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Hello there and happy Monday….. OK here is a blog update for anyone who cares. I have decided to not do anything at this moment (changing back to blogger). I did if you will notice change my header back to an old and familiar one (some of you were having a hard time adjusting to so many changes at once) and I “get it” it so here’s a little familiarity while we all adjust together. So happy to have Jeanne (of I Dream Of) beautiful little ginger jars gracing my blog. They make me happy! I do like to change things up but want everyone to be comfortable as all this change is taking place….so this is a “work in progress”!

Many of you, my fellow bloggers have written that my feed for my blog is not updating. Thanks for telling me…..hope to have this corrected today, maybe even by the time you are reading this! There are still tweaks and things to iron out yet.? In a frantic heat of panic, I was thinking of going back to Blogger, just because it is familiar and easy, kind of like going “home”.? I know change is good but it can also be scary and trust me you have no idea what I went through for about 8 days…..I spared you the drama:) But there was A LOT! There is so much for me to learn but I am not a quitter and anyone who knows me well always hears me preach my mantra “some of the best moves you make in life are the ones you don’t”. So there. I am not making a move right now. Maybe never….who knows and then again, maybe next week:)? I am holding tight for the next week as we continue to tweak things and will reserve judgement until next week. To be continued…..jury is out:)

In the meantime, spring has sprung over here!!? I got in so? many fabulous goodies for my online shop, I am SO excited!! I get all giddy when something really special comes in. I found a great floral source, whose prices are also terrific. I am a fresh flower fanatic for anyone one knows me or has been coming to my blog for a while however there are times when they can be out of season, super expensive or just hard to find. Enter good faux flowers. There are “insiders secrets” on how to use them however:) My shop as stated from the getgo was a place for me to sell and share all that I love, I have always said I will only sell things I would buy and put in my own home and so far, I have stuck to that mantra. These are no exception and in fact my house is literally blooming with flowers at this very moment.


The orchids are amongst some of the best I have found but I still add my little “tied moss squares” just like is done with real orchids to give these a “real effect”. So far everyone thinks they are live orchids and that’s how I intend to keep it! This super large bowl is about 30″ round (huge) so you get the scale of this orchid!! The orchids come in three sizes, XL, large and med. The first one is the XL and the other is the med (2 stem). Best part is they are much less than the real ones and last forever!! Adding the moss and small moss squares tied with raffia adds that special “florist touch”……






IMG_1535 Kind of hard to believe these aren’t real…isn’t it?


Then there are the beautiful hydrangea stems. I buy fresh hydrangea on a regular basis and fill my blue and whites with them. So the? plant in my kitchen literally had only a few nearly dead heads on it, so guess what! I clipped a bunch of my new hydrangea stems and planted them right into the “real hydrangeas pots” and the result is nothing less than spectacular. No watering necessary, fresh blooms that just don’t quit:) Everyone will want to know “my secret”……







And the peonies…oh how I love this flower. God really knocked it out of the park when he created the most majestic flower of all, the peony. But why oh why do they die so fast!!!! Such a tragedy for such a magnificent flower to not last longer. Enter my new faux peonies! These are sold in small bunches and honestly are just gorgeous! I clustered two bunches together and I must say, it was love at first sight:)? What do you think?








How about these beautiful and delicate rose and hydrangeas bunches? Perfect for small bud vases and smaller scaled planters. I added them to my nightstand in my bedroom and they just add such an elegant flair to my room. I spray a little room spray on them and it is pure heavenly bliss:) The hydrangea (both blue and cream) are also sold by the stem….





Then you you put a bunch together and holy mama, is this gorgeous or what!!!! I added these to one of my beautiful silver planters on Sunday when I spent the day “playing” and I must say I really got excited when I saw how great it came out. It’s all about trial and error, imagination and a will to beautify! I then partially set my dining table and if I say so myself this put a little pep in my step and has me wanting to host a spring-y luncheon, brunch or who knows maybe Easter!!

IMG_0595 IMG_0596 IMG_0600 IMG_0602 And yes I am madly in love with my newest collection of China…..Royal Crown Derby Blue Mikado, so classic and elegant!! The charger is from my online shop as are the linens and monogrammed napkins:)



And last but not least my beloved cherry blossoms….oh how I love these. They add instant drama, elegance and beauty to any room they are used in. Just gorgeous! I have the pink in stock now, cream coming in next month.



DSC_1000And yes if you are noticing my beautiful cherub statue, I got it in last week!!! Came home to it and was so excited. It’s also now on my online shop click here to see………………


So….yes, you guessed right if you think I have been having fun “playing” because indeed I have. I love flowers, they just make me so happy and while I will of course continue to buy real flowers, I must say to have blooms that look so real, are always “in bloom” and will forgive you for not watering them ever, is mighty nice:) All flowers shown are in stock and for sale and are in the process of being added to my online shop. If you are interested in anything right now and cannot wait just contact me and I am happy to give you pricing and availability.? Many thanks for stopping in….wishing you a fabulous day and great start to your week:)


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Eliza Beth on

Good Monday morning to you, Tina!

So sorry that it was that 8 days of tension, difficulty and stress with the blog redesign! There’s nothing harder than your baby (the blog) not being transformed the way you envision it, let alone not working as it should.
Breathe deep, take your time, and you’ll get it where you want it to be. In the meantime, we’ll happily follow along with any and all changes:)

Orchids, hydrangeas and roses transform gardens and houses on the inside too! Something about all that lovely life, the different shapes, colors and scents.

The royal crown derby blue is gorgeous on your table!

Anne on

Tina-AMAZING flowers! I do have a green thumb so I tend to like and buy faux but agree really good ones are not easy to find or else are super expensive. The orchids and peonies are incredible. I am emailing you. I am hosting a baby shower for 80 in March and would love to have a few orchids for my table. I love what you have done with them and in your home they look like a million bucks.

Sorry for all the trouble you have had, but I must say the blog really does look beautiful. Sometimes you just need time to take care of the rest. Hang in there!

jk on

I absolutely love peonies and hydrangeas!!! I have both in my yard….I hope they will have made
it through this nasty winter when spring eventually arrives.
We have a store in a nearby town that has the most beautiful faux flowers. They are not cheap by any
means but totally worth it.

Not that my opinion matters at all, but it really nice to see the old header back. I think it looks much
more like your blog now.

Leslie on

Tina, the flowers are gorgeous and of course the blue and white porcelain vases are perfect containers:) I spend SO much money on flowers and I really need to try using this. Sounds like this blog redesign project has been a challenge. I like some of the familiar feel back and it looks like you’ve made some progress. (not sure I will be switching!) Have fun today! xxL

The Pink Pagoda on

Oh my, Tina, everything looks beautiful. I have faux orchids, too, and people always assume they’re real. Real orchids might last 2 months at my house! I have the Mikado, too, and adore it.

The Preppy Princess on

Arrgghhh, the misery of implementing blog changes. I have been there and remain intimidated by the whole thing. The flowers look just *beautiful*, what a lovely sight on a snowy Monday.

Linda on

Tina- I thought the ginger jars were beautiful but really have to say being a creature of habit ( to a fault) I now feel like I am back on your blog again aka “home”. I know change is scary, I also hate it but force myself to do it otherwise things remain so stagnant!

Love all your flowers, wow they are so beautiful. I cannot believe the hydrangeas, orchids and peonies in particular. So life life. I just emailed you and would love some information/pricing. Always a treat to visit you and hope things are calming down for you, sounds like it’s been really stressful, but the blog looks great, Tina.

Shawn Cole on

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue…..sounds like a winning combination. Thank you for adjusting, I was beginning to panic at all the change. Enjoy your blog immensely, I find it comforting and inspiring all at the same time. Thank you, for a dose of beauty for my day!

Kim on

Love your gorgeous flowers. Love your blog. When will the flowers be available for purchase? Thank you in advance

katie clooney on

Oh sweet Tina!!! Technology is a pain in the neck. So sorry for your troubles. The flowers are gorgeous and look so real!! Love your arrangements and your blue and white rooster is darling. Can’t wait to hear about your trip and so glad that you are back. I’m still having trouble putting you on my blog roll. Have a wonderful week!!

Sandy @ You May Be Wandering on

Tina, the flowers are spectacular! I can’t wait for you to put them in the shop…I may have to splurge! Have a happy Monday! xoxo

Elizabeth on


I too have been toying with a move to wordpress and in fact have another blog on wordpress and frankly I am not too fond of it, but I have also not taken the time to really learn it. I just do not have the time right now.

That said, your blog looks fabulous! I will follow you wherever you are.

I LOVE all of your new flowers, they look fabulous. I may just need to get a few peonies.

I hope that you have a fabulous week!


Jeanne McKay Hartmann on

Oh, Tina! I’m so sorry it’s been a rough transition. I think everything you do is beautiful and know that you’ll get through these technical difficulties in no time. Change is never easy, but good for you for taking on this “redecoration” project!

I love that you and I both had flowers on the brain today. Yours are just gorgeous!

Thanks so much for the shout out – you know how much I love working with you!

Hang in there! XOXO

Pretty Pink Tulips on

I think your blog looks just beautiful. It feels like YOU but also still fresh with your beautiful blue and white ginger jars painted by Jeanne! I’m sorry for all the headaches. I need to do some updating but I know it takes time. I hadn’t heard that quote about “some of the best moves being the ones you don’t make”. I like thatโ€ฆgoing in my quote repertoire! ๐Ÿ™‚

The flowers are all exquisite. I have to compliment you on your Instagram photos. You are always some of my very favorite images!!! Keep up the great work.

Here’s to a great week ahead! We’re inching toward Spring!
xoxo Elizabeth


Love peonies and you always do a beautiful job arranging your vases with the perfect blooms! XO

Barbara P from MA on

SO PRETTY!!! Your new faux flowers look gorgeous! Your dining room table set for a very special occasion is one of the prettiest I’ve seen! Love your new china!

Loi Thai - Tone on Tone on

The orchids are divine, Tina!! I love the idea of incorporating moss – brilliant!! Hang in there with your new site. We are all patient ๐Ÿ™‚ xoxo

Linda P. on

So beautiful, really takes my breath away. In your spare time you could become a floral designer, haha. You are one talented lady Tina.

vicki archer on

Tina… those orchids are fabulous… all the table settings look gorgeous…
I am pleased you stuck with WordPress… it looks fantastic now… and it will become second nature… ๐Ÿ™‚
You must tell me how you managed the blogroll… xv

Annie on

You are so talented Tina. The pictures are right out of a book and that table setting fit for Queen Elisabeth herself. I do not have a green thumb so good faux flowers are a given around here. Emailing you about the orchids and peonies. Always a treat to visit you and your blog looks better than ever, all that work you are doing is paying off in spades.

liz morten on

Tina: Thank you for the nice comment on my post! Do you come to High Point to market? I would love to spend a little quality shopping time with you!

Luciane at on

Hi Tina,

I know how hard it is having to change everything around your blog, and even though sometimes I wish I did some changes, I feel it would complicate too many things around and sometimes the readers are used the way the blog feels and prefers it that way.

Your blog is ALWAYS beautiful and practical… so, feel at peace with it. You inspires us and we love it just the way it is! ๐Ÿ™‚

Talking about love… wow!!! this post made my day! I am missing some flowers… maybe I should buy some today too!

Have a wonderful week, my friend… so much LOVE to you, Tina!


Luciane at

South Shore Decorating Blog on

So glad you went back to blogger for now – seemed way to stressful! I agree with you about peonies – love them. Thank you for the loveliness. I am so stressed today because we are having the new chandelier hung that replaces the one we lost in the fire recently, and the team of electricians cannot figure out how to make scaffolding to get up there. So sick of not having lights!! So thanks for the nice break and reminder that spring is coming ๐Ÿ™‚

Kim Klaty on

Tina, loooove your orchids. They are stunning. Thanks for introducing us to these faux flowers and wonderful scents.

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