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Hello there….hard to believe it is March but here it is beyond frigid. I am talking single digits and bone chilling cold.? Headed into NYC today and there are no amount of layers that will be too much! Not pretty either, I am so over winter it is not even funny. So our monthly By Invitation Only theme this month is creativity and how to/ways that I keep it alive in my life. It was an interesting and thought provoking question/thought process. Some days admittedly I feel like the creativity just won’t stop, even if I wanted it to (which I don’t) then I have those other days where…..well, lets just say the well is running dry:) I think creativity and finding “the zone” has much to do with a relaxed and open state of mind……..

?by invitation only

By nature I have always been a creative person, from the storybooks with vivid illustrations I made as a young girl (and thankfully that my parents kept as its great fun to see them now) to the paperdolls I made, to my custom stationery that I sold, hand painted kids accessories, all the way to design….I have certainly explored many creative avenues! The difference between me now and say 10 years ago however,? is that when I get to those “cold barren corners” aka a non creative zone and lack the creative intuition, I recognize it, take a step back and take a little break. I dont’ force it or think it can magically appear. I think creativity has to be spurred by above all else, passion and desire. You have to want to look for it, see it and discover it. It will not just fall on your lap. So in recognizing this (after 40 something years I am finally onto something) I take a breather and allow? myself to get comfortable in not always having the answer, not constantly being able to “perform” and you know what…..its really liberating. REALLY.

And then the funniest most ironic thing seems to happen. And it happens really quite naturally.? I suddenly in due time start having an awakening, almost an epiphany of sorts. I start seeing things around me with new eyes, things were either black or white (either figuratively or literally ) suddenly have color and hues and dimension. When I am tapped into my creative juices, I really do see inspiration all around me, in my home, nature, on the street, out and about, in the sky, through watching people interact, it goes on…… there is no right or wrong answer in how/why/where we find creativity or how we stay creative.? So here are some places I find creativity on a day to day basis some orthodox and some not so much:)



Pinterest.There is no denying the sensational jolt that Pinterest gives me….it makes me want to dress better, cook more, organize like mad, decorate daily and exercise until I can’t walk….talk about getting those creative juices flowing! Here’s just a smidgeon of things that I? have found recently that got me feeling really creative in so many different directions……….

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So when I see the above, this is how it gets my creativity going,? it makes me want to? A.Get knee deep into my closet and start “playing” with all the things I already own and at the very least it gets me geared up to look my best that day! B. Learn how to take better pictures B. stylize a bar cart immediately! C. Change all the font on my blog (lol) D.Organize a craft closet E. Organize and create a craft closet or at least a corner, this picture has me thinking of so many little projects I could (and should) take on F. Get back to that closet and start checking things off this list! And this is just things I found in one visit…its crazy and endless. If you are hitting a wall with your creative vibes, visit Pinterest, trust me!


Bloggers…..I cannot discount the immense pool of talent out there in the blogging universe, the talent, inspiration and creativity are mind blowing and a daily source of ‘wow’ for me. If I need inspiration or a nudge to get creative, no where can stimulate my senses quite like blogland! I cannot tell you how many ideas and projects I have either done or started to plan becuase of a fellow blogger their immense creative talents… thank you to my fellow bloggers for being such a fabulous source of inspiration!




Nature. It is a guaranteed jump start to my own personal creative process. Being around nature relaxes me, allows me to think and often come up with some of my most creative ventures! Green grass has me daydreaming about a backyard party or fun family BBQ, being by the water often gets me thinking or plodding for a getaway of some sort, even if its a day trip, flowers…oh don’t even get me started! I love them and nothing makes me feel as creative as when I am around flowers!! Even if its too cold to venture outside without a blade of grass in sight, I will high tail it to one of several wonderful nurseries in our area and let my creative senses run wild……or a visit to an arboretum with the added sensation of history all around me is another great source of inspiration.


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Reading. Knowledge is power as they say and boy, isn’t that the truth. When you read, you open yourself up to new possibilities, you can practically escape to another world. If I read something that is particularly inspiring it often influences me and how I might want to do something. Whether its a visiting a place I have never been, trying a new dish or food, experimenting with something in my home, whatever…reading most certainly broadens your horizons and allows you to see things in a new light. I used to be an avid reader and now when I find the time its a precious gift, one which I savor. So reading whether it be books, magazines, e book, whatever……is a constant wonderful source of both creativity and inspiration. Even if my stack of books on my nightstand stays stagnant for a while, I know that an “escape”? that will captivate me is just a few pages away……

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Designers that I admire. When it comes to all things decor or getting busy in my home or with someone else’s project, I often will look at work from favorite designers for inspiration or to launch a creative burst. If I see a beautiful room or space, it can excite me to the point of wanting to do something about it! Whether it be a color or feeling/mood, sometimes its a wallpaper that has struck me or a beautiful antique chest, maybe a cluster of gorgeous ginger jars (no surprise there), whatever the case may be….I find it visually stimulating and seeing others beautiful work is almost a sure way to get me feeling creative and inspired…..

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Monograms. Yep….every time and I do mean every single time, I see them I am inspired to want to do something creative with them. They are sooooo gorgeous (must be the southern in me) but an elegant monogram gets my heart beating faster! Whether I immediately think about what I can monogram, whether it be a party invitation, a bedding set, maybe a beautiful sweater or even a chair…..the possibilities are endless. But there is no denying that monograms bring out the creative lioness in me, no doubt!!

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So there are just some of the ways I find creativity. Naturally there are others but these you might say are my reliable “go to” sources when my creativity bank is running low:) Sometimes the visual stimulation is so strong, its akin to too much coffee, it can rev up your engines that much! But no doubt finding creativity is a wonderful thing, it gets you thinking in new directions and opens your eyes to all around you.

I do think some people are intuitively more creative than others but I also believe even a very non creative person can find and channel their inner more creative being. Hope some of these suggestions might trigger something in you to go find your own creative genius, have no expectations but mostly have fun and enjoy the process. Sometimes it shows up in the most unexpected places! Thank you for stopping and wishing everyone a fabulous (and warm) day, brrrrrrrr!

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vicki archer on

I agree wholeheartedly with your creative influences… There is just so much to create… that’s the problem… finding the time to put in play all the ideas that generate from these wonderful sources…
What a pleasure, though… never a dull moment… xv

Elizabeth on

Tina, what a great and fascinating post to find out where you get all that creativity. I wish you could bottle it and sell it, I would be the first to line up:-)
I need to start with Pinterest everyone seems to love it. I agree about nature, monograms and reading too. I am not super creative but do try to challenge myself, for me art is a big one. I was an art major so I never tire of seeing beautiful art in many forms, whether its paintings, sculpture, architecture, it is all very moving to me.
Really enjoyed this post- you have me thinking of new ways to get creative!!

Eliza Beth on

Good chilly Tuesday morning to you, Tina!
Thank you for adding me to your blogroll, and allowing me to be a sponsor. I really appreciate it!

Those are wonderful invitation to creativity! It’s great that there is so much in life that can encourage imagination and be inspiring and stimulating.

You are right, creativity does not usually happen when you are stresses, nor cannot be forced.
Our minds and hearts need to be open and relaxed, and then somehow an idea just seems to ‘pop’ in its own perfect timing.

Your sources – pinterest, monograms, nature, other designers you admire and reading all show what a visual person you are!

Mine sources are? hmmmm. good question. I think passion gets my creative juices flowing – a love for something, a deep abiding interest in accomplishing a specific something. Looking at Architecture, being in a famous Cathedral like St. Paul’s or Chartres, perusing floor plans, and planning luxury travel vacation itineraries ‘do it’ for me:)

Leslie from Around The Table on

Hi Tina,

I agree, there are so many resources for creativity all around us. Your comment about having days where it just doesn’t flow .. we can all relate to that. Inspiration comes when we relax and open our minds to all the possibilities. Time off, vacations, and getting a good nights sleep;) is also helpful!!


Lisa on

I agree. I never run out of ideas. I just run out of the electricity required to implement my ideas as well as I want to. Time off is important – it’s just a question of when it’s really needed.

Karolyn on

Simply wonderful avenues of inspiration! It is amazing what creative inspiring people there in this world and I love meeting them everyday through the Blog and Social Media, we truly can learn a thing or two from others! Always stay you fabulously creative self!

franki on

Love your blog! franki

katie clooney on

Hi Tina… I definitely go thru spurts when it comes to creativity. I use Pinterest when I need inspiration. Hope you’re staying warm in NYC!

katie clooney on

PS Theresa and Joe G. just pleaded guilty to fraud. Have you watch RHBH this season? RHNY starts next week. Cannot wait.

Lisa on

First I need to tell you how much I am enjoying your blog. Such a great source of information, inspiration and I really enjoy your writing and “story telling”.

I was always known as a creative person, but as an adult have found that I am more challenged to find creative endeavors or as you say above and I agree with things I am passionate about enough to want to pursue.

I think you are right, you must be open to it, and want to find the inspiration to be creative. When I am having a creative moment, I feel unstoppable. That is when I will paint something or want to change something in my own home. Last year we built a beautiful small English conservatory ( it took almost a month) but we were enjoying the process so much and for one month that is all I focused on.

Good points here Tina and I enjoyed reading about your sources for creative inspiration. I also could not agree more about books and the power that they hold, it is really amazing.

Enjoy your day in NYC.

Sally on

Ive really enjoyed today, and the good thoughts that your post provokes Tina… first to give thanks every day that we are so creative and to say that I am happiest around other friends who share this world, and when I am ‘creating’ something

Your wise words are so true, one has to be in a special ‘place’ for the creativity to run freely…and this happens some days not others.. visual inspiration and beauty help me a lot on those days ( enter..the exquisite and magical world of your blog)

and thank goodness for Pinterest..for it is how I found you in the first place….oh happy day !! :))

Connie on

Tina, Great blog, I too can not believe how many creative people are out there in the world and how the internet brings us all together. I have a question, I went to your Pinterest boards and am now following ALL of them. I am really interested in the fonts that you showcased in this blog. I didn’t know what Pinterest board to look at to find them. If you could help I would appreciate it. They were all really pretty.

Anita Rivera on

Tina k am on my tablet so forgive any errors! There is so much inspiration out there and each of us has the ability and pleasure to shape new ideas from what inspires. Those rooms of blue are giving me a jolt of joy as we here battle the cols and more snow! Hugs to you anita

The Preppy Princess on

There’s really nothing better than learning how those you admire accomplish certain things, steps they take on the way to achieving something. Thank you for the insight!

Jacqueline on

Well Tina ??. if that wasn’t the most creative post EVER then, I’ll eat my hat !!!! Such a well presented post for our subject this month which really got your creative juices flowing ! I just love the way we all have a different take on the BIO subjects, don’t you ? ?.. it just shows how creative everyone is ! XXXX

Virginia Blue on

I did a double take when I read “monograms” on your list of inspirations?now only a creative mind would think to realise that something so esoteric can spark creativity?.love the offbeat approach.

Teresa @ Splendid Sass on

I was not surprised to see much creativity here, Tina! You have really come up with some beauties here. I love to read too. takes me to another place.
Happy Tuesday.

Elizabeth on

Tina, your list of inspiration is inspiring! My creativity is always sparked when I look at Pinterest, as well as other blogs! There are so many intelligent and talented people out there it boggles the mind some days.

I hope your day in the city is filled with creat food, friends and that you stay warm.

[email protected] on

i honor your honesty and generosity of spirit when you approach such a tricky subject as creativity to conquer. i don’t know a life without creativity. i was born to create and am wired to do it mostly fearlessly. i probably take it for granted come to think of it! in terms of art and design, i was never the student whose work was tacked to the wall. it never stopped me because i wasn’t creating for anyone but myself. i would carve apples into faces, let them dry, and feel like the greatest sculptor in the world. (yaaaa, there could be something pathological there). all these years later, i write songs, paint pictures, style rooms, and dress in a way to express creativity and please myself.



Marsha @ Splenderosa on

I am so very inspired by visuals. Beautiful images from any resource, but I think I love tumblr the best. It takes awhile to find your group, but once you do everything sings to you. All true artists are never happy with what they just completed, always dreaming of doing it bigger & better the next time. As for you, you are an icon in the blogworld. Imagine, I know an icon !!!

Marsha Cannon on

Well you hit on all the best sources of inspiration for me as well. I am leaving Atlanta today having attended Design Bloggers Conference. Talk about inspiration – my head is spinning and I will need to pay strict attention to keep my car in between the lines! Beautiful post!


Love this inspiration and I love beautiful images too! So glad someone created Pinterest!

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