maybe for eventual grandchildren)!

What a beautiful daybed!
This crib is sooo sweet
Really loving this crib for a lucky little guy

I love how dainty this is….just gorgeous and her colors are so beautiful!
They have a tremendous selection of art for these dreamy rooms as well as artists on staff to create the mural of your dreams……even everyday fairytales and sports motifs? are stepped up a notch in with their beautiful take on them!

?Love this charming mouse in a hole…..

And when needing a vanity for juniors bath, no worries they have that covered too….

By now you are brainstorming how you can adopt or have another baby am I right? Spectacular!! One could really go crazy here, these are just over the top dreamy!! If you are in the market in creating a beautiful kids or babies room, then AFK is your place!!

?Click here to visit them….do you have a favorite? Thanks for stopping in and wishing you all an enchanted day:) By the way for anyone who cares, we are getting MORE snow today, they are saying up to 8″, school is canceled yet again. The silver lining? Getting to stay in and indulge in all the Superbowl leftovers:)

BY THE WAY….if you are a lover of blue and white, and I know there’s a high chance you are given you read my blog, hope you will check out my post over at The Pink Pagoda for her blue and white bash by clicking here, there are links to oodles of fabulous posts all about and blue and white! You can never have too much!

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