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Good Sunday morning to you! ? If you are thinking you’ve been hearing from me a lot lately………you are right! Having to be home this entire past week to rest my knee gave me much unexpected time on the computer, a good thing (very productive, worked on many posts, orders and emails) and a bad thing (had a lot of fun shopping online). I am really hoping to be feeling much better next week, and hopefully things will get back to normal. A congratulations for the Antica Farmacista goes to-

# 11?? Sandy @ You May Be Wandering says (Edit)

Happy Friday, Tina! I am so happy your knee is nothing too serious! I love the new jewelry and all the steals and deals! Have a wonderful weekend?hopefully it will stop raining! xoxo

Congratulations Sandy! Please email me at to provide your shipping details


This next month is a super busy one, one baby shower, one bridal shower, 3 graduation parties, two big birthday parties and a couple of fundraisers…so I do need my strength and legs to party on! I have a lot of gifts to buy and outfits to plan out plus with my own sons graduation.? I am super busy and yet feeling quite melancholy about my son graduating and leaving for college in August.

?We are planning a family party here for the Sunday after his graduation and you? know I will be sharing all the tidbits of the planning. In addition, I along with two friends am chairing my son’s prom….the theme is Great Gatsby, we have had so much fun with it! I will be sure to send some pictures once the room is all set up later in June. Exciting time to be 18……


HOMEFRONT. Anywho, planning a low key day today, still trying to go slow but supposed to meet up with my design customer (working on an apt in NYC).? It is so great to see everything in full bloom right now, everything looks so green and love that we are starting to see flowers spring from the ground.

We have a lot of landscaping going on right now and I will be sure to share pictures when they are done. My husband finished the ‘walking path” that was his project,? we used all the wood from fallen trees form Sandy to create a wood chip lined path that runs the perimeter of the property.? I am still tossing around three fabrics are all gorgeous for a pair of really good chairs that we have that will be used in the dining room or foyer………


The path my husband has created…..

IMG_2180 IMG_2183

IMG_2170 IMG_2172 IMG_2173 IMG_2174 IMG_2175 IMG_2176


NAILS ON WHEELS?? Is this the cutest thing ever? A nail salon on wheels…. I love this idea. Hey its not just for kids but what a perfect party for a young girl and her besties. Very novel and clever idea, I? wouldn’t mind having a party here! Based in California, I could see this growing fast! Click here for the website of La Lacquerie.

erPRz5VMVd1l DEu4_GbpQ_Jl 6EMa3hP1Zp3l Li3iVhMaXhTl 8pL2rhId8l-l gX3QoguM1v6l

?FANCY TRAVELER. For those who like to travel, how beautiful and chic is this passport cover? I love it! Also would make a fantastic gift. Click here for shop site.



ORGANIZATION! Speaking of passports and other important records, this is such a simple but smart idea. Please tell me I am not alone when every time I need to find a passport or birth certificate, I am like a crazy woman racing all over the house searching frantically for our most important documents!? This is something I AM doing, this will be my project for June! Click here to find out about this project.




GOOD FOOD AND RECIPES. I like to share things when they come out great and of course when they taste delicious…both of these are totally worth sharing.


Click here to visit Comfort of Cooking for the recipe…..really good and actually quite easy it was super tasty.



This crunchy cabbage salad was incredibly tasty and so low calorie… I will absolutely make again, love the crunchy texture too. Click here for the recipe from Scaling Back blog.



EATALY. Speaking of food,? check out this amazing basket of Italian goodies I received the other day from a dear friend. It could not have come on a better day, a day when my knee was so sore I couldn’t walk and I was going through old pictures of my son (the youngest who is graduating) and crying like a baby over where the time has gone. Then I got this and it instantly cheered me up! What a friend……everything I love from amazing olive oils to pesto and pasta to something sweet.

I whipped up the pasta with pesto which was INCREDIBLY good and ate every bite without an ounce of guilt…worth every calorie!! Eataly is amazing, if you are ever in NY you must visit, it is? an emporium unlike any other for the foodie and if you live around here then certainly you know all about it. Click here to visit EATALY online.? but be forewarned visiting on an empty stomach could lead to an unexplained shopping binge. Still dying to do one of their cooking classes………

IMG_2134 IMG_2135



IMG_2139 IMG_2140

Thank you again, my iPhone was dead when I whipped up a pasta lunch and it was sooooo good that I couldn’t wait for my phone to charge to take pics, next time!


SHOP NEWS This is big. V E R Y?? B I G!!!! I told you first about a month ago about my new tole line that I am creating. Well despite the hush, believe me there has been? much going on behind the scenes. My order is just about done (all 170 pieces of it) and will be here around mid June. This idea was born for a few reasons, first I LOVE tole, it is so elegant and just adds so much wherever it is placed and there aren’t many companies out there doing it anymore, so its very expensive.

The custom line I currently carry,? I also love but a canister runs on average even with my discount almost $400. My line is going to be around $110 a canister, I am going to have planters, canisters,waste paper baskets, lamps?? and different sized trays. This is by far the most exciting thing to happen since I launched my shop. I am giving you a sneak peak of things in progress, ready? Take a look……

unnadsfasamed unnamadfsadfsaed unnaasdfasmed unnaasfdamed

u343nnamed unnadsfadsfaamed unnasdfamed unnamedadsfThese are almost done waiting for two coats but loving them so far!


Also if you are in the market for fabulous and I do mean FABULOUS melamine outdoor dinnerware that will hold up like you cannot imagine then its a great time to take advantage of my current promotion on the beautiful line of melamine dinnerware that will have everyone fooled!! I now use mine for every day use, its amazing! Click here for promotion, taking orders up until Wed.

209SW-Seville-White-salad-plate-2 109BEN-2 802ROM-Romana-nesting-tray409belt 812C-Fleur-Clear-large-tumbler


Well folks that’s about it, thank you for stopping, hope you have a wonderful and relaxing Sunday. The sun is shining and I think I am going to take? my coffee outside and celebrate winters departure at long last…..until tomorrow!


Coming up this week-

  • A new chapter of my “Come on in” series where? I feature a room in my home and take you through it
  • An introduction and incredible giveaway of my last sponsor
  • A fantastic post on a favorite designerrp_unnamed7-150x1501-150x1501-150x1501-150x1501-150x1501-150x1501-150x1501-150x1501-150x1501-150x1501-150x1501-150x1501-150x150-150x1501-150x1501-150x150.jpg

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Mona Thompson on

Congratulations on your new tole line…that is fabulous. All of your hard work is truly paying off. so thrilled for you. Love love love those yummy blue fabrics too. Have a great week. Mona

Sandy @ You May Be Wandering on

Yay!!!! I am thrilled to have won the giveaway!! Antica has become my favorite home fragrance line but I haven’t tried their lotion – I can’t wait!

I wish we had a “manicure truck” around here! And, I am dying to see your new tole line. Your walking path looks heavenly…I hope your knee feels better soon so you and Teddy can enjoy it. The Eataly treats look pretty yummy…:) I will totally do a cooking class with you – just pick a date! The recipes both look really good – I bookmarked the site to come back to later – I need some new recipes for summer.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and rest up for all those occasions coming up – they sound fun but tiring! Can’t wait to hear more about prom! xoxo

Lisa on

Hi Tina so much to comment on here. I love your property, so beautiful and the fabrics are amazing, Scalamandre has the best.
I absolutely love the tole line, it is going to be a big hit.You are right about the prices, i had my heart set on a pair of lamps that I had seen at a shop in Pasadena but they were $$$$ but I bit the bullet and bought them becuase they were so perfect for my dining room and I still love them but a well priced tole line is very much needed!
I love what you have done and always enjoy seeing whats new, that nail trailer is the cutest thing ever.

Karena on

Tina you always accomplish more than anyone even with your injury! So excited to see your finished Tole Line!!

The Arts by Karena

Leona on

Seems like nothing gets you down ( except your kids leaving the nest ). What a great post today, filled with many options.
Cannot wait until next week when we can all be guests in your gorgeous home.
Hope your on the near end of mending and your knee is getting better with each day πŸ™‚

MaiTai on

Congratulations on your fabulous new Tole line! I’ve been away quite a bit, and missed your posts. Great to be catching up though, and hope your knee will be better soon. Have a lovely Sunday!!

PS. The new pathway is absolutely beautiful.

Susan Osborn-Sanders on

Tina, I must say, your husbands chip wood path is ENCHANTING….Have a relaxing Sunday, and do try to take it easy on your knee. Susan

Marsha @ Splenderosa on

I don’t even know where to start.
1st, that pathway. I LOVE IT ! Just a beautiful property you have, Tina. It’s almost like you never want to leave isn’t it?
2nd, the fabrics, so soft hued, so beautiful.
3rd, the new tole line will blow blow blow out the door. With your design concept I know how lovely every piece will be.
4th, so happy to hear about your knee being on the mend. Great!
5th, the son’s graduation…everything is a cycle in life, and each one has it’s own rewards…I’m a bit ahead of you so I know this. He’s ready to fly on his own, just kiss him as he ascends.

love you X10 !!

Carol P. on

Tina, amazing Tina! You never dissappoint. I think you were born to blog…..and decorate:-) I absolutely love Toleware and have several pieces. I hope to add a beautiful umbrella stand one day and maybe a wastepaper basket!

Anita Rivera on

WOWOOWOWO! I only came in from gardening to take a quick break, and here you are Tina! That path your dear husband created is magical. You are going to have a blast with Teddy once your knee heals up! Take long and lovely walks my friend.

That fabric you are sharing is stunning. Blue velvet, take me NOW! I just got some aqua velvet pillow covers yesterday and I’m thrilled.

I emailed you my address regarding the lovely win of Tish’s book. Thanks again for always promoting happy and lovely ideas for our cottages, castles or manors!

Happy Sunday, Anita

katie clooney on

Congrats to Sandy!!! Love your new tole line. Can’t wait to see it. I certainly understand you feeling teary-eyed thinking about your baby going to college. I’m sure his prom will be a smash if you are in charge. Love the theme. The walking path is positively beautiful. Hope your knee continues to be on the mend!! Have a great week.

Leslie @ Around The Table on

I’ll be ordering some of those Italian goodies! I checked out the website and will use it in the future:) Your landscaping looks wonderful Tina and such a gorgeous walkway that’s been created. It must be extra special to see such beautiful weather after the long winter you had. Your tole is so pretty and I absolutely love the fabric you show here ~ gorgeous. It’s difficult for me to narrow things down but you seem to a decorators eye with these things. Sounds like a busy time coming up for you! It is so tough when the last one graduates from HS. I cried when both kids walked up to receive their diploma. Lots to look forward to .. and it’s all good! Hope you are relaxing today and wishing your knee a speedy recovery πŸ˜‰

Sally on

Tina, I hope you have spoiled yourself with some lovely outfits for all your forthcoming parties during your recuperative online shopping πŸ˜‰

I just have to say that the pathway is delightful, I adore the idea of peeking through the trees, to your wonderful home nestling in its grounds….gorgeous.

Did you know that ‘Dieu et mon droit’ on your lovely tole, is the coat of arms of our monarchy?
God save the Queen!

Hope you are having a happy and relaxing Sunday

michele@hellolovelystudio on

just look at you with all the lovely finds and new shop stuff and eataly! i have been there in chicago, and it’s sooo awesome, but my anxiety was gnarly for the crowds that day so…come to chicago, and we’ll go when it is quieter.

love to you.


sherry hart on

Love your new line Tina….Glad you are taking it easy!

franki on

AMAZINGxmany!!! franki

Dee on

Congratulations on your fabulous new Tole line! Love it and dying to see what I can get!!! Love the pictures you always are so kind to share of your home!!! Love that Blue and White all the time!!! thanks!! Dee

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