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Barbara Houser says


I see LOTS of things on Judith August?s site that I would like to try, but being only a few weeks past surgery for the removal of my thyroid, I REALLY need the Post Surgical Cosmetic Coverage Solutions! My surgeon says ?with time? the scar will be almost invisible, however, I notice everyone looking at the red scar on my neck instead of my face when I run into an old friend or meet a new acquaintance!Glad I made my post ?right under the wire. Thanks and God bless!


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marly z. says


I?d love to try the Aqua Tint Erasing Creme. It?s such a terrific concept. Thanks for the great giveaway!



?Hi I am thrilled to be here today to introduce you to my latest sponsor….Sandy of Singer Travel and the wonderful travel blog, You May Be Wandering. Sandy is a seasoned traveler and a bonafide expert on the subject of great vacations. She is personable, super knowledge and a real people person. I am impressed with her breadth of knowledge and her “can do” attitude.

I think one of the biggest surprises and myths (to some) is that there is no extra expense in using most travel agents, Sandy being one of them. So I always wonder why would someone not gain the extra advantage of a travel agent’s expertise when booking a trip…to me it’s a given!

I was lucky enough to interview Sandy on traveling, personal experiences and special tips and tidbits that I think are something we will all enjoy and who doesn’t want a few insider travel tips!? Hope you enjoy it. Welcome Sandy……


1. Tell me what is “hot and new” in the travel world?? People have begun valuing experiences over things and, as such, luxury travel experiences have become the new ?trophy? object. With that comes more interest in personalized travel experiences such as cooking classes, unique tours and access to experiences not available for the average tourist.

2. What travel trends are you seeing? There is definitely a rise in the desire for a local connection when traveling. More and more people want to ?live like a local? and delve deeper into their destination going beyond just the tourist areas and sights.

3. What destinations are your most sought after? Right now it is all about Europe – Italy is the hot spot for my clients these days.

4. What do you say to someone who has a travel bug but is on a strict budget? When there is a will there is a way?people travel the world on a budget all the time. Consider traveling in the off season or shoulder seasons.? Try planning one big trip a year rather than a lot of shorter ones. Look at your travel budget in the context of all your other leisure activities ? maybe it would be worth forgoing Starbuck?s every day to be able to take the vacation you have been dreaming about.

5. Where is one place you have not been that you are longing to go? Provence. I love France and have been dying to get to Provence but it just hasn?t happened?yet!

6. Most favorite destination ever? Best hotel you have ever stayed in?? My favorite destination is definitely Paris. It never gets old no matter how many times I have been.? Best hotel?that is a tough one because I have so many I love.? For service, I was blown away by my recent stay at the Montage Beverly Hills.? And, I love the Ritz Carlton family of properties ? you can always count on a great experience when you stay at a Ritz Carlton.

7. What country/place had the absolute best food? That is easy ? Rome!


I have to totally agree….THE BEST!

8. Biggest myth about using a travel agent? That it is expensive. It doesn?t cost the traveler anything extra to use a travel agent ? we get paid by the hotels, tour operators, cruise lines, etc. Often, using a travel agent can actually save you money because we have access to deals that the individual does not.


9. How did you get started in the travel business? I recently read that happiness in a career comes when passion, talent and opportunity come together. When my youngest child left home, my passion for travel led me to begin writing my blog You May Be Wandering.? When the opportunity arose to work as an independent advisor for Singer Travel, a Virtuoso agency, I was able to combine my passion for travel with my talent for meticulous planning and apply it to my position as a travel advisor.

10.? Fill in the blanks, when I travel, 3 things you should never leave home without are………..a smartphone loaded with lots of great travel apps, a comfortable pair of shoes (I like Tieks) and a crisp white button down shirt which can be dressed up or down (and my American Express card!).

11. Tell us a few “insider secrets” about travel………...When you use a travel agent, you will be treated better. Not only do you benefit from his or her expertise, the hotels do not want to risk losing your agent?s future customers.? If you have a problem, you have someone acting as your personal advocate. Another favorite tip ? fly Premium Economy on Air France when you are going to Europe. It?s free to stop over in Paris and it?s more like business class than coach, for a lot less money.

12. What is your recommendation for the best couples trip? Best family trip? Best “girls only” trip? For couples, the Amalfi Coast is absolutely perfect.? For families, I am a big fan of renting a villa on the property of a resort (Ritz Carlton Clubs and Four Seasons Residences are both great). It is nice for the children to have the extra space, and a kitchen and laundry room is always helpful when traveling with a family. And, for a girls? only trip, I like the idea of going to the Napa Valley and having a driver take you from vineyard to vineyard.


OK this has me craving a trip big time! We actually are trying to work out a trip to Italy and really hope we can make it happen….funny how you think you have “all this time” then when it comes time to setting aside 9 or 10 days, there are a million reasons why it might not work.

I know one thing I will using Sandy for my trip whenever it does happen. Thank you Sandy for sharing your travel wisdom with us, I enjoyed this interview immensely and I know my readers will too.

For anyone who has a trip in their future, consider contacting Sandy. You won’t meet a nicer, friendlier, more capable person whose travel knowledge would impress even the most seasoned traveler.? You can visit her by clicking here? or at her blog, You May Be Wandering. I appreciate everyone stopping in and Sandy, thank you again and welcome aboard!!

My steals and deals will start tomorrow…be sure to check back:)

If you missed my guest post on aging gracefully “Shared Wisdom” over at Around the Table, click here to see it

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Anita Rivera on

Good morning tina! sandy is such a great blogging friend and i hope to use her services one day soon. lovely photos today and huge congratulations to the winners! anita

franki on

Good recommendations are a must and you certainly seem pleased about this one! Thanks! franki

Luciane at on

Good morning, my beautiful Tina!

It was so nice reading your comment today. Thank you! 🙂

“Keep Calm and Call your Travel Agent”??? I love that! LOL I am one person that should be doing it right now… instead, I will grab a brush and start painting my house… not that therapeutic for me! LOL

Lots of Love to you!


Luciane at

Marsha @ Splenderosa on

I do love Sandy too. And, this is a great post ladies. Both of you know how much I love travel, it’s a major part of my life, and the 2 of you have such good ideas. I think the idea of “special event” travel is wonderful. xx’s

classic?casual?home on

Sandy has great tips and it’s great that she loves her job. This makes me really want to take a trip with her help!

Leslie @ Around The Table on

Wonderful interview! I always enjoy visiting Sandy as she shares her travel tips and experiences. Nicely done ladies!!

Teri Suit on

Your post was VERY timely for me. I need to plan a trip to Italy and feel I do not have the proper time to do so. I have already sent Sandy an email – asking for possibly assisting with the entire trip. Woo-hoo.
Thanks for helping me find someone who sounds like she might be perfect in helping to plan the perfect romantic trip to the Amalfi Coast and Rome.

Kim on

Tina happy to know about her and anyone you recommend is someone I would use. Incidentally we are wanting to head to Prague in Sept so I will contact her- she sounds lovely and I really enjoyed this interview!

Carol Cook on

I don’t usually use a travel agent, but Sandy has shown me the benefits. We often do VRBO (Vacation Rental By Owner) rather than hotels because we have a kitchen and a lot more space than a hotel room.

Sandy @ You May Be Wandering on

Tina…thank you SO much for this amazing post…and the opportunity to share my love of travel with your readers. xoxo

katie clooney on

Sandy and Tina… my two favorite bloggers in one post!! So informative… I really want to go to Provence as well. We are going on a cruise to Greece, Istanbul, and Turkey. It was arranged by Dad’s travel agent buy from now on.. the Mister and I are using YOU Sandy. You have wonderful taste in sponsors, Tina. Have a great week, ladies. Enjoyable post.

Debby on

Love Sandy and def. agree about wanting to live like a local!! xo

[email protected] on

awesome interview, tina and sandy. i learned some great tips and the idea of provence is truly inspiring!



Taylor Greenwalt on

Thanks girls for the tips…they were very helpful!

Jeanne McKay Hartmann on

How fun to hear from Sandy! Fantastic trips and insight. I love it when someone brings their personal passion to their work – that’s my idea of a success story.

Thanks for a fun post, Tina. Of course it doesn’t take much to wake up my inner travel bug, but this certainly did it! XOXO


Oh my gosh Tina! We should do a girls trip to Napa Valley! I love what she recommended and I love wine!

Pretty Pink Tulips on

I adore this post, because I can honestly tell you what an amazing travel agent Sandy is!!! She has been working with me, patiently for months, to craft the perfect itinerary and choice hotels in Florence and Rome. We are taking our tween age sons and she has thoughtfully guided us on things that would be fun to do with them.

I am confident that our trip will be our best yet, as so much planning has gone into it and I know that the hotels and travel guides will take extra good care of us.

Even had lunch today with a friend who just used Sandy and remarked how helpful and responsive she was.

If you are planning a trip?.work with Sandy! And, Tina?I hope you get that trip to Italy in! I might even have some good recommendations for you!

xoxo Elizabeth

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