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Hi there, this is being published while I am away doing my “Thelma and Louise” thing with my sister down south so hope it publishes on time! I have to say I finally get what all the fuss is about with Pinterst. What an amazing resource it is and such a fabulous way to organize all that we love, especially for people like me who are super visual.

One of my favorite boards is Party like a rock star. I have had such fun collecting beautiful and inspiring images for it and applied some to my most recent party, and stored some in my memory bank for when one day one of my sons gets married and engaged, maybe a surprise bash for my husband…who knows! So here is a bunch of my favorites, if you love what you see and want to see more, click here!

DISCLAIMER- This might bring on a sudden an uncontrollable urge to throw, host or attend a party!!!!

Here we go…..







Woodland Picnic Birthday Party_DSC_8615 5302d38f2a3f7


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tumblr_ml57dlARgc1qcg3x1o1_500 1ebde6eeee716e4aebce81d1cb1eb347 Screen-Shot-2013-01-17-at-3.28.08-PM 2f3cd4e6d5e8b42b08480b9213da2910



Well if this doesn’t have you wanting to throw a soiree don’t know what will…so many fabulous parties! Hope you enjoyed and hope all is well on your end, if you want to see more “Party like a rockstar” click here. Until next time…..thanks for stopping in!

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Anna on

SHUT UP!!!! OMG EVERY ONE is GORGEOUS – oh perchance to dream ———–the shrimp ‘tower’ is hilarious – and how embarrassing for me if i were a guest at that affair i would never move from that spot lol. i just love opening your blog……

Aimee R on

Beautiful!! Such inspiration!

Anita Rivera on

Oh you know me Tina, I am a Pinterest addict! I have gotten so many ideas and these are STUNNING choices! I hope you are having a blast with your sister, and be safe! LOVE, ANita

Karena on

Tina I love these, the celebration in my honor last weekend in Laguna beach was heavenly, I hope you will come take a look! Andrea was the most superb hostess ever!

The Arts by Karena

debra@5th and state on

i had also seen the fountain turned gigantic shrimp server, WOW!

my friend is the artist that makes the concrete bowls that the champagne and evergreens are in, it is fab
enjoy your adventure!

MaiTai on

I’m a fan of Pinterest too, and love your boards! Fabulous party pins, thank you for the inspiration.

Mona Thompson on

Beautiful inspiration…I have to get a daily Pinterest fix! Have fun with your Sister…those are the best trips.

Jeanne McKay Hartmann on

Oh, I do want to throw a party now! So much gorgeous inspiration, Tina. Hope you are having a wonderful time on your Southern road trip! XOXO

Peggy Braswell on

don’t you just love pintrest? + shrimp are wonderful.

Vickie Armstrong @ BlancheandKateDesign on

A huge fan of Pinterest. I got bitten a couple of years ago. It’s a highly addictive past time and a GREAT place to get inspiration. I have quite a few pins and boards that I love to revisit. Loved all of your party-inspired images. I, too, chuckled over that tiered shrimp tower. I hope they were well iced.

Anita Rivera on

TINA! YOU ARE HOME? Can I put you down for sure to join the link party? Anita

Luciane at on

Hi Tina,

It was so nice to read your comment. I am sorry I am a little distant these days… I just lost my grandmother (a mother to me) and it’s being quite hard for me.

I will be back commenting and reading your beautiful blog (a favorite of mine _ well, you know that, right?! 🙂 )when things are a little better around here.

Have a wonderful week and enjoy your trip, Tina!

Luciane at

classic?casual?home on

Just had to do some pinning here…and YES makes me want to throw a party!

Teresa @ Splendid Sass on

So many great tables here! I hope that you are having a blast!

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