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Hi there, first off thanks soooo much for all of those fabulous southern road trip recommendations! I am having a blast going through it all and planning away. If you missed it or have a trip of your own in those parts, you must read over all the comments! Click here to visit.

The response to my current promotion on Staffordshire dogs has been incredible. I am down to a handful of pieces left, but if you were interested, I advise you to let me know soon, just about sold out. Click here for details.

As I am preparing my small warehouse space for my much anticipated tole collection due to arrive in the next coming weeks…..I am cleaning things out fast and furious! I have a lot of odds and ends, some goodies but not much quantity, most things shown I only have a few of. As always priced to sell and subject to availability. Was going to hold off on this round but there isn’t time……..

I am posting this late in the day as a “shout out” to my west coast readers who say that when I normally post (in the morning) that by the time they read it, most of the “good stuff” is gone, so West coasters….this one’s for you!

If you are new to these sales…..just email me at with the ITEM NUMBER next to the item you want to buy, if I have it I will invoice you same day and your order will ship out within the next business day….nothing like instant gratification!

First 8 orders will receive a solid brass letter opener as a free gift



1. Beautiful nickel pheasant place card holders. These are so elegant, could see a beautiful dinner or luncheon table set with these. 4 for $14.00…bargain! Have 12 sets? 4 SETS LEFT


2. A few blue and white Herend like pieces were found. Two elephants $14.00, two pairs of starfish $12.00 and one shell $12.00 ALL SOLD

kgrhqv_jce_ds_8pfzbp5_rmvlg_60_12_grande $(KGrHqNHJEwFIp7bQ6ZuBSKjZh7K!Q~~60_35 moGmHLJC9zT_LiFf8iOJ2dw

3. I have five gift boxes of the gorgeous Antica Farmacista fragrances which never ever go on sale. Ala Moana and Lemon Verbeana are the two fragrances, which are fabulous. Ala Moana is a little sweeter/floral with a tropical scent (have it in my bathroom) and lemon verbena is clean and slightly citrus.? These retail for $125.00

These are $95.00, I have two scents. Included is a 250 ml diffuser with sticks and a wonderful fragrant candle? 2 SETS LEFT

IMG_2165 IMG_2164


4. Various serving pieces. 1 LADLES, 1 SPOONS AND 1 FORKS LEFT

1 set of 3 serving forks $65.00

Set of 3 serving spoons $65.00

Set of 3 oversized ladles $70.00

Crystal 3 piece cheese set $32.00

Crystal serving spade $28.00



20869 13882 12524


5.Silver candle holders. Found a few more pair which sold out right away last time they were offered. $65.00 for med and $80.00 for large (these retailed for approx. $150)

5a. Med SOLDIMG_2180



5b. Med? SOLD

IMG_2179 IMG_2178


5c.? Large? SOLDIMG_2176 IMG_2177



6. Beautiful pagoda 2 wick Seda France candles in their gorgeous porcelain chinoiserie container. Love these! Viennese Blooms, Malaysian Bamboo and Sel de Mer are the three fragrances offered…all my favorites! Any one of the fragrances are $40.00 each (These retail for $57.00)? ALL SOLD

IMG_2169 IMG_2166 IMG_2168



A few extra pieces of the stunning? melamine serve ware. Nesting trays set of 2 $45.00, serving platter $27.00

The trays are perfect for summer and indoor entertaining, great sizes and the platters make anything look so appetizing!


7A. The nesting trays (navy is Tuscany, light blue to right is Bella and on left is Romana) BOTTOM TWO LEFT

IMG_2159 IMG_2160 IMG_2161 IMG_2162


7B. Also have these wonderful unbreakable 3 part handy servers, great for chips and salsa or nuts or even taco night! $25.00 any pattern? ALL SOLD

(left to right, is Tuscany, Provence Yellow and Amalfi)

IMG_2157 IMG_2158


8. One more 19″ stunning silver plateau. This one is a beauty!! Retails for $375.00 Here it is $145.00? SOLD

IMG_1846 IMG_1845


9.? Beautiful glass and solid brass serving bowl, perfect for soaps, candies or potpourri. $25.00? SOLDIMG_2175 IMG_2174

10. Love these unique blue and white wicker handpainted baskets!! I could see so many uses for these. I kept a few for myself (are you really surprised)? $24.00 med open basket and $35.00 for large basket with top

Large is about 16″ wide and 12″ tall? and med. is about 15″ wide and 6″ tall? ALL SOLD
IMG_2173 IMG_2172 IMG_2171 IMG_2170


11. After all those emails for more chargers…look what I found! More….8 more plain and 8 more rimmed $35.00 for a set of 8 ALL SOLDIMG_2156


12. A? gorgeous stash of the monogrammed linens. White guest towels with large? ecru monogram $18.00 for 3 Letters in stock are S, K, R and a white W? A FEW LETTERS LEFT PLEASE INQUIRE

Ecru guest towel with oversized black monogram 3 for $15.00 Letters in stock are R, P, Y, K and E

Monogrammed cocktail napkins 6 for $18.00 Letters in stock are N, C, S, L and YIMG_2155 IMG_2154 IMG_2152 IMG_2153 IMG_2186 IMG_2185 IMG_2184 IMG_2182 IMG_2183


13.? Found 8 more of the beautiful stag deer dinner plates, LOVE these and can see mixing with other patterns for the cozy fall/winter months 4 full sized dinner plates $65.00

2 sets available (matching mugs will be here next month)? SOLD21494


14. Beautiful blue and white chinoiserie mugs set of 4 for $35.00 (4 sets available)? SOLD


15. Matching chinoiserie/pagoda platter $24.00 (2 available)? SOLD



16. And the goody I might be the most excited over are these gorgeous and I do mean GORGEOUS super high quality leather address books, one for the handbag and another one for the desk. I LOVE things like this and no cell phone will ever take the thrill of getting to hand write? someones address in a beautiful address book. These are simply beautiful! Great gifts too, and I have stashed away a few for upcoming friends birthdays. The large one for the desk retails for $70.00 and today is $30.00!!!!? A FEW COLORS LEFT PLEASE INQUIRE

The purse size retails for $37.00 and today is $12.00!!!!

Each lovely leather address book comes with its own gift box so its ready for giving!

Hardest choice is choosing a color….love mine!? 5″ x 7″ desk size



Brown, sky blue and red (left to right)
Camel and green
Gold and silver
Green croc
Inside book


16B. Wonderful super soft leather address books to throw in your purse…everyone should have one! 3″ x 5″



Dark brown
Chocolate, camel and orange croc (top to bottom)
Green, camel and navy (top to bottom)
Coral, red and dark camel (top to bottom)
Dark green, camel and green croc (top to bottom)



17. Found one of these magnificent handpainted tole sconces, if you have a space that can accommodate one of these beauties, lucky you! I absolutely love this piece….about 17″ tall. Retailed for $275, today it is $120!? SOLD

IMG_2187 IMG_2188


18. Two of the stunning silver filigree old world planters, these are VERY special. Large and med. Large is $120 and med is $75.00, stunning!? ALL SOLD

Large is 7″ x 10″

Med is 6″ x 7.5″

DSC_0429 DSC_0618


Wow…had more than I expected!! I always love going into the warehouse and opening up boxes, its like a treasure hunt every time:) Time to make way for the beautiful and I do mean beautiful tole coming in (almost 200 pieces)!! Lots of goodies here today, and some great gits too!

You know the drill….email me at with your order. If I have the item you are requesting I will invoice you right away. Everything shown in stock and ready to ship out right away. Thank you for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful early evening.

Don’t forget….Phyllis over at A Ribbon in my journal is giving away a pair of my gorgeous blue and white Staffordshire dogs!! Click here to be in the running?.


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Yvonne Pratt on

You have the prettiest treasures, Tina!

Anita Rivera on

WOW do you ever have a stash, Tina! I caught you just at the right time, though I won’t be shopping, I’m glad to be here. Your silver collection is fabulous as well as that darling basket with the Chinese scene in BLUE!

Enjoying your summer? I am, in spite of torrential rain!

Hugs, Anita

Carolyn Bradford on

Still haven’t’ figured out how to see your posts on a regular basis so I intend on just seeking them out. Have a wonderful trip to the “South”! Can’t wait to hear all about it! Wish you could stop by in Birmingham! If I think of any places we’ve been to in Charleston or Savannah that I think you’d like I will certainly let you know!

Cindy on

As always great finds, love the address books and just forwarded this email to a friend who could use the books as favors for an upcoming 45th bday luncheon she is hosting! You have the best things!!
Also love the silver, candles and of course all the serving pieces which I already own.

Joana_JW on

I like the antique collection: nickel card holder, serving forks, serving spoons, ladles and cheese set. My goodness they are stunning and beautiful. Good show I must say 🙂

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