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Good morning so happy to announce two very lucky winners of the gorgeous coffee table book, Romancing The Home Entertains, the winners are-

1ST winner #69

bonnie says



2ND winner #103

Mary Collins Frederick
This is the book of my dreams! Tina from Enchanted Home always shares amazing finds, but this one is beyond anything. I hope I win the book but if not I’ll purchase it. Mary Collins Frederick



Please contact me at [email protected] to claim your prize and provide your shipping details….and remember if you didn’t win but would still like to purchase it, you can by clicking here.


VERY happy to announce all my subscription woes are fixed! I converted the service to Mailchimp and it’s smooth sailing…for anyone who was not able to sign up/subscribe, it is now working and you can count on reliable email delivery with new posts:)

Hello there, thanks to everyone for asking about my knee. I did not get the MRI yesterday when I found out it was not an open MRI (am super claustrophobic) but was able to get an appt. today for an open MRI, do hope to have the results within the next 2 days, just want to get to the bottom of it! Onto happier subjects….I felt a post was way overdue on one of my most favorite subjects, blue and white. You know how I love it and from the looks of magazine covers, spreads and other design sources I am seeing blue and white making a huge come back…anyone else notice?

I think two things that make is exceptional are that A. it literally looks amazing with any color and B. its absolutely timeless. You can look at pictures of rooms from 80 years ago with beautiful blue and white vases and see rooms today and there is something totally classic about them.

Most of my own personal pieces are new that look antiqued. There are a few factories that carry exceptional pieces and are replicated down to the most minute detail to look antiqued. I also have some genuine antique pieces which look fantastic mixed in with the new…..another perk, mixing and matching is a breeze, there are no rules. I am hoping to have included many pictures you? might not have seen which is always a treat:)

So the first picture I took yesterday is what inspired me to post a blue and white post and you know how one thing leads to another…….



IMG_2123Just got the white cherry blossoms back in stock and in my haste to take a picture I forgot to remove the pricetags:) All flowers shown are form my online shop.


You know my feelings on blue and white pillows…….there is always a place for them, love this setting Houzz


I NEED to track this down….Teddy must have it:)



Totally wowed by this picture, this was an inspiration shot for the Fathers Day dinner I had last year…..gorgeous! Todd Events

DC Design House 2012

CDC design house….love everything about this picture. See just a touch of blue and white makes the room come alive! Love the wallpaper lined bookcases too (that is Stroheim Cranston Lace)



Love this bathroom, it is so fresh and welcoming, Joe Nye



Loved this gorgeous table scape from my friends over at TG Interiors…breathtaking!vintage-style-wall-tile-designs-white-blue-colors-delft-5

LOVE the blue and white backsplash against the black enameled stove….fabulous!Attic MagThe Pink Pagoda

A beautiful jar with flowers adds such a? feeling of freshness and elegance to any setting, Traditional Hometraditional-bathroom-anouska-hempel-design-wiltshire-england-201304_320

Isn’t this sensational? Talk about getting your daily dose of blue and white…..AD


Isn’t this amazing? I love the drama that the blue and white tiled wall gives against the elements like the gorgeous range, brass and touches of copper…..gorgeous!bat-trd-blueandwhite1-435

Michael Smith designed this lovely bathroom with its beautiful blue and white tiled wall…..this will stand the test? of time for sure!


This pictures shows well how touches of blue and white literally work with every color scheme, see the way it makes everything “pop”? Decor PopDSC_0796 A friend of mines foyer with a statement centerpiece of blue and white



Mixing and matching blue and white pieces makes the most beautiful table settings, French Kissed


Jeanne of I Dream Of sure got it right in mixing this beautiful blue and white vignette with these luscious peonies


Another friend Mary Ann posted this gorgeous kitchen on her blog, love the all white with blue and white….so beautiful! Classic Casual Home


A snippet of my own blue and white table for a Fathers Day dinner I had last year….had so much fun putting this together!


Adore the way this trio of blue and white ginger jars beautifies a countertop, House Beautifulf38d7f513a22

See, blue and white really does go with color! It is sensational against red…..Furbish Studio


Blue and white looks fabulous against dark wood too……McGill design Group5d1214158b33

So cute…isn’t this bookcase in this kithen with its beautiful blue and white display just fabulous! Anne Hepfer


Isn’t this wonderful! I love the way the blue and yellow works with the blue and white porcelain….it makes me happy. Suellen Gregory


spring party cocktail hour

How gorgeous is this board of my buddy, Jeanne from I Dream Of from a beautiful luncheon she hosted? Love the details!Interior of Dubb Residence 300 CPW

Love this picture…….I never thought of placing blue and white ginger jars in a windowsill but what a great idea….Best and Co.


Another lovely space by Suellen Gregory, this is such a pretty look!


bluewhiteweddingdetailsOne of my boys just has to have a blue and white themed wedding….I can only hope:) Wedding Angels



Let’s be honest here…is there really ever such a thing as too much blue and white? I say no, I never get tired of seeing it and am constantly inspired to try new things….unlike many popular trends today, this will stand the test of time!

As I prepare to redo my shop site, so too will an expansion happen with my already large selection of blue and whites. It is a total labor of love:) Some of my newer favorite pieces from my shop are below. In case you have blue and white fever and could use a little dose of it, click here to see my full selection in my online shop.


(This jar now comes in a larger version 23.5″ besides the smaller one)9238769_orig


5678844 8580240_orig 1415207 2838892 2380650 610815_orig56042138011588

Just love it! Truth be told…I can’t get enough and my house will attest to that:) Many thanks for stopping in, don’t forget I have a fabulous giveaways going on right now……

The giveaway for 2 signed books of Tish Jett’s Forever Chic,? winners to be announced on Friday. Click here to enter.

Also totally unrelated but today is the final final day of my being able to submit orders for my custom monogrammed oversized serving trays! A special presell price of $145 is being offered through the end of the day. The colors are creamy white tray w/blue monogram, black tray w/gold monogram or mossy green tray w/ gold monogram. If you want to place your order email me at [email protected]

The tray will look like this except it will have a second inner ring around the initials…great serving tray!!


But will have the second inner ring around the initials like this…..


Hope you enjoy your day!


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Emily on

Tina I am floored over how beautiful this post is. I think I need some more blue and white in my life! I love every single image but my favorite is yours the one that inspired this post. Beautiful as always. I emailed you about the monogram tray I want one!


Peggy Thal on

Love blue and white china. So cool and clean looking. I have a huge collection and never get tired of it. My husband still looks around to see if they did not multiply as he calls it.

franki on

Fabulous photos!! Plus, what a great idea using those footstools…they are gorgeous!! Thanks for all your inspirations!! franki

Rachel on

What a sight for sore eyes! We are still unpacking after a very long haul to get into our new home- finally! I cannot tell you how inspiring this post was. I plan on using a lot of blue and white in my decor and cannot tell you how many great ideas I have gotten from you Tina. You in my eyes are the master of blue and white and I bow down to you!

Katherine on

Love it all ! The three double happiness ginger jars with brass fittings – ahhh, divine.

Sally on

Hello Tina, such beautiful inspiration to make the day sweeter….

Love, love blue and white so much, it is how I found you! I am supposed to be busy working, but I think I will just go and make a new vignette 😉

I was very interested to read the interview with Tish yesterday, and all the super-tips. Definitely going to buy her book…

Thinking of you with the mri scan, and hope your knee is a bit better…..good luck Xx

Karena on

Thank you for so many gorgeous images to brighten my day Tina! I have a variety of blue and white in every room of my home!

The Arts by Karena

Taylor Greenwalt on

Tina…thanks so much for including my dining room image….I love all the blue and white…your beautiful flowers look real…even with the price tags!

Sherry on

Just fabulous! Blue and white adds so much elegance to a space, these inspirations are beautiful!

Jeanne McKay Hartmann on

Hi Tina, What a lovely post. Thanks so much for the shout out and blog love. You know I love the blue and white, too! Can’t get enough of it and what a pretty collection you have here and in your shop. So sorry to hear about your knee – hope you can get the MRI and that it helps start the road to setting things to right. Happy Tuesday! XOXO

Vicky on

Holy cow, this is gorgeous. We are renovating a home right now so very antsy to get started on the fun part, the decorating…so many great ideas here, love the first picture of your white flowers, fit for a queen Tina.
I love visiting you, you are certainly the prettiest part of my day.

Jan crowe on

I would also like the info on the monogrammed trays..they are so nice…thank you jan crowe

Scribbler Unfocused on

I am saving this entire post — you never disappoint with all the blue and white eye candy!

Hope your knee is better. I am about to get new ones.

Leslie @ Around The Table on

You are right on Tina, ..timeless. GORGEOUS images and I never tire of seeing the blue and white porcelain filled with cherry blossoms, peonies, or roses. I am missing my home and have enjoyed the eye candy here today!

Anita Rivera on

Judt lush my friend! I love blue and white, and even with my pale gray and white, I love to add a touch of blue in summer. Lovely!! And good luck on the mri. Anita

Marsha @ Splenderosa on

You have the most exquisite taste down to the last detail. Love love love those flowers. I am a flower freak and always exceed my flower budget :)’s Blue & White 100% always right. I loved the blue painted door and the red benches too. And, I love YOU !!



Peggy Braswell on

wonderful blue + white post + Just beautiful.

Sandy @ You May Be Wandering on

Absolute perfection, Tina! I love blue and white anything so this post was perfect for me! Hope the MRI goes well tomorrow…sending positive vibes your way! xoxo

Maggi K on

Hi Tina, I’m married to blue and white. I embrace it everyday. Just love it!

[email protected] on

tiiiiiiiiinaaaaaaaa, blue and white! i need more in my life! i want a blue and white kitchen–i do, i do. it’s clean and fresh and so friendly. who can argue with the timelessness? blue and white are a power couple and can never be underestimated. how sweet is it that you have weaved the pair into your home, shop, and writing so that it’s impossible to not think of the enchanted home whenever we hear blue and white?!? it’s genius.

p.s. the photo of the blossoms you took is insane. it’s beautiful, and i wouldn’t have noticed tags.
p.s.s. like me, you are also under the trance of those photos by jeanne yesterday of the peonies and such. omg. she just keeps upping the ante.


Pamela Bartol on

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

I always enjoy Blue-and-White, which is all through my home, and it adds so much charm. When I see it in your home, my heart comes alive and I gasp, “Oh may I come in and visit awhile? Just us girls??? Hmmmm??”

There is nothing in this world quite like Blue-and White.


Carolyn Bradford on

Tina, I hate that I am still trying to get used to not seeing your posts like I used to! It’s always nice when I do come across them! I miss talking to you and I certainly miss reading all of your wonderful posts filled with such great design ideas! This post was beautiful and is certainly helping to feed my love of blue and white! Hope you had a wonderful Mother’s day!

Marilyn on

What a lovely post…love the pet dish! The tiled rooms are especially beautiful…makes me feel good!

Blue & white lovers might enjoy one of my favorite books, BLUE & WHITE LIVING by Stephanie
Hoppen…Clarkson Potter/ Publishers, NY, 1998.
Also, the site…blue & white tile of Portugal…real eye candy.

Thank you, Tina, for always giving us beautiful things to look at & great ideas!

Luciane at on


You’re the queen of blue and white, my friend and I have learned to enjoy it even more with your blog! Thank you for sharing your passion, knowledge and beauty with us.

Love the new cherry blossoms!


Luciane at

The Buzz Blog on

We’re so sorry to hear about your knee and hope it’s nothing major. That dog bowl is perfect for Teddy (does he love blue & white as much as you do?) and we always love Michael Smith’s blue tiled powder room. We hope the MRI goes smoothly and that you’re on the mend soon!
C + C

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