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Hello there! How is your weekend going? I got to? meet up with friends and catch up which is always a lot of fun…..ate a lot too, better get on the treadmill. Then I see how NYC is undergoing a deep dish pizza invasion and of course you know I have to try out the restaurant they say has the very best, only because its my patriotic duty as a New Yorker:) But at heart I am really a southern girl transplanted here so that explains my intense love for good Southern food, monograms and traditions:)? Life is too short tn not enjoy good food…..

I am looking forward to a relaxing day today, woo hoo! I haven’t had one of those in a long time. To do just as I please. I watched a movie I had seen at least 4 times again yesterday, The Namesake. Have you seen it? It is such a beautiful, endearing,? tender,? touching story……I cannot recommend it enough. Just in case you are looking for something good sans violence, blood, and all the gore that Hollywood is good at dishing out. This is a beautiful story……..but have a Kleenex box handy.


Anyway…….I have a bunch of things going on. My blog and online shop keep me super busy, and of course its a total labor of love. I am working on 3 e design jobs right now which is a lot of fun and keeping me quite occupied….I enjoy the process immensely.

I got in another huge order of my gorgeous flowers that have been super well received. I just love these things…..I of course love real flowers but hate that they die within a week or so. The beauty of these is that they look gorgeous forever and no water required!! The orchids are as life like as I? have seen (especially once you add the moss) and the flower clusters are just amazing….they make putting an arrangement together sooooo easy! Click here to see them on my online shop. Take a look at what I did in literally a minute or two…..

IMG_0826 IMG_0820 IMG_0823 IMG_0799 IMG_0821 IMG_0822

IMG_0798 IMG_0802 IMG_0803

These come in small clusters which makes them so easy to make instant arrangements with!

IMG_0825 IMG_0824

Also still working on my bedroom but must say it would be impossible to be any happier with how its turned out. To me, a bedroom should be an oasis of sorts, a total refuge from the world. When I walk in I feel like I walking on a cloud, my vision of how i wanted it to look has come to life. I am putting final touches on a few things like reupholstering some gorgeous Baker chairs I have had for a long time (but far too pretty to replace)? in there and adding a different bench to the foot of the bed. Still looking for more art that works in my room, but it is really coming together. A few of the finalized fabric/trim choices for the chair/bench.

IMG_0837 IMG_0836

This gorgeous print fabric can be used on either side…best part!!! I am torn by which side to use though but will make a decision this week now that I have finally decided on a fabric, at long last!

IMG_0834 IMG_0833 IMG_0832 IMG_0830 IMG_0829 IMG_0828 So…..what I am doing is the gorgeous pale blue/ivory print on front and the ivory velvet on back with the pretty braid that ties the colors together…….IMG_0837

And on the bench the same fabric with this tape….


Got in again,? the beautiful antiqued square ginger jars that were sold out….love these!

IMG_0819 IMG_0818

Had more blue striae fabric so made more living room pillows and used the same to make two solid pillows for my back door windowseat………hey, nothing should go to waste!IMG_0817 IMG_0816 IMG_0815 IMG_0842 IMG_0840 IMG_0839



Finally ( I have been saying it a long time) I am pulling the trigger on the chinoiserie for my dining room. Its been a long process, and involves a lot of back and forth not to mention each samples takes about 4-6 weeks to get so its a “process” but I have finally made my decision and it is about to begin… long last!!? (I got poster board and painted background colors so I didn’t have to wait another agonizing 4 weeks for another sample)! Sometimes you have to think outside the box:)




My long long long awaited vert. leaf belljars have come in and are getting put up today! I am so excited….these are going down the long hallway off the foyer, of course I will be sharing pictures with you!



CALLING ALL ENCHANTED HOME SHOP CUSTOMERS!! I love when I get your pictures from your homes showing my products. I would love to get your pictures to add to my online gallery of homes! Here are a few recent, I am constantly blown away by the talent and good taste of my readers! Click here to see the entire gallery. Email me your pictures to [email protected]

552260_orig 1363029274 7968999_orig 4075108_orig

So that’s a recap of whats going on around here, things are chugging along and when the mood strikes to get productive and make things happen, I am sure to take full advantage and be sure no time gets wasted!? Whats on the agenda for this week……

  • Announcement of a new contest….and you are going to love it!
  • A winner will be chosen for the gorgeous pair of pillows from Studio Tullia (click here if you did not enter)
  • A new sponsor and a super gorgeous giveaway
  • An exceptional and long overdue round of? “Steals and deals” you will not want to miss:)

So…..hope you have a wonderful and relaxing Sunday. Thank you as always for taking out the time to stop in and say hi, until tomorrow………


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Anita Rivera on

Good morning Tina! The sun is shining here, though it’s a bit cold. But your happy post is giving me ideas! I hope to get a good picture of my plateau to share with you. You are so smart to share the various homes that have your wares to embellish their beauty. You are doing so well, and everything you share is remarkably well-placed and of top quality. So good to see you this morning! Happy Sunday, Anita

Anita Rivera on

(((HUGS))) to you dear and kind soul! Yes, go out and look for the smallest, the most ordinary thing. Pay attention to it, look for something totally new about it, and muse. Give that Teddy boy a hug for me too, OK?

LOVE! Anita

Arell on

Thanks for the Sunday morning blog!! I always look for your blog before anything else! Gorgeous pics. Love your choices for your bedroom. And love your window seat. So pretty. Have a great day!

Leslie on

Wow your pictures are so beautiful, your bedroom choices are incredible I cannot wait to see the chair makeover- love your pillows , incredible flowers and well….all of it, you have incredible taste- thanks hoe the movie recommendation- going to try to get it today:-) thanks for sharing all this beauty.

Kim on

Gorgeous!!!!!! You make me excited about my home again- you are so inspiring and need a book!!!

Sandy @ You May Be Wandering on

Hi Tina…your chair is going to be stunning…I love all the pics of your gorgeous pillows, dining room and fabric/wallpaper choices.

Have a lovely Sunday! xoxo


So glad you had fun in NYC! I’ll be there again this summer so hopefully we can meet up! Love those gorgeous in your shop. You always add the best accessories! have a great day! XO

Leslie @ Around The Table on

Sounds like you have a nice day planned Tina! Things are a bit chaotic but we are making progress.. Love the fabrics you are looking at for your room – beautiful and can’t wait to see the room when it’s complete.

The flowers are so pretty and I will look forward to getting some when we get settled. I featured one of your blue and whites vases on instagram yesterday – a vignette, and mentioned you. Check your likes and mentions on instagram.

Have fun today!

franki on

Argh! DC is going to get yet more sNOw…our cherry trees are freezing their buds off. Please SPRING! franki

[email protected] on

the fabric choices for your bedroom and dining room. omg. i don’t get out much so i have no idea how many other beautiful choices were yours but i can’t imagine lovelier hues or textiles! what lucky e design clients have you to narrow down the lovely options and guide them. you rule, lady.


Karolyn on

That dining room is going to be fabulous!!! The colors are soft and classic, what a dream room that will be!

katie clooney on

Cannot wait to see your bedroom, Tina! Love your window seat fabric. Always wanted a window seat in my house. Hope you enjoyed a wonderful day of rest. I will send you pics of all my belljars as soon as the bedroom is done. Have a great week!

Eliza Beth on

Hello on Sunday dear Tina,
Wow, where to start? First, your dining room looks stunning with the china and the flowers, the fabrics you are choosing for your bedroom couldn’t be more perfect, I love the different pillow fabrics in the window seat, that beige and blue rug is gorgeous!!!
Where did you get the rug? Can i ask? Would you be willing to tell?

You are right about how a bedroom should feel, and it sounds like it has been worth every minute of the time and effort in creating a blissful sanctuary for the two of you:)

*hugs and smiles*

Melissa on

I am in love with everything, your bedroom and dining room are going to be heavenly. I love the color scheme, and the window seat is so luscious looking, what beautiful fabrics. I would love to know who makes the bench fabric, so charming. You have such wonderful taste and I can see do not rush into anything which in the end is so smart, to wait and get what you want.
We put in granite last year despite my hesitation an d now we are ripping it out because I cannot stand looking at it another minute, knew we should have gone with the marble in the first place!
Your customers pictures are so pretty too I will send one of my powder room with the beautiful silver tray and candle I bought from you. Love your blog Tina, hope you have a nice night.

[email protected] on

Tina, truly you have the most exquisite taste! There isn’t a thing you do that I don’t love! That window seat fabric is just fantastic, as are all your pillows ;-). Loving the flowers, too. I always go back and forth about faux flowers, but the reality is, real just doesn’t last long enough! Yours are just lovely.

Design Chic on

Your fabric is gorgeous. I adore the blue and white you are using on the seat of the chair and your dining room?perfection!!

Jeanne McKay Hartmann on

Hope you had a wonderful, relaxing Sunday and that your Monday is so far, so good! Of course there are all sorts of beautiful things going on at your home. Love, love the flowers, your bedroom is going to be stunning, and the Chinoiserie for the dining room – wow can’t wait to see how that turns out!

Have a lovely week, Tina! XOXO

The Glam Pad on

Your flowers are absolutely gorgeous!! And I am super excited to see the exquisite Chinoiserie wall coverings you select for your dining room… it is going to be stunning! Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

The Glam Pad

Karena on

Tina I am freshening things up with flowers and pillows for Spring as well!

The Arts by Karena

Sally on

So many gorgeous inspirations to love Tina, it is lovely to feel how much you are enjoying all your choices……and they are beautiful,most especially the chinoiserie painting, it is divine…
Im still in raptures over the chinoiserie mirror from a few days ago.
I must get it from my father, he had exquisite taste especially in mirrors!
Still undecided about the belljars, I do not think we have sufficient ceiling height for them πŸ™
Do hope you have a happy week x

South Shore Decorating Blog on

I’ve never seen the Namesake but ‘m so glad for the recommendation – always looking for new books and movies! Have a blast in NYC! And I love the house photos, especially the dining room chandelier which makes me swoon whenever I see it.

[email protected] and state on

hi tina

will have to look up that movie, sounds interesting. well you keep doing it so well, great faux’s are the way to go. i have even stuck the orchid into the soil among a non blooming orchids foliage…..cannot tell it is faux!
pillows, bell jar, your divine fabric, trim,….choices, lovely!

Fashion-isha on

I will never get sick of your gorgeous blue and white! I hope you’ve been well. It’s good to be back here. Have a great day!

Libby on

Love the trim on those blue window seat pillows and yes, always good to use what you have!

Susan on

tina from the flowers to the pillows to your bedroom and dining room, all i can say is wow! it is all so incredibly beautiful, your selections have been nothing less than perfect!
i cannot wait to see all those rooms completed and i have learned so much through your blog, its been like a virtual classroom.
so many thanks for that……i love the dining room chinoisere, you must be so excited.
the flowers are amazing, i got the peonies i ordered last week and they are not sitting beautifully on my dining room table in a beautiful antique vase thats been in my family for many years.

also laughed at your deep dish pizza comment, we went to chicago last month for medical conference for my husband and i tagged along, tried chicago’s famous deep dish pizza for the first time, and i have to say it was divine. good thing i don’t live here, it could become a bad habit!

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