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Hi there…how are you? Busy busy week over here, between physical therapy, my online shop, design jobs, planning a Graduation party, family coming in, the actual graduation, planning of prom and 2 graduation parties this weekend, have I earned the right to say I am officially pooped!!! With my knee still in a brace, all I can say is thank goodness maxi dresses are “in”….they are really seeing me through lately!

Moving along…..on top of everything else, Fathers Day is next Sunday, June 15th! I will be super busy with our family party for my sons graduation that day and coupled with Fathers Day, it will be a fun filled but busy busy day. I always try to come up with original ideas and granted some years I am more successful than others….normally when I have time, I like to get creative, this year sadly I have not a minute to spare. I know that the same old boring gift of polo shirt and a pair of slacks is just a store away but I like to think I am capable of more than that!!

So, with no time to spare,? I started coming up with my own little list of some goodies (at 5am this morning to be precise)? for the special dads in our lives. In addition, Angela’s Garden? (one of my wonderful sponsors) contacted me about their wonderful ultra soft leather gardening gloves for men and they have kindly offered a pair as a Fathers Day giveaway (details on bottom). So here is my roundup of unique and wonderful gifts for that awesome Dad……….



1. If the father in your life likes to garden, I cannot imagine that he would not be over the moon to receive? these amazingly handsome gardening gloves. Even men need to protect their hands and these are as good looking as they are functional. Made of beautiful soft goatskin,? they come in four sizes. Well priced at $30.00, I think these are a wonderful idea, could also see adding something like a set of gardening tools or something garden gadget-y. Click here to visit the wonderful world of Angela’s Garden.




2. Have a sports or concert lover in your life?? Getting tickets to a favorite sporting event or upcoming concert/event is a no brainer. I like the idea of adding a new wallet with the tickets tucked inside. Who wouldn’t want to score a pair of tickets to an event you know he will love!




3. Does your special father think he is a BBQ master? How about a great carving board from my online shop that you have personalized to his specification. Play it safe with his initials or name or come up with something fun like “BBQ king of the universe” or “BBQ master”. Available in three sizes, I am guaranteeing delivery for Fathers Day for orders placed up until June. 10th! Great gift… here to see them.

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4. How about a cute container of some sort, filled with all of his favorite DVD”s with a theme? If he loves Westerns (like my husband does) filling it with a bunch of old western classics, or any other grouping of movies throw in with? some microwave popcorn and a few of his favorite candies and you have a wonderful unique gift that he is bound to enjoy for a long time to come!




5. Back to the wallet idea but this is an easy one and so very practical. Fill a beautiful new wallet with practical gift cards from all of his local haunts, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Gas, CVS, Amazon, etc…..the sky is the limit. Who wouldn’t want to get a wallet filled with “free money” to all of his favorite places? This is especially handy when you need something last minute….




6. Take a picture of your special guy and go to and come up with something really cute and fun. One year I took a picture of my dad who had long talked of walking the Appalachian Trail and made the funniest picture of him walking it with a caption that read “King of the Trail”…considering he never got past the buying of his tent and equipment, we still get a laugh over his “claim to fame”. You can turn your dad into a super hero, or? just about anything else you can dream up……they have some really fun ideas.

apa-prodi-sample-5-xl apa-prodi-sample-3-xl


7. How about giving a day of relaxation? If you have a pool, try blowing up a new pool float, adding some sunblock a few magazines you know he would enjoy, maybe a new pair of shades, new swimming trunks and a beach ball for a day under the sun!? Every dad I know would flip over this….or how about a nifty remote control floating server for drinks and snacks, I know this would put a smile on my husbands face and he probably wouldn’t leave the pool:)? has a ton of great ideas for dads.


8. The gift of language. I call my own? father a “professional student”. He is always learning, wanting to take up? a new language or taking some kind of class….God bless him. So over the years I have given him everything from pocket translators to dictionaries in every language, to Rosetta Stone and last year gave him the gift of language thorough an online course. There are many like Rosetta Stone,? another one I have heard about lately is but as with anything you do online, do your homework!




9. From my online shop, the monogrammed barware is a fabulous Fathers Day gift. They come in a choice of glass or clarus, a super heavy duty lucite/acrylic that is shatterproof and dishwasher safe. Whether it be a set of beer mugs, martini glasses or low balls, these can be customized with a name, a single initial, three letter monogram or something fun like “Best Dad”. All orders received by Tues, June 10th? will arrive in time for Fathers Day, click here to visit….images yhst-29856385798292_2186_90900443


10. I love the gift of lessons. Whether its lessons for a sport/hobby he has never taken but talked of often, getting a small package of lessons for golf, photography, cooking, karate, whatever it may be is a great way for him to just jump right in and not have to think about it. Going to is also a great way to maximize your dollar, they always have such great deals and you can specify according to your location.



Now that I have given you a few gift ideas…time for the giveaway. Angela’s Garden the maker of such wonderful stylish gardening accessories has generously offered a wonderful pair of their kidskin working gloves for one lucky father!

Just leave a comment here to be eligible and if you want a second chance leave a comment on Angela’s Garden Facebook page by clicking here.?? Be sure you mention you are from The Enchanted Home. I? will announce a winner on Tues and they will be on their way in time for Fathers Day!


Any special ideas you have up your sleeve that you want to share? Do tell……it’s always fun to hear other ideas. Wishing you a wonderful day and amazing end to your week. I will be back on Saturday with the winner of the gorgeous custom pewter napkins. Its not too late to add your? name to the hat, click here. Have a lovely rest of the day!

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jennifer noble on

Hi Tina – thanks for all the awesome Father’s Day ideas!! My King of the House (and Yard) would love these nice kidskin gardening gloves – Hope he wins and thank you!!

Alethia Thompson on

Love your online shop and blog..and those are a really great looking pair of leather gardening gloves!!

sue helms on

Hi Tina,
These gloves so nice and bendable, I hope my helper in the yard and garden wins these, thanks for thinking of the dads out there with your good ideas.

Suzanne Sloan on

The gloves will make a great gift.

Peggy Braswell on

love the gloves for him/her + here’s a big congratulations for the winner + hope it’s me/hubby.

Jennings & Gates on

Wow, those are really nice gloves. I’m popping over. xo, N.G.

Rachel Dascenzo on

Those beautiful gloves would look great on my gardener husband of 48 years, Love your blog,I always find great new ideas.

Anita Rivera on

Good afternoon, Tina! You sound like me: up before the crack of dawn, working on ideas! Good to hear you are getting your therapy and yes, thank goodness for the ever so stylish maxi dress! You have a lot of parties to plan and attend, as I do too. I will see off some seniors that I had way back in fourth grade and now, they are off to Harvard and other wonderful schools. Your ideas here are wonderful, and if my daddy was still alive, I think he’d like that goodie basket or the gloves. Though we have no children, my husband would get a kick out of that superman picture with his face inside!

Wishing you a fabulous weekend as you watch your son move on the continuum of life. REJOICE AND CELEBRATE! XOXOXO Anita

Lisa on

Tina love your ideas! I think the movie basket and pool float basket idea are right up my husbands alley. Thanks for this great list and those gloves are gorgeous, I never knew gardening gloves could look so good. Good luck getting though all your activities, your schedule sounds busy like ours and I live in maxi dresses all summer long, best part is you can wear the most comfortable shoes and no one will know:)

Victoria on

Wonderful assortment, and love the gloves. I may have to steal them:-) Tina got my Newport plates today and holy cow they are even prettier in person! Now I can dine like the Vanderbilt’s wish I bought more than 20! I will email you to see if you come across any more..they are wonderful.

Michelle Kaplan on

My husband would have no more excuses to not help in the garden! He hates to get his hands dirty (a CPA by trade) and won’t wear my girlie gloves. Sweet gloves!

Anonymous on

My hubby would love these garden gloves to keep his hands nice….saw this on enchantedhome.comm…love both your sites…hope I win the gloves…thanks and blessings !!!

Helen Blount on

My hubby would love these nice garden gloves to keep his hands nice and safe from scratches while trimming my rose bushes…thanks to The Enchanted Home for sharing this site with us…Thanks and Blessings !!!

Sandy @ You May Be Wandering on

Thanks for these fantastic ideas…between Father’s Day, my husband’s birthday and my son’s birthday, I always have to find lots of gifts for “hard to buy for” men in the summer. They would love any of these (but especially the Yankees tickets!). Have fun with all your parties and events…and take care of that knee. xoxo

Debbie on

Hi Tina, Yes, you have definitely earned the right to say you’re pooped! You are such an inspiration. You’re such a thoughtful and giving person, your family is truly blessed to have you! I loved all of your Father’s Day ideas. Have a wonderful weekend, but be sure and take care of your knee as well. Debbie πŸ™‚

Tami Koury on

Hi Tina,

Thank you for these wonderful ideas! Love the ideas of a wallet filled with various gift cards!

Karena on

Tina these are all just super ideas for Father’s Day!! Hmm must give this some thought now!

The Arts by Karena

Patty B on

Since my hubby is an avid gardener, he would love these gloves. It would be such a great gift since he has a birthday on Fathers Day this year. Thank you for sharing. You are a wonderful inspiration. PattyB


Hi Tina,


Tracy on

OK love all your ideas but mostly love the movie basket and wallet filled with gift cards, also adore those cutting boards since my husband thinks Bobby Flay has nothing on him!
Great ideas as always and the gloves are just beautiful, what a great giveaway.Take good care and you have earned the right to say you are tired, I was tired just reading about all you have going on! June is busy here too, but I take it one day at a time and make sure to have my nightly glass of wine!

Leslie @ Around The Table on

Tina, Such a wonderful list of ideas! I will pass a few of these along to my kids and hopefully they will can on-it! I will miss my dad this year .. first year without him for all of the holidays and special occasions is difficult. ANYWAY πŸ™‚ you have LOTS on your plate and I can just imagine you trying to do all this with an injured leg. It sounds like you are having fun with all the planning and I know everyone will have a wonderful time at the graduation party!

Edie Nelson on

Gorgeous leather gloves. Working in the yard or even riding horses.
I would love to win these for my husband, but I am wondering… do they come in ladies sizes too???

Starr on

What a great Father’s Day gift! Hope I win!

katie clooney on

Great ideas, Tina! Have a wonderful weekend!

Design Chic on

So happy you are doing better, but boy you are testing that knee with all of the activities you have going on. Know the graduation will be wonderful and can’t wait to hear about it. Enjoy all of the festivities and loving all of the Father’s Day ideas. My husband is a golfer so I’m always up for a good golf suggestion and my father is always in a suit so I love to buy him new ties, boring, but he always loves them!

sue on

The gloves would be a perfect gift for my gardening husband. He can never find his because I usually have them on!

Vickie H. on

Nice ideas! Please count me in for the giveaway!

Jenell on

Love the Father’s Day ideas! Thank you!!!! I am ALWAYS at a loss! The gloves are beautiful and I really like the aprons she sells. Thanks for the giveaway!!

Jeanne McKay Hartmann on

Wonderful ideas for the Dads out there, Tina! I’ll be baking for my dad – he has a lot of diet restrictions and can rarely eat the desserts at his community, so I’ll be tailor-making something sweet just for him.

You have been a busy, busy lady but I’m sure you’re tackling it all with style! Hope that knee heels soon and that you have lots of fun with your upcoming celebrations! XOXO

Elizabeth on

Tina, there are so many great ideas here…I will have to make a note for next year as I already have my gifts!

I hope that your leg survives all of the parties! Enjoy every second of this busy week, it will fly by.

Have a great weekend

Vivian Price on

These are all good ideas for Fathers Day, but the gloves look to be very comfortable working in the garden.

The Buzz Blog on

Those cutting boards have our dad’s name all over them… How we wish he could burn everything he grills! Great ideas for the dads in our lives and we’ll have to go shopping. Hope you have a great weekend, Tina.
C + C

Kristy Woodson Harvey on

Hi, Tina! I can’t believe you missed the book news… You don’t have a thing going on… Hahahaha! Sounds like a crazy/fun time! I LOVE these Father’s Day ideas. I’m always trying to think of something cool to get my dad that isn’t yet another tie or shirt. And now having to come up with something for my husband too is just too many gift ideas for hard to buy for men! Lessons of some sort are such a good idea for my hubby because he’s not into “stuff.” Hope you have a great weekend and enjoy all of your events! Thanks for coming by my new little blog πŸ™‚ You’re the sweetest! xo Kristy

Elaine on

I love these gloves! I bought a pair awhile back and when my husband and I were working in the garden he actually notice them and said he could use a pair! Happy gardening in our house! What a surprise if I won a pair for him!

Susan on

Great ideas for Father’s Day here! My sons would love giving those leather gloves to their dad who does lots of work in the garden. I hope your knee gets better quickly and that you have a wonderful crazy busy weekend!

Faith Boggio on

What a wonderful gift for Father’s Day! My husband works a lot with his hands. I know he would love these gloves and so stylish!

Sharon on

Great gift ideas! Thanks, Tina, for sharing them. Sharon

Decorative Interiors on

Love the cutting boards! Great Gift Idea that I can use as well!

Peggy Thal on

Such wonderful gift ideas!!! Thank you.

Ashley on

Those gloves are beautiful and I would a chance to win them for my husband for Father’s Day! Thank you!

Jaclyn Reynolds on

Wow, what nice gloves! My husband would get alot of use out of them!

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