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Hi there, 3 events down, 2 big ones to go! Prom was last night and oh what a wonderful night it was. We had such fun putting the finishing touches on the decor and a really gloomy rainy day turned into a beautiful sunny late day afternoon right when the kids were all meeting. It was such a great treat to see the sun right when the picture taking started, I will be sharing some highlights next week.

This post was put together very late 2 nights ago…….what does one do when it’s midnight and can’t sleep? Make lists, answer a ton of emails, bloghop, eat something good, write a blog post…I have done all three:) So, this coming weekend is my? sons graduation and graduation dinner party and what do they say about the best laid plans? Well……you would have thought that I should have known sunflower season is not really until next month, that they are hard to find in June!!! I just assumed they were out there in abundance, so when I saw the limited sunflowers that were available it was slim pickings? and time to get back to the drawing board.

So……I have turned to my trusty old friend, the hydrangea. Doesn’t quite offer the same punch as the bright yellow sunflower that I envisioned for my Tuscan themed table? but there is no denying how gorgeous they are (and longer lasting). So I started scouring the internet for hydrangea inspiration and boy did I find some beauties. Here we go……I will be sure to share with you what I end up doing.

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167970261071800442_dPzaHNUa_c tumblr_ljk2t7eClP1qz4kfuo1_500 IMG_4380 22.-Chicago-Botanic-Garden-Wedding.-Life-on-Prints.-Sweetchic-Events.-Exquisite-Designs.-Low-Centerpiece-arrangement-with-blue-and-white-hydrangea-with-sumberged-willow-680x453 classic-outdoor-weddings-blue-and-white-centerpieces-hydrangea-summer-tented-weddings White-Hydrangea-Arrangements-on-Long-Reception-Tables-599x900

classic-blue-hydrangea-centerpieces-summer-wedding-decor-evantine-design Blue-Hydrangea-Wedding-Centerpiece-600x400 10-chic-white-wedding-hydrangea-centerpiece l


I must say I never tire of seeing pictures of hydrangeas, they are like the flower that keeps on giving……just gorgeous!? I probably will keep it simple and just do blue and white hydrangea in small low clusters, no matter how they are used…they are always beautiful! How about you? Are you a hydrangea fan? I was disappointed of course in that I felt that sunflowers were the way to go, but I have no doubt that the hydrangeas will not let me down:)

Wishing you a wonderful day….probably will not be back until Monday with all we have going on but hope you enjoy the rest of your week and of course Fathers Day to all the Dads out there, I will be back on Monday to tell you all about the weekend!rp_jeanneunnamed-193x300111.jpg


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Susan on

Hi Tina, it would be great if the links were included when one clicked on the photos – not only to give credit, but to allow the reader entry to to other blogs and sites. Just a suggestion.

Jeanne McKay Hartmann on

Hydrangeas will be beautiful, Tina. I love them – they are just starting to go from green to blue and pink in the parts of our garden that haven’t been torn out – and we will be adding more to our new landscaping. They always look so happy and say “summer” to me.

Have fun pulling everything together. I hope your family and guests have a wonderful time! XOXO


Tina thank you for the service you do, bringing a bit of beauty to our lives. I don’t think I have ever clicked on your site when i have not been wowed by the beauty or inspiration and today is no exception. We are in the middle of planning our daughters engagement party and we are using hydrangeas so this post was fantastic for me to see! I see a few pictures to show the florist. Thank you, thank you!

Karena on

Adore Hydrangeas and even though Sunflowers are the Kansas State flower, for some reason they are not a fave of mine!

The Arts by Karena

Mary Jane Nash on

I love hydrangeas too but am always a bit disappointed when occasionally they wilt too quickly. I just read that if you make a fresh cut and place the stem in very hot water for 30 seconds then arrange in room temperature water that will help them stay fresh longer and may even revive a wilted bloom. Also, alum which you can buy sometimes in the spice isle works. Dip fresh cut stem in it and place in water. Love the pictures Tina, thanks πŸ™‚

Diane on

Love the blue hydranga with the little yellow daisy..I know whatever you do will be lovely.

Design Chic on

We were definitely on the same wavelength today. Hydrangeas are a favorite of ours and love a long table with flowers all the way down. The outdoor table is amazing!

franki on

Hydrangea wins!! What a versatile flower…it constantly pleases me! Your table creation will be spectacular…take a breath and enJOY!! franki

cindy hattersley on

You can never go wrong with Hydrangeas. I particularly love the vintage hydrangeas that we can get here on the west coast!

Debbie on

I love hydrangeas and I think you made a great 2nd choice, I know everything will look beautiful! Have a happy and safe weekend! Looking forward to your next blog πŸ™‚ Debbie

linda on

Hydrangeas are showy and subtle yet always dressed perfectly for all occasions! Mine are not in bloom yet. Soon we hope, soon! Have a good weekend!

marilyn on

Love the second pic on your post of BLUE & GREEN hydrangeas & Black-eyed Susans…
very Tuscan-looking table setting..I lke it better than sunflowers…hydrangeas are one of
my favorites! If blk- eyed susans not available try COREOPSIS..beautiful yellows &
long lasting…..check out Notheast Nursery,Inc

Whatever you do will be gorgeous no doubt! Have a great week-end!

Arell on

Have you tried the floral dept. at Whole Foods Market? Here in Utah, we are overflowing in Sunflowers (at least at Whole Foods!) Good luck!

Marilyn the nurse on

A wonderful post, but all your posts are just beautiful and give me so many ideas. Have a wonderful graduation and dinner.Will look forward to your next post!!!!!

katie clooney on

Hydrangeas are my favorite flower. My second favorite is peonies. I’m so lucky the past owners planted plenty of them in my new yard. Have a wonderful weekend, Tina, and remember to enjoy the moment!

Sandy @ You May Be Wandering on

You definitely cannot go wrong with blue and white hydrangeas! Good luck with all the preparations…I know both events will be fabulous! xoxo

Kathleen on

Hello Tina,
I am a fairly newbie blogger and also a new follower of your blog. You have such a flair for beautiful things. I LOVE your blue and white collections. I also feel it is very kind of you to take the time to browse for ideas, and present them to us in such a lovely way. Todays blog is a great example of that. Keep up the beautiful blogging! I am excited to see your next post!

The Buzz Blog on

Hydrangeas are heavenly and we’d take them in any color – on a bush or in a vase, they are divine!
C + C

Anita Rivera on

Good afternoon Tina! How thrilling to see the kids all decked out for such a special memory! And you are so prepared to celebrate for all of these important family events. I love your hydrangea theme and they are such a lush flower that really, you can’t go wrong. I look forward to seeing your next post on all the festivities! Anita

Anita Rivera on

Oh Tina my friend, thank you for being the first to comment tonight on my new post. I wept for three days as I read The Waiting. It is a true story and Cathy has done an immense amount of research and interviewing in order to capture a miracle. After 77 years of not seeing her daughter, this woman, now 102, finally met her “baby girl” and the reunion is remarkable. Reading this book also confirmed to me that I must focus this summer on my memoir writing, because when you feel compelled to tell a story, you must do it.

Pick up a copy if you can. All I can say is that I’m glad that LOVE is bigger than all of us.

Be well sweet friend and PARTY DOWN! Anita

Fashion-isha on

Hydrangeas are my favorite! The whole world talks about peonies and they are beautiful..I used them for my last holiday..but I still love hydrangeas better! And this post is just divine!
Have a beautiful weekend!
PS were you able to add my link in the end? Thank you!

Pam on

I love hydrangeas & recently used them for my friend’s wedding. The arrangements & bridal boquet turned out beautifully; the bride was most pleased. Hydrangeas love to drink through their blooms, so as I unboxed the stems I immersed them in water for a couple of hours. After removing them from the water, I placed the stems in buckets of water overnight. The arrangements were lovely & lasted for days. Tina, I enjoy your blog. What beautiful style you have!

Nancy Griffiths on

Have a wonderful weekend! Looking forward to reading all about it!

Taylor Greenwalt on

Tina…one of my favorite flowers…they look gorgeous on every table.

Sally on

Hello dear Tina

Well your party weekend has arrived, and I am thinking of you and hope you have a wonderful time. Dont worry for the sunflowers, what you need is the sun-shine πŸ™‚

Everything will be lovely, it all sounds so pretty, hydrangeas are one of my favourites I love them..and so fast to do………it may look even nicer than you first thought! You can always add some touches of yellow with clusters of roses, or maybe a gerbera here and there.

Buona Festa Tina! Have a fabulous party, enjoy every moment……and congratulations to your son X

Karolyn on

Hydrangeas and peonies are my favorite flowers, these are gorgeous images! Have a wonderful weekend and congratulations to the GRAD!! Its hard watching them grow up so fast!

classic ? casual ? home on

So pretty. I had a bouquet of them that started to look wilted after just a day so I turned them upside and ran water over all the petals and cut the stems again?and they came back to life. You will have a beautiful party!!!

[email protected] on

i never tire of hydrangeas! hope the party creates magical memories to last their lifetime. hugs.

[email protected] cones and acorns blog on

I never tire of the beauty and versatility of hydrangeas! I am sure that they will be stunning at your Tuscan themed party.

Enjoy your Sunday, looking forward to hearing more about Prom and your other events.

susan hawthorne on

beautiful inspirational pictures. I especially love the huge baskets of hanging hydrangeas. Susan @ Romancing the Home

Teresa @ Splendid Sass on

These telescopes are stunning, Tina, and of course I had to pin a few!
I hope that you are taking pictures or everything!
Happy Monday,

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