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Hello and happy Wednesday morning, slowly adjusting to my new “home”. Slowly is the operative word:) I am, as said before indeed a creature of habit and don’t do well with change but I am also very stubborn and the combination can at times be toxic but also fuel to “keep on truckin” so here I am and even the tiniest little success (like adding a blog successfully to my blogroll) inspires me to? get up and do a happy dance. Still tweaking as we go along:) I hope to eventually report that WordPress was worth all the stress tears, screaming matches, wine and lost sleep.

Through this change I realized just how non tech savvy I really am. Here I was all smug thinking because I am now on Instagram that I “in the know”…ha! When everything and I do mean everything starts sounding like a foreign language, you know you have crossed over to the dark side:) RSS feeds, SEO, Genesis, plugins, huh?%#@*^*&^? Totally lost on me but have no fear I am marching on………….and learning despite the growing pains so thanks for coming along for the ride…I promise the best really is yet to come! And subscribing issues should all be worked out between today and tomorrow (to many of you who emailed me).

For all my fellow bloggers who had me on their blogrolls (thank you)! and who have had issues updating me on their feeds, below is my official feed address, please put this one into your blogroll and we should be good to go. I tested it on my blog and it works:) Thank you in advance for redoing this and for your patience:)


OK moving on to prettier and far more exciting subjects…my newest line! I have been a longtime fan of Antica Farmacista. I was hooked the very first time I was given one of the beautiful diffusers as a gift. My entire home smelled so heavenly…I was a fan for life! So I am super excited to be carrying the line in my online shop. They are now up as today on my online shop, click here to see!

As you know? my shop is a carefully curated one stop shop of all? things I love, from my beloved blue and whites to classic mainstays like silver and monogrammed linens, boxwood and belljars, and more. So this is a prefect compliment to my growing collection. I am carrying diffusers of all the scents I am featuring here and with some scents additional products like room sprays, bubble bath and lotion. I am “testing” out the line for now but hope to expand, this is by far not only the prettiest line of bath/body products but they are masters of the universe with their scents!! So a giveaway is in order!


I have chosen my five most favorite scents and am happy to announce by tomorrow, that they will up on my online shop…..woo hoo! There is nothing in the world like walking into a home that smells good! I keep the diffusers in all the bathrooms and have room sprays everywhere. I spray sheets with them and cannot get enough of the scents.

The moisturizing lotion is amongst one of the best I have ever used….I am a “lotionaholic” so trust me I know these things:) Take a look at how pretty, and how I wish you could smell through the computer screen! They are just “beyond”! Details on giveaway at bottom of post.

Had a little “photo sesh” with the new goodies…..

This is the Bergamot and Ocean Aria, a amazing concoction of soft jasmine, bergamot and lavender…so wonderful!

DSC_1012 DSC_1013 DSC_1015 DSC_1016 ? And Acqua as the name implies,? smells like a sea breeze with a subtle trace of slight sweet musk, yum!DSC_1017 DSC_1018 DSC_1019 ? And of course the original fragrance that made me a believer! The Peonia, Gardenia and Rosia. Heavenly combination of rose, peonies and gardenia!DSC_1020 DSC_1022 DSC_1023 DSC_1025 DSC_1026 And then there is Ala Moana when you want to take that vacation smell home with you…this reminds me of laying on a hammock on a deserted island, amazing scent of tuberose, gardenia, jasmine and plumeria…so good! ala-moana_500-ml-250-ml_00 ? And last a new scent, Spring blossoms? and in perfect timing for spring! A mesmerizing scent of spring….violet, jasmine, amber and a sweet musk, just amazing! spring-blossom_500-ml-250-ml_00

Yes I do take my scents very seriously! Everything is in stock and ready to ship so click here to see these wonderful new additions on my online shop!

OK onto that giveaway! One lucky winner will be getting a diffuser of her choice (whichever scent he/she wants). All you need to do is visit my shop site (click here)? come back here and tell me an item that tickled your fancy and that you would love to own (check out all the new lamps while you are at it:)!

That is it, you will be in the running and I will announce a winner on Friday morning. If you want a second entry, visit my Facebook page by clicking here and leave me a comment telling me something good:) Thanks for stopping in, hoping you have a fabulous day!

If you missed my post yesterday on my newest flowers, you do not want to miss it, click here……….

DSC_0988Think I may need to “waterlogue” this one..see I told you I was a tech guru:)

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Design Chic on

What a great new line, Tina and I love the bottles – as important as the scent to me! Your shop and new home look so pretty – love the watercolor urns. The linens are all so beautiful, but I’m still wanting the dough bowls and bread boards! We are in the throes of a blog remodel to WordPress and are scared to death with the transition…I keep waiting to read – it’s AMAZING – so happy I did this, from you – any advice?!

Lynn on

I love all the blue and white and also the Greek key hurricanes. Great giveaway!

Amanda G. on

Hi Tina, your blog looks beautiful, its still “you” but updated and I love it. Hope the worst is over for you.

This line is beautiful, I have bought their products before and agree they are exceptional I would love to win, the two things on my list right now are a pair of Greek key belljars for my kitchen renovation and a new blue and white lamp you just added. Your shop just gets better and better!

Donnamae on

I really admire your wooden extra thick trivets…oh my…beautiful! Thanks for the opportunity! 😉

Karen T. on

I love the Annabel Ingall handbags and Alicia Adams wraps! Wonderful giveaway!

franki on

So very nice!! I particularly like the “Amalfi”serving tray…how perfect for serving on the deck, patio, etc. Not an easy choice!! franki

Ashley on

This giveaway is wonderful! My eye is always on those classic bell jar lanterns! Such a beautiful look for over the kitchen island.

Sharon Ellis on

Your Blog is amazing !! I get so excited whenever it’s in my email and I can’t wait to see what you have been up to. You NEVER disappoint !!! I absolutely love your monogramed napkins, they are exquisite and I have wanted some my entire life. One day I will be ordering them. As far as your give-a-way, I would love to have one of your beautiful new fragrances to put into my bathrooms as I am raising triplet boys and you can only imagine that I NEED those fragrances for my baths !!!

Eliza Beth on

Hi Tina,
Glad that everything is coming together for your blog. Hopefully the aggravation will become a distant memory soon!

Am going to go try the new link, thanks.

Room diffusers are wonderful. (My favorite scents are lemon, apple, vanilla, and cinnamon things.)
Saw the ones above are florals / woodsy. Someone will love what they win:)

Amy on

Hi- what a great giveaway! I don’t know this brand, but would love to.

I took a look at the shop and I must say the large must- have handbag in Bluebell is gorgeous. Would love to have that one in my collection. : )

Eliza Beth on

The new link works perfectly:) 🙂

Sara on

Wow Tina beautiful line. I would like to order a few products but cannot find them online. I will email you, maybe they are not there yet. My favorite thing of all is your blue white collections and your silver planters (I own two and love them). Your collection just gets better every day and its so nice to have a “little enchanted home” in my own home.
Also the new flowers are incredible I cannot wait to place my order!




Hi Tina,

joann malik on

i love the bavarian bread boards…all of them…so glad you are now carrying antic farmacista…wonderful?!

Sandy w on

My favorite right now in your shop is the faux boxwood. I would love to order those soon. Also, love all the European kitchen wood trivets. And this new line of room scents looks wonderful.

Karen Sternberg on

I love your new site, stay with WordPress, you won’t be sorry. I personally love the coral Jojo bag! So cute and the perfect size! Hang in there, it gets easier and the possibilities for WordPress are endless.

Janice Gallaway on

I am in love with thr Annabel Ingall totes, I want one in every color!
Can’t wait to order room spray in every fragrance. I love this line!

Susan B. on

I keep eyeing those bread boards, thinking how nice they’d look in my kitchen…..Thanks for the opportunity. The idea of a house that smells of spring in this never ending winter is so appealing!

Victoria on

Excited Tina that you are carrying this line! I love their products and have been buying them for years, I will be your first customer for them when they are up. They are superior to any product I have ever tried and the scents last so long!
Your blog btw is looking amazing, don’t change a thing, trust me it looks “A OK” on this end!
My favorite things (there are many) are the A.Ingll tote in sky the wrap in light gray, the olive tray and the silver items. You have such great things, keep it coming:-)


Linda R (Phila burbs) on

Good morning, Tina. I’m loving your new website – hang in there. I’m absolutely crazy about birds so I would love to own the porcelain table lamp with the birds on it. Have a great day. It’s snowing again here – sigh.

Maude Ciardi on

Love the cutting boards, also the handbag. Would love to have them. The new product looks great. Excited to try them. Also your flowers!

Things That Inspire on

I love this line of diffusers and soaps. I treated myself to one of the diffusers a few years ago, and it lasted a long time.

I just visited your shop and was amazed at the number of planters you have! I love the garland wreath planter and the artichoke finial.

I added the new feed and you are now showing up in my blog roll!

Hope you have a great day.


Things That Inspire on

Just noticed that your blog roll now shows the newest post from the blogger – thank you!!! I often use your blog roll as a jumping off point when I want to discover new blogs, so this is very helpful.

– Holly

Christine on

I’m loving your new blog and the new product – They must all smell wonderful!

I love the ‘THREE CHERUBS PLAYING’ What a playful looking cherub statue. Thanks for offering the nic give-away!

Rebecca on

My first must have piece is the Silver Fabulous Showstopping Large Planter. It will go right in the middle of my dining room table. It’s perfect and truly fabulous!

Sally on

My dear Tina
It all looks fabulous to me, still as enchantedly and beautifully you, so Im glad you are ‘hanging in there’ with the techno techno.
Like you I am happier to live in a creative land of furnishings, fabrics and flowers ( my brother calls it Planet Philaenopsis :)))
I just wondered, if its practical, could you add the dimensions of your small and medium belljar light fittings?
Thank you and I hope you have a sunny and lovely dayx

Leslie on

Too hard to pick just one item from your shop!!! Anything blue and white, anything silver…I could use a new tote and it sounds like your new line is something I would LOVE to have!!! The new blog looks fantastic!

Arell on

Hi Tina!

If there is anyone that loves your shop, it is me!! You have the most beautiful things and I think I have memorized all of your dreamy merchandise. I love the silver, I love the napkins and today, I noticed a gorgeous orange and white planter. So for today, the planter will be my “favorite”. As usual, your giveaways are so fun. I really love coming to your blog to see what is going on. Thanks so much and have a great day.

Kathy p. on

Hi Tina,
You are getting so many wonderful things in your shop. I love the new line from today’s post. I first saw the diffusers on a trip to England. Today, I would love to have one of your planters for spring flowers!
Thank you for the wonderful give away!

Sandy @ You May Be Wandering on

You are getting there, Tina! I just updated my blog roll and my feed and you show up perfectly now!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Antica Farmacista – my favorite home fragrance! As far as my favorite in your shop, you know I love it all, but I am currently adoring the silk flowers (can’t wait until they go into the shop) and the tole lamps and lanterns.

Hope you are having a wonderful day (did you get more snow?) xoxo

Leslie from Around The Table on

Wow Tina, look at this blog! It’s really coming along and I love the top (gotta love blue;) It’s perfect! This is a wonderful line and I adore the packaging. I have the peoni, gardenia, rose.. in one of my powder rooms and can’t wait to buy more! xxL

Liz M. on

All your blue & white lamps are stunning. The largest (height) is a particular favorite. Greetings from Dana Point! Enjoyed your post holiday post about my neighborhood & I am really enjoying your site!

Donna on

Oh! My, Tina, it’s sooo hard choosing one I love! I adore your cream & blue stafford shire dogs. They remind me of my Joey (15 yr old Shitzuh) lost this past Xmas. I would love your giveaway home diffuser- I agree with you- there’s nothing better than walking into your home smelling divine! I love everything you do!

Madeleine on

I recently found your shop and LOVE it! I am decorating a home in CT and will enjoy browsing. I am obsessed with blue and white so I would select one of the beautiful footbaths.
I also hope I win the Antica Farmacista give away. I’m a fan!
All the best to you.

Kristen Smith on

So hard to choose a favorite but I am in love with your boxwoods! A new diffuser for spring would be wonderful. 🙂

Mary on

Hi Tina, welcome back! Thanks for the giveaway of the beautiful diffuser…your descriptions of the fragrances practically make me swoon! At the top of my wish list from your shop are a pair of the beautiful blue and white porcelain vase lamps…they would be perfect atop the chest in my guest bedroom…would be a lovely gift from me to me.

Pam Ballard on

Lovely product, lovely giveaway. I visited your site and love the GUEST TOWELS NATURAL WITH BLACK – SET OF 3!

GRC Ltd on

Tina, love he new lines you are carrying! I covet that Chinoisserie lantern L1; unique and so stylish.

marly z. on

I love, love, love the bread boards. They have so much more character than any others I’ve seen.

kathy chandler on

Tina, I love your low ball glasses, especially the blue since I am a blue and white lover too! I may have to order a set for this spring. I can’t believe they are not glass, the design is so beautiful!

jennifer on

I am thinking Spring and imaging some beautiful flowers in the Pedestal Urn! Great giveaway and love the new line of diffusers – one of my favorites for sure 🙂

Peggy Bryant on

Beautiful blog! I’m loving the blue and white ring cup vase.

Michelle on

I would love some of those beautiful flowers but I don’t see them listed on your shop page….? Would love to win! Michelle

Sherri on

Love pretty much everything in your shop, Tina. I’ve bought the silver pitcher, a planter, and chargers. Maybe the cake plate with glass dome will be next. These scent diffusers are wonderful!!

linda melz on

i have a tickle for two of your lines the first is the european kitchen anything from that line is so beautiful and would add to any kitchen the second just one of each please the napkin rings oh they are so fabulous
thank you for offering this giveaway and please enter my name linda m

Carol Ann Nelson on

Hard to narrow down.. but would love to have a set of the blue and white needlepoint pillows.

Victoria A. on

My current favorite in your shop is the tote in Persian Blue…gorgeous. I am so happy you have added Antica Farmacista, my all-time favorite home fragrance. I hope you will be adding my personal favorite scent, Il Fuoco di Lustro, to your inventory.
XO, Victoria

D. Hoyt on

Too many pretty things to choose from in your shop! I love the reproduction silver you carry, especially the footed, handled planters, which would make any houseplant look glamorous! Thank you!

Valerie on

Well, love your shop but the bread boards, bowls tickle my fancy. The scents sound wonderful. I always enjoy reading your blog. Valerie

Tiffany on

Wow! Hard to choose a favorite item from your fabulous store, but I’d love the Classic Double Row Greek Key Hurricane, or one of your luxe totes. Definitely on my wish list!

susan boudon on

Hi Tina, Love your blog, Im kinda new to all of this. I have been laid up at home with a broken arm. So Ive been exploring the internet and found you. Im so glad I found you. I too love blue and white. You have some pictures in your dining room, the four grouping of blue and white pictures. Will they be available in your shop soon. I also love the flowers. But the cable knit warmers look wonderful for this time of year. Thank you!!!!

jenny on

I am loving the lamps you have posted in your online shop! I love the blue and white square shade, bell lamp! I have never tried the products you are giving away! I am hoping I win!!!! PS. Your house is breathtaking!

Claudia A. on

WREATH PEDESTAL has been a favorite of mine, always…but everything is wonderful and just too hard to decide my favorite!

Jayne on

As a very recent convert to diffusers, I would love to win this! Not sure why it took me so long to discover these. I was afraid they might be overpowering, but just the opposite has been the case for me.

I really enjoy everything in your shop – it’s all elegant and if I could I would have at least one of everything – however, I can’t wait for you to list the silk orchids!!!!!!! I used to use only real flowers and plants, but it seemed that no matter how careful I was I would always end up with water damage or sap issues the result of some spider mites. Since I’m a pretty picky type A person, I got tired of what seemed like a no-win situation and prefer silk flowers and plants. I’ve just added a new mirror, console and lamp to my entry and can’t wait to add one of your orchids to finish it off!

Anna on

I love your store and may just splurge on a diffuser. But the gardenia candles are wonderful ! My husband got me one for Christmas and I want one in every room in the house!

Julie on

I love Antica Farmacista products and used to work in a home decor shop that carried their products. Customers always raved about their scents. It’s always a great gift and you can know that your giving a good quality product. What a hard decision, but I would love to win the Peonia diffuser. Thanks so much for offering this.

Tone on Tone - Loi Thai on

Congrats on this wonderful new sponsor! Acqua would be divine in our Maine home. And of course I love all your blue and white offerings 🙂
PS – I was able to successfully add your new blog feed!! Yay!

Bridget on

I adore your silver napkin rings – especially the dog pulling the cart. I have two Newfoundlands and I’ve never seen such unusual napkin rings.

Wanda on

I love the Persian Blue handbag in the bucket style! Very classy!

Carol C Sawyer on

You had me at gardenia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Phyllis on

Tina, You are stronger than I am – I didn’t last on WordPress for a week. But the ‘new’ blog looks beautiful and you clearly have a lot of exciting things happening. Carry on!
All best,

maureen on

The scents ‘smell’ delicious. I can’t wait for your flowers so I can order. I still like the napkin rings and if money was not important I would have to have the crystal dome cloche with plate. My treats would look dazzling!

jenny on

Love the crystal cloches !!! Pure elegance. Love your style !

Karolyn on

Your blog is gorgeous as ever, it is so stressful when changing over!! I love all these wonderful scented products but I think the Bergamot/ocean diffuser is a must have!! Of course I think I will take a gorgeous Chinoiserie Lantern as well , thank you!

Ginger on

First time visitor at your lovely shop and what a beautiful collection you have available! The Bergamot Ocean reed diffuser would be the perfect addition to our new Florida home, thank you so much!

Elaine on

What is there not to love! I want them all! Love all the lighting, flowers and all the blue and white. Thanks for bring such beautiful pieces to decorate our homes. I think Spring Blossom would smell wonderful right now in my home:)

Tammy on

The Bell jars! All of them!

Elizabeth on

Hello Tina,

I am a huge fan of your new sponsor! The scents are wonderful and so fresh.

As for your store, I love the bread boards and the napkin rings!

I hope that your wordpress growing pains don’t cause you too much more stress.

Have a great night!

Marta Barker on

I’m a newbie and I’m loving it all…as I celebrate my birthday at this hour by myself. Thanks for all of the eye candy. Good Day

Taylor Greenwalt on

Tina…what lovely items for your shop….you did a great job with the displays…the flowers are so pretty!

Tess Moran on

Love the Squirrel nut bowl! Thank you for offering a giveaway! Love your blog!

cheryl m on

I love the pillows….especially the “antler one!”. And, thank you for the giveaway opportunity.

Donna on

The handbags are lovely…..simple elegance.

Teresa @ Splendid Sass on

To comment you have to click on title of post! Got it! I have you new address and will add it!
You had me at bergamot! Everything looks wonderful and I know is smells divine!
Love the ginger jars by the way. So cute.

Lindsay on

Love, love your blog!!! Your shop is so elegant I would take one of everything. I especially love the diamond with leaf hurricane light. So beautiful!
I bet the peonia, gardenia, rosa is an amazing scent!!

Linda Owens on

What a wonderful giveaway. I love all the bell jars in your collection. Everything in your shop is beautiful and it is so hard to decide on just one thing. Love your blog.

Susan Osborn-Sanders on

Tina, Love everything in your store, but if I had to choose one thing today, well I must say your new line of faux flowers, love, love, love the peonies. Your photo session just made my day.

Catherine Mueller on

I would love to have one of everything in the shop! Is that too greedy? Hehehe

mary ann Jones on

Hi Tina! Love how your shop has grown and your website changes always for the better which I know is a lot of effort.

I am cooking more fish these days and the diffusers would be great. I really like the idea of all the fragrance described the ala moana sounds interesting.
best regards, mary ann


Perfect Tina! I just updated your feed url on my blog roll because for a while I thought you weren’t posting but I would check anyway. Have a beautiful day my friend and I love your newest additions to your store! XO

Susan S on

At the moment, I’m cuckoo over the NEW STYLE COCO handbag! Perfection!

Barbara P from MA on

What a wonderful new line of products! Always enjoy looking through your store as you carry the very best of all the things I’d love to own! I absolutely love your bell jar lanterns, your Spanish olive trays, your monogrammed linens , your blue and white vases and on and on! Really adore all of the items you’ve selected to carry! How generous to offer such a fabulous giveaway- I’m certain all of us would be thrilled to add one of their diffusers to our homes. There is something so nice about walking into a wonderful smelling room /home! Admire your resolve in moving forward with your blog change-am sure it will all fall into place!

michele@hellolovelystudio on

gee that ala moana smells terrific…i bet. oh tina, what glorious additions to your inventory. appealing to all of the senses is pretty dang savvy. i’m home from canada! i snowshoed and did not break a single bone. i’m feelin pretty good. my sass is not yet 100% (if you say ‘boo’ it’s possible i may weep) but i’m getting there. love to you!


Linda D on

I love everything in your store… Building a new home and can’t wait to order your bell jar lanterns! Love the new addition to your store… Would love to win the giveaway!!

HollyB from DC on

So glad I found this blog just the other day. Love everything in your shop, but was especially taken the European wooden bread bowls. Gorgeous!

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