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Hello…..busy busy week over here. Two super back to back crazy days? and my knee has been aching a little so really hoping to try and take it easy today……..a least for a bit. I am very excited to be over at A Ribbon in my Journal, the beautiful and super inspirational blog that belongs to Phyllis Hoffman, yes THE Phyllis Hoffman of Hoffman media.


She graciously asked me to guest post over at her blog with an interview and gave me? some really interesting and thought provoking questions to answer so I sure do hope you will hop on over and read all about it.

It was an honor to be asked as I greatly admire and respect Phyllis for the brilliant businesswoman she obviously is, for being a kind and devoted wife and mother, a die hard blue and white aficionado? but mostly for the generous and giving person that she is known to be, it makes you happy to see someone like that be blessed with the success she has earned.


Of course we had to throw in some blue and white into the post,? so appropriate given that she is my blue and white soulmate:) I am sure you remember me featuring her as my newest sponsor not long ago and featuring Phyllis? along with her amazing kitchen and blue and white collection, it was one not to be missed.


I promise you if you do not follow her already, you are missing out…no worries you can thank me later! See you over there….click here to visit.


Wishing everyone a fabulous day and thanks so much for stopping by. Click here to be taken to my guest post over at A Ribbon in my Journal:)

PS Speaking of blue and white, just announced yesterday the latest current promotion and its a whopper! I am almost sold out but have a handful of sets left, click here for details At $7.50 a plate this is an absolute steal:)


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South Shore Decorating Blog on

I love how even when you are guest posting you leave us some beauty here 🙂

Peggy Braswell on

what a great interview + signed up for her blog also + thank you.

Karena on

Wonderful Tina, you are a woman of many talents and expertise!
The Arts by Karena

Susan on

This post is beautiful, love all this blue and white, Tina. I will right over.

Anita Rivera on

Hi Tina! I just got home and it’s the most gorgeous spring day out here! Your loggia looks so beautiful and the blue and white is so welcoming for this fabulous season. I so hope your knee gets better. Sometimes with the weather changes, my husband’s knee starts to act up. Hugs of healing to you! Anita

Sandy @ You May Be Wandering on

I loved your post over at Phyllis’ blog! I am really enjoying her blog. Now, we have to work on getting Tuscany and Provence crossed off your bucket list!! Hope your knee is feeling better. xoxo

Kerry Blanchard on

Hi Tina,
You are gathering quite a following from here in Australia. I have a group of friends that are now collecting their blue and white china. My favourite is Blue Calico, which I showcase on my French dresser. My pride and joy. I love your website.

Kind regards

Jalon Burton on

I just love the Title: A Ribbon in my Journal… can’t wait to pop over and check it out! Thanks for the intro, Tina!

Sally on

Its a gorgeous post for Phyllis Tina, very evocative of when I read a blog for the first time….then when I read you I was in seventh heaven, and still havent woken up.

I love your photos today, blue and white in all its Enchanted gorgeousness.
Hope you’ve had a great day

Peggy Thal on

Thank you ! Such a great post. I am a big fan. Love blue and white Chinese china. My entire kitchen is filled with blue and white Chinese china I collect. My husband always checks to see if it multiplied. Get well soon.

Cheryl on

I too loved your interview at a ribbon in my journal. Gave us a glimpse of who you are ( of course we know you have exquisite taste) but I enjoyed your bucket list! It’s never too late to start something new. Have a wonderful weekend, hopefully in your ideal weather!

Myka Jelier on

So happy I found you on The Ribbon in My Journal. It is a lovely and inspiring interview, and now I am hooked on your blog also! I love what you do and I love how your write. Thanks to both, yourself and Phyliss, for today’s post.

Design Chic on

I LOVED your post over at Phyllis’ blog and the image of your porch is heavenly?wanting to sitting there this weekend! Hope yours is wonderful ~

Jeanne McKay Hartmann on

Oh, how fun! Can’t wait to read. So sorry to hear that your knee has been bothering you still. Hope you get to rest it this weekend. LOVE all the blue and white. XOXO

Elizabeth@pine cones and acorns blog on

Tina, do take it easy, you do not want to be down for too long with a wonky knee.

Love all of the blue and white photos! Everything looks fabulous, as always.

Heading over to read your interview. Enjoy the weekend!

Teresa @ Splendid Sass on

I saw the post, and Phyllis did a wonderful job!
Have a happy weekend.

The Buzz Blog on

Off to read more! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Tina.
C + C

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