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Thanks for the well wishes for Mothers Day and happy you enjoyed my post yesterday. Getting the MRI today will keep you posted and SO relieved that my email subscription nightmares are finally over…we are back on track!

Hello, hope everyone had a marvelous Mothers Day….I have so looked forward to presenting this post today. Ever since I got my hands on a copy of Tish’s book and devoured it I cannot stop talking about? and recommending it! I loved it so much that I reread it while on vacation not long ago with a friend who had not read it. Together we sat poolside oohing and ahhing over all of the tidbits and of course taking plenty of notes!

The French women no doubt seem to possess a very natural and authentic sense of self, carry themselves with poise and confidence that does not seem as natural for most. Their sense of style and elegance is legendary and this book spills the beans and then some on some of the “insider secrets”!


Tish really did her homework and besides talking to scores of French women she went to the very top, when it came to speaking to the “experts” , the? dermatologists, facialists, stylists,etc……all of the information you have wanted to know about French women is in this little book, it is? a true treasure trove of secrets and I got more than a few tips, many of which I have started doing!

So I was thrilled as you can imagine to get to interview Tish and then she was so kind to offer two signed copies of her book to two lucky winners! Tish’s blog, A Femme d’Un Certain Age is a must visit for me and one I highly recommend.

If you don ‘t win I cannot encourage you enough to head to Amazon and purchase this. You will thank me later, I assure you. Anyone I have recommended it to made a special point to tell me how much they loved the book…yes, its that good! So enough of me, lets hear from Tish!

Being an American with a very keen eye….. what are the two biggest differences between American women and French women?

When I think about French women and try to decode what makes them different from those of us who are not, one word keeps popping into my head: Nuance.

Although we?ve heard it before, it is absolutely true that the vast majority dress with classic pieces which they then rev up with a knock-out accessory or two (or three), but still they are wearing dark jeans ? mostly verrrrry slim cuts ? a navy blazer and a white tee or shirt. No matter. They have what I tend to think of as an innate Gallic appreciation for the simple, and a gift for making everything they wear look fresh and new.

They don?t like ?perfect.? They never look groomed to death as if they?ve spent hours pulling themselves together. The only way I can think of describing them is the difference between ?matte? and ?highly polished to a reflective gleam.? It?s a sort of ?subversive? chic, head-turning without being neck-breaking. Does that make sense?

The second characteristic I?ve seen over and over in all the years I?ve lived in France is a certain reticence among French women. Again, we may have heard this before, but like anything new in her life, unless it?s accompanied by a blinding passion, she likes to take her time to see if a relationship merits the time and affection she would naturally give it if indeed a potential friendship might deepen into a real, warm, lasting amie de coeur.

Remember, I don?t know a French woman who worries too much about being liked. She knows life is short and that you can?t please all of the people all of the time and really, she doesn?t have the time or interest.

Two of the best friends I have ever had are French. It took time, but it was worth it.



You get to carry only four products in your purse for everyday, what would we find in your pocketbook?

Ah, you said ?products? because, as you know,, there are lots of things in my bag. My products include: A very pretty translucent powder compact from Clarins; a very utilitarian, barely there Clarins lip gloss; nail polish remover imbibed pads (when my nail polish chips, off it comes immediately); a tiny spray bottle of my perfume, Aromatics Elixir.




2 skin care “must haves/cannot live without’s”?

Just two? This is difficult. We?re talking about an area where I could go on and on, but playing by the rules I would say without hesitation prescription Retin-A cream (0.05%) and Purete Thermale 3 en 1 cleanser from Vichy.

Here we have a three-fer: cleansing milk, toner and eye-make-up remover.



The thing you most admire about French women? Men?
What I admire most about French women is their ability to be romantic realists. They understand with every fiber of their being that life must be celebrated, i.e. la joie de vivre while at the same time realizing it will be complicated, disappointing, even tragic by moments, but the good, like the bad, is normal. They, don?t seem to dwell on the negative.

And the men? They truly like women. Obviously I?m not talking about the two most prominent (though very different) aberrations: Dominique Strauss-Kahn and President Fran?ois Hollande who seem to have a distinct disrespect for women.

French men give sincere compliments, engage and encourage interesting conversation. I?ve always felt they were at their best at dinner parties where their flattering flirting and genuine interest in women is on center stage.

Street cafe terrace of Le Refuge in the Montmartre, Paris, France


What are your favorite hair products that are “life changing”?

My favorite hair products include:

L?Oreal professional Elseve Nutri-Gloss mask. (It works miracles when applied before bed, covered with a shower cap and left on until morning. It?s particularly brilliant for those who color their hair.)

L?Oreal Paris professional Lumino contrast shampoo. It?s a radiance shampoo for blonds, particularly those of us who have highlights. It?s mauve and keeps the ugly yellow at bay.

Christophe Robin (the world famous French hair colorist), three products:

Shampooing D?licat Volume Naturel ? la Rose. (I alternate with the Lumino contrast or use the Rose first, followed by the Lumino.)
Volumizing conditioner with rose extracts for fine hair.
Instant volumizing mist with rose water for fine hair. (It smells wonderful and has no alcohol.)?



If you could only throw in 7 things to your suitcase for a quick trip, what would they be?

Let?s set the stage: I?m flying from Paris to New York where I will stay for one week. I have work lunches, meetings, a private dinner party and a swank Upper East Side cocktail party (and, in my dreams, a book signing after work cocktail event ? that means no one will change before attending ? at some hip place in SoHo.)

On the plane I will wear: black gab trousers; black cashmere V-neck sweater; black trench; leopard cashmere scarf/shawl; leopard ballerinas and a black gab blazer which is really cheating, but I don?t want it to count in my bag and as we all know we can take more with us when it?s literally on our back.

In the bag:

A pile of t-shirts from Uniqlo. (I consider these as one item ? please don?t tell me I?m cheating. I even sleep in them.)
A black gab pencil skirt.
A black silk pleated skirt. The pleats are sewn down over the hips; I can not wear pleats coming off my waist.
My shawl collar tuxedo jacket.
Flow-y black satin evening pants.
A collarless lace blouse like this one from Stella McCartney.
A Klein blue cashmere cardigan, cut like a Spencer jacket.

All of this leaves plenty of room for lots of accessories, because you might be thinking black on black on black is boring. I promise you with the right extras it never is. Just imagine the possibilities with everything I will have on hand. (Well, you know that Tina.)



The biggest myth about the French is……..

I?m not sure really. Maybe it?s that they don?t like Americans. I think they sometimes have love/hate feelings toward us because they don?t to see so many negative elements of our culture ? reality TV, junk food, etc. seep into their world.

At the same time they like our jeans, our ?anything is possible? esprit no matter who we are or where we were born and they like our current president.



Who is your style/fashion icon?
Clich? or not, Ines de la Fressange. She is impossibly tall and even more impossibly slim, but that?s not the point. She dresses with the utmost simplicity while all around her may be decked out in frou-frou and she looks stunning.

She just does everything right, everything turned down just a notch. She never over accessorizes or overdoes anything for that matter. She might simply tuck her shirt into her jeans, add a belt and her omni-present Roger Vivier ballerinas and that?s it. You look at her and think: Who would want anything more?

Her insouciance and ever-present smile add a great deal to her look as well.

The best two things? about living in France are……..
My-Reason-For-Living-In-France (of course), otherwise I would be living in the United States.
And. . .
Paris. Oh, how I love Paris. We are so lucky to be in the country a mere 45 minutes outside Paris. It?s the best of both worlds.

The most important piece of advice I have ever been given regarding age is…….

Don?t think about it. It?s irrelevant if you?re interesting, interested, lucky enough to be in good health, and living life to the fullest. Being in love helps.

If you are going to splurge on one big thing, it should be………..

For me it would be a piece of jewelry, probably a ring. I wouldn?t splurge on shoes or a bag or anything ephemeral. I think of my jewelry as an heirloom, memory markers that will be passed down to my daughter and then to my granddaughter.

A piece of jewelry worn by generation after generation of women is appealing and romantic to me. It?s a token of love and a souvenir that will always be precious because of its past and its future.

How does the experience of shopping differ in France from that in the United States?

I may not be the best person to respond to this question. I hate large department stores and avoid them whenever possible. ?The big store experience,? and that includes those in Paris, is my idea of hell.

I think boutique shopping is great fun.
Perhaps the most significant difference in shopping here is that stores ? large or small ? are not in perpetual sales and promotions mode. The twice-annual sales are strictly controlled by law.

The dates are already on the calendar at the beginning of each new year.

Therefore stores tend to be neater, more appealing and pleasant for shopping unless one is constantly on the lookout for markdowns.

unasd2named asdfa


Finally what is one thing you have learned from the French that we Americans should take note of?

Eat well, dress well, live well. Please do not think these notions are superficial, they make for a rich, happy, meaningful life.

Fundamentally, they demonstrate a deep respect and celebration of oneself and of others.

And another thing: I have found among my closest friends that they forgive easily. They seem to understand the fallibility of human nature and are therefore less harsh in rushing to judgment.


Is she incredible or what? I love what Tish said about French women and men, and I must agree, they have a? certain sensibility that seems very natural and the men, well they are just downright charming and I love how they genuinely have a interest in talking to women and lets not discount the power of that accent! So many great tidbits here.

I jotted down every one of her beauty tips and will be buying that L’Oreal hair mask and ordering the Vichy product TODAY! This post is a teaser for what the book is all about…the kind of book you will reference over and over. I cannot thank you enough Tish for writing this book, I know you have done a wonderful thing for thousands of women! Click here to be taken to her wonderful blog, A Femmed d’Un Certain Age.

So if you want to win one of two signed copies, just leave a comment here. If you would like a second chance leave a comment on her Facebook page. I will announce two lucky winners on Friday!? Click here to purchase the book on Amazon (also makes a fabulous gift) which I have given myself a few times to very happy recipients:)

Many thanks to everyone for stopping by and to Tish, much gratitude for this fabulous interview and giveaway…you are amazing! Wishing everyone a wonderful day….au revoir!

Don’t forget about my other amazing book giveaway,? Romancing the Home Entertains, click here to put your name in the hat (winners announced on Wed)!

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Lisa on

Hi Tina, happy your Mothers Day was great, how is your knee? Good luck with the MRI! Loved this post so much, she is such a wealth of info, and I must get this book whether I win it or not. Sounds too good to not own. Thank you for the chance to both of you.

Karen T. on

What a wonderfully intriguing book! I’d love to win a copy!

Lachelle Huron on

Yes, yes and yes! I’d LOVE to hear more. She has articulated what I’ve felt every time I’ve visited her wonderful country and people!! Thank you for posting and “taking me there” this morning.

Victoria on

Hi Tina…wow what a great interview. I lapped up every word, going to forward this to my sister who is a francophile and would love to get this book, every one of your recommendations have been fantastic!

Jeanne McKay Hartmann on

Great interview Tina. I loved Tish’s book (read it while in Paris and watching all the chic Parisiennes walk by). Such a fun read that makes you think about what you are telling the world about how you chose to present and take care of yourself.

Hope you had a wonderful mother’s day and a lovely week ahead! XOXO

Susana Lucena on

A femme d’ un certain age it is a very interesting blog and we always learn something, wich is very nice. As I love Paris and whenever I have chance to go there, I admire the parisian/french way of life, so to have the opportunity to win the book ” Forever Chic ” it would be superb.

Sandy w on

Looks like a great book with wonderful information. Would love to win it.

Leslie... on

Upon the heels of a trip to Spain, I find myself pondering the differences between my intriguing friends of Europe and my dear friends in the States. Tish is very in tune with these nuances, and I’d love to read more of her thoughts. There is a readiness and no-holds-back willingness to communicate and share among American women immediately upon introduction. Whereas with European women, there seems to be a more guarded and formal nature with new acquaintances. Consequently, there is a certain “intrigue”, a desire or longing to learn more. They are not throwing everything on the table within the first five minutes of a conversation. They draw you in, slowing shedding light on their history, passions, and lives. Recently I met a women at a cocktail party in the States. She shared so much about herself; within ten minutes, she had given me a concise summary of her childhood, college and graduate years, profession, how she met her husband, the names and ages of all her children, her faith journey, her favorite travel destinations and more! There are fewer details I know of some European friends with whom I’ve been acquainted over ten years. Now there is something I appreciate about that forthrightness, which can create an immediate bond, but it definitely lacks the intrigue of what would be an equivalent ten minute, cocktail party conversation in a European nation.
Thank you, Tina, for sharing some of fascinating observations of Tish.

Anita Rivera on

Bonjour tina and tish!

My love for the french language drove me to study and graduate with honors, leading me to further studies in education. But ehst I have loved the most besides teaching young people this gorgeous language is getting to know some of the most geniune and lovely french women and men. Their style in both fashion and living is to be admired. Hi tish! Long time no see!

Bravo to tish for this published treasure, and bravo tina for celebrating the beauty of living. Anita

kris armstrong on

I LOVE Paris and I love people watching while in France. This book sounds wonderful – like a cheat sheet for the Classic woman….the french truly do have that “certain something”.

katie clooney on

Great interview. I could do everything she suggests, use all the products that she uses, and still not accomplish French chic. Oh well, I can always dream. Looks like a great book and would make a great hostess gift. Good luck on your MRI sweet Tina. I will be thinking of you. Last time I was supposed to have an MRI I ran out because I could not stand the thought of being in that machine.

Michelle on

Amazing amount of information here. Thank you for the chance to win a signed book, even if I don’t win I will definitely purchase it. I loved her interview, amazing!

Pam S on

Hi Tina!!!!

As someone who was born in Montreal and left it to move to Calgary can tell you, that I went through a cultural shock for a few years. I was 12 1/2 at that time. Two years ago my mom took my 2 sisters and I back to Montreal for a brief 1 week visit. I can’t tell you enough how I loved being back there in amongst the French culture!!!

I can’t imagine living in Paris!!! It would be the greatest adventure!!! Thank you so much for letting us see it through your eyes!!!

I hope the MRI goes smoothly!!! Take care!!!


Susan on

Love the interview. Thanks for sharing. Would LOVE to win the book.

Rhonda on

I learned so much about the French way of life by reading this post. So intriguing and interesting! Would love to have the book to learn more!

Leslie @ Around The Table on

This is so much fun Tina! I recently saw it and almost picked it up .. now I’m feeling like I need to run back and get it! I love it when women share information like this. Great interview and fabulous giveaway!

I hope your MRI goes okay. I’ll be thinking about you. So sorry this happened..


Hi Tina,
hope you results come out positive today from M.r.I….WOULD LOVE TO WIN THIS BOOK…my parents since i was a little girl, went ever year to france…said there was nothing like it in the world….I am 51 and they still went up until dad passed a few years back…it would be like reading to him !!!!

Jill on

I think we all could use a little more chic in our lives. Would love to read this book and soak up the advise to freshen up my life.
Hope the MRI goes well and that you’ll be on the mend soon.

Jacqueline on

What a delight! Would be excited to win a copy!

Kathy d on

I want to be like her when I grow up. Please let me win the book.

Jeanne W on

I love Tish’s blog, A Femme d?Un Certain Age, and read it regularly. She has such insightful observations on life, fashion and beauty….being a woman, really. Receiving a signed copy of her book would be an honor.

Emily on

What a great and informative interview, loved reading her ideas about what to pack for a trip. Very smart traveler, I took some tips as I ma leaving to go to Spain for 2 weeks and I am also happy to find out about her blog, I just bought the book as it will be a great read while away. Thank you Tina.

Lin on

Amazing timing with this book giveaway — I had the opportunity to attend Leslie Caron’s book signing in Laguna Beach yesterday. She is appearing at the Laguna Playhouse in Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks. She is the definition of French charm, amazing grace, talent, and the essence of classic style. She regenerated my Francophile fascination! This book is just what I need for a more inspiration and information.

And your posts are also inspiring and charming. I look forward to my daily dose!

Elizabeth on

Good luck with your MRI and keep us posted!

I am a huge fan of Tish and her blog and of course this book. I read it from cove to cover and think it is fabulous! I am sure that whomever wins it will love it.

Have a fabulous day Tina!

Lynn on

I have wanted this book since it came out! Thanks for the opportunity.

sissy on


Madeline on

I think this has been one of my favorite blog posts from you so far Tina!

michel cohagan on

Just starting following
you ,what wonderful information to share , who dosen’t envy french womem!!!!

michele@hellolovelystudio on

tina, loved the interview–really interesting and helpful. i am snagging those L’oreal products immediately, and will be marinating in the rest of the wisdom today.

thank you for your constant support of me no matter what the crazy idea du jour is. love right back at you.


Beth Chesak on

Who couldn’t use a little advice about being chic?

Amy@MaisonDecor on

I was spellbound by her interview! So please put me down to enter to win a copy of her book. Being one who loves French style in home decor, I would love to read some of her inside secrets about living in France as a French woman and what makes those ladies tick!

AParks on

Thanks for the great interview. Discovering insights to other cultures is so intriguing.

South Shore Decorating Blog on

It’s so interesting to learn about a different way of life. great interview! Hope you had an awesome Mother’s Day!

Anita Rivera on

Hi Tina! I am home now to get on my laptop; when I comment from my tablet, I make mistakes!

Thank you for coming to visit me today! It is always such a nice feeling to see you have wandered on over to see me. Again, Tish’s book is a lovely and most treasured gift to promote admiration and a connection with others and the French woman really does know how to work their fashion!

Hugs to you Tina, Anita

Sophie W. on

What a great post! I have read Tish’s book several times (I think my local library is getting tired of my always taking it out!) It is fun, informative, pretty and just such a good read. Tish seems like the kind of friend who would sit with you in a cafe for hours and talk about anything and everything. Her attitude is so inspiring. I would love to win a copy of this wonderful book.

Carmen on

Love the French and can’t wait to read the book!!!

Debby on

Tish’s book sounds lovely. Thanks for sharing and for a great give away.

Lesley on

I purchased Tish’s book when it was first released and thoroughly enjoyed it. I believe she has another in the pipe line and can’t wait for it to be released.

Sandy @ You May Be Wandering on

Ahhhh….I really wish I was French!! I LOVED Tish’s book and flagged many items throughout. And, I NEED that Loreal Hair Mask this week (with my husband away, it is the perfect time to be wearing a shower cap to bed!) – I wonder if they sell it at CVS. Thanks for this fantastic interview, Tish and Tina! xoxo

Design Chic on

I think I have a new style icon too! Would love to win, but it’s a must either way?hope you are feeling better and that your MRI went well. Keep us posted!!

Anne O. on

Would love a signed copy of this book!

Olga on

Well Tina, how wonderful to have Tish talk about the French way of living! I’m so inspired by everything she said and I would love to win her book!
Fingers crossed,

Sharon on

Wonderful interview…would love to win a copy of Tish’s book….hope your MRI went well…have a great week!

Linda Owens on

Loved the interview and the book sounds awesome. Would love a signed copy.

Melanie on

Hi Tina,
Great post today, it’s always so nice to read about a new book! I would love to win a copy!
Hope your MRI went smoothly, they aren’t fun.

Mare on

I’m glad Tish posted about your interview with her: Not only do I have a chance to win her book, it came it the introduction to your wonderful new-to-me blog!

Tish Jett on

Dear, dear Tina,

Truly, I do not know how to thank you for your kindness and generosity. I’m blushing. The fact that you like my book means the world to me.

Let’s hope we have a date later this year in NYC.

Merci mille fois.

Warmest regards,

Lisa Barker on

Hi Tina. Well, the first thing I did after reading that interview was to go and take off my shabby, chipped nail polish! Judging by that, I think I need to read the rest of the book. Tish’s book sounds really interesting and it reminds me of one I read a few years ago called “French Women don’t get Fat” by Mireille Guiliano. It gives us a little clue about the certain ‘Je ne sais quoi’ of our continental sisters that we all find so intriguing. I do remember it mentioning that they just ‘sip’ their champagne. That could be a hint as to just where I’m going wrong. Thank you for the information and I’m looking forward to reading ‘Forever Chic’ and Tish’s blog.
Warm regards,
Lisa x

Sharon Ellis on

I would love to win a copy of this wonderful book….I sure could use the help …. hope it’s not too late for me after raising my daughter and triplet boys….. no more needs to be said….. HELP…..

Laura on

Ah…wishing I were in France now! Lovely interview and I wish I already had the book! Hope the knee feels better soon! :-)Laura Roe

Leslie on

Amazing interview…she is so interesting and knows so much. What a friend to have! I would love to win a signed book but if I don’t I am surely going to buy it. Everything you have suggested that I have bought I have been really pleased with so your endorsement carries weight with me, Tina. Thank you for this.

Melissa on

I am currently reading this book and am soaking it all up like a sponge! What an inspiration Tish is — and your blog is as well — thank you for an enlightening and delightful interview! A chance to win a signed copy would make me feel a little closer to being “forever chic”…

Barbara Travis on

Would love to receive a copy of Trish’s book. The French women always look so chic.


Sue M. on

I loved reading Forever Chic…and enjoyed your interview with Tish. Who wouldn’t love to win an autographed copy of her book? I’ve been having fun trying out all her suggestions…Thank you for the opportunity! 🙂

Valerie on

This book sounds wonderful, perfect read for the season ahead. Thanks for introducing all this great information I might otherwise miss!

Judi on

Leaving for France tomorrow. Will be taking in all of Lisa’s comments, observing and enjoying all Paris and Parisians have to teach me! Would love to have a signed copy of Forever Chic awaiting my return -to extend my trip just all that much more!

Great interview Tina and Lisa. Hope you get some good news on your knee/leg, Tina!

Amicalement, judi

Sharon Streeby on

Loved the interview. My husband and I celebrated our 30th anniversary with a trip to Paris, and a river cruise on the Seine…loved everything about France and the people there were so nice to us. Would love this book!

Peggy Braswell on

what a great give-a-way + must have the book whether I win or not + her + your insights are wonderful.

trudi on

Dear Tina,

Thanks for the informative interview-we certainly can learn a lot from Tish. I would love to get a signed copy of her book.
Trudi R.

Karen on

Tina, thanks for having Tish over!
Tish, thank you for joining us here. It was such a pleasure reading your post. I look forward to reading the book.

jackie barger on

Great interview! Would love to win a copy of Tish’s book! Thank you!

kathy bunge on

Lots of great tips & information! Thanks for the give-away – would love to be a winner!

Amy on

What is not to love about the French way of life?! Would love own this book, especially a signed copy. As always wonderful give-away-thank you!

Debbie on

I just recently became a subscriber to your blog and I LOVE IT! I would also LOVE this book! Blessings to you and I hope MRI results show the problem so it can be treated!

Kim on

i read tish’s book while on vacation and loved it! i wished i had a notebook with me at that time so i’ll read it again and take notes! i loved the emphasis that a woman needs to take good care of herself both inside and outside.

Joanne A on

I loved your interview. The French have such a way about them that we all want to copy. I would love a chance to win this delicious book full of ideas to live by. I am a follower of Tish’s blog and always enjoy her tidbits on life in France.

Melissa on

The French women I have known seem to have the innate ability to have self esteem and confidence without putting down others around them either men or women, which makes everyone comfortable even as we admire their style and beauty. Maybe it is cultural? I don’t know as I have a very small number of samples. I would love to win the book and learn more!

Madeleine Guindi on

I so love your blog! Have been reading it for almost two years now. I just signed in for the first time to leave a comment.

BettyMarie on

Oh My, I wish I had the book in hand. I was so engrossed in your post when it ended I was brought back..darn it. I was enjoying it so much I have to get that book. Love following and reading all your great post on your blog.
Thank you,

Jen on

The product suggestions sound great, I’d love a copy of the book!

bn100 on

Lovely post

Barb on

I love all things french. I visited Paris and Provence in 2012. What a dream come true! I cannot get enough of the chic decor, stylish looks and the french cuisine. Would love to curl up with “Forever Chic” and dream some more. Thanks for the giveaway.

Missi on

The book looks great. I have visited Ms. Jett’s blog so I know the book will be filled with good advice. Thanks for the chance to win.

JoAnn Wasylenko on

Have always loved the chic French women and all things Francophile. Love fashion and design and would love to receive the book FOREVER CHIC. Enchanted Home is one of my favorite sites.

Debbie on

My girls and I need this book.

Elizabeth on

Such a fascinating interview. Wow Tina this might be my favorite one of all, so much good information. I have always admired everything about the French and was lucky enough to live there for two semesters abroad while in college. They do things very differently form us and I think we have a lot to learn from them. I would love to own this book but even if I don’t win I must buy it, sounds too good to NOT have.

noreen on

would love the win the book. I lived vicariously through my son when he lived in Lyon last year. The French have the wonderful ability to turn everyday life into art, from the way they dress & live to the food they eat! Thanks Tina for a lovely interview!

Donna L McGaughy on


Where is the sign up for the free coffee table book? When I clicked “enter here”, I got a promotion for casino!
Also, I hope all is very well with your MRI.


Linda Cates on

Would love to win this book! What great information!! Thanks for the opportunity!

Mary Anne Gregorowicz on

I was so fascinated watching the women when I was in Paris. They seem so elegant, confident, and calm. I would love to read the book for more insight into their way of life.

Darby Miller on

I am now totally intrigued with this book – you have a wonderful way of making it all sound so fabulous.

Would love a copy..

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