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Hello there! I don’t remember the last time I did one of these and I must say I have really missed my random musings posts!!? There is so much I always want to talk to you about, and these random musings posts are the perfect place to do it. How is your week going? Other than ours starting out with frigid temps,? things are good over here. Plan to make this a productive week given that half of last week I was stuck inside with a nasty stomach bug, hate that (only and I do mean only plus was having no appetite- a rarity in these parts and losing a couple of pounds)!


Anywho moving along, lets get busy with my random musings…….


RESULTS FROM MY WHICH WOULD YOU CHOOSE. Well clearly here there were no losers. Several were neck in neck but the ultimate winner was this gorgeous gown and the following where the three runners up:)





Interesting that one of the choices made it to the red carpet and found this on it which was fun……



Reactions to Anglina’s dress were mixed but one thing I loved was her makeup, it was so pretty, thought this board was worth sharing….thoght her dress was beautiful but that the fit was off.f7c32d66c61328b90a39cb62e9a443b3 INSTAGRAM. OK so after much elbow ribbing about how behind the curveball I am with social media (guilty) I finally joined Instagram about 3 weeks ago. I have to be honest I still do not get what all the fuss is about (but am slowly catching on) however I do remember saying that about Pinterest and look at me now, I cannot let a day (sometimes a few hours) go by without having a look lest I? miss out on something fabulous! So if you are an instagrammer, consider following along, here’s a snapshot at some of my recent pics……… can click here to follow meπŸ™‚IMG_0657 IMG_0658 IMG_0659 IMG_0660 IMG_0661 IMG_0662



A NEW OBSESSION. When I find something/someone I love, I know it in an instant. And one look at this event planners portfolio had my heart racing. Aileen Tran knocks it out of the park every single time with some of the most breathtaking and spectacular parties and events I have ever seen. Her early experiences in the floral industry no doubt distinguish her amazing work. When I saw how she handled a blue and white soiree, I knew this was a name worth remembering! Click here to learn more about Aileen Tran and check out some of her jaw dropping work……

blue-white-chinoise-wedding-table-detail blue-white-chinoise-tabletop-ariel pink-wedding-candy-station-buffet french-vintage-tabletop-aileen-tran wedding-reception-table-vintage2 lush-vine-garden-wedding purple_wedding_enchanted_garden2 gold-white-gilded-wedding-canopy wedding-event-chair-ideas aileen-tran-gold-table-gilded luxurious-dinner-party-goldClick here to see more beautiful work by Aileen Tran


?INSPIRED BY MY FLOWERS AND BLOG. I love hearing from my talented readers. Their accomplishments never cease to amaze me. Heard this week from two readers who both said something they saw? on my blog inspired them…talk about a compliment in the highest form! The first loved this picture I posted featuring my new faux peonies and asked if she could use the picture to paint a painting. So within days she had a beautiful oil completed which is below…..if you are interested in purchasing this or seeing more of her work visit her website,

IMG_0616 IMG_0617The beautiful result……



The second reader had enjoyed my various posts on chinoiserie and my own musings about my dining room and the search for the perfect mural. So she set out to find the right treatment for her own AMAZING dining room and the final result is nothing less than magazine cover worthy. Just had to share, how beautiful is this room? I may just have invite myself over for dinner:)



SHOP BIZ. Some really exciting things happening! I launched my newest additions, Antica Farmacista, only THE most wonderful fragrances in the world and a spectacular line of faux flowers that will have you doing a doubletake. Both lines are officially up on my site and for sale…..the response has been amazing.




I also added a bunch of gorgeous new lamps and some new porcelain additions. Below, a look at some of the beautiful newbies, click here to see my entire lamp selection…..

9086118_orig 8809862_orig 7636702_orig 3998913_orig 3774999


And a few of the newest porcelain pieces just added for all you blue and white lovers……

2479838 6738708 2867661 2380650



Got the sold out black and orange Annabell Ingall totes back in! So if you were wanting either color, they are back………



I get a lot of inquires about the silver serving pieces I had sold a lot of right before the holidays, I am expected to get a big shipment sometime around mid March and will definitely announce it when they are actually here.



I am also incredibly excited to be getting in these amazing new goodies! How gorgeous…..



These stunning chinoiserie garden plates are about 9″ round perfect for appetizer/salad/luncheon, love the scalloped edges (sold in sets of 4)


Matching mugCW994

And serving dish/tray21209

And the long awaited silver/nickel pheasants will finally be back (have 20 sets coming in)

Back now in stock (limited quantities) are both of these formerly sold out goodies, the beautiful Herend like blue and white elephant and the stunning blue and white scalloped planter (perfect for an orchid plant or any other). Elephant is not online so if interested in purchasing, contact me.




MY CUSTOM TOLE. I do plan on featuring this line in an upcoming post soon (it warrants it’s very own post)? but in the meantime I truly think this fully custom line is by far the most exquisite tole line I have ever seen,? used regularly by notables like Carolyne Roehm, Bunny Williams, David Easton and many other super high end designers…this line is the ultimate in tole/chinoiserie. I was contacted by a client a few months ago about them recreating a lamp that they had one of from England, a very old lamp. They needed to replace it but wanted it to look identical so they sent me this picture.



I then got this strikeoff to approve for new lamp….


And within about 3 weeks got this magnificent new lamp which is a twin of the old one……


And that is how you do tole right:) This line is just incredible, every day I dream up of a new way to use their things (in my head) and just ordered another pair of lamps from them! If you remember I ordered this amazing pair from them for my bedroom and not a day goes by that I don’t see them and realize how in love with them I am! If you are in the market for a special piece of unique one of a kind custom chinoiserie/tole, then look no more! Click here to see a gallery of the work (just a sampling of what they can) on my site…….and of course as always email me with any questions!


Finally……calling all Enchanted Home customers!! I love seeing your beautiful homes with your Enchanted Home shop purchases!! I would love to add your picture to my growing online gallery……please send me a picture of your home featuring an item(s) you have bought from me! You never know when a contest might spring up:) Send me pictures of your enchanted homes to Below a few recent ones I have received……..

4106369_orig 9854804_orig 1359293266 7968999_orig 1363029199 2247916_orig


Well everyone….that’s all of my random musings for this week! Rest assured, I will have plenty more to talk about next week:) Many thanks as always for stopping in, I know there are a lot of blogs out there so it always means a lot to me to know that you have taken the time to stop in and say hi! Hope you have a fabulous day, until next time……toodles:)


If you missed my post yesterday on creativity , you might want to see it, click here.


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Leslie from Around The Table on

Nothing worse than a stomach bug .. sounds like you are feeling better now thankfully. Angelina’s make up is always pretty. I’ve tried the NARS foundation and although it has a cult following, I’m not overly fond of it. Love the neutral eye shadow palette and the shimmer powder! I keep forgetting to follow you on IG .. so I’ll get on that right now. As far as house photos go, we are in transition now so I’m limited but I will say use your linens, blue and white pieces, olive boards, and silver platters in my blog posts;) The day gets busy and I forget to send you photos.

I’m liking all the new goodies in your shop Tina! Enjoy your day, leslie

Eliza Beth on

Good Wednesday morning to you, Tina!

Instagram looks like fun! Glad you got started on it. It will become as addictive as Pinterest:)

The Aileen Tran florals are absolutely STUNNING! Truly over the top marvelously gorgeously tastefully exquisite! Wow.
They were prettier than anything I’ve seen in a long time, and beautiful flower arrangements are everywhere, so that’s saying a lot:)

Great idea to have readers send you photos of items they’ve bought for you and how they look in their own homes! It always feels good to be included:)

Eliza Beth on

p.s. Agree that the waist of Angelina’s dress was baggy. Odd, she usually is quite good about things being form fitting!
Wasn’t Kate Hudson’s dress stunning, though?!

Sorry about your stomach bug! Being healthy never matters more than when you’re feeling icky! Glad that you are feeling better now:)

Debby on

Glad you are feeling better! Hate the stomach bug. I will look for you on Instagram. Lovely new additions to your shop. xo

franki on

That was thee best eye candy ever!! Beautiful…just beautiful!! franki

Lisa on

Whoa lots to love here, adore all the new things and would love a pair of new lamps for dining console. Happy you are feeling better Tina, you packed a lot of beauty into this post. Your readers ARE so talented and I am going to send a picture of my kitchen when the belljars get installed next week, cannot wait.

Love your tole line, that is next on my list a pair of lamps for my nightstand, ever since I saw yours I have wanted them. Hope you have a nice day, thanks for all this beauty!!

katie clooney on

Helloooo Sweet Tina! I am following you on Instagram. You don’t have to follow me back because I don’t know how to put pics on. Love all gorgeous new loot in your shop! Will send you pics of all my belljars. The kitchen renovation hasn’t even started yet. Love seeing your readers pics. Have a great week. Hope you had fun in NYC. I’m taking #1 there for the night next week.

Karena on

Tina the peonies are simply gorgeous! Hope you are much better!

2014 Artists Series

Vicky on

So much to love here, love the new lamps. And that event planners work is really amazing, such beautiful affairs. I hope you are feeling better, the virus ran through our house a few weeks ago and it was no fun.

Tina, that tole lamp is so incredible, they do really exceptional work, very very pretty! Always enjoy seeing what is going on over here, guaranteed to be something fabulous, thats all I know!


I voted for that black dress too! LOVELY! I wasn’t crazy at all about Angelina’s dress. She’s young and should have worn something like the black gown above! oh well. Love your random musings! You made my day! Shop is looking great too! XO

Karolyn on

All of those dresses were gorgeous , I love the black and navy one! YOU know how I love painting and murals so that dining room is swoon worthy!!! I love it! Always love the musing posts!!

Suzanne on

Glad you are feeling better,
Tina! Enjoyed all of your
midweek musings….

When in the South, I always
loved the murals in the dining
rooms of the antebellum homes
that I’ve toured. It gives them
such a grand feeling!

Off to tour the shop : )

xo Suzanne

Anita Rivera on

Good evening my friend! It took some time for me to be able to enter your blog since my little tablet was not able to enter to leave a comment. Every thing is so gorgeous; I’ll take that first black dress please, and your blue and white arrangements any day! Your table scapes are giving me such a spring jolt of joy since we don’t seem to be getting any closer to warm weather, YET!

Wishing you warmth and lots of fun, Tina.


Taylor Greenwalt on

So glad your feeling better…loving all the blue and white….

Design Chic on

So glad you are feeling better – that is the worst! Missed your midweek musings and loving this one today. What a stunning event planner with the most amazing flowers! I thought Angelina looked beautiful, but didn’t love her dress – ironically, I read a lot that her after party dress was much prettier. Oh, but the scrutiny of the dresses on the red carpet?can’t imagine the pressure?

vicki archer on

The tole ware is fantastic Tina… those jars/lamps… adore…
A beautiful post… so many lovely visuals… and I am loving your Insta shots… keep them coming… πŸ™‚

Sally on

I do hope you are much better now Tina, I am so sorry for your bug
…..There are is so much beauty here in your post ( as ever ) I love the hand-painted scenes in the dining room. Isnt the work of Aileen Tran divine? The blue and white alfresco dining table is so beautiful, abundant… you could have done it just as nicely

Hope you have a lovely day

Sandy @ You May Be Wandering on

Your random musings are my favorite posts! My favorite dress won!! The painting of your peonies is beautiful. I love your instagram shots. And, I am completely in awe of the custom Tole work…Thanks for brightening up my week with this wonderful post, Tina! xoxo

Teresa @ Splendid Sass on

This is one beautiful post! I love instagram and have just recently started too!
I LOVE your new flowers, and the blue and white lamp is so gorgeous.
Happy Thursday.

South Shore Decorating Blog on

Gorgeous post Tina! Love Dress #4. Also, totally agree about Instagram. I did it for a while, and even had my son doing it for me. I got a bunch of Instagram followers, but so what? They never said anything and it was so impersonal. So I still have an account but it was a ton of extra work and i never use it! Except to check up on my 13 year old under his account πŸ™‚ PS – the “Top of Page” link at the bottom of posts isn’t working… Have a great day!

Jeanne McKay Hartmann on

Hi Tina! Oh no, your blog isn’t populating in my feed again, darn it. So glad I popped by and will just have to remember to hop over if I haven’t seen anything from you in a few days. So fun to see what you’ve been musing about! Love, love love Aileen Tran! Such amazing inspiration and I wish that I had an event coming up that I could have her plan. She is talented. Also love seeing all the pretty goodies in the shop – you’ve got some beauties. I have a birthday coming up in a couple months… maybe I need to plan for a little treat!

Hope you are having a happy and productive week and are staying warm! XOXO

Jessie | The Design Daredevil on

So many visual treats! I am swooooooning over the gowns. I need a ball to attend STAT! And those tablescapes are serving may inspiration!

I can’t wait to stalk you via Instagram now, it’s my social media addiction.

Thank you for visiting me, I love meeting new bloggie friends! My REVEAL pics are finally up and there are lots blue/white goodies!


michele@hellolovelystudio on

oh the scalloped plates, tina! you have filled this post with so much lovely and brightened by day! hope this finds you well.


Victoria on

Hi Tina have you seen this months Traditional Home? I thought you designed the cover! It is a pretty grouping of blue and white jars with hydrangeas, I thought of you immediately:)

Love this post, happy that the blue dress was a contender, it to me screamed “Oscar acceptance”. Your new things are so beautiful.. you just get better and better. And Aileen Tran,wow a name worth knowing! How fun would it be to be a party planner? Hope you have an nice weekend and hope you are feeling much better. on

Hi Tina! Gorgeous images, as always. first, I loved Angelina’s makeup!! So beautiful, but I agree, I didn’t love the fit of her dress, but my she is a beautiful lady. Your reader’s dining room is drop dead insanely beautiful. And I’m loving so many of your shop pieces. The custom tole lamp is brilliant!! have a happy weekend!

The Glam Pad on

Love the midweek musings! How gorgeous were those Oscar dresses? You have exquisite taste! And you weren’t joking about Aileen Tran’s work… AMAZING!!! Such a beautiful post!

The Glam Pad on

P.S. I just saw Jeanne’s comment, and I’m having trouble with your feed in my Blogroll too… I’m still getting this message, “Could not detect a feed for this URL. Blog posts and update time will not be shown…” πŸ™

Liz @ Infuse With Liz on

I hope you are feeling better. I was wondering why I wasn’t seeing updates for you blog and I just realized your feed isn’t updating. The last one it shows is from February 14th.

Elizabeth on

Tina everything looks gorgeous! I love the photos from your readers, every house looks fabulous. And the party planning….each photo was more beautiful than the next. What a talented lady.

I already follow you on instagram and have enjoyed the little snippets of your life.

Have a wonderful weekend! I hope that it is warm!

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