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Hi everyone! Ready for round 2? The voting is closed for round 1 (yesterday) and we move onto the second round.? The cuteness continues….so hard to pick a favorite with so many winners! I mean seriously…….each and every one of these is magazine cover worthy. I have had such fun going through these, just seeing all this cuteness makes me happy!

So take a look and choose your two favorites. Tomorrow will be the “final showdown” of the two top contenders, one from each round and I will announce a winner on Monday morning. Thanks for stopping in…..

? ? CHOICE 1 PLKELLYunnamed CHOICE 2PLALLYunnamed CHOICE 3 ? PLMARY CHOICE 4 Lily Ros3e ? CHOICE 5plbootsunnamed ? ? ? CHOICE 6 PLMORGANIMG_0016 ? CHOICE 7 plkris2unnamed CHOICE 8 plmichaelaaaunnamed ? CHOICE 9plkrisunnamed CHOICE 10uLUXnnamed ? ? CHOICE 11PLDONNAnnamed CHOICE 12 PLDIANEunnamed ? CHOICE 13 pldinaunnamed ? CHOICE 14 pljanaunnamed ? CHOICE 15PLELIZABETHunnamed ? CHOICE 16pltracyunnamed ? CHOICE 17PLCATHRYNunnamed ? CHOICE 18 plmariaanimals ? CHOICE 19?PLMARIELunnamed ? CHOICE 20PLCOOPERunnamed ? CHOICE 21plyVONNEunnamed ? CHOICE 22SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES ? CHOICE 23PLDEVERunnamed ? ? CHOICE 24 plkareunnamed ? CHOICE 25PLADDunnamed ? CHOICE 26 plvacunnamed ? CHOICE 27 ? plcherylunnamed ? ? CHOICE 28PLHUGHESunnamed ? CHOICE 29 ? PLKARENAAunnamed ? CHOICE 30 plbarbunnamed ? CHOICE 31plmadisonunnamed CHOICE 32 PLYAOOunnamed CHOICE 33 pledsinsSheri & Lily Rose ? CHOICE 34 pljeanneunnamed ? ? CHOICE 35IlisaMG_8955 ? ? CHOICE 36unmichelenamed ? ? CHOICE 37unelizanamed

I know, I know too many cute ones to decide! I have allowed you to choose two favorites, recognizing the competition is stiff. Tomorrow will be the showdown of the two top pictures, one from each round and a winner will be announced on Monday! Thank you for stopping in and being part of the pet love:) Wishing you a wonderful Saturday and fabulous weekend. Be back tomorrow with the two finalists!!


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Leslie @ Around The Table on

These are so much fun! ..some of the expressions on these pups, they really do speak with their eyes. Have a nice weekend!

Amy on

Tina this contest was such a good idea. I had a hard time choosing a second favorite as there are so many adorable ones but my absolute favorite is 18! Do they all belong to one person? Love it.

Donna A. on

Is that Hans Solo and Chewbacca’s baby photo # 2? Too cute!

Karena on

Tina, I am so thrilled to see all of these wonderful pet pics, I know I should have entered Miss Belle. Perhaps another time!
Love, love, love!

The Arts by Karena

Sally on

Today is even more gorgeous Tina…and they call it Puppy Love!!…
Im voting for 19, the little boy and his springer spaniel ( like my Uncle’s doggy ) and 34 for Jeanne

Thank you for all you did to make this such fun :)) Teddy deserves an honorary vote too xx

Anita Rivera on

Oh dear oh dear…..cuteness overload in a big but GOOD way!!!!! I have voted….too many choices, Tina! Anita

Annie on

So many great pictures! I loved you so many I love 6 and 18 though- too cute!

Phyllis on

Oh, Tina, it really is hard to choose but I went with two that to me really expressed the love and bond between the person and dog. Such a fun idea for a contest/post.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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