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Hi there, what a beautiful day it is here….I have the windows open and it’s a little on the cool side, the birds are chirping like mad and the wonderful weather has arrived! I am so happy with anything under about 82 degrees,? I start to wilt in anything even approaching 90:)

As with all my random musings posts, this is a little of this and a bit of that. This is a long chock full random musings post so this is it for the weekend, I have a really busy weekend ahead so sitting here putting the finishing touches on this post is like the calm before the storm,? a baby shower, a bridal shower, a dinner and finally on Sunday an all day boat excursion which sounds like just what the doctor ordered!? Ready? Let’s go…….

BEAUTIFUL ARTWORK. First off is this stunning new artwork for The Enchanted Home that I commissioned Jeanne of I Dream Of to draw for me…I had an idea and she brought it to life in her typical beautiful way..she is amazing! So you will start seeing this wonderful icon on some of the official things for The Enchanted Home like invoices, and correspondences, as well as the eventual new shop site….woo hoo exiting things are happening. Thank you Jeanne!! To have that kind of talent… I would be drawing morning, noon and night:)jeanneunnamed


MY TALENTED READERS/CUSTOMERS. I love when I hear about what’s going on with you….and often hear from my readers and customers and especially love it when they include pictures! One of my e design customers/readers enjoyed my party planning? post and sent me pictures of some centerpieces she had done for a party she hosted using sunflowers…it was too beautiful to not share! Love the flowers in a cowboy boot idea……..


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AN IMPROMPTU BBQ. We ended up having about 15 people over on Memorial Day. It was such a gorgeous day that it felt like it was a “must do”. As we originally were supposed to be away, this all came together last minute. I snapped a few pictures of things as they were happening but once dinner rolled around I got too busy to take any more pics besides the prep is the fun part! I kept the appetizers light and easy (but pretty)!!!

IMG_1633 IMG_1632 IMG_1626


Crostinis are a given around here…always have them. I love using different varieties/colors of tomatoes and making a beautiful colorful brushetta. Also the flank with roasted pepper and basil on a baguette is always a big big hit.


I slice the baguette ahead of time put in ziplocs, then right before serving drizzle with olive oil stick in preheated oven for maybe 5 minutes

IMG_1631And the layering begins, some I add freshly shaven parmigiano to…yum! This was the messy/prep stage suffice to say I “prettied” up the tray”:)

IMG_1630IMG_2274Taste testing my flank steak on a baguette….and I approve:)


Also made this really tasty Mediterranean orzo salad…sooo good! Click here for recipe


Love color in my food besides it having to taste good, especially this time of year….(did not serve in these, they were getting transferred to my “pretty dishes”)!

IMG_1607 IMG_1603

Had a pretty crudite (spinach and yogurt dip) and did a yummy bean and corn salsa and hummus with chips. Always have a fresh fruit tray, we eat lots of fruit.

IMG_1625 IMG_1621

And no shindig around here is complete without my now signature white peach sangria….soooooo good. It is guaranteed to please! Put on big trays…this is all getting ready to be takem outside (the kitchen is like the holding pen).

IMG_1629 IMG_1618I love these glasses, they are great for summer entertaining!

You can get creative when entertaining, I like putting even simple drinks in pretty containers…..


unnaasdfamedI also used my monogrammed barware (from my online shop) it makes any drink looks beautiful, they are so stylish!


IMG_2275These didn’t last long!


IMG_2276Things on the table…..going fast!


IMG_2278These sorbets are incredible….they are from a local bakery and such a perfect refreshing treat in the warmer months.


IMG_2279A big tray of fresh fruit is always on the menu when I entertain…




AMAZING GIFT FROM AN E DESIGN CLIENT. I got the most wonderful gift ever the other day. I had mentioned these amazing blue and white oversized dog bowls from Nell Hils and one of my treasured e design customers decided to surprise me with them!!!I was so touched and excited to finally let Teddy dine in real style…..they are AMAZING!!!!! Teddy approves too and what I can say, they work beautifully with? my decor. Kathy that was so very kind and thoughtful….this will be a wonderful memento of our working together:)



FLOWERS. I LOVE flowers, always have them in some shape or variety. Big lover of orchids, hydrangeas, peonies and tulips but love many more too. I had had such fun playing with my faux flowers. I am picky when it comes to faux so chose a line that I really love and believe in enough to carry on my online shop. The response has been amazing. I created a few arrangements recently and was so happy with how they came out, I had to share with you…..

Just got back in the sold out peony clusters and the white hydrangeas are arriving on Monday for anyone who was waiting on them

IMG_1634 IMG_1635

IMG_1639 IMG_1641This is the same picture that I “antiqued”….soft the soft effect.


SHOP NEWS. First off just starting work on a brand new shop site, it’s going to be bigger and better so stay tuned! Next is? H U G E and sooooo exciting…….as most of you know these last few months, I have been very busy working behind the scenes to create my tole line. I cannot tell you how exciting this has been for me. I literally want one of everything. As we speak the order (all 180 pieces) is getting loaded up and will be here around the second to third week of June.

I am ecstatic about how everything has come out….and best part is, that this is custom tole that is going to be offered at a fraction of the price. That is big news? indeed!!! So you know me,? I can’t hold back, just had to share some of the behind the scenes pictures and a few sneak peeks of the goodness to come……

unna43543dfzmed unnacvzesarmed unna5ewrqmed unname5435d unnam3453ed unnaasdfaadsfmed unnameafasdd unsfgsdnamed IMG_20140517_151100469 IMG_20140517_152108645 IMG_20140524_175449753 IMG_20140517_152009502unn342amed uSADFSAnnamed unasdfasnamed Now do you see why I am so excited about this?



CURRENT PROMOTION. Finally my current promotion was a monster hit. There are a handful of sets left (got in a second batch yesterday) after selling out of the first batch within hours,? so if you are interested, contact me soon, I am sure at these prices (a steal at $7.50 a plate) they will be all gone today! Click here for the details.….



If you missed my interview/post over at A Ribbon in my Journal yesterday, hope you will stop by to take a look. It was such an honor to be asked by Phyllis Hoffman and I enjoyed every minute! Click here to visit.


So that’s the latest over here, told you this was chockfull….what’s new with you? Anyone celebrating a graduation? I cannot believe in a few short weeks my baby is graduating, it is so bittersweet, it’s not even funny. I think when the baby of the family goes through this rite of passage, it hits you in a slightly different way.

I am glad I have a full plate to keep me really busy and hopefully it will keep my “state of mourning” to a minimum and I do not say that lightly! It’s an exciting time? to be 18 and heading off to college with the world there for the taking.

Thank you as always for stopping in and hope everyone has a fabulous day and? weekend. Until next week…….


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As always your parties look they were a total hit! Love the food you made and the whole set up! Fun!!! Those glasses are fab! Hope you have a great weekend Tina! Your shop looks incredible! XOXO

Betsy@coastal-colors on

What a fun party! Your food looks fantastic and so yummy! The sorbets are so pretty and look so refreshing! You always have the best tablescapes! I love Teddy’s new bowls- what a nice gift. I know a great time was had by all!

Patty B on

Loved the post today. Some great ideas for entertaining. Thanks for sharing your inspiration and ideas making our day a more beautiful one. PattyB

Taylor Greenwalt on

It looks like you had a fun party…the food looks amazing…especially those sorbets……cute idea!
Love Teddy’s dog bowl…

Marsha Cannon on

I loved all the random musings! The centerpieces for the western party were fab! Your party looked like a fun time and those sorbets are amazing. So happy for Teddy to have his pretty bowls.

Susan on

So much to comment on here, LOVE the tole line cannot wait till you get it. Your party looks incredible, my last minute gatherings do not look nearly as elegant I need to take notes. Love how you displayed everything in your trademark blue and white.
Teddy’s bowls are adorable. what a nice gift from your customer, also love the new art work for your store. Everything here is just beautiful. Thank you for sharing!
And btw your flowers AMAZING Tina!

franki on

VISUAL feast for the eyes as well as party!! Now I’ve got tole lust……………franki p.s. Hoping to stop in at Nell Hill’s in June while attending a family reunion!!

Anita Rivera on

Good morning Tina! I am on a short break from gardening and cleaning. I love to do both of these activities, and what better inspiration to have than to come see what you are up to. I LOVE Teddy’s new bowls! teeehee….he must love eating from such lovely bowls. Our weather is perfect too, because I can’t stand to vacuum and scrub if it’s more than 85 outside.

I must take another look in your shop because I am itching to get one of those wooden dough bowls. Back again soon to make my decision, no matter what size you have. LOVE! Anita

Christy G. on

Tina love how you entertain. I got some GREAT ideas here, especially in serving the drinks in blue and white planters, brilliant!
Your tole line is incredible, I cannot wait to see it. Love the new art work and bowls for Teddy, those are just adorable and perfect for such a cute dog. Have a nice weekend take care of that knee, hope you are feeling better!

Kathy on

Beautiful presentations!
My mouth is salivating thinking of that peach sangria d:-)
Would you be so sweet to share your recipe?

Sandy @ You May Be Wandering on

Hi Tina…I love your party pics from last weekend…the peach sangria sounds divine. I am sure you have shared the recipe in an older post…I am going to search for it so I can make it! Have a wonderful weekend…the day on the boat sounds so wonderful – I am dying to get out on the water! xoxo

katie clooney on

Tina… Your party looks like it was quite beautiful as well as scrumptious. I’m still drooling over the flank steak crostini! Yum! Your new logo looks great. Very you! Can’t wait to see the new tole line. And concerning Teddy’s new dog bowls – it’s like I always say… it my next life I want to come back as Teddy. Have a great weekend.

Vicky on

A beautiful post. I love the tole, Teddy’s bowl, your new art and of course your flowers! Wow you are one talented lady. Always enjoy seeing what you are up to Tina. Have a nice weekend.

PS You gave me some great ideas for the blue and white serving pieces for a bridal shower I am hosting next month. Thank you.

Karena on

Tina I love that you use so much color and flavor in your recipes, it is so inviting! Yum!
Jeanne’s art for your logo is beautiful! She is very talented!

The Arts by Karena
Henri Cartier-Bresson, Here and Now

Jeanne McKay Hartmann on

Tina, What a lovely surprise! I just clicked into blog world for a second while waiting for my husband to finish working so that we could start our date night, and there is the sweet little topiary that you and I collaborated on. It does look happy here at The Enchanted Home, I think. It’s always great fun to work with you. Thanks for the shout out! Love seeing what you’ve been up to of course, and hope your weekend continues to be just beautiful! XOXO

Nancy Roberts on

Everything is looking beautiful as always. All the food looks so delicious, especially those sorbet’s. I would love to have one right now! Love the tole ware too!


Nancy Roberts on

Tina, I just realized I’ve got your old blogspot address on my sidebar. That’s why I have missed some of your posts! I am going to change it now!


Sue Fogarty on

What an enjoyable post, it is officially the first day of winter down under, nice to see you enjoying summer.

Martha Erwin Mercer on

Tina, I really enjoyed this post (love them all!) Don’t you love having your windows open and fresh air flowing through the house! Look forward to your next post.

Vickie Armstrong on

How spontaneous. Love all of the pictures. What fun floral displays from the Lone Star State. Love your serving pieces and the fabulous tole pieces that are being created. I really thought the napkins with the “knife, fork images” embellished onto them were so perfect!

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