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Good morning…OK this is what, I kid you not, that we woke up to this morning!! Shocker, it wasn’t even in the forecast and it’s still snowing! Enough to look pretty but also enough to remind me of how tired I am of winter and how we are all longing to see and smell fresh cut green grass and the sweet scent of freshly blooming flowers!!


Today I have set up a poll with regard to my online shop. If you have ever visited my online shop, hope you will participate! It is totally 100% anonymous so your honest opinions are most appreciated in helping me grow and offer what people are looking for. I am considering a shop site overhaul, a “new look” while staying true to my aesthetic. I also am expanding with a number of things and? its important to hear from you.



Also a reminder, only 3 more days to enter the Dining Room Love contest!! One lucky winner is going to receive a stunning ginger jar to grace her home. Don’t miss out!!!


  • Accepting entries as of today through April 2nd
  • Maximum 2 pictures per entrant
  • Must be your pictures (not to be taken from magazine or online)
  • In subject line of email you must put Dining Room Love (I get a lot of email and without this distinction it could get lost)
  • ?I am capping this contest off with 60 pictures (so get them in so yours will be part of the 60)!

I look forward to getting them up until April 2nd, then the contest will start on April 3rd

Email me your pictures to


So thank you for taking the time to go through the 14 questions, shouldn’t take more than a minute or two. For your time, I am offering a giveaway…..a beautiful Antica Farmacista diffuser!


Just leave a comment telling me that you have participated in the poll and you will be in the running. I will announce a winner on Wednesday. Ready to get started? Here we go……


Many thanks as always for stopping in! Wishing you a wonderful day and a great productive start to your week….thanks in advance for taking to participate:) Until next time……


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Aimee on

Hi Tina,
Happy to do the poll!
I love your shop and have always had great service from you!
Silver pieces, bell jars (twice!) and also love the wood pieces!

Lorene Crisalli on

I Tina, I have participated in the poll.

Thank you so much, I look forward to seeing your new online shop and new goodies.


KD on

So sad you don’t come up on my blogger dashboard anymore, but thank goodness for email. Finished the poll, your shop is great. KD

Nancy Howe on

So happy to help out with the poll! I LOVE your blog and your shop.
Bought two of your bell jars and absolutely love them in my kitchen.
Will be purchasing 2 more for my entry way. Thank you so much for
always finding such unique and interesting pieces. Not to mention the
great pricing.

Thanks for all that you do.

Debbie Lane on

Hello Tina,
I took the poll! Love just everything about your shop!!

jennifer noble on

Hi Tina – love the blog, love the shop and love Antica products so hope I win πŸ™‚ Hang in there with the snow – I am sure it will go straight into HOT weather soon. I am in Boston wearing my parka as we speak!!

Beverly Howell on

Absolutely love my dough bowl from your shop! Completed the poll.

robin on

took the poll.

look forward to reading your blog your shop is great. love everything about it!!
stay warm.


Nancy D., Long Island on

Have taken the poll and happy to help! Love shopping and browsing The Enchanted Home store. Looking forward to seeing what’s next!

Best Wishes!

Nancy potter on

I most enjoy pictures of your wonderful home. Your tole is amazing. I usually don’t care for the silver. I kind of like old silver. I think a line of candle tapers would be lovely. I usually find accessories closer to home. I love your bell jars as do most. I have to say your blog is my favorite Right up there with Mary carol garrity. Maybe more home furnishings and some green. I don’t use blue in my decor. I know you are aghast with that news. Sorry

Linda G on

Finished the poll and happy to provide my feedback. Enjoy most the photo’s of your home and landscape.

Caroline on

Tina huge fan of your blog AND shop. I have enjoyed and been really happy with everything I have bought from you, ginger jars, silver, monogram linens and bell jars! I think the belljars are not just well priced but are actually a bargain, at a nearby store yours that sell for 485 are there for 900! I have told many about your beljars in particular.
Love your selection and hope you continue to grow, I live in CT. and let me tell you there are no stores nearby that carry nearly the selection (and pricing) that yours does…so keep up the good work.

Lynn on

I have not purchased anything…yet! Love your blog and your shop! I did the survey.

Leona on

Although I am not a blogger , I landed on your blog in search of blue and white porcelain. I am in LOVE , no addicted , with your blog and shop and have spent most of my days (recuperating from pneumonia ) catching up on all past blogs and pictures. WOW your home is a Cinderella dream home. I love the pieces you have in your shop and have taken the poll.
Thank you for letting me into your “World of Beautiful”

Bonnie S on

I participated in your survey, really enjoy your sight!

Brooke on

Bought my most favorite handbag from you and two small ginger jars, love both They both shipped fast and your communication was excellent, LOVE the personal touch and that’s whats missing today form most businesses, offering a personal touch makes a customer feel special. I will shop from you again and definitely recommend you!
Would love to see more personal accessories, you have great taste and I really like all you offer. Did the poll.

Vicky on

I took your poll! Love your blog, enjoy having entry in to life in your neck of the woods and peeking in to your shop for eye candy.
So sorry about your snow – it’s a beautiful day in Georgia!

jerri on

I took the poll and have purchased from your shop (although not recently). Hoping to win the diffuser.

Rhonda on

I participated in your poll.

I’ve enjoyed the things I’ve purchased from your shop, love browsing, and have a few things on my wish list!



GRC Ltd on

Well done–you get an “A” for marketing! Stay warm!

Jeanie on

I took the poll. Love your blog and shop!

Kim on

I participated in the survey. I am interested in your orchids and bell jar lights. They are the prettiest I have seen anywhere.

Christine on

Survey done. Interested to see what you are up to!

Kim on

Love the blog. I took the poll.

Ashley on

I participated in your poll! I love both your blog and your shop, thanks for sharing!

Lindsay on

Morning Tina.
I was more than happy to answer the poll.. Love the linens I bought from you.. I treasure them..

Sherri on

Hi Tina. Just took your survey as I have shopped your site on a few occasions! Also exciting to get your “pretties”! Thank you~ Sherri

franki on

“Count” me in, as well!! Looking forward to more tole!! franki

Karolyn on

You know I love you shop, I say dont change a thing but you follow your gut and add what makes you happy! Took the survey of course and will always use your shop!
Hoping your snow melts and flowers bloom!

Victoria on

Took the poll. I am happy to give my opinion.

Sally on

My dear Tina,
Your shop is pure heaven, you had me at hello and if I could, I’d need to buy a container to ship all the things I love :))
Honestly, I wouldnt change a thing… far rather you took a few days for ‘you’ time, Im always in such admiration for how much you seem to do.
Im sorry for your snow, hard to believe we are in April tomorrow! x

Teresa @ Splendid Sass on

You know I love your shop! Took the survey, but will sit this one out since I won the garden giveaway.

Leslie @ Around The Table on

Hi Tina, I’m happy to participate in your poll and I hope the results are helpful. Your weather.. what happened to the warmer temps? It’s 37 degrees here and the skies are clear for the moment. We were lucky to get some sunshine yesterday. It’s amazing how that helps with our overall mood. Enjoy your day!

kathy re on

a wise thing to do getting customer and reader feedback. everyone has room to improve! nice job

Mary Frederick on

Dear Tina,
I love your store and was happy to complete the survey. You have so many beautiful things. I think we should embrace change and if you feel a need to freshen things up, go for it! You have incredible taste and it will be amazing.

Linda H. on

Took the poll! Love your site! Thanks!

Kelly on

Hi Tina, completed the poll. Hope this means you will be ever expanding the inventory of items in your shop. Love having it as a great resource!

Karen on

Adore your shop and it was discovered through a friend aka my personal shopper. She found a perfect pair of ginger jars for me and since then I have bought belljars, linens and a great handbag from you. Your belljars are super well priced. And I think your personal touch makes the experience much more enhanced.

I also was really happy with how fast everything came. I am impressed by what you are are doing and have done. I wish you well and hope it grows and grows, think you are onto something as everything today is way too modern for my taste so seeing elegant, traditional items at a good price is a big draw. Bet of luck, hope to win. Loved the poll…good questions!

Sharon Ellis on

Finished the poll. Really looking forward to what you are thinking for your new on-line store. LOVE your products…..

Melissa Marsden on

Great web site! My survey is completed.

sherri on

Tina, I participated in the poll. I admire you for always wanting feedback and improvement. The shop is wonderful. I seemed to have some difficulty registering my resonse to the question about what I like most: It is the very good personal service.
Good luck, and I have always been a happy shopper with you.

sherri on

..Oh and call me crazy ( everyone will!) but I am so darn jealous of your snow!!! PLEASE send it my way.

Sue Young on


I look forward to opening the pages to your blog for every post. You have a beautiful home filled with beautiful things. Thank you for offering many of these same items to us through your shop. I did take the poll and felt it was such a smart thing to do getting customer feedback. Look forward to seeing more!

Melissa Baginski on

Participated in the poll. Love your blog and your online store! Look forward to reading your posts and always love to check out what is new in your shop.

Karol on

Interesting poll. I’m sure you’ll get enough feedback to make a decision. I’d love to get the diffuser.

JeanneW on

I have 10+ items from your store, both large and small. I’ve been thrilled with them and the quality is wonderful. I just took your poll and I’m excited to see what you will have in store for us in the future.

katie clooney on

Hi Tina… answered all the questions except #11. Tried to answer – but for some reason it didn’t work. . Then again, I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed. Have a great week!

Bonnie W. on

Hi Tina….happy to help with your poll and wish you the very best with your shop. Haven’t purchased anything yet, but I sure have my eye on some porcelain and those beautiful florals. I’m a big fan of your blog and it’s always the first one I look for when I get on line. Your home and grounds are outstanding and I never tire of seeing your photos. Love your style! Sure hope you get to enjoy some warm weather soon.

Faith on

Hi Tina, I took the poll! I love your blog and love that your have shared your beautiful home with us! I look forward to every post and enjoy the beauty you share with your readers! So sorry it is snowing on you yet again. πŸ™ It’s a beautiful day in the Carolinas…

CS on

Took the poll. I am happy to share my opinion.

Amy on

Did the poll :-). I love your selection of silver and porcelains!

Christen Walden on

Happy to take your poll…you offer beauty to the world and we need more of that. Thank you

Ana Benitez on

Took the poll. Love the website! Thanks!

Joy on

Hi Tina,

I enjoy visiting your blog and store to see how you decorate with the items you sell. Great source of inspiration! Since I’m trying to downsize I’m restraining my purchases but its always fun to visualize. Thanks for sharing your time and talent.


Margaret on

I completed your survey. I love the items and love my purchases!

Laurie on

Thank you for the chance to share my thoughts. I love your blog and look forward to checking it out as often as possible!

Candis Coleman on

I look forward to your blog daily! Thank you!

Rose on

Your blog and store are my little reality escapes. Did the poll and look forward to more inspiration!

Sandra Marshall on

Just finished your poll. I really love your blog and shop very much.

Mary Welykoridko on

I participated in your survey even though I am new to your blog and your shop. I just recommended both to my daughter and daughter-in-law. Your home and item selection in your shop are wonderful!

Sonia on

Hi Tina, Took the poll! Thank you for your inspiration. Your paint colors inspired my new paint job on our first house.


Nancy Griffiths on

Just finished your poll…Love your blog and can’t wait to see what new things your shop has to entice us!!

Carol on

Took the poll and I love your shop!

Tone on Tone Loi Thai on

Good luck, Tina. I just finished the survey. Hope it helps. I don’t mind sharing this publicly: what I love most is how you display and show your items in your own home. It is really helpful to merchandise the items in situ. It’s very inspiring to see, for example, how you use the blue and white porcelain pieces in your rooms…..what kinds of flower arrangements you style them with. xo Loi

Kim Burgett on

Just completed the poll…i have purchased several items in the past and continue to love them! thanks for providing unique, hard to find items.

Ann on

Tina the picture of the snow I hate to say it is so pretty but I can imagine you are tired of it! We were skiing in Switzerland until last week and came home to almost 80 degrees and believe it or not after a few days I craved the cold and snow!
I am a devoted follower of your blog and your shop and own several “enchanting items”. I think your belljar selection and prices are the best I have seen and I like how you are infusing your elegant personal style into the home furnishings, think there is potential for a lot of growth there! I enjoyed the poll and would love to win the diffuser.

Marsha Cannon on

Finished the poll! Sorry that you woke up to more snow. I wish I could send a little Mississippi sunshine your way!

Terri~terrileeauthor on

I gladly took your survey. Hope it helps you in your business decisions. πŸ™‚

Tamara Colter on

Look forward to your blog every day! Easy peasy poll. Good on you for doing your marketing! Cheers! Hope spring comes soon to you!

Lynn Ross on

Happy to take survey – enjoy your Blog and store so much! Your decorating is terrific!! Lynn Ross

Amy on

Just completed the poll-LOVE your shop and you are always so helpful and a pleasure to deal with πŸ™‚

Lorelei Pollack on

Good Morning, West Coast time! Found your website quite by accident and thrilled that I discovered it. I look forward to your daily emails and what you have to say or offer. Everything is truly elegant and I am never disappointed. However, I do have difficulty entering in your giveaways. I go to the website that you suggest and come back to your site as directed but I am unable to find a place where I can enter your contests/giveaways. I have a MAC. Sometimes this can present a problem. I am not sure it that is the case here. Please give me instructions as to where I should go on your website to enter. Thanks every so much and keep up the Elegance. Fondly, Lorelei

Anita Rivera on

Hi Tina! I voted! Anita

Deborah Wilkins on

Poll completed! Self-evaluation is always a good thing. Thanks, Tina!

Deb on

Love your blog, completed your survey. πŸ™‚

Caroline Wells on

Happy to do the poll. Your site is beautiful and I visit it most every day. Thanks.

Mary on

Just completed your poll, Tina. Your site is such a unique and much-needed venue for those of us who love tradition…can’t wait to see what surprises you have in store (no pun intended) for us!

Suzanne Sloan on

I participated in the poll.

Terry on

Tina I have loved your style since i discovered you and happily continue to fill my home with many of your wares. Not only are your prices more than fair, you are so quick to help and offer solutions! Almost unheard of today. I love your personal approach and appreciate the “extra effort”. I think your belljars are exquisite and incredibly priced. Ditto all the blue and white.
I would love to see even more handbags and “fun stuff”, more pillows and maybe expand the beautiful florals. You seem to have a wonderful touch and excellent taste, that will always keep people coming back!

Tara K. on

I took the poll. Love with website!

Cathie on

I took the poll! Love your blog and shop!

Ellen on

I answered the poll questions. Thanks for asking us what we think!

Sharon Lawrence on

Hi Tina–I have always enjoyed reading your posts and have purchased items from your store. I have been very pleased with the quality of the items and your customer service was terrific especially when one of my treasures was damaged in the shipping. I would highly recommend your store to any friend and appreciate the photos showing how you and others use the items in their own homes–it is inspiring. One issue with the survey–I wasn’t able to answer the question regarding the rankings. I am so sorry but it might be a problem because I use a MAC. Happy Monday–Sharon

marly z. on

I took the poll and love your shop and blog!

Julia Wilson on

Your shop is beautiful, and I would love to purchase from it as is, but I also appreciate that you want it to be its very best! I took the survey and wish you well in determining your future pathway.

Michelle Seman on

Took the poll…..thank you for caring about your readers and creating such a wonderful shop!

Trudi Rowe on

Dear Tina,

I completed your survey. I love your merchandise offerings. Thanks for your blog!

Trudi R

Karen Meredith on

Finished the survey. Love your shop! Great idea to get feedback!

Victoria on

I definitely see a big future for you and your shop. First you have great taste and style, you have a very hands on approach which for me personally is a big plus. I like the extra mile and value that in a shopping experience.
Your selection is just my taste in a world of very modern/more transitional things. I appreciate that you do not waver and stay true to what you love. I think you will gain a big following for that alone.
I bought one bell jar for my powder room and it is so beautiful, everyone comments on it. I know its the first of many purchases to come now that we are settling into our new home.
I would love to see even more lighting, great plates and glassware and definitely more things along the lines of personal accessories, as I really like your style. I did the poll also, look forward to seeing what the results reveal.

Vickie H. on

I participated in your poll!

Katherine Donovan on

I just discovered your site and I LOVE it! I adore your style! I gladly took your poll. Keep up the great inspiration!

Mimi on

I have participated in you poll. Everything is always first class and lovely on your blog/shop.

Karen on

Hi Tina, I took the survey. I love your shop. Hoping your snow melts quickly.

Kathy Pelletier on

Love your blog and your shop and can’t wait to see your new items. I took the survey. Thanks Tina πŸ™‚

Tami Koury on

So glad to help with the survey! I enjoy your blog, emails and online shop!

Francesca Molinari on

Thank you Tina for the opportunity to share feedback. You blog is the prettiest part of my day and my favorite visual vacation. I love your store as well and the things I have purchased – especially your special finds!

Marianna on

I participated in your survey Tina. Just love your blog and have learned so much from you!!! Thanks for sharing with all.

Marianna on

A pleasure to participate in your survey Tina. Just love your blog and have learned so much from you!!! Thanks for sharing with all.

The Buzz Blog on

Since we’ve shopped your site before, it was fun to give some input on the survey!
C + C

Cindy Weis on

Hi Tina, I took the poll, just love your site and so happy to purchase such lovely things at reasonable prices. I look forward to you expanding you site and can’t wait to see what beautiful things you come up with. Regards, Cindy Weis

Faith Boggio on

I took the poll. You have lovely beautiful things that would take so much time to find elsewhere. I love to look through the shop on a regular basis. Can’t wait to see all the new things! Faith B

Carol Anne on

It was my pleasure to complete the poll. Love your blog, love your shop, and especially love the pictures of your beautiful home!
Carol Anne

Daryl on

Hi Tina,
I went in and completed your online survey. It is a tribute to your business acumen that you continue to seek input and work towards doing the best for your customers.
I love your space & products & feel that I have finally found a source for items & advice I’ve been seeking for years. I would have saved myself a lot of heartache & money if I’d found you sooner!!
Thank you for being there now!

Patricia on

It was my pleasure to participate in the poll. Keep up the good work. I love all my purchases, and gifts from friends from the store. Love this blog and your wonderful home. Thank you for sharing.

Linda on

I participated and look forward to continuing shopping with u.

michele@hellolovelystudio on

completed the poll. cannot believe you have snow and are prob sending it this way!


Michelle on

Did the survey! Love those diffusers! Michelle

Katherine on

I took the survey but wanted to share with you……
I like your shop and the items you have to offer. I’m impressed that you are always adding new items – do people know how much work this is! Love, love the silver.
I think that people trust you as a shop owner because your blog shows the attention to detail that is important for you – and you pass that on to your customers.

Holly on

I filled out your poll. Love your home, love your shop, love all your posts. Just love you!!! Please don’t change anything to much. Holly

Sandy Bridgett on

I completed the survey. All your things are beautiful, you have very good taste.

classic?casual?home on

I took your poll…and thanks for your concern. My friend loved the gift of your diffuser.

classic?casual?home on

PS. Still not sure why your posts are not updating on my blog roll.

Cari Sisney on

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to take your poll. I have a new love for diffusers (bought 2 recently) and would love to try Antica.

Valerie C. on

I completed the poll. You have a wonderful shop <3

Marilyn the nurse on

Love your blog, anything you do to your shop will be great!

Donnamae on

I took your survey. Hope you get some good ideas! πŸ˜‰

Patsy Swecker on

I just completed the survey. Your shop is a great source for unique and affordable gifts.

Sandy @ You May Be Wandering on

I filled out the poll…:) Your shop is just perfect! If I wasn’t in the mode of “lightening up” my house, I know I would be buying like crazy! You have such exquisite taste.

Did it warm up there today after the snow? It turned into a lovely day here. Hope you have a fabulous week!! xoxo

Bridget on

I think you have beautiful things – especially the silver napkin rings. They are gorgeous.

Cheryl on

Just did your survey. I think it is great that you are striving to improve an already wonderful shopping locale and experience. Hang in there for spring!

Bebett on

Glad to participate in your survey. It shows how much you care about your customers. I am looking forward to all the changes … I’m sure it’s going to be awesome!

Robin D. on

Hi, took the poll! Love your stuff, especially the blue and white and the beautiful bell jars. Thanks so much!

Michelle Hill on

Just finished the poll. I can’t believe there is snow..still. I know snow isn’t unheard of even in April, I just figured with such a brutal winter we would be spared a late spring..uncle uncle uncle. I love your shop. It’s a guilty pleasure I feel ok about because product is truly unique and is in fact we’ll priced.

Debbie on

Thank you for the opportunity to take your survey. Love your website! Fondly, Debbie S.

Eli on

Just finished the poll. Love your blog. Wish warm sunny days…! Spring `ll come.

Summer C on

Hi Tina
Just finished your poll. I enjoy your blog. Have a great week. Spring is on it’s way.

Aelish on

Hope our poll responses help you in you quest to “build” an even better store!!!

Lynne on

Hi Tina!
I completed the poll! It’s a sign of a good retailer to get to know her patronage, particularly when one cannot meet face to face. I’ll be honest. I have yet to purchase from your shop. I have missed a few opportunities as some items have sold. You never disappoint with your beautiful offerings. Your effort to bring affordable elegance to places where it is “unfound” is so very much appreciated by me.

Cathryn on

I completed the poll. Love the new tole and looking forward to that perfect piece when my dining and sitting rooms are ready. It’s coming soon I think!

Melissa on

Your blog is what I start my day with … you have opened up a whole new resource for me. I have slowly been filling my rooms with blue/white porcelain — thank you for your inspiration!

Julie Bolin on

I just participated in the poll. I am a big fan of blue and white. Your house is exquisite. I really like your website and I enjoy seeing your projects on your blog!

Christine S on

I completed the survey. Forgot to add: Would love to find some more transitional items than the traditional. That being said, you do ‘traditional’ fabulously well! xo

Linda Owens on

Happy to take the survey and love your shop. It’s the perfect place to shop for home accessories and gifts.

Joan on

I just participated in your poll. Love your blog, and your lovely home!

Sue M. on

Took the poll for you…you have very nice things to offer. I love looking what’s available and classic.

Stephanie Morrison on

Participated late. But better late than never!

Tara Ortiz on

Hello Everyone,
I participated in the survey Tina, hope it’s helpful to you. This is my first time actually posting a comment and it’s probably too late lol. Am still hopping my survey entry was able to help though. Not one to participate much as far as blogs are concerned, but Tina you have found your calling. Your blog just keeps me coming back and I really value your posts. I love learning from you and I feel your opinions are trustworthy. You just love what you do, give it your all, and it just shows.

Donna on

Hi, I love your blog. I also wanted you to know I participated in your survey. Thank you and hope you get the Summer weather you are looking for very soon.

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