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IMPORTANT– For all those who have reported to me they are no longer receiving my email updates, I have just as of today signed onto a new service Mail Chimp which is much more reliable….you will once again start RELIABLY getting my emails again….so sorry!!

Hi there, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! Its been a crazy 2 days…..I had started working out a few months ago and in the last few weeks I was having intermittent pain in the back of my knee. Went to my sons game on Friday and upon climbing the bleachers something very painful happened to my knee. I basically couldn’t walk, talk about scary!


So……was going to go to hospital for an MRI however its not located on the ground floor (I have not taken an elevator in 22 years and have no plans of doing so ever again). Instead I am waiting it out until Monday when the other place that does MRI”S (on the ground floor) will open and my Dr. will meet me there. The only good news is that this morning I was able to walk somewhat (with a limp) to my computer which I have greatly missed! So in pouring over article after article….I am thinking and very much hoping that this not a full tear but instead either a severe pull/slight tear.? Will find out tomorrow!

So its not quite the Mothers Day I had planned but this is life, and you just have to roll with it…….in the meantime I want to wish every single mother out there a wonderful, enjoyable, happy, love filled day. May you get to do just as you please, whether its go on a shopping spree, stay in bed and be served all day long or do something in the great outdoors! It’s a day to honor those that to me, do the hardest job on earth…one that is a 24/7 gig!

A special “shout out” to my own Mother who has been an incredible mom. Thank you for loving and taking care of us unconditionally with all the love, kindness and generosity there is to give. I will always be grateful and always look up to you as “the ideal” to follow and learn from. You are amazing!

A few things to share on the subject of Mother’s Day….






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This video is so familiar (happens every time right around the time Christmas card picture season hits) so I could totally relate…..anyone else?




And being a Mom is a beautiful thing whatever the species……..



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This one is for my mom, I know her well and know she will loooove this picture:)ce4a57bafbcb86729ca00f2d44de35af 700979afb03c9c061fd76a0339e92ec0



Finally on a parting note, this is something I think all of us Moms should have printed and posted to a wall that everyone in our family sees all the time, as? a “friendly reminder” of all we have done! The stats are impressive:) Now you tell me a job that delivers this kind of productivity…I don’t think you could find one:) Hope this made you smile….Happy Mothers Day to all!



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Luciane at on

Happy Mother’s Day, Tina!

What a fun and beautiful post!

May God always bless you and your family…

Lots of hugs!

Luciane at

Luciane at on

Sorry, I forgot to comment about your knees. I hope you get better soon, my friend. I didn’t come here this week (busy redecorating my house), and I am sorry to hear you’re not feeling well.

Hang in there, try to relax and don’t force it. Seriously… rest! I will pray for you, ok?

Let me know if you need anything.


Luciane at

Sandy @ You May Be Wandering on

Oh Tina! I am so sorry to hear about your knee!! Keeping my fingers crossed for you tomorrow that it isn’t anything major. I hope you still have a relaxing and wonderful Mother’s Day. Your post made me smile today…I love every single photo but the video is my two boys to a tee! I am sending it on to all my kids and am also sending this post to my mom! Big hugs to you, my dear! xoxo

classic ? casual ? home on

Hope you feel better, Tina. Sounds so painful. I have a tooth ache πŸ™ Happy Mother’s Day!

Anne on

Tina you poor girl, hope you feel better soon. I had a torn ACL and it isn’t fun but if you are able to walk around that’s a good sign, hang in there and keep us posted.
This post made me laugh out loud, hilarious. Worth passing along, I can tell you are a fantastic mother to your kids, they are lucky to have you. Thanks for always giving me a reason to sign on to my computer:-)

Rachel Uchizono on

So sorry to hear about your knee. Ice it now to get the swelling down. Frozen peas are good.
Take care and
happy Mother’s Day!

Design Chic on

So wishing a speedy recovery for you and hoping you are being waited on hand and foot today!! Love all of the quotes – great for a chuckle today!! Happy Mother’s Day ~

Anita Rivera on

I LOVE THAT VIDEO WITH THE BROTHERS!!! Oh Tina, if I would have had children, I would have loved boys. I just adore their antics and roughness. teehee

I cried today, and a good one. My mum has been gone for 26 years, and I just can’t handle Mother’s Day. Even if I see sweet photos of animals, the tenderness and memory of my mom’s sweetness is too hard for this darn sensitive heart of mine to bear. BUT I WISH YOU a happy Mother’s Day my friend.

MRI! I had one last Wednesday on my HEAD! I have been dizzy for 6 weeks and thank goodness, the MRI ruled out some scary stuff the doctor wanted to investigate. It turns out I just have positional vertigo that is stubborn! I wish you a good MRI and some physical therapy! My husband is also having some major knee pain.

Big hugs to you dear, dear lady. You always exude such sunshine and love. Anita

Sally on

A very Happy Mother’s Day to you Tina dearest

I hope that you have a beautiful day despite your knee poor you.
Keep smiling as you always do, rest and hopefully, enjoy some spoiling !
You are a lovely Mom

Sending love across the pond xx

Karena on

Thinking of you Tina and hoping for the best. Do have fabulous Mothers Day regardless, as you are so very special my friend!

The Arts by Karena

Mary on

Tina, thank you for this wonderful post…it had me smiling, laughing, and nearly in tears over that video! So sorry about your knee and here’s hoping you have good news about it tomorrow. Happy Mother’s Day!

Marsha @ Splenderosa on

Only YOU could come up with something this amusing, precious, wonderful & beautiful at the same time. I especially love the stats…and the animal pics. And, I love you too !! Happy Mother’s Day, my darling Tina.
(please take care of yourself).

Dawn on

Hi Tina, What a sweet post regarding Mother’s Day. I hope you enjoy yours. I hope you recover from your knee injury soon. Please take care. Hugs, Dawn


Happy Mother’s Day Tina! Yes, feedburner has not been our friend as of April. My readership is down terribly. Makes me sad, but I guess everyone is trying to make money off of bloggers. I hope your knee is not too terribly injured, that is so painful, been there done that! I am happily spending Mothers day in South Carolina on a little vacation. Must admit missing my boys today and my Mom. Take care and get better soon,

Jan on

So Happy to see your posts again!!!! So SAD to hear about your knee!! Hope you recover quickly. Happy Mom’s Day!

Victoria on

Hi I feel your pain, had a horrible knee injury about 5 years ago from skiing that required two surgeries, it was a tough year. I hope yours is much less dramatic and the fact that you can walk on it is a very good sign! Hope things go well tomorrow.
Loved this post, that video is so funny, reminds me of me and my 2 brothers. I loved all the images too, really fun post, Tina. Thanks for the gift of your blog, it is always a major highlight of my morning.

Rhonda on

Btw, thank you for switching to Mail Chimp! I missed getting your blog posts regularly in my email! I did sign up to receive them through Bloglovin, but find I don’t always click on that and read through the long list of blogs as readily as I click on an individual email.

Hope your knee injury is a simple one to fix and that you heal quickly!

Rhonda on

What beautiful tablescapes and mantlescapes in this book! I would love to receive it to emulate Susan’s style in my own home. Thank you for the opportunity!

Elizabeth@pine cones and acorns blog on


HAppy Mother’s Day to you!!!! I am sorry that your knee is giving you problems but at least you are home and enjoying your family which is all that matters at the end of the day.

I hope that you take care of yourself as well as you do the people you love. You are a very special lady and you bring such joy to so many.


Marilyn Comer on

So happy you’re back! Yours isn’t the only one I haven’t been receiving. Lovely post…Happy Mother’s Day, and I hope your knee has much improved by now.


Dana Gray on


What a touching (and funny) post! Thank you for all you do! I hope you find out good news tomorrow.

Happy Mother’s Day!


Mary on

Thanks for the email fix. I’ve missed you. Hope you feel better soon. Happy Mothers Day!

Anonymous on

Happy Mother’s Day Tina!

dolores on

Dearest Tina, so sorry about your knee. Hot and cold packs help,rest,but also some movement . Thinking of you. I do want to say it was a great Mother’s Day gift to see you in my inbox. I was one of those subscribers that has been getting any of your updates …….. till today. YIPPEE !!!!Wishing you well and always delight in your posts. Blessings………………………dolores

Taylor Greenwalt on

Tina…shoot…I’m so sorry to hear about your knees….I hope you feel better soon…I had to have back surgery 5 years ago….its not fun when you cant get around! Take care of your self….many hugs to you!

Fashion-isha on

This is so so great! I really laughed at the video. I thought my kids were the only ones like that. Happy mother’s day to you!

Tish Jett on

Dear, dear Tina,

What a wonderful gift you have given to mother today. You made me lol and then get teary and then lol.

Thank you, thank you,

Tish Jett on

Oooops, I meant to say “mothers”. . .

Leona on

Thanks for the Mothers Day chuckles, even though you were in pain. I can only wish for you that the MRI today reveals something simple, and that you spent your day resting. Last year my MRI showed a torn meniscus.
Will be thinking of you today and hoping its something simple πŸ™‚

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