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Hello there, finally we are starting the big thaw. We are hovering in the 50’s and it feels great, even if its rainy, I will take it! So what are you up to this weekend? Over here, its a low key weekend, dinner with a few favorite couples last night, going to see my sons new apt in NYC and supposed to go to a tango show!? I saw The Grand Budapest Hotel and really liked it, love Wes Anderson’s theatrical approach to film making? and the cinematography was fabulous as was the all star cast.

I also love foreign movies and am hoping to see Childs Pose which is said to be excellent and considered to be a big contender for a few awards. I continue to plod along with my various house projects, some are slow going but worth the effort and patience, better to get exactly what you want!




MASTER BEDROOM. Yes, it is finally coming together. And all good things do come to those who wait! I really am loving the way its all come together. I found the most gorgeous fabric (thank you Beacon Hill for creating it) that is the perfect finishing touch for my room. Having chairs and a bench redone in it….it is STUNNING! I continue to look for art and have ordered two mirrors and then I hope to do a “big reveal” of my completed room! The best part about this fabric is its reversible….for the two main chairs, I am doing the side with the pale blue background but will switch to the other side most likely for a few other pieces….

Here are snippets….(the lighting was horrible, it was a dreary day and these were taken with my iPhone)

IMG_0956 IMG_0955 IMG_0954 IMG_0953 IMG_0952 IMG_0960

This is a very old chair (have had it 20 years ) from Century, which is in my closet, I am going to use the same fabric but possibly on the reverse side, cannot decide between the two chairs or……IMG_0963

I like the idea of the bench under the window too…could do a pair. Its very pretty bench, horrible picture, it was a dreary dark day but you get the idea!IMG_0964 IMG_0966 IMG_0968



e Design projects– Busy working on 3 projects right now. Gathered some beautiful fabrics as per the clients “look” that she is after and love the effect…..if you are interested in e Design contact me at [email protected] It’s really gratifying to work with someone and achieve the room of their dreams…….I will hope to share these when completed, but it admittedly takes a while.

IMG_0938 IMG_0935 IMG_0931 IMG_0930



CHERRY BLOSSOMS. Finally got in my new batch of blossoms, they will be added within the day to my shop site as I know a few were waiting on them. The length is actually ideal about 42″, long enough to be dramatic but not overly so to overwhelm a space….they make me feel like spring is in the air! (and yes the tags have since come off)!

IMG_0951 IMG_0950


SHOP NEWS. So many things happening. I have so many ideas/plans but need to pace myself. One goal is a shop site overhaul. I cannot believe I have been at it almost 2 years..crazy!!! So I think a little facelift is in order, while keeping the flavor and feel of my style.

The most exiting thing is the development of my own tole line! You heard right. I have been a long time fan of tole, forever and always wanted to create my own line. Well long story but I was able to connect with someone who has a small factory and we are working on my initial order..woo hoo! Got some of the samples in which are GORGEOUS!

Best part is I will be able to offer them at a substantial discount given I am buying them direct, so a tea caddy that might be a few hundred dollars I might sell for about $100. These are all handpainted and truly exquisite. i am going to offer them in several colors….VERY excited about this!

I will be getting in trays, tea caddy’s, tea caddy lamps, planters and wastepaper baskets!


IMG_0947 IMG_0949 IMG_0948 IMG_0946 IMG_0945 IMG_0944 IMG_0943

These samples are for sale….if interested contact me at [email protected]



Also got some new porcelains in, these are very large about 23″ and chunky, and stunning!!!! These are 23.5 and 24″ by about 12″ so tall and very chunky! More to come……you can see these here at my online shop.

6688899_orig 5200335_orig 9238769_origAnd love this new footbath, jar? and bowl…..


4814630 2380650 2479838


Getting in some really great pictures for my DINING ROOM LOVE contest! I hope you will join in…Sunday is a perfect day to have a little photo shoot in your dining room! 3 days left to enter!



  • Accepting entries as of today through April 2nd
  • Maximum 2 pictures per entrant
  • Must be your pictures (not to be taken from magazine or online)
  • In subject line of email you must put Dining Room Love (I get a lot of email and without this distinction it could get lost)
  • ?I am capping this contest off with 60 pictures (so get them in so yours will be part of the 60)!

I look forward to getting them up until April 2nd, then the contest will start on April 3rd

Email me your pictures to [email protected]


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Sandy @ You May Be Wandering on

Happy Sunday, Tina! I am swooning over the Beacon Hill fabric…it is going to look gorgeous in your bedroom. Their fabrics are always so pretty. And, I adore the new tole line. Thanks for brightening up a dreary Sunday…we just sent Carter on his way back to school after spring break and I am feeling a little sad…your blog post cheered me up! Thanks! xoxo

Anita Rivera on

Good morning Tina! I’m glad to see someone is up and ready in Blogland! It has been so quiet lately, and it feels strange. But I can always count on you to share your magical space of beautiful items that make a home so charming. Love your photos even if you find the lighting was not sufficient; I run into that problem all the time here in my house, but we too are experiencing some warmer weather, and it feels good.

All the gray tones are my favorite, and the textures of your upholstery and fabrics just make my heart stop a beat…long enough to take in the beauty. Have a lovely Sunday, Anita

franki on

Oh My Dear!!! The tole is just “talking to me”… I have “a thing” for crowns… It is pouring rain AND trying to sleet….gack!!! Everything looks beautiful and THAT fabric…WINNER!!! franki

Sally on

Hello and a happy weekend to you dear Tina
Here in England it is Mother’s Day, it’s lovely and sunny as well, so a very Happy Mother’s Day to you and all the Moms across the pond.
I love your bedroom fabric choices so much, be still my beating heart for our absolute scrumptious favourite colour, powder blue ๐Ÿ™‚
I have been thinking of changing my bedroom frompale blue to pink……but maybe not..!

Leslie @ Around The Table on

Wow Tina! Your room is gorgeous and I love the soft blue and white window treatments! The fabric for the chair will be perfect and I can’t wait to see it all when you are finished. I appreciate you reminding readers to be patient .. wait for what you really want. So many times I’ve rushed into things and it ends up a re-do. I am trying to remember this as I move forward with our new place.

It’s warmer on the East coast! We had a couple nice days and now we are back to 45 degrees and raining..

Eliza Beth on

Good Sunday afternoon to you Tina.
Your bedroom is gorgeous (even on an iPhone!), and the cherry blossoms are beautiful.

How fabulous to be creating your own toile line!!!
Cannot wait to see what designs you come up with!

katie clooney on

Tina… positively in love with you fabrics for you mbr!! You have the best taste – can’t wait to see your tole line! Sista and I are all set to peruse your Dining Room Love post with a glass of vino! That’s great your son is in NYC – not too far from you. If I were him I would never have moved out of gorgeous house of yours! Hope you have a wonderful week.

Cindy on

Tina the peeks into your bedroom are amazing, I cannot wait to see the completed room, you are right that fabric is heaven (and so is your monograms and carpet)!
The tole line is beautiful, I too am always drawn to it and the pieces are really exceptional. That is a great addition to your growing line of wonderful items.
Loved The Grand Budapest Hotel too…such a fun film, I would see it again. Hope your son enjoys his new place, lucky young man, its every persons dream (and still mine) at 46 to live in NYC!!

Melissa Hebbard on

I am loving that new bedroom fabric. The old chair will look fabulous reupholstered in it. Such a calming serene room.
The toleware is lovely. I have always loved The Order of the Garter. Have you seen the divine garter in the British Crown Jewels? The motto is made out of diamonds! It is stunning. Just take care though that you make sure the spelling is right. Your tole has OUI not QUI.
The motto should be ‘Honi soit qui mal y pense’.

Fashion-isha on

This looks like an amazing contest! I want to enter! Your photos are beautiful as usual. I hope you have a great week!

Anita Rivera on

Good morning, gorgeous. Thank you for coming to visit. When I see your signature blue bell jar on my comments page, I am always filled with a warm hug. HAVE A SUPER MONDAY! Anita

Jeanne McKay Hartmann on

Your gorgeous bedroom is coming together beautifully, Tina. You must be thrilled. Can’t wait to see the finished photos. Glad things are thawing out over there. After days of rain, we have sunshine today and I am loving it! Happy Monday, have a wonderful week! XOXO

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