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Good morning from chilly Boston, winding down my introduction posts of all of my fabulous sponsors! I had spoken of Judith August and her miraculous products a while back and turns out we are fans of each other:) I own a couple of her products and let me just say that nothing comes close and this is coming from me, a serious product junkie!!

So I am sooo delighted that Judith August is a sponsor over here at The Enchanted Home. They have also graciously offered up a great giveaway so that two lucky winners can give their products a whirl……details on the bottom. First a few words about Judith August…..



Judith August?is founder and creator of Judith August Cosmetic Solutions?. She has created a line of makeup, in colors and textures, designed to achieve beautiful and effective results, concealing everything from simple annoying every day flaws to serious coverage. All of her products; concealers, foundations, correctors, diffusers and more have the distinction of being able to camouflage and conceal to the customers unique needs.


She realizes, makeup plays a pivotal role in the psychological well-being of both men and women. Looking good is not superficial. It measures health and well-being, projects a positive image and encourages self-esteem.

Her journey began as a fashion model in LA and New York, but she had a serious hereditary issue, which made it hard to compete in the ?perfectionist? world of modeling.


“I was seventeen and told that my dream of being a model was over. The ?bags? under my eyes would never allow for great camera work and there was nothing I could do about it. Even going to the plastic surgeon was no help. Back in the early days of cosmetic surgery, they simply would not operate, I was too young. While some girls would sink into the premature wrinkles of defeat, I took it on as a challenge and started the lifelong study of camouflage cosmetics.”

-Quote from Judith?s book:??Gotcha Covered?The Compact Guide to Camouflage Makeup”?

She mastered lighting, makeup artistry and camouflage techniques, allowing her modeling career to flourish for almost 20 years. Along the way, she realized she wasn?t the only one, ?Everybody?s got something to hide?. Her mission became a lifelong quest to provide cosmetics that cover up and conceal all imperfections.


Many years later, as a makeup consultant to cosmetic surgeons, she created her signature product, a miraculous concealer called??The Everything Pencil Face and Body Concealer?.??It was an instant hit with surgeons and clients alike because it simply covered up everything! When this handy tool, was featured in ?Allure Magazine? as editor?s choice, a business was born. A Hollywood favorite, ?The Everything Pencil? was recently mentioned in Prevention Magazine, as Christie Brinkley?s favorite ?go to? every day concealer, which is one of many celebrity testimonials.





Isn’t she gorgeous! And do you see that skin? Its G L O W I N G!!! How about that last product, silk stockings….no kidding this stuff is MAGIC. It has saved my poor pasty white legs from sheer embarrassment many a time! Isn’t it fascinating to read about Judith and how she got started in this business? I am always intrigued and so impressed with how people who are true visionaries get started in their respective fields…seems like most of them share one thing in common, a true and real passion for what they do.

Giveaway details…..

Judith August has kindly donated two of their best selling products to giveaway! The two products being given away….? unnamere1edunnamereaed



If you want to be in the running, visit Judith August, take a look around and come back here and tell us a product you would love to try. Click here to visit Judith August.

If you want a second chance, visit them on Facebook, leave them a message telling them something good (and be sure to mention you are from The Enchanted Home). Click here for their Facebook page.

I will announce a lucky winner on Tuesday! Thanks for stopping in and wishing everyone a fabulous Easter weekend…..a big thanks to Judith August and welcome aboard! I am going to try to post a quick post for Easter Sunday but just in case wishing everyone a wonderful holiday!

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Taylor Dickinson on

Oh my goodness I simply must have the Invisible Stockings Color Tint! I make sure to stay out of the sun for health reasons, but constant spray tans aren’t financially feasible. Need this so my legs don’t look like ghosts!

Anita Rivera on

What a beauty, tina! Sign me up please for the giveaway. My legs need some help!!! Happy friday, anita

Maggie on

Oh ny goodness – finally a solution for my pasty white legs just in time for summer : short skirts, shorts and bare legs. I would dearly love to try the invisible stockings!!!

Ann Patton on

Would love to have the invisible stocking for my son’s wedding! Looks great!

Joy Jensen on

I tried almost every under eye concealer produced but still haven’t found the one perfect for me. Judith August’s Orange Masking Cream may be the answer. Thanks for the good news.

Dana Munoz on

The Everything Pencil!! … looks amazing!!
Dana Munoz

RG on

OH MY I DEFINITELY will be trying to under eye products. I have suffered with dark circles & puffiness since I was a little girl. All the products I have tried so far have not worked. Looks like this one may be a god send given the way Ms. August looks. Such a beautiful lady. Of course would love to have to product give away!!!! on

I would love to try the Invisible Stockings product. I’ve not heard of this and it looks amazing.

Sandy w on

The invisible stockings looks like a great solution when you come out from long pants of winter to summer dresses. And the under eye concealer would be great to try.

Deborah on

Just ordered two of The Everything Pencil–can’t wait to use it! I would love to try Invisible Stockings and Make It Stay, also. A great source–thanks for sharing with us.

Cathi Rafalski on

Wow…I need the Invisible Stockings! Absolutely love the idea of coverage (I have unsightly veins) AND the beautiful glow!

Jeannene on

The “Invisible Stocking” would save me from looking like the palest person in the room. What a great product!

Joanne Stacey on

The under eye concealer products is what I MUST try soon!

marly z. on

I?d love to try the Aqua Tint Erasing Creme. It?s such a terrific concept. Thanks for the great giveaway!

Erika on

I would love to try the Invisible Stocking.

Trudi Rowe on

Dear Tina,

I would like to try the silk stocking and the killer pencil. If Heidi Klum and Christie Brinkley use it then it must be good.


Scribbler Unfocused on

I must try the invisible stocking. As a person of Anglo Irish ancestry, my skin has never tanned. it would be nice to se some color on my legs! when you posted about the concealer pencils, I ordered two and also the aqua tint under eye concealer. they are fabulous!

Wanda Fielder on

I would love to win the Invisible Stockings! Looks like the perfect solution for my tanless legs.

E.Mle on

I’m all in for the “Invisible Stockings” – I know of nothing more necessary right now. What a terrific career enhancer and what a smart, beautiful woman she is!

Valerie on

I was looking at her Everything Pencils. I think I’m going to try it in Almond. It looks good for my fair skin.

Virginia on

I would love to try the Everything Pencil to help with my dark circles…but honestly everything looks fabulous! It’s really hard to pick one favorite!

Valerie on

I left a comment on her Facebook page too.

Adrienne on

Beautiful! I would so love the invisible stockings. I work in NYC and would love this for the summer. My darling and very swarthy in the summer husband once told me “its a good thing we me in the fall, because by the time summer came and I saw how pale you were, I was already in love with you.” Um, OK?

I also love the post surgical cream. My mom is a 19 year breast cancer survivor after having been diagnosed with it spreading to over 10 lympho nodes in her arm. She recently had thyroid surgery and while that is not as agressive and her prognosis is very good, I know she would love to cover up her small scar this summer with this.

Thank you for another great post!

Kathy Pelletier on

I really want to try the Everything Pencil . I have tried so many things and nothing has seemed to help the spider veins that look like bruises and then try the invisible stockings. I am so happy you have introduced us to this wonderful line. I am always ready to try new products. Thank you 🙂

Fernanda Clifford on

I would love to try the Invisible Stockings. Great this time of year.

Barbara Chandler on

My white legs could also use some help! Would love to try the Invisible Stockings.

Wendy wallach on

Special Care Cover?
Healing Formula for Sensitive Skin is something I would love to try.

Amy on

I could definitely use the 2 products featured in the give-away along with the orange masking creme-they look wonderful! Great give-away; thank you and Happy Easter!

Sandy on

Oh my! I really need the AquaTint for the dark circles under my eyes. Three pre-melanoma surgeries will keep a girl out of the sun, so the Invisible Stockings would be great also. What a great giveaway, Tina! Thank you for the opportunity.

Cheryl on

I would love to try rosacea products, concealers too! Thanks for the opportunity.

Margie on

Hello Tina. Please enter me in the Judith August Giveaway. I have so much redness in my face and so far have found nothing that works to conceal it. I would love to try her Aqua Tint concealer. Thanks, Margie

Sheryl on

Would love to try the everything pencil!

Victoria Sit on

I would love to try the Invisible Stocking! This would be so handy!

Cindy on

I just bought the Everything pencil and cannot wait to get it but Invisible stockings will be my next purchase, if I don’t win! Great line, so happy to hear about it. Like you I am a product junkie and am a Sephora VIP am there all the time that I know know several girls that work there on a first name basis. Not something my husband is too happy about. ha ha, so happy to know about Judith’s line. Thank you and a Happy Easter.


Jane on

Good Morning Tina,

Please enter me in the Judith August Giveaway! What a beauty! I would love to try her Invisible Stockings Kit on my legs. I am totally disabled and other than doctor visits, I am not allowed outside. Lacking any sun for the last eight years, my legs are completely void of color! If possible, I would also love to try her Everything Pencil.

Congratulations on having Judith August as a new sponsor on The Enchanted Home! She is such a beautiful woman! I can’t think of a more perfect pairing! Thank you for the great opportunity!

I am leaving a post on her Facebook page as well.

Happy Easter Tina! Have a great weekend!

Sandy @ You May Be Wandering on

All of her products are intriguing, but I am loving the idea of the “everything”pencil (seriously NEED it) and I really wish I had the Invisible Stockings for my upcoming Florida trip!

Have a beautiful Easter, Tina! xoxo

Martha Erwin Mercer on

I have the same problem with under eye puffiness as Judith did. Nothing has worked with me , so far.
I can’t wait to try the Everything pencil and under eye concealer. Thank you, Tina, for introducing us to
Judith August.

Alicia Cummings on

The everything pencil looks like a great multipurpose tool! Thanks & a blessed Easter to you!

Bonnie Gutierrez on

I really would like to try those concealer pencils for dark circles that I have been blessed with!
Thank you for featuring the products and the give -away. Happy Easter!

Jeannine on

I have been looking for a natural-looking self tanning product for some time and I was so excited to see Invisible Stockings! I have tried many different products and can’t seem to find one that works well or that looks natural. I love the idea of using a brush applicator! I would love to try this product. I would also love to try the Everything Pencil. I use an eye medication twice daily in one eye and the side effect is a large dark circle on the lid as well as under the eye. It looks like someone has hit me! This would solve my problem! Thanks for showing us your wonderful finds!

Cathy on

I would love to try the Invisible Stockings. I am a Lupus patient and haven’t been able to get out in the sun for the last thirty years. It would be so wonderful to put a dress on and not have bright white legs.

Michelle Hill on

I’m hoping to get in just under the wire for this fabulous giveaway. I’ve been looking for a replacement for the derma because sic their formulation has changed, the texture is chalky and grainy almost and it seems out if the blue to not agree with my skin. I have a scar with discoloration for many many years. In any case the leg product looks amazing as I am hooked on MAC body makeup but love finding something better. I’d still choose the ultimate cover kit,.for the scar/discoloration issue. Face first really. Many thanks for another great referral. I really feel like you care enough to take the time to consider these. It doesn’t even feel like sponsored information, more like public service sometimes. I love discovering what I don’t know! So thanks on that, you’ve come through with the beauty stuff in spades!

Gerry on

The Everything Pencil looks U N B E L I E V A B L E !!! I am amazed by the fantastic coverage. Why haven’t I heard of this sooner ! Thanks for the give away !

Barbara Houser on

I see LOTS of things on Judith August’s site that I would like to try, but being only a few weeks past surgery for the removal of my thyroid, I REALLY need the Post Surgical Cosmetic Coverage Solutions! My surgeon says “with time” the scar will be almost invisible, however, I notice everyone looking at the red scar on my neck instead of my face when I run into an old friend or meet a new acquaintance!

Glad I made my post “right under the wire”
Thanks and God bless!

Sharon on

These products look amazing…would love to try the invisible stockings, my legs need some pretty color without the sun….also think I will order one of the everything pencils…thanks for the chance!

Heather on

I’m with the majority and think that the Invisible Stockings would be a real joy to try, but I’d also like to try Special Care Cover for my dark circles! Thanks so much!

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